Bribiba's Ebony Moon x Santir Spirit of the Glen over Bribiba

born 6th March 2011

CLOUD Clouds 2 017.JPG (315994 bytes)  puppies 018.JPG (176489 bytes) Freida 163.JPG (208685 bytes)

Cloud is a beautiful gentle young lady, she was about 8 weeks old when we heard her screaming.

We think Ebony had stood on her as she had broken down a gate to go and visit the puppies.

We took her off to the vet where after an Xray it was found she had a greenstick fracture, very tiny but they decided to splint the leg.

007.JPG (195005 bytes)

She was a happy little girl and managed to get into the heart of everyone who met her.puppies on the lawn 024.JPG (169219 bytes)

2 weeks later after a 2nd X-ray, the vet discovered they had bandaged the wrong leg, they then put a splint on the other leg but didn't tell me till the head vet called me to break the news. cloud 002.JPG (193366 bytes)

I immediately removed the cast, she had managed without it this long; she was in a lot of pain....and discovered her leg was 003.JPG (224118 bytes)

3 weeks later we took her to an orthopedic vet who diagnosed her with Genu Recurvatum Cloud 014.JPG (218614 bytes)

her greenstick had healed up perfectly but her other leg was so badly damaged that it had to be removed. We do not blame anyone, we are all human and mistakes are made. Cloud is a very much loved and spoiled young lady and will continue to get the best care from our vets.

May 2012

walk 6-05 114.JPG (155847 bytes) walk 6-05 115.JPG (159573 bytes) walk 6-05 136.JPG (207624 bytes) walk 6-05 020.JPG (189126 bytes) walk 6-05 023.JPG (262150 bytes) walk 6-05 024.JPG (206165 bytes) walk 6-05 036.JPG (195710 bytes) walk 6-05 090.JPG (218101 bytes) 

Cloud is over a year old now and as happy and playful as any other of our pack. She has a wonderful life and we adore her

pups and stuff 006.JPG (165597 bytes)  Cloud 022.JPG (155427 bytes)


Cloud 027.JPG (200363 bytes) Cloud age 12 weeks


cloud on stair 005.JPG (163006 bytes)  

   Cloud amazed us all walking easily for the first time in weeks


cloud on stair 023.JPG (261093 bytes) Cloud with her sister Pixie

Out on a visit to Uncle Brian's

Brian and Cloud 069.JPG (172407 bytes) Brian and Cloud 052.JPG (187847 bytes) Brian and Cloud 062.JPG (211231 bytes) Brian and Cloud 061.JPG (187356 bytes) Brian and Cloud 059.JPG (203932 bytes)  Brian and Cloud 056.JPG (198662 bytes) Brian and Cloud 054.JPG (187387 bytes) Brian and Cloud 025.JPG (180728 bytes) Brian and Cloud 026.JPG (163045 bytes) Brian and Cloud 034.JPG (178821 bytes)Brian and Cloud 036.JPG (178804 bytes) Brian and Cloud 037.JPG (197619 bytes) Brian and Cloud 024.JPG (210654 bytes) Brian and Cloud 021.JPG (244342 bytes) Brian and Cloud 003.JPG (207021 bytes) Brian and Cloud 004.JPG (266906 bytes) Brian and Cloud 005.JPG (219755 bytes) Brian and Cloud 006.JPG (232987 bytes) Brian and Cloud 012.JPG (184400 bytes) Brian and Cloud 013.JPG (207577 bytes)Brian and Cloud 015.JPG (159994 bytes) Brian and Cloud 016.JPG (228800 bytes)

Off to the toy shop for me

Brian and Cloud 070.JPG (158199 bytes) Brian and Cloud 072.JPG (206247 bytes) Brian and Cloud 073.JPG (211889 bytes) Brian and Cloud 074.JPG (210850 bytes) Brian and Cloud 075.JPG (249950 bytes) Brian and Cloud 078.JPG (200848 bytes) Brian and Cloud 077.JPG (227699 bytes)

We bought her a 'buggy to help her get around so she could still be with us but not get tired out

she loves her buggy and will use it when she is tired or we think she needs to rest, she is still growing and we still have to be careful


maya 045.JPG (170176 bytes) maya 019.JPG (185786 bytes) maya 050.JPG (185600 bytes) maya 056.JPG (186627 bytes) Wales 172.JPG (185266 bytes) Wales 023.JPG (168897 bytes)

 cloud show dog 001.JPG (164152 bytes) Wales 030.JPG (194547 bytes)  Wales 144.JPG (208489 bytes) Wales 149.JPG (182017 bytes) Wales 179.JPG (186338 bytes) 

Cloud is almost 6 months old now and is as happy as all our other wolfhounds


visit1 022.JPG (232423 bytes) visit1 023.JPG (231307 bytes) visit1 024.JPG (234646 bytes) 

visit 001.JPG (203333 bytes) Hey Cloud

visit 002.JPG (198479 bytes) What?

visit 003.JPG (204612 bytes) More cuddles Uncle Brain

visit 004.JPG (211198 bytes) this is the life

visit 005.JPG (196767 bytes) my turn daddy!

visit 007.JPG (198874 bytes) visit 009.JPG (224021 bytes) 

visit 010.JPG (220114 bytes) kisses

visit 011.JPG (217767 bytes) visit 012.JPG (201812 bytes) visit 013.JPG (194902 bytes) visit 015.JPG (211259 bytes) visit 018.JPG (213595 bytes) visit 020.JPG (178033 bytes) 

visit 021.JPG (199311 bytes) visit 022.JPG (191881 bytes) visit 023.JPG (212256 bytes) visit 024.JPG (214236 bytes)

visit 025.JPG (221295 bytes)Pickle says hello

visit 028.JPG (218393 bytes) chasing Belle

visit 029.JPG (209298 bytes) she hid behind the pond

visit 035.JPG (180287 bytes) here she is

visit 037.JPG (193671 bytes) quick catch her

visit 038.JPG (187750 bytes) no chance I am to fast

visit 039.JPG (184810 bytes) where did she go

visit 042.JPG (196341 bytes) she's not down here

visit 046.JPG (178955 bytes) she went in the house girls

visit 047.JPG (181065 bytes) get me out of here

visit 049.JPG (180861 bytes) no you are safe while we chase around

visit 051.JPG (184863 bytes) Gabby

visit 053.JPG (194061 bytes)Pickle

visit 054.JPG (208988 bytes) visit 056.JPG (203780 bytes) visit 057.JPG (212605 bytes) visit 058.JPG (201791 bytes) visit 059.JPG (211812 bytes) visit 060.JPG (220823 bytes) 

