(In honour of Finn and Thunder Bay CSM)

 also for Harry and Rainbow who took our hearts when they left us.

Correction does much for a wolfhound, but encouragement does more.


You cannot train a wolfhound with shouts and expect it to obey a whisper.

A wolfhound is like a best friend. They are always there to nuzzle you and make your life a better place.


A stubborn dog walks behind you, an impatient dog walks in front of you, but the noble wolfhound walks beside you, your companion for life.


Wolfhounds are the most agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no judgements.  They are your friend for life.


Give a wolfhound what he needs and he will give you his heart forever.


Oh noblest of hounds, you are a special creature, for you fly without wings, conquer without sword and never disappoint.


Your wolfhound is your friend, your partner, your defender.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


The love for a wolfhound is just as complicated as the love for another human being.  If you have never loved a wolfhound, you will never understand.


By reason of his elegance, he resembles an image painted in a palace, though he is as majestic as the palace itself.

Of all creatures God made at Creation, there is none more excellent, or so much to be respected, than a wolfhound.


Bread may feed my body, but my wolfhound feeds my soul.


Like human beings, wolfhounds are all individuals with singular personalities, their own virtues and their own faults. We become bound to them for their beauty, their eccentricities, their heart and the love they return to us.


Ask me to show you poetry in motion and I will show you a wolfhound running free.


Wolfhounds leave paw prints on your heart.


If you only see the beauty of their markings and limbs, then their true beauty is hidden from you.


Amazingly fast, incredibly strong, tirelessly proud, fantastically gentle, he is a huge beast that touches the very hearts of all who meet him.


I have seen many things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none match the gracefulness and beauty of a wolfhound.


The love of a wolfhound knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.


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