Indi's book...Almost a Wolfhound!

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4th Dec.

100_7880 (Small).JPG (57998 bytes) Come on Toby I am going to teach you how to hunt squirrels

100_7883 (Small).JPG (67133 bytes) You have to be fast but quiet

100_7884 (Small).JPG (78708 bytes) Sniff them out son

100_7885 (Small).JPG (63074 bytes) come on Toby he went this way. 

100_7887 (Small).JPG (74094 bytes) This is the tree he climbed

100_7890 (Small) (2).JPG (71808 bytes) He went this way Toby

100_7894 (Small) (2).JPG (64657 bytes) What does a squirrel look like dad?

100_7893 (Small).JPG (65822 bytes) My boy the hunter!

100_7895 (Small).JPG (69000 bytes) Go Toby!  He went up the hill

100_7900 (Small).JPG (53426 bytes) Here I come squirrel I will catch you

100_7901 (Small) (2).JPG (61403 bytes) Look out squirrel here comes my dad

100_7902 (Small) (2).JPG (46531 bytes) 'Puppy Power'

100_7905 (Small).JPG (83480 bytes) Go on Toby jump

100_7909 (Small).JPG (74213 bytes) I think we scared all the squirrels away!

100_7911 (Small).JPG (79592 bytes) We are the champions

 100_7916 (Small).JPG (80038 bytes) Hey squirrels this is our forest now

100_7918 (Small).JPG (52992 bytes) My dad is the king of the jungle!

100_7927 (Small).JPG (53417 bytes) Look at him go

100_7934 (Small).JPG (58211 bytes) Argh !! Dad there is a big huge squirrel help!!

100_7939 (Small) (2).JPG (87820 bytes) Toby that is not a squirrel!

100_7919 (Small) (2).JPG (67549 bytes) That is a man 

100_7924 (Small).JPG (80585 bytes) Just a nice man out for a walk

100_7925 (Small).JPG (74544 bytes) I will have to find this boy a squirrel!

 100_7928 (Small).JPG (67970 bytes) Where are they all today?

100_7929 (Small).JPG (71704 bytes) There must be one.

100_7932 (Small).JPG (73250 bytes) Keep a look out Toby we will find one here somewhere

100_7933 (Small).JPG (89041 bytes) Where are you squirrel?

100_7943 (Small).JPG (74100 bytes) Lets sniff one out

100_7946 (Small).JPG (71411 bytes) This is great fun dad

100_7947 (Small).JPG (78965 bytes) Keep sniffing Toby

100_7948 (Small).JPG (81329 bytes) ok dad

100_7949 (Small).JPG (61352 bytes) Anything you say

100_7951 (Small).JPG (60784 bytes) This is boring!

100_7956 (Small).JPG (75456 bytes) I will just sneak back to mum

100_7960 (Small).JPG (84268 bytes) Time for a drink

100_7959 (Small).JPG (86481 bytes) Wait for me.

100_7964 (Small) (2).JPG (86366 bytes) Come on then lets go home boys

100_7965 (Small) (2).JPG (87664 bytes) Hang on what was that?

100_7966 (Small).JPG (63184 bytes) Toby look it's a!

100_7973 (Small).JPG (85173 bytes) He went this way

100_7976 (Small).JPG (99880 bytes) Where did he go?

100_7974 (Small).JPG (96090 bytes) He's running up the tree

100_7975 (Small).JPG (100947 bytes) Come down squirrel, let Toby see you

100_7977 (Small).JPG (100048 bytes) Chicken!

100_7967 (Small).JPG (63747 bytes) Oh well maybe next time!

28th Nov

100_7584 (Small).JPG (57385 bytes) Freya comes to visit

100_7590 (Small).JPG (68827 bytes) and gets a makeover ...this is before...

100_7592 (Small).JPG (57243 bytes) and this is her, all ready for Birmingham her first big show.

 100_7690 (Small).JPG (51258 bytes) Morgan, Megan and Rainbow having a girlie night on their own.

 100_7691 (Small).JPG (48465 bytes) The boys are just in the next room making lots of noise.

100_7688 (Small).JPG (59796 bytes) So they won't know what the girls are talking about

 27th Nov

100_7602 (Small).JPG (58872 bytes) Are you ready to go for our walk yet mum?

100_7607 (Small).JPG (58518 bytes) Me and Toby are watching you

100_7608 (Small).JPG (54640 bytes) We are coiled springs ready to jump into action

100_7610 (Small).JPG (71138 bytes) Here we go

100_7613 (Small).JPG (72112 bytes) See I told you mum

100_7617 (Small).JPG (80738 bytes) Hey dad I can see the pub from here!

100_7621 (Small).JPG (86691 bytes) Oh yes! We are going for a pint

100_7622 (Small).JPG (98176 bytes) Cool clear highland spring water lovely..