visit 061.JPG (210208 bytes) visit 062.JPG (198443 bytes) visit 063.JPG (197213 bytes) visit 065.JPG (196720 bytes) visit 066.JPG (208845 bytes) visit 067.JPG (203734 bytes)

visit 068.JPG (190127 bytes) visit 069.JPG (205230 bytes) visit 073.JPG (146318 bytes) visit 078.JPG (215237 bytes) visit 079.JPG (221684 bytes) visit 080.JPG (205841 bytes)

visit 082.JPG (215489 bytes) visit 083.JPG (197324 bytes) visit 083-1.JPG (111885 bytes) visit1 001.JPG (251502 bytes)  visit1 002.JPG (273423 bytes) visit1 003.JPG (263572 bytes)

visit1 004.JPG (286681 bytes) visit1 006.JPG (222850 bytes) visit1 009.JPG (245331 bytes) visit1 010.JPG (182834 bytes) visit1 011.JPG (257108 bytes) visit1 012.JPG (197736 bytes)




Cloud 2012 Frieda wa;lk 266.JPG (190614 bytes)


Frieda wa;lk 002.JPG (177557 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 025.JPG (242344 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 026.JPG (238468 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 030.JPG (192664 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 036.JPG (227622 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 042.JPG (208879 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 054.JPG (196501 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 075.JPG (182401 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 083.JPG (199771 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 096.JPG (164468 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 097.JPG (161864 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 098.JPG (196803 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 099.JPG (195186 bytes)

Frieda wa;lk 233.JPG (179291 bytes) A cuddle with mummy

Frieda wa;lk 235.JPG (176556 bytes) Such a wonderful and happy girl

Frieda wa;lk 268.JPG (164472 bytes) her very favorite Uncle Brian:)

Frieda wa;lk 272.JPG (162772 bytes) So happy

Frieda wa;lk 274.JPG (160689 bytes) so loved


Ebony's litter 2011

DSCF0837.JPG (160152 bytes)   DSCF0838 (2).JPG (190778 bytes)     

DSCF0848.JPG (167919 bytes)  Dusty our nursemaid kept an eye on her best friend


     DSCF0839.JPG (130187 bytes) she soon got so tired out helping 

 DSCF0841.JPG (168194 bytes)Ebony is doing ever so well

 DSCF0844 (2).JPG (159060 bytes) Helen and Neil arrived. well we needed cups of tea  DSCF0849 (2).JPG (169497 bytes) some goats milk for mum


 DSCF0850 (2).JPG (104992 bytes)       DSCF0851 (2).JPG (179379 bytes)   DSCF0852 (2).JPG (163272 bytes)


Border union 2010 007.JPG (108414 bytes)Here are picture of the puppies from Morgan and Shaun May 10

 Pickle DSCF8707.JPG (117893 bytes)and Jack Border union 2010 035.jpg (138235 bytes)May 27th  


21st Dec

DSCF6653.JPG (91991 bytes) dads taking us out in the Jeep because the van is snowed in

DSCF6656.JPG (111165 bytes) To the hills!!

DSCF6657.JPG (104834 bytes) and back! DSCF6658.JPG (131767 bytes) DSCF6662.JPG (113727 bytes) DSCF6663.JPG (143065 bytes) DSCF6667.JPG (148492 bytes) 

DSCF6663.JPG (143065 bytes) DSCF6673.JPG (149459 bytes) DSCF6674.JPG (119500 bytes) DSCF6675.JPG (120349 bytes) DSCF6676.JPG (118369 bytes) DSCF6677.JPG (102834 bytes)

DSCF6676.JPG (118369 bytes).DSCF6677.JPG (102834 bytes) DSCF6678.JPG (159977 bytes) DSCF6680.JPG (127295 bytes) DSCF6682.JPG (109063 bytes) DSCF6683.JPG (88299 bytes)

DSCF6684.JPG (81494 bytes) DSCF6686.JPG (94550 bytes) DSCF6687.JPG (118296 bytes) DSCF6690.JPG (115719 bytes) DSCF6691.JPG (120781 bytes) DSCF6692.JPG (121838 bytes)

DSCF6694.JPG (127669 bytes) DSCF6700.JPG (110975 bytes) DSCF6702.JPG (104609 bytes) DSCF6706.JPG (162172 bytes) DSCF6708.JPG (95609 bytes) DSCF6711.JPG (115149 bytes)

DSCF6715.JPG (163482 bytes) DSCF6716.JPG (108756 bytes) DSCF6717.JPG (152348 bytes) DSCF6722.JPG (129426 bytes) DSCF6723.JPG (119755 bytes) DSCF6726.JPG (156639 bytes)

DSCF6727.JPG (170411 bytes) DSCF6729.JPG (180675 bytes) DSCF6730.JPG (212763 bytes) DSCF6736.JPG (136546 bytes) DSCF6737.JPG (165547 bytes) DSCF6741.JPG (149544 bytes) 

DSCF6742.JPG (60765 bytes) DSCF6744.JPG (180044 bytes) DSCF6745.JPG (219212 bytes) DSCF6752.JPG (130908 bytes) DSCF6753.JPG (163845 bytes) DSCF6756.JPG (75441 bytes)DSCF6758.JPG (136157 bytes) DSCF6759.JPG (180374 bytes) DSCF6760.JPG (161960 bytes) DSCF6763.JPG (211428 bytes) DSCF6764.JPG (204494 bytes) DSCF6765.JPG (185138 bytes)

DSCF6766.JPG (192647 bytes) DSCF6767.JPG (183128 bytes) DSCF6768.JPG (171957 bytes) DSCF6770.JPG (157079 bytes) DSCF6771.JPG (150083 bytes) DSCF6785.JPG (119005 bytes)

DSCF6786.JPG (185301 bytes) DSCF6787.JPG (114285 bytes) DSCF6791.JPG (92658 bytes)   DSCF6838.JPG (123094 bytes)   Charlie

DSCF6790.JPG (149934 bytes) DSCF6816.JPG (142568 bytes)    DSCF6824.JPG (176326 bytes)  DSCF6840.JPG (127760 bytes) Chance

DSCF6792.JPG (135933 bytes) Rainy and Woody

DSCF6793.JPG (98720 bytes) DSCF6801.JPG (186223 bytes) DSCF6803.JPG (113236 bytes) DSCF6805.JPG (101479 bytes) DSCF6808.JPG (166204 bytes) DSCF6809.JPG (168519 bytes)

DSCF6810.JPG (156981 bytes) DSCF6811.JPG (156725 bytes) DSCF6812.JPG (144890 bytes) DSCF6815.JPG (196803 bytes) DSCF6817.JPG (148296 bytes) DSCF6843.JPG (108321 bytes)

