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  Jack 1.jpg (55289 bytes)Hi everybody my name is Jack (Santir Spirit of the Glen Over Bribiba) this is my page and I hope you enjoy all the new pictures.

1st Sept


SKC 2011 013.JPG (243317 bytes) Liam and Bill get the dogs ready

SKC 2011 026.JPG (221857 bytes) Bill and Charlie 2ns in Junior

SKC 2011 032.JPG (208992 bytes) Jack waits to go in the ring

SKC 2011 033.JPG (229134 bytes) Ebony with Brian

SKC 2011 040.JPG (211715 bytes) Jack takes 1st in open dog

SKC 2011 041.JPG (205478 bytes) then best of breed

SKC 2011 045.JPG (190493 bytes) Thanks to our Judge Hazel Barnes

SKC 2011 053.JPG (194743 bytes) Jack was perfect:)

SKC 2011 054.JPG (186070 bytes)  He did everything he was asked

SKC 2011 059.JPG (139412 bytes) as did Ebony

SKC 2011 060.JPG (243419 bytes) she is such a good girl

SKC 2011 062.JPG (221521 bytes) and she took Reserve best bitch

SKC 2011 083.JPG (179560 bytes) Jack in the group 

SKC 2011 084.JPG (168162 bytes) with the Judge

SKC 2011 089.JPG (106075 bytes) he moved beautifully

SKC 2011 094.JPG (160129 bytes) but it was not his day


9th Jan

DSCF8651.JPG (103896 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8655.JPG (170159 bytes) Charlie and Chance

DSCF8656.JPG (195451 bytes) Chance

DSCF8658.JPG (118445 bytes) Woody and Rainy

DSCF8659.JPG (158315 bytes) 4 puppies

DSCF8660.JPG (119092 bytes)Charlie

DSCF8672.JPG (121892 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8674.JPG (180540 bytes) Chance

DSCF8682.JPG (154019 bytes) 7 wolfies

DSCF8695.JPG (101400 bytes) Morgan

DSCF8697.JPG (116764 bytes) Indi

DSCF8705.JPG (106108 bytes) Charlie

DSCF8710.JPG (69978 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8712.JPG (130825 bytes) Dad's got biscuits

DSCF8716.JPG (157127 bytes)Jack

DSCF8723.JPG (95287 bytes) Woody

DSCF8731.JPG (135139 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8733.JPG (102273 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8736.JPG (87893 bytes) Woody

DSCF8745.JPG (161135 bytes) Charlie

DSCF8750.JPG (95475 bytes) Chance

DSCF8755.JPG (255397 bytes) Woody

DSCF8765.JPG (129928 bytes) Charlie sits to clean her feet of snow

DSCF8771.JPG (127300 bytes) Woody

DSCF8774.JPG (180497 bytes)

DSCF8775.JPG (159439 bytes)

DSCF8784.JPG (152944 bytes)

DSCF8788.JPG (113507 bytes) Woody

DSCF8791.JPG (117822 bytes) 

DSCF8797.JPG (111726 bytes) Chance

DSCF8805.JPG (110660 bytes) Charlie

DSCF8806.JPG (117402 bytes)

DSCF8810.JPG (110792 bytes) matching leads and collars!

DSCF8814.JPG (114742 bytes) heading home

DSCF8823.JPG (133214 bytes) Pickle Ebony and gabby

DSCF8826.JPG (104418 bytes)

DSCF8829.JPG (162745 bytes) Ebony

DSCF8830.JPG (133904 bytes) Ebony

DSCF8831.JPG (88074 bytes)

DSCF8832.JPG (116065 bytes) Ebony

DSCF8836.JPG (151037 bytes)

DSCF8837.JPG (149127 bytes)

DSCF8840.JPG (159840 bytes)

DSCF8841.JPG (162367 bytes)

DSCF8842.JPG (134386 bytes)

DSCF8843.JPG (148514 bytes)

DSCF8844.JPG (169339 bytes)

DSCF8845.JPG (148711 bytes)

DSCF8847.JPG (136824 bytes)

DSCF8850.JPG (136371 bytes)

DSCF8862.JPG (144308 bytes)

DSCF8864.JPG (71920 bytes) Ebony

DSCF8865.JPG (134640 bytes) Ebony

DSCF8866.JPG (115938 bytes)

DSCF8501.JPG (132853 bytes)

DSCF8503.JPG (141462 bytes)

DSCF8504.JPG (124065 bytes)

DSCF8505.JPG (184438 bytes)

DSCF8506.JPG (195070 bytes)

DSCF8507.JPG (209405 bytes)

DSCF8508.JPG (210459 bytes)

DSCF8511.JPG (135374 bytes)

DSCF8512.JPG (233988 bytes)

DSCF8513.JPG (124877 bytes)

DSCF8514.JPG (195473 bytes) Rainy

DSCF8515.JPG (190894 bytes)

DSCF8516.JPG (219247 bytes)

DSCF8517.JPG (180449 bytes)

DSCF8518.JPG (106812 bytes)

DSCF8519.JPG (105693 bytes)

DSCF8520.JPG (188010 bytes)

DSCF8523.JPG (111505 bytes)

DSCF8526.JPG (168324 bytes)

DSCF8527.JPG (171122 bytes)

DSCF8532.JPG (139161 bytes)

DSCF8533.JPG (148968 bytes)

DSCF8534.JPG (155680 bytes)

DSCF8539.JPG (145946 bytes)

DSCF8540.JPG (164646 bytes)

DSCF8546.JPG (123759 bytes)

DSCF8553.JPG (138966 bytes)

DSCF8554.JPG (227607 bytes)

DSCF8556.JPG (168030 bytes)

DSCF8557.JPG (133740 bytes)

DSCF8566.JPG (147725 bytes)

DSCF8567.JPG (166551 bytes)

DSCF8568.JPG (136524 bytes)

DSCF8569.JPG (139974 bytes)

DSCF8571.JPG (131263 bytes)

DSCF8588.JPG (78965 bytes)

DSCF8592.JPG (160397 bytes)

DSCF8597.JPG (97511 bytes)

DSCF8598.JPG (101531 bytes)

DSCF8601.JPG (143528 bytes)

DSCF8602.JPG (152276 bytes)

DSCF8604.JPG (148870 bytes)

DSCF8605.JPG (162033 bytes)

DSCF8606.JPG (115515 bytes)

DSCF8607.JPG (146664 bytes)

DSCF8609.JPG (167735 bytes)

DSCF8611.JPG (111654 bytes)

DSCF8614.JPG (109751 bytes)

DSCF8615.JPG (131360 bytes)

DSCF8618.JPG (123466 bytes)

DSCF8619.JPG (153177 bytes)

DSCF8621.JPG (140707 bytes)

DSCF8623.JPG (150713 bytes)

DSCF8626.JPG (172835 bytes)

DSCF8627.JPG (215082 bytes)

DSCF8635.JPG (131730 bytes)

DSCF8640.JPG (137473 bytes)

DSCF8643.JPG (112455 bytes)




2nd Dec 

DSCF6029.JPG (88463 bytes) It's so deep here we need a plough

DSCF6033.JPG (119756 bytes) No we don't follow me

DSCF6034.JPG (153480 bytes) We told you it was deep Morgan

DSCF6035.JPG (209889 bytes) Oh  thanks for the warning

DSCF6036.JPG (133701 bytes) This is brilliant fun

DSCF6028.JPG (112803 bytes) How are we going to get through Jack?

DSCF6037.JPG (141885 bytes) come on lets plough a path

DSCF6038.JPG (149428 bytes) there should be a path around here somewhere

DSCF6050.JPG (86529 bytes) we found it lets go

DSCF6048.JPG (94786 bytes) isn't it so pretty up here

DSCF6047.JPG (175678 bytes)  Avalanche!!

DSCF6053-1.JPG (147592 bytes) snow dogs 

DSCF6054.JPG (108891 bytes) hahaha look at you

DSCF6056.JPG (85484 bytes) who is that?

DSCF6058.JPG (116357 bytes) our house is all white too

DSCF6060.JPG (64623 bytes) It's really deep mum

DSCF6066.JPG (147798 bytes) we are flattening down a path for mum

DSCF6077.JPG (76023 bytes) here comes Charlie

DSCF6078.JPG (84975 bytes) and Chance

DSCF6083.JPG (100964 bytes) they loved the snow

DSCF6085.JPG (85254 bytes) especially Chance

DSCF6097.JPG (92838 bytes) while Charlie went home to daddy

DSCF6100.JPG (108919 bytes) Chance sat down and refused to go in

DSCF6101.JPG (160134 bytes) please mum 5 more minutes!