100_7627 (Small).JPG (70071 bytes) Come on dad hurry up lets get a drink

100_7645 (Small).JPG (77230 bytes) It's this way dad

100_7652 (Small).JPG (72835 bytes) Ice cold and free....lovely. 

100_7651 (Small).JPG (68793 bytes) Don't drink it all Toby leave some for tomorrow.

100_7639 (Small).JPG (84679 bytes) One thing we are not short of in Scotland is water!

100_7650 (Small).JPG (77899 bytes) He's a good boy you know, a bit dim but likeable.

100_7634 (Small).JPG (84041 bytes) and taller than Paddy!!! ( for Helen from Bill!):)

100_7649 (Small).JPG (88701 bytes) Come on mum hurry up we have running to do.

100_7656 (Small).JPG (84506 bytes) Now it is getting dark we better head home

100_7658 (Small).JPG (17086 bytes) There goes the sun....that means dinner time!!

100_7660 (Small).JPG (60039 bytes) What's cooking mum? 

100_7601 (Small).JPG (57666 bytes) I love you mum.

 100_7606 (Small).JPG (55799 bytes)Yes Toby but it didn't stop you chewing her furniture

.100_7603 (Small) (2).JPG (61016 bytes) It was Rainbow! Honest!!!

100_7663 (Small).JPG (22126 bytes) Here get out dad is in the bath, this picture is censored!

 Nov 3rd

100_6504 (Small).JPG (60462 bytes) This is where they fought the battle of Falkirk

100_6506 (Small).JPG (43940 bytes) It is a great place to run

100_6510 (Small).JPG (56318 bytes) Especially when it's just the two of us.

100_6511 (Small).JPG (71999 bytes) Look Indi, I wonder what is through there?

100_6512 (Small).JPG (84155 bytes) Well I am not waiting to find out!

100_6515 (Small).JPG (74428 bytes) There are some good smells about here and lots of trails to follow

100_6516 (Small).JPG (49166 bytes) Mum said there was a great view from here but I don't see it!

100_6518 (Small).JPG (60300 bytes) Oh there it is!

100_6524 (Small).JPG (71628 bytes) You can see all the way down to the Forth bridge

100_6529 (Small).JPG (64499 bytes) And all the way up to Stirling Castle

100_6530 (Small).JPG (66678 bytes) Well you could if they cut down the trees

100_6532 (Small).JPG (55866 bytes) Oh Morgan the trees are very old and they are pretty

100_6531 (Small).JPG (74931 bytes) Who cares I just like running in the park

100_6540 (Small) (2).JPG (50639 bytes) Come on then lets run

100_6534 (Small).JPG (75634 bytes) ok race you back to the car.

June 24th

Picture 014 (Small).jpg (83422 bytes) Here we are in the forest with mum

Picture 030 (Small).jpg (70269 bytes) Toby and Rainbow are here somewhere too.

Picture 034 (Small).jpg (48286 bytes) We found Toby but where is Rainbow?

Picture 038 (Small).jpg (52818 bytes) I think I can see her up the hill

Picture 042 (Small).jpg (48172 bytes) No we don't see her anywhere!

Picture 055 (Small).jpg (51338 bytes) Here she is I found her

Picture 059 (Small).jpg (56498 bytes) Take more pictures of us mum we like posing!

Picture 073 (Small).jpg (64293 bytes) Rainbow got bored and walked away

Picture 084 (Small).jpg (63215 bytes) Toby chases something!

Picture 085 (Small).jpg (71593 bytes) What have you got there Toby?

Picture 086 (Small).jpg (70211 bytes) It WAS a butterfly!

Picture 089 (Small).jpg (71261 bytes) Not anymore!

Picture 093 (Small).jpg (72409 bytes) Toby and Indi explore together

Picture 116 (Small).jpg (61177 bytes) Toby loves to chase Rainbow

Picture 124 (Small).jpg (71286 bytes) Help mum he's chasing me again

Picture 131 (Small).jpg (64726 bytes) Rainbow hides in the pond

Picture 132 (Small).jpg (89280 bytes) So Toby follows her!

Picture 135 (Small).jpg (77713 bytes) Come on Rainbow time to go home

Picture 155 (Small).jpg (66819 bytes) Liam and Andrew are staying over so we have to keep an eye on them

Picture 156 (Small).jpg (62608 bytes) Morgan watches Andrew

Picture 163 (Small).jpg (72651 bytes) Toby helps but he's not to sure of the bike.

Picture 170 (Small).jpg (58824 bytes) So he checks it out to make sure it is safe for Andrew to play on.

Picture 176 (Small).jpg (57929 bytes) It's ok Andrew you can play on it.

Picture 181 (Small).jpg (58032 bytes) Liam gives Morgan a big hug

Picture 216 (Small).jpg (86557 bytes) Briagh and Janet join us for a walk

Picture 233 (Small).jpg (59167 bytes) Torin and Briagh are coming to stay with us for two weeks from Wednesday

Picture 234 (Small).jpg (71623 bytes) Indi and Torin have it all planned...boys nights out, football and drinks!