DSCF6814.JPG (146726 bytes)  DSCF6889.JPG (113753 bytes) DSCF6891.JPG (94708 bytes) Woody

DSCF6826.JPG (139505 bytes) DSCF6827.JPG (142700 bytes) DSCF6833.JPG (94148 bytes) DSCF6835.JPG (101066 bytes)Rainy

DSCF6828.JPG (111796 bytes) DSCF6836.JPG (129863 bytes)  DSCF6895.JPG (72066 bytes) DSCF6918.JPG (83450 bytes) DSCF6932.JPG (105468 bytes)

27th October

oh no 001.JPG (140044 bytes) Mum we have been so busy

oh no 002.JPG (107559 bytes) It was them mum, I was in my bed

oh no 007.JPG (191968 bytes) our paws are clean

oh no 004.JPG (152022 bytes) nah nah nah nah nah

oh no 005.JPG (108868 bytes) I am really sorry mum I thought I was helping

oh no 006.JPG (157211 bytes) hahaha no I am not

oct 2010 001.JPG (114570 bytes) Buddy comes to visit

oct 2010 011.JPG (140179 bytes) He is like a mini Morgan....and just as sweet.

oct 2010 017.JPG (132553 bytes) The puppies think he is wonderful

oct 2010 023.JPG (155241 bytes) Rainy and Woody love their bed

oct 2010 024.JPG (133393 bytes) It's cosy and comfy and they can't chew it!

pups in town 052.jpg (115726 bytes) Hello puppies I am Belle the deerhound

pups in town 054.jpg (139500 bytes) hmm not sure if we like you

pups in town 057.jpg (104471 bytes) daddy is it safe

pups in town 064.jpg (116421 bytes) we love Uncle Brian

pups in town 072.jpg (130176 bytes)  Belle is not to sure of the puppies

pups in town 077.jpg (109359 bytes) I am staying with daddy he will keep me safe

pups in town 078.jpg (127550 bytes) Here she comes daddy

pups in town 080 (2).jpg (111550 bytes) Woody is a happy boy

pups in town 085.jpg (105690 bytes) help daddy that deer thingy is back

pups in town 087 (2).jpg (128851 bytes) woof!

pups in town 091 (2).jpg (117825 bytes) that sorted her out

pups in town 092.jpg (110530 bytes) I love my daddy

pups in town 098 (2).jpg (114854 bytes) ooooh

pups in town 101.jpg (164257 bytes) I am not scared

pups in town 106.jpg (138295 bytes) they are starting to get curious

pups in town 113.jpg (138231 bytes) I am a plant pot go away

pups in town 114.jpg (131480 bytes) dad is she a plant pot?

pups in town 117.jpg (150011 bytes) I knew she was kidding

pups in town 120.jpg (150519 bytes) Woody

pups in town 122.jpg (140633 bytes) stand Woody

pups in town 126.jpg (165186 bytes) Rainy and Brian

pups in town 145.jpg (154296 bytes) Belle

pups in town 152 (2).jpg (134156 bytes) precious puppy

pups in town 162 (2).jpg (177058 bytes) Belle has a run around

pups in town 168.jpg (149002 bytes) Woody is happy to watch

pups in town 180 (2).jpg (134775 bytes) Rainy loves her mummy

pups in town 182.jpg (119774 bytes) she is such a sweet girl

pups in town 187.jpg (121452 bytes) she loves everybody

pups in town 204.jpg (133972 bytes) so does Woody

pups in town 205.jpg (132037 bytes) They are very well behaved

pups in town 208.jpg (102870 bytes) dad she is back

pups in town 210 (2).jpg (146709 bytes) silly boy she lives here

pups in town 214 (2).jpg (134224 bytes) ok I am not scared of her anymore

pups in town 223 (2).jpg (143807 bytes) Rainy

pups in town 248.jpg (140738 bytes) Hello Belle

pups in town 251 (2).jpg (134284 bytes) I like her daddy

pups in town 250.jpg (180421 bytes) not sure of them wolfie dogs

pups in town 258.jpg (211935 bytes) Boo

pups in town 263.jpg (122114 bytes) Rainy

pups in town 272 (2).jpg (180972 bytes) I love my Aunty Marion

pups in town 276 (2).jpg (160109 bytes) kisses

pups in town 279 (2).jpg (148467 bytes) snuggle puppy

pups in town 286.jpg (155080 bytes) Robert comes to say hello

pups in town 303 (2).jpg (180823 bytes) a very well behaved Woody

pups in town 305.jpg (163206 bytes) hey what's this

pups in town 321 (2).jpg (138772 bytes) this is for me

pups in town 316.jpg (151810 bytes) no Woody this is!

pups in town 323.jpg (158603 bytes) can we have some more please?

pups in town 326 (2).jpg (179428 bytes) we like visiting it's fun

pups in town 331.jpg (144592 bytes) time for a nap

pups in town 337 (2).jpg (128680 bytes) well done puppies you were so good

pups in town 344 (2).jpg (85042 bytes) you can come and visit anytime

7th October

DSCF3788.JPG (148089 bytes) Ebony with Georgia

DSCF3792.JPG (167662 bytes) Georgia has Braningan one of Pickle's sons

DSCF3794.JPG (137641 bytes) Meesha thinks she is the best

DSCF3807.JPG (130274 bytes) George, Georgia and Denholm and a new puppy I brought them back from Ireland

DSCF3811.JPG (144459 bytes) Make some more room here.. I am a wolfhound!

DSCF3797.JPG (127455 bytes) Charlie

DSCF3804.JPG (130695 bytes) She is a sweet girl

DSCF3702-1.JPG (214829 bytes) We are out for a ten minute play so lets start by tying up dad

DSCF3739-1.JPG (171928 bytes) Mum make him stop I want to play

DSCF3732-1.JPG (113681 bytes) Not going near him again

DSCF3713.JPG (201613 bytes) We have our own pond

DSCF3750-1.JPG (114856 bytes) They are not to far from the van

DSCF3745-1.JPG (202448 bytes) Playtime

DSCF3751-1.JPG (261652 bytes) Woody loves this

DSCF3752-1.JPG (165105 bytes) Wait for us dad

DSCF3764-1.JPG (104129 bytes) Charlie is Bill's new show girl she is very pretty

DSCF3881.JPG (107539 bytes) Pickle meets Billie

DSCF3880.JPG (105022 bytes) and Ebony too




Morgan-Pickle pups 017-1.JPG (148871 bytes) Pickle is not feeling to good after her op

