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by Kerry McGuire

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Judges decision is final...so far we have raised over 100 thanks everyone 

Winners are...

 Runner up was this one 'Paddy' from Helen and Neil Preshous

DSCF6042 (Small)55 (Small).jpg (48273 bytes)

and the winning picture picked by Kerry was

Image_6 (Small).jpg (59356 bytes) Chris and Susan Lee's Ralph.....well done all of you and thanks for all the wonderful pictures

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We met Kerry through facebook and were so amazed at her wonderful paintings, it's as if she captures the spirit of our dogs and puts them on canvas to live forever.

We were on facebook one day and saw a dog she had started to paint...he was so familiar....and as the painting took shape we realised it was Harry Potter.

Kerry told us she felt as if Harry was with her and she just had to paint him...well we are so pleased she did.

DSCN0002-1 (Small).JPG (67367 bytes) We bought Harry's portrait from her and he has pride of place in our house...we have our boy home.

DSCN0001-3 (Small).JPG (36185 bytes) Mauve was painted for Rose who just adores both dog and painting

DSCN0005 (Small).JPG (52156 bytes) Toby

DSCN0007-2 (Small).JPG (51997 bytes) Gabby

These are more of her painting....we have invited Kerry to Scotland and hopefully she will be able to come to a few shows with her work.

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DSCN0004-4 (Small).JPG (45405 bytes)  DSCN0006 (Small).JPG (37884 bytes) 

Kerry will happily paint your wolfhound for you. and you will be amazed at how little she charges..

for details...just email here 

    You can also find Kerry on facebook...under  ART of the Wolfhound

Click to e-mail