Picture 248 (Small).jpg (70984 bytes) The girls will have fun too

Picture 251 (Small).jpg (65158 bytes) Janet tells Morgan not to keep Briagh up late

Picture 254 (Small).jpg (86050 bytes) Make sure you wash yourself properly

Picture 259 (Small).jpg (87612 bytes) Remember to do behind your ears

Picture 260 (Small).jpg (85749 bytes) Poor Rainbow gets no peace from Toby, but Briagh will sort him out!

Picture 264 (Small).jpg (76935 bytes) Leads on time to go

May 15th

Picture 062 (Small).jpg (54729 bytes) Morgan wants you to chase her Indi

Picture 061 (Small).jpg (59353 bytes) Here I come 

Picture 081 (Small).jpg (69131 bytes) That was fun but the rain is pouring down and we are all soaked.

Picture 082 (Small).jpg (68676 bytes) Who cares, I don't melt in the rain

Picture 083 (Small).jpg (77821 bytes) and I am a Rainbow so I love the rain!

Picture 102 (Small).jpg (91498 bytes) Hey mum you are all wet too!

Picture 119 (Small).jpg (88633 bytes) Morgan's hairstyle doesn't do well in the rain!

Picture 120 (Small).jpg (85765 bytes) Megan always looks wet...she is never out the water!

Picture 130 (Small).jpg (79390 bytes) Where is Indi going?

Picture 136 (Small).jpg (54439 bytes) He is chasing a Rainbow

Picture 139 (Small).jpg (68786 bytes) Yeh well now he is chasing me!!!

Picture 143 (Small).jpg (52584 bytes) Are you having a nice run Rainbow?

Picture 152 (Small).jpg (66227 bytes) Can we go home now mum I am soaked through.

Picture 153 (Small).jpg (61658 bytes) Well I may as well have a dip

Picture 154 (Small).jpg (57317 bytes) Wash behind your ears Indi!


000_0066 (Small).jpg (58530 bytes) Rainbow loves running with us

100_0295 (Small).jpg (70775 bytes) Come on girls chase me

100_0298 (Small).jpg (78157 bytes) Morgan on top of the world

100_0316 (Small).jpg (71059 bytes) Don't we look beautiful

100_0317 (Small).jpg (61894 bytes) Rainbow is out on her own with us because Toby has a sore paw.

100_0319 (Small).jpg (104256 bytes) Hurry up you two.

100_0332 (Small).jpg (98466 bytes) Morgan wants a chase 

100_0310 (Small).jpg (54405 bytes) Play fights are great fun

100_0305 (Small).jpg (43086 bytes) Come on Indi you can't catch me

100_0303 (Small).jpg (78726 bytes) Weeeeeeeee

100_0307 (Small).jpg (62546 bytes) She loves running up and down the hills

100_0309 (Small).jpg (62501 bytes) and I love chasing her

100_0313 (Small).jpg (72786 bytes) We are happy wolfhounds

April 5th

Picture 114 (Small).jpg (55342 bytes) Hello everybody want to see see what the kids have been up to now

Picture 119 (Small).jpg (67572 bytes) When did we get this dog then?

OurRainbow.jpg (72043 bytes) Digging in the flowerpots is bad Rainbow

Rainbow2.jpg (71079 bytes) But the flowers are so pretty I wanted one

Picture 113 (Small).jpg (76936 bytes) Is my beard dirty now?

Picture 120 (Small).jpg (68834 bytes) I will not do it again one telling off is all I need unlike someone else we know

Picture 117 (Small).jpg (76435 bytes) What is a flower?

Picture 116 (Small).jpg (80035 bytes) Those brightly coloured things Toby

Picture 131 (Small).jpg (118397 bytes) Toby what are you looking for in the hedge?

Picture 129 (Small).jpg (125416 bytes) Rainbow found this little hiding place, she and Megan like to hide in here

Picture 103 (Small).jpg (74613 bytes) This is much better, relaxing in the spring sunshine

Picture 121 (Small).jpg (37224 bytes) Here we are out in the car

Picture 123 (Small).jpg (63912 bytes) Me and Toby help dad with directions

Picture 124 (Small).jpg (49032 bytes) Turn left here dad

Picture 122 (Small).jpg (49779 bytes) Daddy's boy

26th Feb

100_4140 (Small).jpg (55735 bytes) Morgan

100_4145 (Small).jpg (61888 bytes) Indi...long ways

100_4152 (Small).jpg (59427 bytes) Indi up and down!

100_4160 (Small).jpg (69029 bytes)  and Megan Rose

100_3969 (Small).jpg (60449 bytes) Out with our pals

100_3976 (Small).jpg (55276 bytes) Hi Penny

100_3984 (Small).jpg (41627 bytes) We are having a super time

100_3987 (Small).jpg (67966 bytes) Hey you guys, my mums brought biscuits

100_3988 (Small).jpg (70734 bytes) Morgan what happened to you.