Morgan-Pickle pups 001.JPG (170513 bytes) so Morgan takes all her babies

Morgan-Pickle pups 002.JPG (163386 bytes) she cares so much for all puppies

Morgan-Pickle pups 003.JPG (167910 bytes) and she takes it in her stride to clean Pickles babies for her

Morgan-Pickle pups 004.JPG (160697 bytes) a great mum

Morgan-Pickle pups 005.JPG (152300 bytes) she is just a wonderful girl

Morgan-Pickle pups 006.JPG (156521 bytes) her own are all fed cleaned and lined up asleep

Morgan-Pickle pups 007.JPG (164131 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 008.JPG (181575 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 009.JPG (171132 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 010.JPG (159380 bytes)

 Pickles litter

 Morgan with 18 puppies

Morgan-Pickle pups 011.JPG (177742 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 014.JPG (162062 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 015.JPG (162317 bytes) 

Morgan-Pickle pups 012.JPG (153415 bytes) Morgan-Pickle pups 016.JPG (161366 bytes) Morgan's pups

Border union 2010 003.JPG (103295 bytes) the family look on

Border union 2010 009.JPG (92327 bytes) boo

Border union 2010 024.jpg (116673 bytes) Morgan only looked after the other babies for an hour or so

Border union 2010 027.jpg (168544 bytes) She likes her comfort and as the puppies grew she kept a close eye on them

blackpool2010 032.JPG (90801 bytes) blackpool2010 034.JPG (90262 bytes) blackpool2010 035.JPG (93862 bytes) blackpool2010 001.JPG (117318 bytes) blackpool2010 002.JPG (103707 bytes) blackpool2010 003.JPG (104951 bytes)

blackpool2010 004.JPG (106152 bytes) blackpool2010 005.JPG (107782 bytes) blackpool2010 006.JPG (112007 bytes) 

blackpool2010 007.JPG (83154 bytes) Glad I am not having puppies

blackpool2010 012.JPG (88136 bytes) blackpool2010 013.JPG (86592 bytes)blackpool2010 014.JPG (86986 bytes) blackpool2010 017.JPG (85117 bytes) blackpool2010 018.JPG (88247 bytes) blackpool2010 019.JPG (88842 bytes) 

blackpool2010 015.JPG (100079 bytes) Meesha want in on the act!

blackpool2010 023.JPG (91414 bytes) blackpool2010 024.JPG (83435 bytes) blackpool2010 025.JPG (86528 bytes) blackpool2010 026.JPG (89913 bytes) 

pups 2010 019.JPG (111243 bytes) pups 2010 001.JPG (118415 bytes)pups 2010 002.JPG (120696 bytes) pups 2010 003.JPG (112808 bytes) pups 2010 004.JPG (114547 bytes) pups 2010 005.JPG (104310 bytes) pups 2010 006.JPG (117801 bytes) pups 2010 007.JPG (118872 bytes) pups 2010 011.JPG (125377 bytes) pups 2010 012.JPG (109103 bytes) pups 2010 013.JPG (108792 bytes) pups 2010 014.JPG (101438 bytes) pups 2010 015.JPG (119535 bytes) pups 2010 016.JPG (134935 bytes) pups 2010 017.JPG (123528 bytes) pups 2010 018.JPG (113273 bytes) 

all standing puppies 057.JPG (113341 bytes) all standing puppies 058.JPG (114193 bytes) all standing puppies 059.JPG (113703 bytes) all standing puppies 060.JPG (108164 bytes) all standing puppies 061.JPG (100985 bytes) all standing puppies 006.JPG (105729 bytes) all standing puppies 007.JPG (124923 bytes) all standing puppies 008.JPG (116054 bytes) all standing puppies 009.JPG (127834 bytes) all standing puppies 010.JPG (129036 bytes) all standing puppies 011.JPG (116750 bytes) all standing puppies 012.JPG (121856 bytes) all standing puppies 013.JPG (115718 bytes)all standing puppies 014.JPG (123106 bytes) all standing puppies 015.JPG (117544 bytes) all standing puppies 016.JPG (111847 bytes) all standing puppies 017.JPG (112950 bytes) all standing puppies 018.JPG (120876 bytes) all standing puppies 019.JPG (118738 bytes) all standing puppies 020.JPG (113995 bytes) all standing puppies 021.JPG (120324 bytes) all standing puppies 022.JPG (116164 bytes) all standing puppies 023.JPG (116318 bytes) all standing puppies 024.JPG (125826 bytes) all standing puppies 025.JPG (129780 bytes) all standing puppies 026.JPG (126918 bytes) all standing puppies 027.JPG (123700 bytes)  all standing puppies 029.JPG (102063 bytes) all standing puppies 030.JPG (105470 bytes) all standing puppies 031.JPG (101180 bytes) all standing puppies 032.JPG (102071 bytes) all standing puppies 033.JPG (102411 bytes) all standing puppies 034.JPG (111074 bytes) all standing puppies 035.JPG (113331 bytes) all standing puppies 036.JPG (107008 bytes) all standing puppies 037.JPG (106251 bytes) all standing puppies 038.JPG (110023 bytes) all standing puppies 039.JPG (99946 bytes) all standing puppies 040.JPG (101168 bytes) all standing puppies 041.JPG (99769 bytes)  all standing puppies 042.JPG (102840 bytes) all standing puppies 043.JPG (101032 bytes) all standing puppies 044.JPG (102512 bytes) all standing puppies 045.JPG (101998 bytes) all standing puppies 046.JPG (101529 bytes) all standing puppies 047.JPG (119093 bytes) all standing puppies 048.JPG (105581 bytes) all standing puppies 049.JPG (107000 bytes) all standing puppies 050.JPG (104533 bytes) all standing puppies 051.JPG (113758 bytes) all standing puppies 052.JPG (117647 bytes) all standing puppies 053.JPG (118586 bytes) all standing puppies 055.JPG (117991 bytes) all standing puppies 056.JPG (116215 bytes) DSCF2047.JPG (96442 bytes)DSCF2048.JPG (125557 bytes) DSCF2068.JPG (127695 bytes) DSCF2069.JPG (106568 bytes) Puppies 8 weeks 2010 048.JPG (128099 bytes)



Here are picture of the puppies born 11th of September 2008

and June 2007 from Indi and Megan

 The proud Mum &Dad

indi.JPG (203173 bytes) Indi &MeganMegan Rose.JPG (40641 bytes)

This page is for all our new owners to share the puppies as they grow.......


11th March

Maeve, Emma and Molly on the 1st birthday walk

Raven having his shower for Cruft's ( Notice who is doing the work!!)