DSCF6107.JPG (107615 bytes) Rainy and Woody were out next

DSCF6109.JPG (89764 bytes) they searched everywhere

DSCF6111.JPG (114037 bytes) dived in to the snow

DSCF6112.JPG (108764 bytes) crawled through snow drifts

DSCF6113.JPG (81486 bytes) ran up and down the path

DSCF6114.JPG (70587 bytes) but the couldn't find Charlie and Chance

DSCF6118.JPG (83955 bytes) they are in the house...not risking the four of you running down to the loch

DSCF6119.JPG (92421 bytes) we won't mum promise

DSCF6123.JPG (84765 bytes) look how deep the snow is here

DSCF6124.JPG (87989 bytes) and it's cold

DSCF6127.JPG (80399 bytes) it's all in our coats

DSCF6132.JPG (128648 bytes) we met some people on the walk

DSCF6138.JPG (102489 bytes) Then I came back out because they thought the puppies were huge

DSCF6145.JPG (96147 bytes) so when they saw me they were amazed

DSCF6147.JPG (125063 bytes) then we had another run in the snow

DSCF6149.JPG (132360 bytes) hahahaha

DSCF6151.JPG (112516 bytes) I love snow

DSCF6159.JPG (124765 bytes) this is how deep it is

DSCF6160.JPG (110440 bytes) I had to smash all the snow down

DSCF6164.JPG (102203 bytes) so Indi and Megan could come out to play

DSCF6174.JPG (86513 bytes) Megan had her Nellie Boots on

DSCF6178.JPG (120205 bytes) they loved their run

DSCF6182.JPG (122315 bytes) and the view

DSCF6189.JPG (162895 bytes) dad wait for us

DSCF6194.JPG (133100 bytes) Indi wants to get past

DSCF6200.JPG (105547 bytes) here comes Pickle

DSCF6204.JPG (94203 bytes) Nellie Rose

DSCF6206-1.JPG (155913 bytes) Gabby 

DSCF6212.JPG (128066 bytes) Morgan

DSCF6215.JPG (132184 bytes) snow gets in your ears

DSCF6219.JPG (223348 bytes) not if you run fast Morgan

DSCF6220.JPG (115958 bytes) ok here I come

DSCF6222.JPG (141432 bytes) hey that worked gabby

DSCF6224-1.JPG (97249 bytes) I love running

DSCF6229.JPG (118737 bytes) look Gabby the loch is frozen

DSCF6230.JPG (125690 bytes) we best not go down there

DSCF6232.JPG (172084 bytes) lets play in the trees instead

DSCF6233.JPG (175395 bytes) this is fun

DSCF6234.JPG (134436 bytes) come on Morgan this way

DSCF6240.JPG (164535 bytes) It's so quiet in here

DSCF6240-1.JPG (160618 bytes) and peaceful

DSCF6254.JPG (135928 bytes) not now

DSCF6255.JPG (170878 bytes) not with me about

DSCF6266.JPG (152253 bytes) You can't see me

DSCF6268.JPG (140574 bytes) weeee


oct 2010 043.JPG (167208 bytes) it's a lovely crisp cold sunny October day

oct 2010 042.JPG (168371 bytes) Morgan is on a mission!

oct 2010 049.JPG (191363 bytes) she will be looking for mice!

oct 2010 054.JPG (155215 bytes) Artney and Jack have a run around

oct 2010 060.JPG (184536 bytes) Ailidh is out with us too

oct 2010 061.JPG (204370 bytes) they are all good friends

oct 2010 064.JPG (167007 bytes) Jack stops for a cuddle

oct 2010 066.JPG (213329 bytes) he is such a happy boy

oct 2010 069.JPG (231561 bytes) woohoo

oct 2010 072.JPG (242409 bytes) Bill and Indi

oct 2010 076.JPG (185619 bytes) happy healthy hounds

oct 2010 077.JPG (231252 bytes) off into the sunset

oct 2010 078.JPG (199782 bytes) it was a beautiful day

oct 2010 078.JPG (199782 bytes) the colours were beautiful

oct 2010 079.JPG (198541 bytes) come on everybody hurry up

oct 2010 089.JPG (166327 bytes) happy wolfies

oct 2010 098.JPG (187618 bytes) Jack the lover

oct 2010 101.JPG (167578 bytes) he is off again!

oct 2010 104.JPG (163953 bytes) That boy has no manners

oct 2010 122.JPG (164623 bytes) Leads on 

oct 2010 123.JPG (160635 bytes) time to go

oct 2010 126.JPG (165064 bytes) Our turn

oct 2010 133.JPG (136372 bytes) old Megan keeps up with the pack

oct 2010 134.JPG (180163 bytes) she is a happy girl

oct 2010 130.JPG (117939 bytes) Ebony Moon

oct 2010 139.JPG (168862 bytes) easy Belle you nearly knocked me over

oct 2010 148.JPG (205757 bytes) Ebony waits for a stone to be thrown

oct 2010 155.JPG (102483 bytes) they love to chase

oct 2010 162.JPG (126309 bytes) come on then throw another one

oct 2010 166.JPG (125006 bytes) the grass is very high now

oct 2010 164.JPG (135987 bytes) they love leaping through it

oct 2010 171.JPG (119847 bytes) Gabby and Megan

oct 2010 178.JPG (204064 bytes) back up the hill

oct 2010 181.JPG (164254 bytes) hey wait for us

oct 2010 186.JPG (178775 bytes) the sun is going down fast 

oct 2010 187.JPG (181526 bytes) it will be very cold soon

oct 2010 191.JPG (158067 bytes) Megan always waits for me

oct 2010 193.JPG (173787 bytes) It is lovely in the sun

oct 2010 199.JPG (182292 bytes) the two old goats oct 2010 198.JPG (164874 bytes)

oct 2010 201.JPG (180676 bytes) Megan brings some sunshine back with her

oct 2010 206.JPG (183020 bytes) gabby

oct 2010 209.JPG (132170 bytes) time to head home

oct 2010 212.JPG (158432 bytes) a last dip

oct 2010 213.JPG (162711 bytes) no it's to cold

oct 2010 215.JPG (141591 bytes) not for everybody though

oct 2010 218.JPG (110057 bytes) I went out too!

oct 2010 220.jpg (121341 bytes) see you all soon bye x

6th Oct

33784_10150092304704848_737184847_7356367_4086327_n.jpg (124126 bytes) Bill and the winning Bribiba team

33778_10150092305329848_737184847_7356399_1170920_n.jpg (154581 bytes) Precious Pickle wins first in PG

62571_10150092304439848_737184847_7356358_93793_n.jpg (131313 bytes) Winning bitch line up includes Bribiba's Country Dancer, Bribiba's Bonnie Lass, Nightwings Wanderin Star over Bribiba and Bribiba's Ebony Moon

62571_10150092304469848_737184847_7356364_3577940_n.jpg (132998 bytes) Bill with all 4 hounds in the team

62571_10150092304459848_737184847_7356362_5748092_n.jpg (115774 bytes) Pickle thought it was great fun


2nd Sept

DSCF2001.JPG (118680 bytes) come on Ebony it's a lovely day out get up

DSCF2002.JPG (115956 bytes) do we have too mum?


DSCF2014.JPG (103105 bytes) we are already up and out

DSCF2015.JPG (123109 bytes) this is my swing...no it's mine!

DSCF2016.JPG (109202 bytes) we can share it Charlie

DSCF2017.JPG (102661 bytes) no \Wayne get off

DSCF2029.JPG (123679 bytes) pushy female!

DSCF2031.JPG (100813 bytes) don't take my picture she is beating me up

DSCF2033.JPG (132658 bytes) never fight with girls Wayne

DSCF2034.JPG (142084 bytes) told you it was MY swing hahaha

DSCF2035.JPG (121187 bytes) Girl Power!

DSCF2036.JPG (117418 bytes) whaaaa it's not fair!

DSCF2040.JPG (148654 bytes) where are the big dogs mum?

DSCF2042.JPG (119606 bytes) no they are not in here

DSCF2044.JPG (141816 bytes) wonder where they went

DSCF2047.JPG (142738 bytes) I think I can hear them

DSCF2136.JPG (129750 bytes) help we are lost in the jungle

DSCF2138.JPG (157675 bytes) how do we get out of here?

DSCF2139.JPG (136500 bytes) mum  we are lost

DSCF2157.JPG (142705 bytes) is it this way?

DSCF2158.JPG (114121 bytes) no we cant get out here

DSCF2160.JPG (121229 bytes) Pickle help I am lost

DSCF2166.JPG (146621 bytes) oh I know where we are 

DSCF2167.JPG (123016 bytes) follow me everybody

DSCF2169.JPG (142371 bytes) ok lets go

DSCF2174.JPG (122054 bytes) this way

DSCF2177.JPG (129948 bytes) Hello mum I found the way out

DSCF2178.JPG (114811 bytes) I am not going in that garden it's scary

DSCF2185.JPG (131302 bytes) I think we need to do some gardening soon

DSCF2187.JPG (144642 bytes) are you listening dad?

DSCF2189.JPG (135177 bytes) the front lawns are half cut...he did one bit two weeks ago and left the rest

DSCF2190.JPG (108833 bytes) We should get a goat or two...they will eat all this back

DSCF2191.JPG (150081 bytes) yes and Morgan will eat them!