100_3992 (Small).jpg (52834 bytes) I rolled down the hill

100_3993 (Small).jpg (75285 bytes) Max and Indi are great pals

100_4000 (Small).jpg (109132 bytes) One big happy family

100_4014 (Small).jpg (88860 bytes) Bath time!

100_4018 (Small).jpg (70915 bytes) Running around to dry off

100_4020 (Small).jpg (84758 bytes) Then back to the cars

100_4114 (Small).jpg (67024 bytes) We're back!

100_4155 (Small).jpg (55893 bytes) Thanks dad.

21st Feb

100_3855 (Small).jpg (62132 bytes) What is that all about?

100_3860 (Small).jpg (74641 bytes) Mum why is Lewis the duck wearing a scarf?

100_3854 (Small).jpg (61518 bytes) To stop me getting bird flu!

100_3864 (Small).jpg (38951 bytes) Mum says I can have a scarf too!

100_3865 (Small).jpg (41785 bytes) Yes!

100_3867 (Small).jpg (49306 bytes) When?

100_3870 (Small).jpg (51641 bytes) Can I have it now?

100_3871 (Small).jpg (57292 bytes) Give me your one mum!

100_3873 (Small).jpg (70719 bytes) Well I will jump in the loch then!

100_3868 (Small).jpg (62327 bytes) This water tastes good..

100_3876 (Small).jpg (51485 bytes) Where is everyone?

100_3877 (Small).jpg (64988 bytes) Not in here!

100_3888 (Small).jpg (47985 bytes) Mum it's dark in here.  Can we go home now?

100_3893 (Small).jpg (54654 bytes) Nearly there.

100_3896 (Small).jpg (47662 bytes) Hi Harry come on in.

100_3897 (Small).jpg (48735 bytes) Are you sure this is the largest size dog door?

100_3898 (Small).jpg (45321 bytes) Tummy tickles Rainbow!

100_3788 (Small).jpg (89140 bytes) Megan is just out season so Indi is staying close

100_3790 (Small).jpg (49608 bytes) She is not interested Indi

100_3794 (Small).jpg (49228 bytes) Come back Megan wait for me

100_3797 (Small).jpg (58901 bytes) I am having my picture taken

100_3801 (Small).jpg (56724 bytes) Indi don't bother me!

100_3803 (Small).jpg (52076 bytes) Ok Megan I promise to be good

100_3813 (Small).jpg (71717 bytes) Now it is time to run

100_3814 (Small).jpg (71513 bytes) Chase me then

100_3810 (Small).jpg (46229 bytes) here I come

100_3811 (Small).jpg (72754 bytes) That is enough for me I have already had three walks today

100_3816 (Small).jpg (45649 bytes) look at that big bird!

100_3819 (Small).jpg (65706 bytes) I'm out of here it will get me

100_3821 (Small).jpg (90043 bytes) It was an airplane Indi!

 100_3820 (Small).jpg (90602 bytes) He is the father of my puppies too!

19th Feb.

100_3653 (Small).jpg (67287 bytes) The pups are having a walk so we are all on our leads

100_3688 (Small).jpg (53876 bytes) Briagh just adores her daddy and rushes to say hello

100_3690 (Small).jpg (69213 bytes) Toby and Rainbow won't be left out. ( I adore them all too)

100_3694 (Small).jpg (70319 bytes) Briagh gives me lots of kisses.

100_3693 (Small).jpg (65639 bytes) Ok kid now go play with your brother and sister.

100_3697 (Small).jpg (56667 bytes) What are those two planning?

100_3698 (Small).jpg (66660 bytes) Hey dad do you think I would make a show dog?

100_3659 (Small).jpg (70131 bytes) They run rings around Brian.

100_3660 (Small).jpg (69679 bytes) Jenny says, 'I have been doing that for years!'

100_3667 (Small).jpg (60639 bytes) The pups are on their leads again.

100_3666 (Small).jpg (65362 bytes) You two behave now I am off for my run

100_3668 (Small).jpg (84561 bytes) and they run round everyone tying them up...first dad

100_3672 (Small).jpg (79599 bytes) Then Janet...they are funny

100_3678 (Small).jpg (56419 bytes) Hey Torin come and see what I found.

100_3673 (Small).jpg (78976 bytes) Hello what are you?

100_3674 (Small).jpg (81674 bytes) He wasn't very friendly Tara, he didn't speak to me!

100_3679 (Small).jpg (73911 bytes) He is a nice guy...don't spoil it for him!.

100_3684 (Small).jpg (68444 bytes) The water was a bit cold but I love jumping in.

100_3687 (Small).jpg (88676 bytes) Wait for me

100_3715 (Small).jpg (81315 bytes) Were has my dad gone?

100_3714 (Small).jpg (75268 bytes) There he is at the car park.

100_3706 (Small).jpg (55580 bytes) He's putting the pups in the car.