9th Feb

With all this snow around here are some great pics.

Raven in Wales

Raven and Alfie

he loves the snow

Maeve, Niamh sister

pretty girl

  Sacha's dogs (Indi pups)

they all love the snow

snowy beard

Paddy on the beach...taken before the snow!

Isaac in Minnesota

now they have got snow!

Morgan and baby Jack

hi Morgan


2nd Dec

Trudy in the garden last week

sleeping in the dog sitting room....but not like that Trudy

this is how she sleeps...upside down every time.

Who me?

I don't! Do I?

When did I start sleeping like that?

when I was this small?

Tell me when I do it again so I can see

I will watch you little one's

I can't sleep now.

Gabby is fast asleep on the sofa

so Trudy gets a cuddle from dad, watched over by our other puppy sitter Dennis

kisses for Trudy

nibbles on the nose for daddy

then she is off to sleep in her favourite pose


while the girls slept

somebody crept into their room

so much for the watchers!

we got them mum

we know how to sort them out!

our mum told us all about shredding teddy bears and rats!

Dennis is making sure they dont come back

We have got kennel cough

I had it first

  Rainbow has it the worst though, we hope she is better soon. thanks to everybody for their kind messages

 3rd Nov

The Rufty Tufty gang

Look out here I come

We are good little babies

One of the girls

Another little girl

Chasing shadows

Let me go dad

The little boy

Gentle little babies

what's going on down there now?

A pretty girl

can I help dad?

puppy kisses

can we come out now?

28th Oct


6 weeks old and loving life

Little white nose

Lynne tries to turn them back

Morgan loves puppies and comes out to say hello

She is very gentle with them

Lunch time

here they are at five weeks with mum Megan

she loves her puppies

and watches over them

she is a great mum

Come on puppy play time is over.

2nd Sept

100_9073 (Small).JPG (57151 bytes) McD is waiting for his new mum and dad to arrive

100_9076 (Small).JPG (59693 bytes) Do I have to wear this collar?

100_9097 (Small).JPG (59020 bytes) I promise to be a very good boy in my new home

100_9098 (Small).JPG (31305 bytes) Not!!

100_9045 (Small).JPG (52338 bytes) are they here yet?

100_9046 (Small).JPG (71084 bytes) They better hurry up I am getting big.

100_9054 (Small).JPG (54902 bytes) my teeth are really sharp and I need to bite on something...'not that McD'!

100_9047 (Small).JPG (54907 bytes) right teddy you are getting it!

100_8645 (Small).JPG (51004 bytes) that's not your new dad puppy that is Uncle Brian

100_8649 (Small).JPG (45566 bytes) Hi Brian when did you arrive?

100_8648 (Small).JPG (44912 bytes) Watch out Brian he bites and it hurts!

100_8651 (Small).JPG (42127 bytes) ha ha we warned you!!

Orla in her new home

DSC02107 (Small).JPG (65350 bytes) Orla ( Maggie's new name) with Jill

DSC02106 (Small).JPG (72260 bytes) She has settled in very well and loves everybody

DSC02114 (Small).JPG (61160 bytes) a contented happy puppy. thanks Jill

4th Aug

100_8437 (Small).JPG (70713 bytes) Maggie is off to her new home today 

100_8445 (Small).JPG (66047 bytes) Megan is to busy with her teddy bear to notice

100_8450 (Small).JPG (63322 bytes) Jill and Jeff with Maggie

100_8452 (Small).JPG (69664 bytes) Another young lady who is going to have a happy life

100_8454 (Small).JPG (46300 bytes) I love  this picture it says it all

100_8457 (Small).JPG (74230 bytes) Bye mum we will be in touch soon

100_8458 (Small).JPG (57726 bytes) Maggie slept all the way home and settled in well ....her name is now ORLA

100_8438 (Small).JPG (65547 bytes) McD is bored already!

100_8586 (Small).JPG (86770 bytes) but then he gets Megan all to himself

100_8601 (Small).JPG (45640 bytes) He can get the best spot to sleep in

100_8603 (Small).JPG (58863 bytes) He can sit in the kitchen with mum

100_8610 (Small).JPG (52081 bytes) He can kiss Grandpa Harry!

100_8604 (Small).JPG (59699 bytes) Another four weeks before he goes to live in the USA

July 16th 07

5 weeks old and outside for the first time.

100_7512 (Small).JPG (73607 bytes) Hello Aunty Morgan we are getting to play outside today.

100_7513 (Small).JPG (73656 bytes) What a huge bowl I don't know whether to drink or swim

100_7514 (Small).JPG (76796 bytes) A drink will do nicely

100_7516 (Small).JPG (86281 bytes) can I have a kiss Morgan please?

100_7519 (Small).JPG (93042 bytes) Those smell lovely, mum says they are Pansies.

100_7530 (Small).JPG (83950 bytes) mummy my brother is biting me again!

100_7510 (Small).JPG (71888 bytes) Ok you two inside now.

100_7511 (Small).JPG (55911 bytes) Do we have to mummy?

100_7535 (Small).JPG (58625 bytes) I can still chase you in here Maggie

It is not easy parting with them but look how happy the new owners and puppies are....

21st May

DSCF1752 (Small)1.jpg (56411 bytes) Paddy is back on the Holy Island....we hope to join him there this summer for our picnic.

24th April

DSCF1455 (Small)1.jpg (29706 bytes) This picture is just beautiful...Tilly (The Pink Princess) and Paddy. her Dark Knight

14th Jan 2007

January%208,%202007%200338.jpg (41366 bytes) Indi's pups in the USA

January%208,%202007%200349.jpg (31310 bytes) Two are going off to Australia in the spring

January%208,%202007%200296.jpg (56751 bytes) They love a treat just like dad

21st Sept  Paddy

IMG_2681 (Small)1.JPG (44766 bytes) It's my 1st Birthday today and I got lots of lovely cards and presents...

IMG_2588 (Small)2.JPG (43941 bytes) My Mam & Dad bought me this new collar...

IMG_2605 (Small)3.JPG (46062 bytes) Do you think it's 'me'?...

IMG_2634 (Small)4.JPG (47896 bytes) The sun shone and it was a beautiful day to have a swim in the sea with my Keilen & my Mia, before racing home...

IMG_2533 (Small)5.JPG (48191 bytes) For my party. Look, my cake had candles on it which spelt my name...

IMG_2526 (Small)6.JPG (60190 bytes)  There was lots of yummy party food...

IMG_2542 (Small)7.JPG (51416 bytes) While they were all eating...

IMG_2539 (Small)8.JPG (47025 bytes) I managed to sneak away and play with one of my new toys...