DSCF2205.JPG (140193 bytes) well she didn't eat us!

DSCF2202.JPG (160493 bytes) yet!!!

DSCF2209.JPG (118302 bytes) Shhh my friend Pickle is asleep

DSCF2208.JPG (113935 bytes) goodnight x

8th Aug

DSCF2133.JPG (95210 bytes) Hello everybody I am here

DSCF2134.JPG (93399 bytes) Where is everybody 

DSCF2135.JPG (92022 bytes) Maybe they're down here

DSCF2137.JPG (98343 bytes) No their not here

DSCF2136.JPG (98369 bytes) oh there you are

DSCF2137.JPG (98343 bytes) Hi Trudy we were through this side of the house

DSCF2138.JPG (103167 bytes) This is the lounge

DSCF2140.JPG (122081 bytes) Hi Trudy come on through and say hello to everyone

DSCF2144.JPG (151625 bytes) Dad's home

DSCF2145.JPG (115131 bytes) Ollie is so tired after the long drive up

DSCF2146.JPG (103378 bytes) I have a cunning plan 

DSCF2147.JPG (105813 bytes) oh oh I sense trouble

DSCF2148.JPG (107890 bytes) poor Ollie

DSCF2149.JPG (104657 bytes) It begins...the start of a fun weekend

DSCF2150.JPG (109653 bytes) Oh Golly poor Ollie hahaha

DSCF2152.JPG (114142 bytes) We love him really ..

DSCF2157.JPG (110748 bytes) Trudy said it was not her fault she did try to stop us

DSCF2160.JPG (117397 bytes) Off on a trip up the Falkirk Wheel

DSCF2161.JPG (111147 bytes) It's a canal boat that is lifted up 30 meters

DSCF2162.JPG (119683 bytes) There boat is right at the top and sails off through the hillside

DSCF2163.JPG (98807 bytes) Half way down

DSCF2168.JPG (118514 bytes) Trudy and Gabby had a great time...the Falkirk wheel is dog friendly

IMG_3259.JPG (90610 bytes) Can we come back next week mum

IMG_3260.JPG (108008 bytes) Ollie and Trudy

DSCF2169.JPG (88834 bytes) Back home we are up to no good again

IMG_3263.JPG (83424 bytes) Puppy cuddles

IMG_3262.JPG (84090 bytes) Little Pixie

IMG_3266.jpg (120610 bytes) Jean (Our Neighbor) Loves the wolfhounds 

IMG_3268.jpg (105499 bytes) Pretty little Pickle

IMG_3271.jpg (108385 bytes) Mum's cuddling Pixie again

IMG_3282.jpg (113201 bytes) what a handsome boy I am

DSCF2178.JPG (122492 bytes) Kat and Ollie painted the decking. Willie painted Kat!

DSCF2181.JPG (132977 bytes) Anybody want to buy a rug?

IMG_3237.JPG (134053 bytes) Hi Fizz

IMG_3242.JPG (122069 bytes) Pickle loves her Uncle Ollie

IMG_3250.JPG (129793 bytes) Trudy was so pleased to see her Megan mum

IMG_3247.JPG (102094 bytes) The puppies are getting big

IMG_3279.jpg (107205 bytes) Hi Trudy have you got any milk?

IMG_2241.JPG (89488 bytes) Willie got legless!

IMG_3307-1.JPG (163319 bytes) This picture sums the weekend up to a 'T'

IMG_3315.JPG (102845 bytes) Sleepy puppy

IMG_3308.JPG (93641 bytes) a pile up!

IMG_3327.JPG (115310 bytes) Ollie was spoiled!

IMG_3328.JPG (104613 bytes) he even got his faced washed by Morgan

IMG_3334.JPG (106800 bytes) Kat just hit him with the grapes hahaha

IMG_3318.JPG (81652 bytes) it's quite noisy here this weekend!

IMG_3283.jpg (110028 bytes) Will you promise to come back soon Trudy we all had a great time x

IMG_3291.JPG (77677 bytes) They did get their revenge!!! Hahaha

31st May

IMGP0924.JPG (184428 bytes) Outside our back gate...waiting for Fizz

IMGP0925.JPG (200179 bytes) she is so nosy...come on half pint hurry up

IMGP0926.JPG (208937 bytes) sorry Ebony here I com

IMGP0927.JPG (216923 bytes) this is so exciting 

IMGP0930.JPG (217912 bytes) lots of exploring to do

IMGP0932.JPG (200040 bytes) she is growing so quickly

IMGP0942.JPG (172637 bytes) Mum I found the biggest water dish in the world

IMGP0943.JPG (189737 bytes) stay close to me half pint don't want you getting lost

IMGP0944.JPG (209100 bytes) ok Ebony I will follow you

IMGP0945.JPG (193500 bytes) I will sneak away while she is not looking hahaha

IMGP0948.JPG (232704 bytes) maybe not it looks a bit scary out there

28th May

Morgan-Pickle pups 017.JPG (148871 bytes) I am still a little tired after my big ordeal yesterday

Morgan-Pickle pups 012.JPG (153415 bytes) and Morgan is such a great mum

Morgan-Pickle pups 013.JPG (136091 bytes) so when she offered to help me out

Morgan-Pickle pups 014.JPG (162062 bytes) I was so grateful

Morgan-Pickle pups 015.JPG (162317 bytes) and so were my babies

Morgan-Pickle pups 016.JPG (161366 bytes) while her puppies are all fed and cleaned

Morgan-Pickle pups 001.JPG (170513 bytes) she fed and cleaned mine

Morgan-Pickle pups 002.JPG (163386 bytes) Morgan you are just an angel

Morgan-Pickle pups 003.JPG (167910 bytes) the best mum in the world

Morgan-Pickle pups 004.JPG (160697 bytes) and the best aunty

Morgan-Pickle pups 005.JPG (152300 bytes) she took all the litter and helped us all out

Morgan-Pickle pups 007.JPG (164131 bytes) she deserves a medal

Morgan-Pickle pups 008.JPG (181575 bytes) and today I am much better and able to feed the babies myself

Morgan-Pickle pups 009.JPG (171132 bytes) but they have had a good start

Morgan-Pickle pups 010.JPG (159380 bytes) from a very special lady

Morgan-Pickle pups 011.JPG (177742 bytes) thank you Morgan you are the best xx

20th April

DSCF7761 (Small).JPG (93221 bytes) Kat is staying with us at Betina's in the Cotswolds

DSCF7762 (Small).JPG (94812 bytes) We are here for the Irish Wolfhound Club Show

DSCF7763 (Small).JPG (75443 bytes) The weather is lovely and we are in a mobile home

DSCF7764 (Small).JPG (90788 bytes) 5 people and 3 wolfhounds...cosy

DSCF7766 (Small).JPG (87986 bytes) can we play in the orchard

DSCF7731 (Small).JPG (87171 bytes) this is great fun

DSCF7729 (Small).JPG (81619 bytes) just what we need after a long drive

DSCF7730 (Small).JPG (77650 bytes) this way Ebony

DSCF7723 (Small).JPG (93040 bytes) why are the humans fenced in?

DSCF7724 (Small).JPG (97150 bytes) we may just find out later!!

DSCF7726 (Small).JPG (87572 bytes) but for now lets just enjoy ourselves

DSCF7728 (Small).JPG (75995 bytes) right teddy you are dead

DSCF7733 (Small).JPG (86489 bytes) this is wonderful...

DSCF7735 (Small).JPG (93065 bytes) .Betina your place is perfect for hounds

DSCF7739 (Small).JPG (92846 bytes) and humans..they are having a good time too

DSCF7742 (Small).JPG (83473 bytes) can I come in now please

DSCF7743 (Small).JPG (69520 bytes) Jack is such a happy boy

DSCF7745 (Small).JPG (85277 bytes) come on let us in

DSCF7746 (Small).JPG (81846 bytes) Picnic time...tea and biscuits for us

DSCF7747 (Small).JPG (55519 bytes) I have washed all the dishes for you Aunty Rose

DSCF7749 (Small).JPG (76604 bytes) the drinks are on Kat

DSCF7752 (Small).JPG (65985 bytes) It's thirsty work this caravanning

DSCF7757 (Small).JPG (89496 bytes) spoiled or what!!

DSCF7758 (Small).JPG (89382 bytes) Don't you just love my style...

DSCF7759 (Small).JPG (90144 bytes) mmm yes it's a dogs life

DSCF7760 (Small).JPG (91021 bytes) trust Ebony to push in

DSCF7535 (Small).JPG (56228 bytes) we are thirsty too

DSCF7542 (Small).JPG (56679 bytes) The Piddle Inn!!