100_3707 (Small).jpg (47980 bytes) Come on Tara now we can really run fast

100_3711 (Small).jpg (57486 bytes) Wait for me!

100_3710 (Small).jpg (56142 bytes) That was great fun

100_3712 (Small).jpg (77296 bytes) Dad's shouting me...time to go.

100_3724 (Small).jpg (51026 bytes) Are you ok little one?

100_3722 (Small).jpg (61965 bytes) Yes daddy we had a lovely time

100_3726 (Small).jpg (64993 bytes) Bye everyone.

9th Feb

100_3558 (Small).jpg (73800 bytes) I have brought the kids to the park today

100_3559 (Small).jpg (63408 bytes) Aunty Marion came too and we met lots of nice people and dogs

100_3560 (Small).jpg (106298 bytes) I wanted the pups to see that we can be friends with other dogs and not to be frightened

100_3562 (Small).jpg (67091 bytes) I think the other dogs were a bit frightened of me but I am a softy

100_3563 (Small).jpg (72906 bytes) They soon made friends with me

100_3564 (Small).jpg (58215 bytes) While I was busy sniffing out good marking spots, I got sneaked up on!

100_3565 (Small).jpg (67498 bytes) What on earth do you mean by Hisssssssssssssss...

100_3566 (Small).jpg (65512 bytes) Must be a foreigner I don't understand a word!

100_3537 (Small).jpg (37488 bytes) Thanks dad I had a lovely walk

100_3540 (Small).jpg (55786 bytes) Me too dad but I want to sleep now....Night night

3rd Feb

100_3415 (Small).jpg (49351 bytes) DD helps me with the computer

100_3417 (Small).jpg (65901 bytes) Toby is the best little boy in the world

100_3418 (Small).jpg (72162 bytes) I love you daddy

100_3419 (Small).jpg (63736 bytes) I love you too son

100_3420 (Small).jpg (57471 bytes) I need the patience of a saint with him though!

100_3421 (Small).jpg (69885 bytes) I can see right up your nose dad!

100_3422 (Small).jpg (67796 bytes) See what I mean!

100_3423 (Small).jpg (60273 bytes) Ok that's it I have had enough of this.

100_3424 (Small).jpg (59263 bytes) Where are you going dad?

100_3425 (Small).jpg (64920 bytes) Here Morgan you play with him

100_3426 (Small).jpg (53047 bytes) Good that will keep him busy for a while

100_3427 (Small).jpg (47563 bytes) Oh no it won't!

7th Jan

100_2584 (Small).jpg (51637 bytes) Callender House in Falkirk is a favourite place to walk dogs

100_2588 (Small).jpg (48190 bytes) It is perfect for the puppies to explore

 100_2593 (Small).jpg (60710 bytes) The bigger one's stay on their leads so that they don't let the pups run around to much

100_2592 (Small).jpg (90137 bytes) and off they go to see what they can find

100_2598 (Small).jpg (79494 bytes) Indi has to go and fetch them all down the hill...he took them all up there and left them!

100_2594 (Small).jpg (66519 bytes) Come on puppies this way.

100_2595 (Small).jpg (70015 bytes) Spoilsport!

100_2613 (Small).jpg (55307 bytes) Then it's all back to Brian and Marion's house for a puppy play

100_2615 (Small).jpg (52275 bytes) Rainbow is such a cuddly girl, she loves her mummy

100_2614 (Small).jpg (57260 bytes) and Toby too but he loves Dad!

100_2617 (Small).jpg (58177 bytes) Briagh gets dried off after she fell in the pond!

100_2620 (Small).jpg (53613 bytes) Ailidh tells her she fell in last week!

100_2616 (Small).jpg (51748 bytes) Rainbow fell in too!! Brian is not getting to baby-sit us again!

7th Nov

Picture 279 (Small).jpg (51498 bytes) Mum and Dad are taking us off on holiday to Arisaig, it is our duty to stick our heads out of the window in case we get lost.

Picture 296 (Small).jpg (61668 bytes) Morgan heads straight for the fish tank in the hotel, her favourite food!!!

Picture 297 (Small).jpg (57351 bytes) Next day we visit the village of Mallaig, the people here are so friendly and helpful.

Picture 302 (Small).jpg (55697 bytes) Here we are at the harbour with dad, and we see someone coming to speak to us.

Picture 358 (Small).jpg (50033 bytes) They told us about this fab. beach

Picture 361 (Small).jpg (86741 bytes) Come on Morgie lets go

Picture 364 (Small).jpg (45379 bytes) This is better than the last place, we ran in the water and both disappeared under it, it was deep!

Picture 370 (Small).jpg (41001 bytes) Look out mum coming through!

Picture 333 (Small).jpg (51801 bytes) I love my mum

Picture 324 (Small).jpg (41755 bytes) but I love running with my sister, she is mad!