IMG_2577 (Small)9.JPG (56599 bytes) Then it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY before I blew out the candles and made a wish...

Paddy Mk 11_0113 (Small)10.JPG (33937 bytes) 

I wished every dog was as loved as me!
Love from Paddy x

1St Sept

Today we visited Holy Island. It's a historic island which lies just off the extreme Northeast corner of England near Berwick-upon-Tweed. It is a tidal island in that access is by a paved causeway which is covered by the North Sea twice in every 24 hour period...
paddy1.jpg (50360 bytes)The first thing we did when we crossed the causeway was stop to check out the beaches.
paddy2.jpg (31923 bytes)Miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches...
IMG_2295 (Small)3.JPG (32852 bytes)"Keep your eyes closed till I tell you to, I'm almost finished"...
IMG_2298 (Small)4.JPG (38306 bytes)"I wrote my name in the sand. Did I spell it right?"...
IMG_2305 (Small)5.JPG (64748 bytes)And I built a sand castle" (that's a slight exaggeration - Paddy's only input was to wee on it!)...
IMG_2278 (Small)6.JPG (64103 bytes)Then we had a lovely walk around the Island, taking in all the points of interest...
IMG_2267 (Small)7.JPG (75711 bytes)My Mam and Mia thought that this looked like a good place for a picnic...
IMG_2280 (Small)8.JPG (59067 bytes)My Dad and me had other ideas...
IMG_2282 (Small)9.JPG (55006 bytes)Some children (no idea who they were) entertained me & Mia while my Mam & Dad ate their lunch...
IMG_2235 (Small)10.JPG (47446 bytes)Time for one last run on the beach before heading home.
"Thanks for a lovely day"...
IMG_2309 (Small)11.JPG (62529 bytes)One tired boy...
IMG_2211 (Small)12.JPG (32747 bytes)And girl...
Love & licks from
Paddy x

Freya was judged recently by Jean Lanning (Best in Show Judge at Cruft's 2005) she said she was outstanding and the best wolfhound she had seen in many years, she is watching out for her in the show ring....good luck Freya.

 Freya 002.jpg (144995 bytes)
 Freya 084.jpg (144667 bytes)

law 4 (Small).JPG (57564 bytes) Jaye with mum Eileen

law 5 (Small).JPG (59274 bytes) Simon and Jaye on Law hill Dundee

law 6 (Small).JPG (71366 bytes) Fireman Simon and his beautiful Princess

law 8 (Small).JPG (53716 bytes) Jaye stands over the Tay Bridge

law 9 (Small).JPG (54309 bytes) but not for long!!

PHTO00431.JPG (318256 bytes) she is soon home in her favourite spot

11th Aug

Toby and rainbow

Picture 344 (Small).jpg (35093 bytes) Toby and Rainbow are getting so big

Picture 345 (Small).jpg (49441 bytes) Toby is busy, Come back later!

Picture 336 (Small).jpg (58567 bytes) Rainbow is busy too!

Picture 347 (Small).jpg (61837 bytes) MMmm later please.

Paddy Preshous

IMG_1751 (Small)2.JPG (92455 bytes) Paddy it will soon be your first birthday

IMG_1802 (Small)4.JPG (36864 bytes) You have such a busy wonderful life

IMG_1707 (Small)4.JPG (86713 bytes) A perfect home

IMG_0681 (Small)4.JPG (73184 bytes) and a wonderful family...all the puppies do, thank you all for taking such good care of them.


chill out (Small).JPG (60071 bytes) Jaye has taken over the trampoline and now everyone else sits with her!

More pictures soon...

15th May

IMG_0343 (Small)1.JPG (53671 bytes) Helen and Paddy are always together

IMG_0344 (Small)3.JPG (54279 bytes) Training classes are fun 

IMG_0369 (Small)4.JPG (44765 bytes) Come to mummy

IMG_0365 (Small)5.JPG (58413 bytes) They even have matching hairstyles !

12th May

Rainbow and Toby

100_0294 (Small).jpg (90533 bytes) Rainbow is just like her mum and Grandma Zara.100_0293 (Small).jpg (87171 bytes)

100_0317 (Small).jpg (61894 bytes) Pretty as a picture and so precious

100_0138 (Small).JPG (62043 bytes) Toby is just as precious and such a sweet loveable happy boy

19-04-06_1512 (Small).jpg (37308 bytes) Toby in the park with his friends

DSCN2785 (Small).JPG (73207 bytes) Briagh, Rainbow and Toby out with the big dogs

DSCN2786 (Small).JPG (73371 bytes) Briagh loves her dad Indi and licks him all over his face to say hello

DSCN2788 (Small).JPG (64103 bytes) I don't get in many pictures so here I am. Thanks Brian

DSCN2791 (Small).JPG (70898 bytes) Toby with Penny and Morgan

IMGP0207 (Small).JPG (62844 bytes) Home again and chilling out after our run

IMGP0210 (Small).JPG (64602 bytes) Briagh is happy to visit us


PHTO00225 (Small).JPG (88492 bytes) Jaye with dad Simon

PHTO00111 (Small).JPG (93720 bytes) Pretty girl

PHTO00142 (Small).JPG (83206 bytes) I'm a daddy's girl too!

PHTO00173 (Small).JPG (80780 bytes) My ears don't work either!


IMG_0006 (Small)1.JPG (54943 bytes) Paddy makes lots of new friends at the cricket club Nicholas gives him a big hug

IMG_0202 (Small)8.JPG (59718 bytes) Paddy and Neil two happy boys!

IMG_0243 (Small)3.JPG (60174 bytes) and with Tilly in the garden

IMG_0239 (Small)2.JPG (64898 bytes) Do I have to share my toys mum?

IMG_0284 (Small)5.JPG (65909 bytes) Mummy's boy.

07th March

Paddy looks a bit confused as he has the rules of hide and seek explained to him (yet again!)...
99, 100 - can I turn round yet?..
No Paddy - you're 'on' sweetheart - you don't have to hide - you have to find them...
Why didn't you say? Here I come ready or not...
I can't see anything but beach and sea... 
   Mam - I'm starting to get really worried about them now...
Mia says "shall we just 'give in' or we could be here all day Keilen?"...
    Look Mam - a message in a bottle - do you think it's from them?...

    It was! - I found them...

All this hard work has made me hungry - can we go home for dinner now?

Love from Paddy x

3rd March

Toby snowface.JPG (102642 bytes) Your going to take my picture like this aren't you?

the pups.JPG (267341 bytes) Toby and 'The Rainbow'

 26th Feb

100_4031 (Small).jpg (71939 bytes) Megan and the pups( Toby Rainbow and Briagh) out on the hills for the first time.