DSCF7539 (Small).JPG (61226 bytes) cheers Kat

DSCF7553 (Small).JPG (48614 bytes) Mum had a small sherry then went of to bed

DSCF7581 (Small).JPG (47947 bytes) DSCF7582 (Small).JPG (48188 bytes) there were some beautiful wolfhounds here today 

DSCF7597 (Small).JPG (55824 bytes) Bill and Gabby in the holding ring

DSCF7604 (Small).JPG (60292 bytes) stacking Gabby

DSCF7605 (Small).JPG (57970 bytes) she is such a beautiful girl...Rainbows full sister

DSCF7607 (Small).JPG (62942 bytes) Isn't she lovely

DSCF7608 (Small).JPG (46973 bytes) run Gabby

DSCF7610 (Small).JPG (65427 bytes) all was well till the judge went to her

DSCF7618 (Small).JPG (60298 bytes) poor Gabby is still very shy

DSCF7624 (Small).JPG (56284 bytes) but she did everything else perfectly....and she was third

DSCF7627 (Small).JPG (52272 bytes) an excellent result considering

DSCF7636 (Small).JPG (63135 bytes) Ebony and mum next

DSCF7638 (Small).JPG (55686 bytes) it's a big class

DSCF7639 (Small).JPG (54686 bytes) and a BIG ring

DSCF7640 (Small).JPG (52419 bytes) our turn Ebony

DSCF7641 (Small).JPG (49256 bytes)  DSCF7642 (Small).JPG (56847 bytes)  DSCF7643 (Small).JPG (54015 bytes)  DSCF7644 (Small).JPG (53982 bytes) DSCF7645 (Small).JPG (57268 bytes) DSCF7646 (Small).JPG (59216 bytes) 

DSCF7647 (Small).JPG (59670 bytes) DSCF7648 (Small).JPG (44608 bytes) DSCF7649 (Small).JPG (43571 bytes) DSCF7650 (Small).JPG (48175 bytes) DSCF7651 (Small).JPG (51475 bytes) DSCF7652 (Small).JPG (51967 bytes)

DSCF7653 (Small).JPG (54645 bytes) DSCF7658 (Small).JPG (60958 bytes) That was fun

DSCF7675 (Small).JPG (61944 bytes) Ebony was the youngest in her class

DSCF7677 (Small).JPG (63519 bytes) and was not placed...but she is a dream to show and we loved it

DSCF7690 (Small).JPG (60831 bytes) the team stakes...minus Indi who was left at home...We were third

DSCF7698 (Small).JPG (69080 bytes) oh no they are at it again!!

DSCF7699 (Small).JPG (85734 bytes) Betina is back from the Deerhound show

DSCF7701 (Small).JPG (105342 bytes) her dogs are very well behaved, social and very pretty

DSCF7706 (Small).JPG (64525 bytes) emmm and hungry 

DSCF7711 (Small).JPG (88107 bytes) Rose and the hounds

DSCF7712 (Small).JPG (87819 bytes) we are tired today...and we can have a long sleep in the van on the trip home

DSCF7713 (Small).JPG (89092 bytes) we had a lovely weekend though thank you Betina and our dear friends it was great

DSCF7714 (Small).JPG (88742 bytes) Rose is taking Digger soon....she is the bestest mum...next to ours

DSCF7715 (Small).JPG (78159 bytes) Tumble time

DSCF7716 (Small).JPG (70181 bytes) Gabby finds a shady spot

DSCF7717 (Small).JPG (90974 bytes) Me and Ebony are having a play

DSCF7721 (Small).JPG (76474 bytes) Daddy's girl

DSCF7722 (Small).JPG (75800 bytes) snuggle hugs

DSCF7723 (Small).JPG (93040 bytes) come out and play Ebony

DSCF7732 (Small).JPG (98332 bytes) charge

DSCF7737 (Small).JPG (81611 bytes) time to go home

14th April

DSCF7305 (Small).JPG (47026 bytes) Digger is out in the puppy run for the day

DSCF7307 (Small).JPG (64435 bytes) Uncle Neil and Aunty Helen are here to visit

DSCF7310 (Small).JPG (52451 bytes) Digger loves playing with visitors

DSCF7314 (Small).JPG (61856 bytes) he is a happy little boy

DSCF7316 (Small).JPG (63331 bytes) with lots of kisses in his heart

DSCF7317 (Small).JPG (50672 bytes) Paddy has come back to visit too...he is a lovely gentle boy

DSCF7318 (Small).JPG (57597 bytes) and he remembers all of us

DSCF7322 (Small).JPG (60123 bytes) the girls are all happy to see him 

DSCF7323 (Small).JPG (72905 bytes) I have never seen him before in my life!

DSCF7324 (Small).JPG (70226 bytes) but I know who he is

DSCF7330 (Small).JPG (73880 bytes) wake me up when he is going

DSCF7331 (Small).JPG (69055 bytes) we have more visitors...Liam and Andrew are here for a week

DSCF7332 (Small).JPG (53381 bytes) and they have pinched our pond

DSCF7325 (Small).JPG (90331 bytes) and it is such a hot day when you are wearing a duvet!

DSCF7333 (Small).JPG (66712 bytes) they wanted to keep cool it's so hot today

DSCF7334 (Small).JPG (75806 bytes) Zzzzzzz what do you want mum?

DSCF7339 (Small).JPG (53062 bytes) I have a lovely cool spot in here

DSCF7340 (Small).JPG (61660 bytes) It's nice in the shade too

DSCF7341 (Small).JPG (67561 bytes) Digger plays with Andrew

DSCF7345 (Small).JPG (58687 bytes) mum tell him he is strangling me

DSCF7352 (Small).JPG (58887 bytes) He is a very gentle puppy

DSCF7356 (Small).JPG (64766 bytes) Here comes Liam

DSCF7361 (Small).JPG (64008 bytes) good boy Digger

DSCF7366 (Small).JPG (45310 bytes) Andrew loves the animals...he loves Dusty too

DSCF7367 (Small).JPG (58087 bytes) next day we went out on our walks with the boys

DSCF7371 (Small).JPG (62843 bytes) Pickle is out without Ebony, she is on the next walk

DSCF7372 (Small).JPG (44535 bytes) Morgan has a dip

DSCF7374 (Small).JPG (70731 bytes) here comes trouble!

DSCF7377 (Small).JPG (86998 bytes) who is that hiding...DSCF7378 (Small).JPG (92748 bytes) it's me mum hahaha

DSCF7387 (Small).JPG (88289 bytes) we had a lovely walk

DSCF7390 (Small).JPG (93678 bytes) Look out Indi ...coming through

DSCF7386 (Small).JPG (74949 bytes) wait for me

DSCF7391 (Small).JPG (85511 bytes) happy dogs

DSCF7392 (Small).JPG (82022 bytes) this way dogs

DSCF7397 (Small).JPG (91372 bytes) Pickle the explorer

DSCF7398 (Small).JPG (74357 bytes) Jack keeps an eye on the boys

DSCF7400 (Small).JPG (90019 bytes) what's that noise Gran?

DSCF7401 (Small).JPG (16925 bytes) 2 noisy jets went over our heads

DSCF7403 (Small).JPG (63083 bytes) Jack was not sure what to do

DSCF7405 (Small).JPG (88982 bytes) but when he saw no one was worried he was fine

DSCF7408 (Small).JPG (85851 bytes) Indi couldn't have cared less

DSCF7410 (Small).JPG (79418 bytes) I knew what it was

DSCF7412 (Small).JPG (90688 bytes) we scared them away

DSCF7415 (Small).JPG (79704 bytes) we are having a lovely walk today

DSCF7418 (Small).JPG (64348 bytes) a final dip in the pond so we go home clean

DSCF7419 (Small).JPG (68774 bytes) the boys are throwing stones in the water

DSCF7430 (Small).JPG (54003 bytes) I am not chasing that

DSCF7434 (Small).JPG (52520 bytes) what is that in the water?

DSCF7432 (Small).JPG (56298 bytes) Jack don't bite it...that's your tail!

DSCF7435 (Small).JPG (81104 bytes) oooh what was that....well I did tell you...silly boy

DSCF7436 (Small).JPG (41733 bytes) it still hurts ooooh

DSCF7437 (Small).JPG (81076 bytes) what was that?

DSCF7438 (Small).JPG (52622 bytes) where are you come out till I get you

DSCF7440 (Small).JPG (54141 bytes) I know you are here somewhere

DSCF7441 (Small).JPG (61117 bytes) Jack you grabbed your own tail

DSCF7442 (Small).JPG (66754 bytes) Did I? oops that was silly

DSCF7445 (Small).JPG (83501 bytes) yes Jack we know!