Picture 353 (Small).jpg (45210 bytes) Hey Indi look what I found on the bed

Picture 355 (Small).jpg (38071 bytes) It looks better than my bone

Picture 356 (Small).jpg (45612 bytes) Thanks mum maybe now I can get the top off!

Picture 351 (Small).jpg (54129 bytes) How did I get Morgan's bone?

Picture 346 (Small).jpg (43058 bytes) She had a little to much to drink!!!

Lots more pictures to come!

11th Nov

100_1758 (Small).jpg (55658 bytes) What are you two up to now!!!

100_1759 (Small).jpg (62751 bytes) Nothing it wasn't us

100_1760 (Small).jpg (61263 bytes) We got blown in by the wind mum honest! So did our dish.....

100_1761 (Small).jpg (58352 bytes) How on earth will I get you out of there now?

100_1769 (Small).jpg (47625 bytes) This way.....

100_1762 (Small).jpg (58510 bytes) that was easy I can jump that height no problem

100_1763 (Small).jpg (46105 bytes) So can my brother!

100_1764 (Small).jpg (52193 bytes) We are not scared of anything...we are mighty warriors

100_1766 (Small).jpg (73134 bytes) More like muddy are not getting in my house like that!

100_1772 (Small).jpg (55959 bytes) Indi opened the door mum

100_1773 (Small).jpg (58488 bytes) Does anybody believe my sister? I don't think so!

Aug 23rd

dogs 002 (Small).jpg (85121 bytes) Hi everybody... can't stop lots to do!

dogs 005 (Small).jpg (97921 bytes) New smells to investigate

dogs 010 (Small).jpg (69666 bytes) sisters to chase!

dogs 009 (Small).jpg (73537 bytes) Hey Morgan wait for me.

dogs 019 (Small).jpg (59039 bytes) wow have to cool down after that one!

dogs 013 (Small).jpg (57994 bytes) It is hard work looking after Morgan she is always up to no good!

dogs 022 (Small).jpg (55322 bytes) Now what is she doing?

dogs 004 (Small).jpg (82242 bytes) You can't catch me Indi!

dogs 035 (Small).jpg (50804 bytes) Why Me!

dogs 036 (Small).jpg (92514 bytes) look Jenny I can fetch sticks too!

dogs 038 (Small).jpg (84007 bytes) Trouble here I come!

dogs 044 (Small).jpg (62180 bytes) Me and my shadow!

dogs 047 (Small).jpg (51688 bytes) I follow her everywhere

dogs 048 (Small).jpg (55231 bytes) I adore my little sister.

July 25th

walks 069 (Small).jpg (80338 bytes) Chris and Indi relax before Leeds dog show

walks 071 (Small).jpg (84451 bytes) Indi go get your hair brushed your in the ring next

walks 072 (Small).jpg (62312 bytes) Morgan is in charge of the after show the fun begins!

walks 074 (Small).jpg (62615 bytes) No need to eat your shoe Chris there's plenty food

walks 083 (Small).jpg (71755 bytes) Ralph keeps an eye out  for any crumbs that might fall

walks 080 (Small).jpg (67742 bytes) After a 3am start all the drivers are fed. watered and resting...Brian was not driving but he rested too!

walks 081 (Small).jpg (58401 bytes) So are the hounds!

walks 084 (Small).jpg (61698 bytes) Heading home again after a fabulous day out.

morgan&indi.JPG (145348 bytes) Morgan was second and Indi was third in Junior

July 22nd

walks 055 (Small).jpg (99923 bytes) Why is Morgan the tomboy in her prettiest dress!

walks 043 (Small).jpg (76580 bytes)Both Indi and Morgan all washed and polished for the Leeds show.

walks 050 (Small).jpg (83023 bytes) She can stand beautifully on her own.

walks 056 (Small).jpg (115198 bytes) She is such a pretty girl, but then I am such a proud dad

walks 045 (Small).jpg (108613 bytes) The two of them are usually always together

walks 059 (Small).jpg (100742 bytes) Unless Morgan is up to no good, Indi likes to steer clear of trouble..'When did we get more fish?'

walks 058 (Small).jpg (104109 bytes) Come to Morgan fishes!!!

walks 051 (Small).jpg (109093 bytes) Morgan is always in trouble....but she has to be the most spoiled, loved wolfie in the world.

walks (Small).jpg (56662 bytes) Who me? ...Can anyone guess who chewed the arm of the new couch?

July 21st

walks 002 (Small).jpg (82033 bytes) Morgan and Indi out for a run together. Megan is in season so we are keeping them all apart

walks 003 (Small).jpg (69736 bytes) Muddy Morgan!

walks 006 (Small).jpg (102357 bytes) Indi is always in her shadow, but he doesn't like to get dirty

walks 008 (Small).jpg (92106 bytes) Play time

walks 011 (Small).jpg (93848 bytes) Follow the leader

walks 025 (Small).jpg (95746 bytes) Morgan is such a happy girl

walks 017 (Small).jpg (74511 bytes) Indi is a loveable big softy who never does anything wrong

walks 027 (Small).jpg (85689 bytes) Hey Indi come on in the water is lovely

walks 028 (Small).jpg (83178 bytes) I am in!