100_4035 (Small).jpg (66197 bytes) Mum, look at me!

100_4037 (Small).jpg (86992 bytes) Stay close to us pups we don't want anyone lost.

100_4039 (Small).jpg (91751 bytes) No problem Aunty Janet has biscuits.

100_4040 (Small).jpg (75089 bytes) Great here I come

100_4042 (Small).jpg (97802 bytes) Wait for me

100_4044 (Small).jpg (65257 bytes) ...Why is Bill singing?

100_4048 (Small).jpg (64168 bytes) Then Janet joins in!

100_4049 (Small).jpg (98567 bytes) Well they can't sing so I am out of here.

100_4051 (Small).jpg (76927 bytes) poor Briagh her ears are curled over to stop the noise

100_4052 (Small) (2).jpg (71420 bytes) They will be fine when they stop singing.

100_4062 (Small).jpg (62444 bytes) It's ok pups they have stopped you can come back now

100_4065 (Small).jpg (53525 bytes) Look Briagh's ears are better now

 100_4072 (Small).jpg (74017 bytes) Come on then lets get on with our walk

100_4077 (Small).jpg (65730 bytes) Dad look there's a squirrel

100_4080 (Small).jpg (60952 bytes) Why do they do that!

100_4084 (Small).jpg (76273 bytes) I want to play with them but I can't climb trees

100_4085 (Small).jpg (95103 bytes) You can stay up there I am off on the rest of my walk

100_4086 (Small).jpg (84193 bytes) Mum help I fell in the mud

100_4087 (Small).jpg (67765 bytes) I know it's great fun isn't it.

100_4088 (Small).jpg (117704 bytes) Now I have got dirty paws

100_4089 (Small).jpg (98162 bytes) Toby is getting bigger than the girls now.

Toby (Small).JPG (48017 bytes) He is nearly as big as his mum

100_4099 (Small).jpg (88573 bytes) He is the lightest and Briagh is the darkest

100_4102 (Small).jpg (90076 bytes) Toby the water in the ditch taste's great you should try it

100_4105 (Small).jpg (91110 bytes) Rainbow you tell is just black mud!

100_4106 (Small).jpg (97677 bytes) That's my boy!

100_4112 (Small).jpg (91870 bytes) Time to go home

100_4165 (Small).jpg (59584 bytes) Rainbow

100_4169 (Small).jpg (62751 bytes) Toby

 100_4125 (Small).jpg (63201 bytes)Where is my dinner?

100_4126 (Small).jpg (59382 bytes) I ate it Rainbow.

25th Feb

100_3930 (Small).jpg (58329 bytes) Ailidh and Rainbow waiting to go out in the park

100_3931 (Small).jpg (68155 bytes) Come on Toby chase me

100_3932 (Small).jpg (47616 bytes) Close Ailidh

100_3940 (Small).jpg (59657 bytes) Toby come to daddy

100_3958 (Small).jpg (65770 bytes) Leads on puppies

100_3961 (Small).jpg (73111 bytes) My tongue is the biggest

100_3963 (Small).jpg (72336 bytes) Our beautiful babies


25th Feb

100_3964 (Small).jpg (63660 bytes) Freya drops in for a visit

100_3966 (Small).jpg (53911 bytes) She looks so much like Rainbow and is doing very well

100_3967 (Small).jpg (55356 bytes) Toby can't wait to go out to play with her.

19th Feb

DCP02879_edited.JPG (149666 bytes) Freya sleeps with the cats Taz and Tilly

DCP02881_edited.JPG (175268 bytes) Wake up Freya we are going to town 

DCP02890_edited.JPG (179475 bytes) Pretty Girls

DCP02891_edited.JPG (184125 bytes) Out with Mum


IMG_7536 (Small)3.JPG (40115 bytes) Paddy wants to tell you something

Helen 022 (Small)7.jpg (67231 bytes) It is Keilan's 9th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us

IMG_7585 (Small)14.JPG (46778 bytes) I won't play in the water with him though.

IMG_7559 (Small)3.JPG (42807 bytes)Best Buddies

27th Jan

DCP02838.JPG (113677 bytes) Freya and Rachael

DCP02839.JPG (138431 bytes) Feed us please we are so hungry!

DCP02843.JPG (150441 bytes) That worked Freya, forget training classes we will keep you right!

DCP02821.JPG (108604 bytes) That look says it all!!!!


IMG_6857 (Small)4.JPG (56337 bytes) Paddy the caped crusader!

IMG_6899 (Small)7.JPG (39751 bytes) Paddy has a walk in the country park. but all is not well!

IMG_6863 (Small)8.JPG (65927 bytes) Mummy, Daddy help me it's an monster!

IMG_6897 (Small)10.JPG (43166 bytes) No Paddy that is a swan

IMG_6912 (Small) (2)12.JPG (47248 bytes) I am staying with my dolly and teddy till it goes away! 


Titch ...Ailidh's brother in Orkney

Mum will I get spots from those Dalmatians?

Mum says I won't get spots and they won't get my stripes!

25th Jan

100_01804.JPG (46308 bytes) Harry Potters son Titch ( Ailidh's brother) lives on the Orkney Islands with his mum Belle

Image0021.jpg (18406 bytes) Playing tug with the others


DSC00530 (Small).JPG (62147 bytes) Indi out with mum and dad in the park 

DSC00536 (Small).JPG (58373 bytes) Having a little rest

DSC00533 (Small).JPG (55109 bytes) I am such a pretty girl


jaye wormit 43 (Small).JPG (64704 bytes) Jaye with mum Eileen on Wormit beach next to the Tay road Bridge

jaye wormit 65 (Small).JPG (69693 bytes) and with Dad Simon

jaye wormit1 (Small).JPG (102317 bytes) Jaye...another pretty little girl


IMG_6537 (Small)1.JPG (45008 bytes) Paddy has a few visitors

IMG_6541 (Small)2.JPG (33863 bytes) and he is a big hit with the boys

IMG_6500 (Small)4.JPG (42632 bytes) he soon has them under his spell!

IMG_6806 (Small)4.JPG (81901 bytes) Paddy on the beach

IMG_6821 (Small)11.JPG (51336 bytes) Let me in Mum please.

20th Jan

IMG_6692 (Small)1.JPG (52366 bytes) Paddy looks a stunner in his little blue jacket!

IMG_6719 (Small)2.JPG (66501 bytes) And he is such a mummies boy.

5th Jan

100_2526 (Small).jpg (64532 bytes) Toby and Rainbow want to wish everyone a great year.