DSCF7450 (Small).JPG (74150 bytes) the boys take us back to the van

DSCF7453 (Small).JPG (67082 bytes) now it's our turn

DSCF7464 (Small).JPG (79292 bytes) throw me some stones boys please

DSCF7465 (Small).JPG (74313 bytes) yes they are going to play with me

DSCF7467 (Small).JPG (84516 bytes) another one boys 

DSCF7468 (Small).JPG (91179 bytes) I'll get it

DSCF7471 (Small).JPG (69771 bytes) Gabby does not do chase

DSCF7472 (Small).JPG (51763 bytes) look out mum

DSCF7473 (Small).JPG (73873 bytes) Trudy watches the game but wont play either

DSCF7475 (Small).JPG (84286 bytes) they prefer chasing each other

DSCF7480 (Small).JPG (84855 bytes) time to walk I think

DSCF7482 (Small).JPG (78535 bytes) hiding in the trees

DSCF7483 (Small).JPG (59444 bytes) the boys have given up and wait behind for us to come back

DSCF7486 (Small).JPG (83651 bytes) Ebony kept running back to check on them

DSCF7493 (Small).JPG (69725 bytes) she was so hot she jumped in for a swim

DSCF7494 (Small).JPG (67528 bytes) that's better

DSCF7497 (Small).JPG (64293 bytes) come on girls lets go home for tea

DSCF7499 (Small).JPG (86145 bytes) this way Ebony

DSCF7498 (Small).JPG (81424 bytes) no this way Andrew

DSCF7503 (Small).JPG (60473 bytes) while the dogs slept we went off to the swing park

5th April

DSCF7005 (Small).JPG (69506 bytes) Easter Sunday the weather is perfect for a dip

DSCF7006 (Small).JPG (66760 bytes) I love my big pond ....bet the ducks would like it up here too

DSCF7007 (Small).JPG (83788 bytes) good idea Jack, bring them up...hahaha

DSCF7008 (Small).JPG (76170 bytes) oh no I forgot you will eat them

DSCF7010 (Small).JPG (72029 bytes) If she doesn't the fox will

DSCF7011 (Small).JPG (99263 bytes) Come on lets climb the hill

DSCF7013 (Small).JPG (79363 bytes) wait I want to stretch my legs first

DSCF7015 (Small).JPG (93466 bytes) Come on Trudy you are too slow hahaha

DSCF7016 (Small).JPG (108134 bytes) That's why they call me Jack Flash

DSCF7028 (Small).JPG (58838 bytes) Lets have a break here still a long way to climb

DSCF7036 (Small).JPG (71540 bytes) I can see the top from here

DSCF7038 (Small).JPG (67918 bytes) we can see the van from here too

DSCF7040 (Small).JPG (76659 bytes) come on you lot lets get to the top

DSCF7046 (Small).JPG (70015 bytes) this is the top here the view is so pretty

DSCF7047 (Small).JPG (76654 bytes) we love running up here 

DSCF7048 (Small).JPG (52762 bytes) lots of room to stretch out

DSCF7056 (Small).JPG (69231 bytes) Play with my little sister Trudy

DSCF7075 (Small).JPG (64110 bytes)  OOOwww you stood on my paw

DSCF7076 (Small).JPG (76038 bytes) behave you two...honestly youngsters today!

DSCF7060 (Small).JPG (34718 bytes) and we can see the loch from here too...our house is just over the hill

DSCF7094 (Small).JPG (79124 bytes) Morgan gets a snuggle hug from dad

DSCF7096 (Small).JPG (96436 bytes) where's our snuggles mum

DSCF7102 (Small).JPG (56662 bytes) I'm gonna get you Jack

DSCF7103 (Small).JPG (77800 bytes) one two three

DSCF7104 (Small).JPG (70126 bytes) GO

DSCF7105 (Small).JPG (61445 bytes) she won't come into deep water

DSCF7108 (Small).JPG (59042 bytes) It looks deep 

DSCF7112 (Small).JPG (69107 bytes) He needs a good bath anyway he smells

DSCF7115 (Small).JPG (61038 bytes) that's it Trudy I will get you for that

DSCF7117 (Small).JPG (64533 bytes) come back here

DSCF7119 (Small).JPG (60981 bytes) right you two...home ...the others want out now.

19th March

scan0003 (Small).jpg (31594 bytes) Kaycee Ebony and me at the Proplan stand

crufts.jpg (111446 bytes) Taking a break with Rose before Gabby's turn

DSCF6931 (Small) (Small).JPG (35654 bytes) stands with dad

b1.jpg (115494 bytes) ok Gabby your turn

b2.jpg (93365 bytes) she was such a good girl

b3.jpg (84456 bytes) you were so good Gabby well done

b4.jpg (90552 bytes) Gabby was 2nd 

b5.jpg (92164 bytes) she is very pretty

b7.jpg (92609 bytes) just like her sister Rainbow

f1.jpg (53712 bytes) Rose said mum looked like a headmistress!

f2.jpg (42187 bytes) in the ring with the beautiful Ebony

f3.jpg (113287 bytes) she knows her job and stood perfectly

f4.jpg (21581 bytes) she was the youngest in her class and took a VHC

DSCF6927 (Small).JPG (45709 bytes) can I sleep now mum

DSCF6928 (Small).JPG (46343 bytes) wake me up when it's time to go home

8th Feb

Jan 30th 09 001 (Small).JPG (44389 bytes) I am telling mum on you Jack

Jan 30th 09 002 (Small).JPG (47121 bytes) That is Megan's favourite bed Jack

Jan 30th 09 003 (Small).JPG (56080 bytes) Oh that boy is so naughty

Jan 30th 09 004 (Small).JPG (58055 bytes) oh oh busted!

Jan 30th 09 005 (Small).JPG (55220 bytes) it wasn't me mum 

Jan 30th 09 007 (Small).JPG (55398 bytes) look I have sorted it

Jan 30th 09 008 (Small).JPG (57552 bytes) I told him to stop it mum

Jan 30th 09 011 (Small).JPG (45958 bytes) Trudy ate that side mum

Jan 30th 09 015 (Small).JPG (47798 bytes) you said it was our sofa's so we thought we could eat them

6th Jan 2010

This snow is great to dig in

It is not deep yet but there is lots more to come

So we decided to head down to our favourite place in the lake district

Niamh gets the bed as usual and once she is asleep nobody can shift her

I love my dad he is the best in the world

Right lets head to the park

We met lots of dogs and everybody was friendly and nice

it was icy on the path but the grass was great to run on

What a funny looking snow man!

they must have modelled it on you Niamh!

you are a cheeky boy Jack, mummy said I am beautiful

Party time

it's going to be a great night

but not for us!

We had a fabulous night, champagne, hot toddy with the fireworks and a great crowd

Bill tried out his highland fling!!

and we helped with the cleaning up

We had a lovely walk in the gardens

after a good nights sleep in our cosy room

It is just a wonderful happy place here

Except for the snow

We made lots of new doggy friends all staying in our B&B not that you would know it was so quiet

Daddy took us into Keswick to shop

we had shopped in Ambleside to

Come on mum hurry up

is that a sheep x wolfhound!!

It looks like Megan she is so fat

I got a new teddy bear in town

Niamh got one as well

All the best for 2010 everybody

from all of us xx

16th Dec


We went off to Birmingham for the LKA Gabby, Niamh, Ebony, Mum, and me.

we have all qualified for Cruft's 

I'm getting to go but I am not in the show..

.. I hope that's not were we are sleeping

Gabby picked her bed in the hotel....it was mums bed but they shared

not a lot of room for mum, is there Gabby!

Rose came to see us....she was a great help too

Is it my turn yet? Gabby got a 5th place

I was scared....my daddy's not here

Ebony and mum next

Stand Ebby

She took a 4th place

The girls relax after their work

and then we head for our favourite place in the lake district

look Niamh there it is

I love the park

come on Niamh lets explore

lots of lovely sniffy bits

follow me Jack

I am such a lucky boy

hey what is that?

Not sure Jack but it's making a strange noise

where are their tails? What are they?

well that was rude...those creatures didn't say hello

chase them Jack

there.. that scared them off

sure Jack... that's why they are still laughing at you

this is the best bit about going to dog shows....

Gabby and Ebony's turn now

this is great fun

wait for me

Miss Moon

time to go girls

ok here we come

this road has a gate to stop cars it is next to the school

Gabby is having a great time

imagine going to school here isn't it pretty

look we have a Jacuzzi

this is such a pretty room

and we have a nice sofa to lounge on...

It's the 'Old Vicarage' so dog friendly, people friendly and we love it

this is our bed mum

Pickle on her bed again

she has left her some room to get in though

night mum see you in the morning

night mum


We were all very good and slept well.....4 wolfhounds all on their best behaviour.

Here I am ready to go out

I am not wearing that hat!

it's a long way home...but the view is stunning

here we are home safe and Pickle has her supper in bed

we are so spoiled , happy wolfhounds

2nd Dec

Saturday's walk

It's a lovely dry cold day perfect for a run out

first stop the pond

  head for the hills

Little Pickle

Ebony hops over the ditch

mum's got the biscuits today

there is enough for everyone

Indi is a daddy's boy

but all us hounds love mum best

who wants more biscuits then

Toby and dad

Time to go

9th Nov

Sheila's dogs helped her with her lunch

come on mum we are hungry too!