7th May

Here we are arriving at Ann and Ian's (our brother Barney's mum and dad) house for the weekend.

Tara meets Harvey who has popped in to visit.

I make myself at home as usual.

Harvey is happy to see Brian again

Morgan is not sure where she is but it sure feels strange.

 What is this stuff?

Jenny says it is called sand and we are on a beach for a run!

Well come on then lets run!

Look out!! Miles of sand and we run into everybody!!!

and each other!

Come on Tara you are going the wrong way....

I like this sand stuff it feels good on my paws.

Robert you should take off your shoes and walk in the sand.

Look you can leave paw-prints too!

This is the North Sea...Mum told us...

we don't know what that is in the water...

and  we are not waiting to find out...We know loch Ness has a monster and that might be her on holiday!

Look you silly pups it was Jenny having a swim!

Where is everyone

They have found a cave.

Come on Indi lets explore it.

Wow this is sure makes your ears stand on end!

Hey wait for me Morgan.

Look Indi those paw-prints are HUGE! I wonder what made them?

Hang on it's a bit dark back there.

Yeh, lets get out off here.

This is great stuff to run in..Now we know Darcy and the boys feel in Guernsey.

Yes but they don't get rain like they?

At least we have Brian the pack biscuit carrier with us.

and the sun is out now and again.

and we are all going to have a birthday party next week... Tara is two and we are all one!

Life is great when you are a wolfhound.......

March 29th

Dad told me he was taking me and Morgan away for Easter...hurray!

Morgan nearly never got because she pinched yet another toilet roll (her seventh this week!)

Give me it back dad!

You are a naughty girl

Here we go! ...........Where are we going Morgan?

We are off to Aunty Susan and Uncle Chris's

Max says hello to us

Then Gus the retriever

and Sammy the retriever

and Ralph our brother.

Morgan wants to play.

Sammy and Gus are lovely boys they are happy to let us all share their home.

and Ralph is happy to see us too

Everyone is off to a 'Hat Party' do you think I will get to go?

Don't be silly Indi it's for people only...we can have a party here on our own!

You don't want to look as daft as mum and dad do you?

Or Aunty Susan and Uncle Chris!

everyone had a great time

Help me open the gate Morgan

I can't get it to open

Now what do we do?

My mum will open it for us

after I give her a big wolfie cuddle!

Move over and then and she will let us out

wait it's cookie time!

me first

  One bone and five dogs...who is going to have it

The goldens can have it.

Next day we are off to an Ice-cream farm!

I like Ice-cream..I think!

We have had a great run here, they have a huge fenced in dog run for us to play in

five Ice-creams please!

The ice-cream arrives

Ladies first dad

then me

The goldens wait patiently for theirs

Morgan has finished hers and now she wants mine!

but I like to take my time and she just ate hers all up

Look out dad she is going to get it

No she isn't!

Next day we all go out for a run

We had great fun playing at chase

the goldens were in the lead

and we lost them

we did look for them

but we were not in any hurry

then we spotted them on the way back down

so we chased them again

I found a daffodil patch

and Morgan squashed them!

Morgan had to go and find Ralph who had gone the wrong way!

All back safe and sound....ready to go to town

Here we are in Dumfries a pretty town on the Scotland/England borders

It was not to busy but we met lots of people

Ralph had to be dragged away from the kiddies roundabout

stopping for a biscuit break

mum and Susan go off shopping leaving us to look after the men!

Morgan loves a bargain so she wants to go too!

Till she discovers the benefits of staying where the goodies are.

Do you think we should phone Harry and tell him where we are?

No chance he is with his Uncle Brian and won't even notice we've gone!

Mum can we play with the baby? Yes if you ask the owners first

Hang on I smell food


More admirers

You forgot to take my picture!

Down by the river

This was all under water last month!

I dare you to jump in Indi!!!

No way it would be very silly

because Susan has biscuits.

Where is mum

here she is

She's not my mum

Here is my mum and dad

Thank you both very much for a great Easter weekend...and our chocolate eggs!

Me and my mum

Morgan and dad

Ralph and Susan

Chris and Ralph

We don't know who this is......but he does look familiar.

March 21st

The boys had a great walk without the girls today......

Me and my dad are going up the hill today for our run. He is going to teach me to hunt without the girls getting in the way.

Come on son the squirrels will all be hibernating before you get up there!

Ok dad lets go!!!

  I am not going without my mum!

Get up that hill you big woos!

Have a good sniff son, that is fox you smell, we are not allowed to chase them.

Come on dad you're so slow!

We will just see about that, now have a good look round here for those squirrels

Can't see any. Are you sure there are some up here?

Come on dad I will race you up the hill that's better than looking for silly squirrels.

come back here you cheeky devil!