Gabby next...she is still a bit shy...poor lamb... but getting better

she is very pretty

and she took a third today

Ebony stands in the place her beautiful mother Rainbow stood a year ago

it was a big class

Ebony is a wonderful gentle girl

as pretty as her mother was

and so well behaved

though still to mature

she moves with drive and is very sound

she was not placed this time....but we will be back soon

later we headed for the lake district to try out a B&B that we had found

the dogs loved it and so did we

it is just a perfect place to relax after a show

or let them wander around

the views are just stunning

happy hounds

a large car park

with room for our bus

local wildlife to watch


can I chase it then?

this is Liana's dog


thank you so much for a lovely break we will be back soon

29th Sept

The wedding was very special, we had a fantastic day and all the dogs mingled happily with the guests. A huge thank you to all our wonderful friends for being with us and sharing the magic. These pictures are from Helen and Neil, Rose, Katherine, Cat.....more to follow (We made the national papers with our wonderful hounds)

1.JPG (44878 bytes) the night before.....

2.JPG (44514 bytes) finishing off Niamh's outfit

3.JPG (59231 bytes) The girls are here

4.JPG (25877 bytes) Hair done nearly ready

5.JPG (26788 bytes) almost done

6.JPG (53143 bytes) Maureen made the wolfhound topping for the cake

7.JPG (32894 bytes) Dad with best Man Neil

8.JPG (52138 bytes) Good luck Bill

9.JPG (32000 bytes) Vanessa and Alan (Merlin's mum and dad)

11.JPG (41537 bytes) I am looking after my dad

111.JPG (38753 bytes) I am having a great time

61.JPG (45385 bytes) Where is she?

56.JPG (39653 bytes) here she comes dad

 12 (Small).JPG (40174 bytes) Ok it's time to go

36.JPG (36294 bytes) Caitlin and Aimee were the flower girls

364.JPG (33437 bytes) Mum's twin sister Carol was maid of honour

DSCF5449 (Small).JPG (49990 bytes) Mum with son Brian who gave her away

DSCF5460 (Small).JPG (51752 bytes) Everybody said it was a great ceremony

DSCF5458 (Small).JPG (51827 bytes) I must have missed it

DSCF5465 (Small).JPG (49361 bytes) Mum looks so happy

DSCF5472 (Small).JPG (43381 bytes) then it was all over

DSCF5504 (Small).JPG (54232 bytes) and dad made a speech..(.its on youtube)

DSCF5511 (Small).JPG (39085 bytes) the champagne started to flow

DSCF5514 (Small).JPG (60397 bytes) Niamh was bridesmaid she was so good

DSCF5517 (Small).JPG (74266 bytes)  'twins'

DSCF5539 (Small).JPG (75173 bytes) Mum Dad and 'the boys'

DSCF5542 (Small).JPG (41637 bytes) mum shows off her new wedding ring

 DSCF5547 (Small).JPG (66751 bytes) Flower girls and page boys

DSCF5551 (Small).JPG (34437 bytes) Mum that is naughty!!

DSCF8435 (Small).JPG (72979 bytes) Special friends

cats pics 176 (Small).jpg (31175 bytes) cutting our cake

08th Sept

LG DOG CLASS 003 (Small).jpg (67308 bytes) here I am, back at dog school

LG DOG CLASS 009 (Small).jpg (78007 bytes) here come the dogs

LG DOG CLASS 011 (Small).jpg (50417 bytes) hello everybody

LG DOG CLASS 015 (Small).jpg (65781 bytes) my turn

LG DOG CLASS 016 (Small).jpg (71956 bytes) here come more dogs

LG DOG CLASS 017 (Small).jpg (74274 bytes) hi dogs... here I am

LG DOG CLASS 019 (Small).jpg (84771 bytes) stand Gabby

LG DOG CLASS 021 (Small).jpg (53336 bytes) run Gabby, you look good

LG DOG CLASS 022 (Small).jpg (50901 bytes) can I sleep now?

LG DOG CLASS 027 (Small).jpg (48779 bytes) hi Jack how are you doing

LG DOG CLASS 037 (Small).jpg (58658 bytes) stand Jack

LG DOG CLASS 038 (Small).jpg (50115 bytes) hey Gabby its not your turn yet

LG DOG CLASS 040 (Small).jpg (43463 bytes) This way Gabby

LG DOG CLASS 045 (Small).jpg (50341 bytes) I love dog school it is fun

LG DOG CLASS 053 (Small).jpg (35540 bytes) I am such a lovely boy

LG DOG CLASS 056 (Small).jpg (51169 bytes) I have had enough, it's been a long day

LG DOG CLASS 059 (Small).jpg (49619 bytes) Hello 

LG DOG CLASS 063 (Small).jpg (42866 bytes) she is such a pretty girl.

LG DOG CLASS 067 (Small).jpg (60412 bytes) hi mum

LG DOG CLASS 068 (Small).jpg (46022 bytes) see I can work off lead now

LG DOG CLASS 069 (Small).jpg (44118 bytes) hurry up Jack

LG DOG CLASS 089 (Small).jpg (48692 bytes) hello little dog

LG DOG CLASS 096 (Small).jpg (49161 bytes) I need my bed

LG DOG CLASS 101 (Small).jpg (45218 bytes) you are a nice dog

LG DOG CLASS 102 (Small).jpg (42057 bytes) nobody minds the little dog

LG DOG CLASS 103 (Small).jpg (49068 bytes) the wolfhounds are great for socialising the other dogs

02 Sept

Anna walk 005 (Small).jpg (56873 bytes) Where is everyone?

Anna walk 013 (Small).jpg (63089 bytes) Hi Anna we are here

Anna walk 019 (Small).jpg (64814 bytes) mmm kisses Toby nice to see you again

Anna walk 020 (Small).jpg (60015 bytes) Come and play Anna

Anna walk 021 (Small) (2).jpg (65535 bytes) no Toby you are too big to play with

Anna walk 024 (Small).jpg (67164 bytes) Hi Morgan how are you?

Anna walk 026 (Small).jpg (57476 bytes) You seem to get smaller every time I see you!

Anna walk 029 (Small).jpg (58665 bytes) I might be small but I am just as pretty as you

Anna walk 039 (Small).jpg (58667 bytes) help here comes the mad puppies

Anna walk 042 (Small).jpg (68367 bytes) Hi Anna, we want to play

Anna walk 046 (Small).jpg (64457 bytes) I don't !

Anna walk 048 (Small).jpg (49846 bytes) Leave me alone Trudy

Anna walk 055 (Small).jpg (57385 bytes) wait till I get my mum and dad!

Anna walk 061 (Small).jpg (43862 bytes) are they coming yet?

Anna walk 062 (Small).jpg (46090 bytes) it's ok Anna we wont bother you...much!

Anna walk 063 (Small).jpg (75003 bytes) Right pup behave!

Anna walk 070 (Small).jpg (76255 bytes) mum and dad are here, they are helping get the garden tidy for the wedding

Anna walk 072 (Small).jpg (60249 bytes) Pauline I am not the lawnmower!

Anna walk 079 (Small).jpg (48803 bytes) I love my mum she is the bestest

Anna walk 084 (Small).jpg (73659 bytes) I am a very spoiled lady

Anna walk 090 (Small).jpg (59029 bytes) Anna out on our walk

Anna walk 092 (Small).jpg (65992 bytes) apologies for the rain on the lens

Anna walk 095 (Small).jpg (51116 bytes) Jack and Ebony are straight in the pond

Anna walk 098 (Small) (2).jpg (56398 bytes) Ebony has a quick swim

Anna walk 103 (Small).jpg (67686 bytes) Anna stays close to dad David

Anna walk 105 (Small).jpg (64415 bytes) Brian and Marion have brought Artney, Ailidh and Tara

Anna walk 110 (Small).jpg (70880 bytes) Gabby comes back for mum

Anna walk 124 (Small).jpg (71938 bytes) Artney and Anna play well together

Anna walk 125 (Small).jpg (59269 bytes) Anna thinks he is lovely....she doesn't know him he is a pest!!

Anna walk 126 (Small).jpg (55476 bytes) wait for me mum

Anna walk 128 (Small).jpg (79321 bytes) well behaved dogs....they are a pleasure to be with

Anna walk 132 (Small).jpg (84958 bytes) and well behaved friends too Brian!!

Anna walk 135 (Small).jpg (86487 bytes) Anna is having a great time

Anna walk 141 (Small).jpg (42123 bytes) wait for me

Anna walk 142 (Small).jpg (65527 bytes) almost at the top of the hill

Anna walk 145 (Small).jpg (63835 bytes) treat time

Anna walk 162 (Small).jpg (62784 bytes) my beautiful Ebony in the heather

Anna walk 163 (Small).jpg (73446 bytes) heading back downhill

Anna walk 164 (Small).jpg (75605 bytes) except Ebony!!

Anna walk 168 (Small).jpg (69317 bytes) hurry up you lot

Anna walk 169 (Small).jpg (74852 bytes) sorry we are coming

Anna walk 171 (Small).jpg (75667 bytes) Jack is growing big and strong he is a lovely boy

Anna walk 172 (Small).jpg (72738 bytes) though he has now eaten the dog settee!!

Anna walk 174 (Small).jpg (64075 bytes) Ebony waits for me as usual

Anna walk 175 (Small).jpg (71243 bytes) hurry up mum I want my game to start

Anna walk 176 (Small).jpg (81920 bytes) watch your step here it is wet

Anna walk 177 (Small).jpg (54091 bytes) so it is my paws are soaked

Anna walk 178 (Small).jpg (89612 bytes) throw me a stone then

Anna walk 181 (Small).jpg (51386 bytes) look out Gabby that is a deep pool of mud

Anna walk 185 (Small).jpg (70653 bytes) don't get to close to me Gabby you are filthy

Anna walk 190 (Small).jpg (64326 bytes) and Jack is almost as bad

Anna walk 192 (Small).jpg (60953 bytes) go and get washed dogs

Anna walk 193 (Small).jpg (57390 bytes) Jack you face is still dirty

Anna walk 195 (Small).jpg (59042 bytes) is that better? Yes lets go....

09th August

DSCF2020 (Small).JPG (63199 bytes) Mum has taken us on holiday while dad is working hard at home

DSCF2021 (Small).JPG (93532 bytes) we are having a great time at the caravan site

DSCF2023 (Small).JPG (77642 bytes) we have lots of exploring to do

DSCF2024 (Small).JPG (80488 bytes) wait for me Ebony

DSCF2025 (Small).JPG (73239 bytes) we are locked in here

DSCF2026 (Small).JPG (75378 bytes) so we are nice and safe

DSCF2029 (Small).JPG (45553 bytes) we made friends with the horses here

DSCF2030 (Small).JPG (53971 bytes) we didn't bother them and they didn't bother us

DSCF2008 (Small).JPG (69137 bytes) there are only a few caravans here it is very quiet 

DSCF2009 (Small).JPG (73726 bytes) just what we need

DSCF2010 (Small).JPG (63961 bytes) it is a lovely place

DSCF2013 (Small).JPG (77186 bytes) and very dog friendly

DSCF2015 (Small).JPG (61034 bytes) for friendly dogs of course

DSCF2031 (Small).JPG (61642 bytes) back to our beds for now

DSCF2032 (Small).JPG (57935 bytes) we don't sleep in the van

DSCF2033 (Small).JPG (51748 bytes) Mum and Dad let us sleep in our own bed in the caravan

DSCF2034 (Small).JPG (52427 bytes) and we have a sun bed in the run

DSCF2035 (Small).JPG (39575 bytes) The sun is out

DSCF2036 (Small).JPG (56811 bytes) can you move the brolly mum

DSCF2037 (Small).JPG (66958 bytes) and that tree

DSCF2038 (Small).JPG (72315 bytes) don't be so silly Ebony

DSCF2039 (Small).JPG (55036 bytes) we don't need to sunbathe

DSCF2043 (Small).JPG (52654 bytes) I like the sunshine

DSCF2042 (Small).JPG (68571 bytes) I don't it is too hot

DSCF2048 (Small).JPG (70300 bytes) well have a sleep then

DSCF2050 (Small).JPG (72373 bytes) good idea Ebby

DSCF2052 (Small).JPG (82479 bytes) this is the life

DSCF2001 (Small).JPG (73693 bytes) spoiled girls

DSCF2058 (Small).JPG (55292 bytes) here come the chickens

DSCF2059 (Small).JPG (50348 bytes) mum will feed them, she always does

DSCF2060 (Small).JPG (48160 bytes) we wont chase them they belong to the farmer

DSCF2083 (Small).JPG (51419 bytes) Thanks for bringing us mum

DSCF2086 (Small).JPG (58362 bytes) this is a lovely peaceful holiday 

DSCF2006 (Small).JPG (45897 bytes) thanks dad

DSCF2080 (Small).JPG (34245 bytes) we are good girls

DSCF2078 (Small).JPG (56735 bytes) mum says we are her little angels

28th July

Thanks to Vanessa for the pictures


90,331.jpg (64919 bytes) Do I look ok mum?


bill3.jpg (71168 bytes) right dad stand up

bill4.jpg (71380 bytes)  here comes the judge

bill9.jpg (72740 bytes)  are we ready

bill33.jpg (71680 bytes) that's better

bill1.jpg (65001 bytes) hello 

bill.jpg (59213 bytes)  he was a nice man

bill2.jpg (67815 bytes) I was a good girl too

 bill65.jpg (75230 bytes) well done Gabby

bill99.jpg (72916 bytes) Was I a clever girl then

 bill88.jpg (67242 bytes) here he comes again dad

bill t.jpg (68009 bytes) stand me up nice then

of=50,590,332.jpg (48672 bytes) ok we have to run now

of=50,590,333.jpg (53301 bytes) here I come dad

gabby.jpg (59172 bytes)I was first 

gabby1.jpg (67295 bytes) good girl Gabby

gab.jpg (54369 bytes) and it was fun

gabbas.jpg (59685 bytes) who's a clever girl then

of=50,590,334.jpg (63715 bytes) back in for best puppy

of=50,590,331.jpg (58327 bytes) Here's the nice man again

winner.jpg (72504 bytes) and I won that as well

fran1.jpg (62164 bytes) Mum says I am always her best puppy

 fran2.jpg (62174 bytes) thanks Mum

fran4.jpg (59946 bytes) I love my mum

 yebby.jpg (61138 bytes) mum and Ebony's turn

yyebby.jpg (49841 bytes) stand Ebony Moon

4ebby.jpg (59349 bytes) good girl Ebby

5ebby.jpg (70889 bytes) here is the judge 

7ebby.jpg (37659 bytes) what a pretty girl you are

11ebby.jpg (65350 bytes) stand Ebony

99ebby.jpg (68983 bytes) she is as sweet as her mum was

ebby8.jpg (72574 bytes) waiting for her turn

2ebby.jpg (72111 bytes) she stood quietly and never moved

ebby.jpg (58198 bytes) Ebby was 4th in her class

ebby1.jpg (74627 bytes) and has a well deserved rest

hazel.jpg (61182 bytes) Hazel asked us to take in her puppies

alan3.jpg (61167 bytes) Alan has one of our latest puppies... Merlin

merlin1.jpg (43300 bytes) My name is Merlin and I am in my new home with Alan and Vanessa

merlin.jpg (45122 bytes) This is me with my new toy I am a very happy boy.

14th July

DSCF2268 (480x640).jpg (114595 bytes) Today we are out on a run with Dad, David and Mum

DSCF2267 (640x480).jpg (170888 bytes) this way David

DSCF2269 (640x480).jpg (168678 bytes) hurry up you two

DSCF2270 (640x480).jpg (117996 bytes) we want to go in the pond

DSCF2271 (640x480).jpg (121695 bytes) it's a lovely day for a swim

DSCF2275 (640x480).jpg (172341 bytes) time for a dip

DSCF2276 (640x480).jpg (168348 bytes) move over let me in

DSCF2278 (640x404).jpg (145069 bytes) this is lovely and cool

DSCF2281 (640x480).jpg (133965 bytes) Gabby gets wet

DSCF2282 (640x480).jpg (142255 bytes) but not as much as Megan her mum

DSCF2279 (640x480).jpg (172984 bytes) Lets go for a walk now

DSCF2285 (640x480).jpg (165841 bytes) now we have to wait for Ebony chasing stones

DSCF2283 (640x480).jpg (170883 bytes) throw one then

DSCF2284 (640x480).jpg (121277 bytes) I'll get it

DSCF2287 (640x480).jpg (144289 bytes) wait for the older one's David

DSCF2296 (640x480).jpg (138065 bytes) here they come

DSCF2304 (640x480).jpg (184067 bytes) Megan has found all the mud and is now wearing it!

DSCF2305 (640x480).jpg (134474 bytes) what a fright you gave me Ebony!

DSCF2310 (640x480).jpg (144245 bytes) thanks for waiting for me Toby

DSCF2311 (640x480).jpg (178347 bytes) nine wolfies all very well behaved

DSCF2314 (640x480).jpg (165178 bytes) except Trudy and Gabby they are always naughty mum

DSCF2315 (640x480).jpg (156949 bytes) your are never naughty Ebony you are a princess

DSCF2322 (640x480).jpg (123468 bytes) it is lovely and cool under the trees

DSCF2324 (640x480).jpg (151606 bytes) even Morgan is in the shade

DSCF2326 (640x480).jpg (166385 bytes) though its a little cooler at this time of day

DSCF2328 (640x480).jpg (132357 bytes) the dogs are never far from a ditch full of water

DSCF2330 (640x480).jpg (168737 bytes) and Megan knows exactly where they all are

DSCF2331 (640x480).jpg (172756 bytes) her coat is never dry for long when she is out

DSCF2333 (640x480).jpg (184987 bytes) she will not go away without her mum though

DSCF2334 (640x480).jpg (181573 bytes) and the pack follow her

DSCF2341 (640x480).jpg (110209 bytes)  except Jack who IS a daddy's boy

DSCF2342 (640x480).jpg (140749 bytes) treat time

DSCF2343 (640x480).jpg (176697 bytes) hang on dogs I can't get the packet open!