Got you!

Who's the daddy?

Ha you won't catch me again!

Yuck it's all muddy here!! Wait for me Indi!

Ok dad.

Don't stop so quickly next time!

Hey dad I can see the pub from here!!

Watch for snakes in the heather Indi!

Help there's one!

Bet it can't run as fast as us!

Hey dad look at me I can run faster than the wind.

You still can't catch me.

You can stop running now I was only kidding about the snakes!

He is so stupid there are no snakes here.

dad look out the snakes beside you!

Nice one Indi

What will we do now dad?

We better head back the girls will be wondering where we are.

Indi watch the trees for the squirrels

and look down the ditches for them too.

Do they taste good dad?

Don't know son I have never caught one!

So tell me again, why are we looking for them?

because I said so!

Ok dad anything you say.

We will have to jump the stream Indi

see you back at the house dad!...

March 16th

Here we are at the classes again 'Hey Indi is the tea ready yet?'

Yes Charlie come and get it.

This is me doing my stand...mum edited her picture out!

Here's  Torin with his mum Janet and their pack.

March 4th

Morgan and me love the snow

Can we go out again please?

Especially when we are up the hills

Come on play with me Indi!

Wait for me then

This is nice but..........

We like the mud better though!

Feb 10th

 Mum and dad took us up the hill for our run...

suddenly there was a loud splash!!!!

Morgan had ran right into the water at the deep end... and Megan was laughing at her.

Abbie made sure she was ok...we were all laughing at her.

She ran to mum

Mum said we had to run around to dry her off.

then we got a biscuit from dad.

I like to stay close to mum

Me and my daddy find a fallen tree

Then I'm off for another run with Morgan

She is planning her next move

I just follow on

Like a lamb to the slaughter

but I don't get out of my depth..she is the one always in trouble... not me!

Well I am not getting into anymore trouble because of her from now on I am going to be a good boy.

Feb 3rd

This is how well behaved Morgan is at classes...Bill has to sit on the floor and hold onto her. She is a pest!!!

Ok Bill, I am sorry she is your dog and you have her very well trained.....Yeh right!

Torin does his STAY!!!

Torin still does his stay!!! I think it runs in the family....

This is his brother Stygg!! he lives with Paul and Helen Clark in Scunthorpe North Yorkshire...Another lazy hound!!

Torin has such a lovely smile.

Jan 26th

I went to dog classes with Megan mum and dad.( Morgan is not allowed to go with me because she is to full of nonsense)!

I met our wolfie pals and Charlie there. Harvey, Torin, Megan and me all had a great time

Torin spent most of it asleep!

wake up Torin watch the birdie!

Do I have too?

Torin on the move!!!!

Mark and Graham love helping out.

Jan 24th

What are you eating DD?

Morgan look DD has toast.

Give us a bit DD,

Come on we will get him from both sides!

Close in on him Indi.

May as well give up pup I am in safely behind bars!

Jan 11th 2005

Wrolf is going home today so we are giving him a big run around the loch.

He has had a lovely holiday

but he ate dads mobile phone!! I am keeping a close eye on him now!

he has had a great time living in our pack

he learned lots of new tricks from the masters!!!!

we hope he is as well behaved as we are when he gets home! Bye Wrolf.

9th Dec

This is my dad Harry Potter he is the best dad in the world, he is handsome and brave and we love him.

Hoi !where are you two red devils off too!

Harry I think that was a ploy so they could sneak away!

Oh no they fooled me again!

Come back here you little monsters

They have gone into the forest again!

No they haven't they are down at the loch quick Harry!

Here they are!

Keep them out the loch Abbie!

Here comes Morgan, she is always in trouble

Is it deep Abbie?

Oh it's cold!

Abbie wants us to follow her

Daddy doesn't like us in the water!

Come on both of you out NOW!

Abbie gets in trouble for letting us play in the water

We love running in the fields we have a great time

Even the oldies join in!

Come on pups chase me

We'll catch you daddy

Whoops Morgan slipped

I'm ok I fell in the mud

Megan wants a chase now!

She is to fast for us..we lost her!

daddy caught her!

She's off again

Come on kids lets get her!

We got her but where is daddy

Daddy is having a rest!

Come on lets go home now we have had enough

24th Nov

Here I am out with my daddy Harry Potter for a walk

Where are we going dad?

Are you thirsty son?...Yes dad

The local stream...nothing better than Highland spring water

Now you stay close to me son, I don't want you getting lost in the forest.

Wonder what's up here?

Where are you going Indi...wait for me!

Where have you gone now?

Here I come dad..charge.

Kids! You just have to love them!

15th Nov

We didn't get a walk with dad this weekend because he was watching football!! So mum Marion and Brian walked us

I like Brian and Marion they always have biscuits in their pockets.

Morgan is getting big remember when she was this size...... That's her on the left I am in the middle and Barney is at the end

This is me at ten look at me... soon I'll  be as big as my dad.