DSCF2344 (640x480).jpg (170634 bytes)  got it

DSCF2345 (640x480).jpg (168935 bytes)  here dad you give them some

DSCF2346 (640x480).jpg (162406 bytes) wait for us

DSCF2348 (640x480).jpg (141147 bytes) this way

DSCF2349 (640x480).jpg (139346 bytes) back to the van

DSCF2353 (640x480).jpg (140689 bytes) who is missing?

DSCF2358 (640x480).jpg (176813 bytes) who else! Trust Toby

DSCF2361 (640x480).jpg (145220 bytes) a slow walk down the hill

DSCF2364 (640x480).jpg (156948 bytes) Gabby is hiding from Trudy

DSCF2365 (640x480).jpg (139281 bytes) she is stalking her

DSCF2307 (640x480).jpg (168467 bytes) where has my sister gone?

DSCF2367 (640x480).jpg (170886 bytes) Trudy never did find her!

DSCF2369 (640x480).jpg (140066 bytes) look another one of those signs

DSCF2370 (640x480).jpg (148245 bytes) pretend we didn't see it

DSCF2380 (640x480).jpg (167720 bytes) we are safe here

DSCF2401 (640x480).jpg (176496 bytes) Ebony is tired out now

DSCF2404 (640x480).jpg (144563 bytes) leads on, then lets go

29th June

Blackpool show 

DSCF1648 (640x480).jpg (112017 bytes)  I am first in the ring 

DSCF1652 (640x480).jpg (99101 bytes) third place for me not bad for 7 months old

DSCF1653 (640x286).jpg (74905 bytes) Where's my prize?

DSCF1657 (640x454).jpg (121801 bytes) Toby got a third too 

DSCF1658 (640x477).jpg (141077 bytes) and Indi got a VHC.. 

DSCF1661 (640x465).jpg (112659 bytes) well done Indi

DSCF1659 (640x464).jpg (169421 bytes) stand Run, Turn, Stand...stand run turn stand...

DSCF1663 (640x482).jpg (144838 bytes) I think I have got it now

DSCF1664 (640x479).jpg (157547 bytes) turn stand run stand turn stand run oh what was it?

 DSCF1668 (640x480).jpg (138103 bytes) stand Gabby

DSCF1669 (640x480).jpg (101082 bytes) run now

DSCF1671 (640x460).jpg (109023 bytes) easy now you will pull mum over...Gabby got a third as well

DSCF1673 (640x480).jpg (102612 bytes) Niamh now

DSCF1674 (640x480).jpg (106774 bytes) good girl Pickle 

DSCF1675 (640x480).jpg (100222 bytes) at least the rain has stopped again

DSCF1704 (640x480).jpg (140769 bytes) well Niamh was third as well now back at the campsite

DSCF1691 (640x480).jpg (113901 bytes) Mum the cows are here, I love cows

DSCF1692 (640x461).jpg (96164 bytes) what do you want?

DSCF1702 (640x480).jpg (113360 bytes) cow kisses

DSCF1690 (640x480).jpg (149861 bytes) I will guard the cows

DSCF1711 (640x417).jpg (107248 bytes) don't bark at the cows Jack

DSCF1695 (640x477).jpg (110591 bytes) Gabby is not too sure what they are

DSCF1693 (640x462).jpg (119690 bytes) but she soon gets used to them

DSCF1705 (640x480).jpg (129955 bytes) me I am scared of nothing

DSCF1708 (640x467).jpg (135384 bytes) we were fascinated with them

DSCF1703 (640x480).jpg (115672 bytes) this is my sister Carol (she was in the next caravan)

DSCF1710 (640x429).jpg (124738 bytes) bye cows see you next year

14th June

DSCF1344 (640x480).jpg (158522 bytes) We have lots of friends here for a walk

DSCF1346 (640x480).jpg (138048 bytes) the weather was lovely

DSCF1356 (640x480).jpg (141804 bytes) Uncle Neil is here we were all very happy to see him

DSCF1372 (640x480).jpg (155268 bytes) Aunty Helen and Paddy are here to with Arty

DSCF1373 (640x480).jpg (156130 bytes) Alan, little Ethan and Ivan 

DSCF1390 (640x480).jpg (146067 bytes) Ailidh is here too with Brian and Marion

DSCF1387 (640x480).jpg (128879 bytes) as usual we all headed straight for the pond

DSCF1383 (640x480).jpg (117339 bytes) the water was cool and delicious

DSCF1379 (640x480).jpg (146954 bytes) we all went in

DSCF1381 (640x480).jpg (150536 bytes) Uncle Neil took pictures of us too

DSCF1371 (640x480).jpg (150272 bytes) Paddy was so well behaved as usual

DSCF1364 (640x480).jpg (150794 bytes) we had a great time

DSCF1356 (640x480).jpg (141804 bytes) Cameron was back with his mum and dad

DSCF1353 (640x480).jpg (123063 bytes) we all had such a lovely day

DSCF1352 (640x480).jpg (175581 bytes) running and chasing each other

DSCF1420 (640x480).jpg (119247 bytes) I am a big boy now

DSCF1422 (640x480).jpg (123708 bytes) I learned to swim

DSCF1405 (640x480).jpg (134470 bytes) Gabby went into the mud

DSCF1368 (640x480).jpg (122223 bytes) Megan looks so happy

DSCF1419 (640x475).jpg (189697 bytes) Ebony wanted her stone thrown for her

DSCF1355 (640x472).jpg (144448 bytes) then she had a swim to cool down

DSCF1362 (640x480).jpg (105497 bytes) so did I

DSCF1431 (640x480).jpg (125999 bytes) lets go for a little walk

DSCF1357 (640x480).jpg (138360 bytes) ok follow us

DSCF1413 (640x480).jpg (99836 bytes) where is the beach?

DSCF1408 (640x480).jpg (131719 bytes) come on mum

DSCF1406 (640x480).jpg (142746 bytes) follow Uncle Neil

DSCF1441 (640x480).jpg (135537 bytes) that was a great walk

DSCF1435 (640x473).jpg (156903 bytes) have a treat Paddy

DSCF1440 (640x415) (2).jpg (105093 bytes) leads on everybody

DSCF1439 (640x480) (3).jpg (110948 bytes) we have plenty of helpers today

DSCF1446 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (143691 bytes) thank you  for your wonderful company we had a lovely day with you all

10th June

DSCF0790 (640x473).jpg (96770 bytes) puppy is fast asleep on his teddy bear

DSCF0789 (640x480).jpg (93203 bytes) happy and content

DSCF0645 (640x480).jpg (111480 bytes) watch Brian they have teeth

DSCF0648 (640x480).jpg (98004 bytes) snuggle in puppy

DSCF0666 (640x477).jpg (165076 bytes) Megan is waiting for her walk

DSCF0668 (640x480).jpg (140496 bytes) wait for me

DSCF0673 (640x480).jpg (130327 bytes) I am out with the boys and Megan

DSCF0672 (640x479).jpg (162496 bytes) Toby is my bestest friend

DSCF0683 (640x474).jpg (152543 bytes) I am a happy Jack

17th May David takes us out

  David has brought us out for our run today

  Mum is looking after Morgan and the puppies

  The weather is lovely

  Hardly a cloud in the sky

  but Megan still found mud!

and Toby joined her

  but not me I like to keep clean

  Toby and me ( no I am not smaller its just the picture)

  Megan and me

time for a dip in the pond before we go back home

  There all clean again

  Now its my turn to get out and play

  the girls are with me

chase me Gabby

where is my mum?

  at home, now come on Ebony

  I miss mum too

  she always walks with us

  forgotten me already dogs?

  run Jack

  race you to the pond

  wait for me

Gabby is having fun

  Ebony is swimming again

  here comes Jack the ripper!

  we call him that because he rips up all our teddy bears

  Trudy and Gabby love playing in the pond

  the girls are having a great time

  where have they gone now?

  This way Jack we are back in the pond playing

  come and get splashed Jack

race you to the pond

come on Jack jump in

  ok but  don't splash me

I am all wet now

so is Niamh

  run about in the sun Jack you will dry soon

1st May

 Here  I am at dog school

These are my friends he is a labradoodle

and Damien a GSD

This is great fun dad

Pauline and David look after Niamh

Janet and my sister KC

and Gabby who spent the whole night sleeping under the table

I know I am a good boy Pauline

Don't believe him....he is a pest!

but I did well in the class.

So what have I learned?

Cats are great to chase