100_2524 (Small).jpg (42284 bytes) Rainbow our pretty princess

100_2525 (Small).jpg (53646 bytes) and such a lady too.

Paddy 5th Jan

Paddy has been given the all clear by his vet and is doing very well. Both Mia and Keilan were having dietary problems until they were introduced to Skinners dog food. Keilan has always been underweight and both dogs had easily upset tummies but not anymore. We did change once and one of our dogs had several fits, however after changing back to Skinners we have had no more problems. (If you would like to try some then please email them at  remember to mention us.)

IMG_6391 (Small)3.JPG (70120 bytes) Paddy loves his cosy coat....he lives next to the North Sea....brrrrr

IMG_6379 (Small)2.JPG (29081 bytes) He does look sweet though

28th Dec

IMG_6174 (Small)6.JPG (60472 bytes) Paddy and Mia in the park

IMG_6190 (Small)7.JPG (47659 bytes) What is that?

IMG_6192 (Small)8.JPG (19284 bytes) It is a rainbow Paddy

paddy&rainbow.jpg (29094 bytes) Safe in mum's arms

IMG_6052 (Small)4.JPG (30764 bytes) Merry Christmas everybody

IMG_6055 (Small)2.JPG (49238 bytes) Night night

19th Dec

IMG_5760 (Small)1.JPG (44281 bytes) Paddy has been very ill with Toxic Shock Syndrome, Thanks to his vet and the dedication and love from Helen and Neil, he survived. Paddy took ill last week with what we all thought was kennel cough. He was taken to the vet immediately and was given antibiotics. Next day he was very poorly and the vet realised it was a lot worse than  he thought. Paddy was fighting for his life, he couldn't eat and his throat was very sore. His temp went up to 106, we all feared the worse. Helen and Neil sat up with him in shifts so that he was nursed constantly. It was touch and go for a while but next day his temp started to come down and he got to his feet to chase Mia away from his chicken! He is much better now but we want to warn everyone, if your dog develops a hacking cough take him to the vet right away. Toxic shock Syndrome can kill within six hours! 

We want to say a BIG thank you to both Helen, Neil and their vet for all the work they put it to save him. 

IMG_5299 (Small)1.JPG (50771 bytes) Paddy was very ill.

IMG_5786 (Small)3.JPG (42730 bytes) Neil cleans Paddy's little nose

IMG_5735 (Small)14.JPG (27886 bytes) Helen cuddles her beautiful little boy

IMG_5839 (Small)5.JPG (48125 bytes) He looks so much better now.

7th Dec

Indie 1 (Small).JPG (56440 bytes) Indie ( Bribiba Fleur of Scotland) lives near Manchester and is spoiled by mum Christine and family

Indie 3. (Small).JPG (30864 bytes) Jess keeps Indie amused 

Indie 2 (Small).JPG (30095 bytes) and soon tires her out...

29th Nov

100_1952 (Small).jpg (60698 bytes) We are the best behaved puppies in the world

100_1978 (Small).jpg (60393 bytes) And the most spoiled!

100_1989 (Small).jpg (64197 bytes) Lots of toys to play with

100_1993 (Small).jpg (56536 bytes) Lots of love

100_1995 (Small).jpg (64488 bytes) and lots of comfy beds to sleep in

100_2012 (Small).jpg (50561 bytes) Nanny Morgan lines us up for inspection

100_2027 (Small).jpg (51109 bytes) Let me see your ears Rainbow!

100_2000 (Small).jpg (52056 bytes) Have you brushed your teeth this morning?

100_2017 (Small).jpg (60127 bytes) Oh No I am next!

100_2013 (Small).jpg (57867 bytes) Toby, how did you get paint on your shoulder?

100_2023 (Small).jpg (53949 bytes) Come on lets get her back

100_2026 (Small).jpg (43235 bytes) No way, I am a good boy.

100_2037 (Small).jpg (58216 bytes) Peace at last


100_1930 (Small).jpg (59383 bytes) Rainbow, Toby and Ailidh

100_1911 (Small).jpg (56787 bytes) Rainbow with Brian and Ailidh

100_1929 (Small).jpg (60771 bytes) George the joiner is fitting our new dog door!!! No more asking out!

100_1930 (Small).jpg (59383 bytes) Toby is staying with us too.


Dec. 17th

IMG_5299 (Small)1.JPG (50771 bytes) Mummy's little Angel

IMG_5382 (Small)5.JPG (33899 bytes) Waiting for Santa

Dec 1st

IMG_5313 (Small)3.JPG (43875 bytes) eat it all up Paddy you will soon be bigger than us

IMG_5310 (Small)2.JPG (35306 bytes) Come on Paddy share some with me.

IMG_5306 (Small)1.JPG (30992 bytes) Just back from our daily beach trip. My daddy carries me everywhere...but not for long

IMG_5322 (Small)4.JPG (47849 bytes) I am nearly as big as Mia and Keilan

29th Nov

IMG_5229 (Small)2.JPG (47678 bytes) I am a handsome little boy


IMG_4738 (Small).JPG (41287 bytes) Sorry your puppy is not here he must have ran away! 

IMG_4736 (Small).JPG (52359 bytes) Saying goodbye to mum

IMG_4739 (Small).JPG (61327 bytes) I am going to be so spoiled in my new home I can hardly wait....

IMG_4744 (Small).JPG (42182 bytes) Here I am in the car on my way home.

IMG_4792 (Small).JPG (32401 bytes) Come on dad hurry up with my breakfast..Neil is going to spoil me rotten!

IMG_4752 (Small).JPG (33028 bytes) My own little dinner bowl, yum this porridge is good!

IMG_4754 (Small).JPG (30352 bytes) Can I have some more please?

IMG_4758 (Small).JPG (53177 bytes) Keilan is my new big brother....he is a big softy

IMG_4932 (Small)2.JPG (35053 bytes) Hello...who are you?

IMG_4967 (Small)1.JPG (35103 bytes) He is my best new friend.....but there's more!

IMG_4964 (Small)1.JPG (46422 bytes) This is Mia, she is a bit frightened of me but not for long.

IMG_4937 (Small)1.JPG (43458 bytes) This is my nana she is lovely

IMG_4912 (Small).JPG (48791 bytes) My favorite spot in the fireplace!

IMG_4966 (Small)3.JPG (61168 bytes) but this is bliss

IMG_4873 (Small).JPG (50138 bytes) I promise to keep in touch mum so I am learning to use the computer

IMG_4886 (Small).JPG (51894 bytes) We all go to the beach everyday for a walk, but I am to little yet so I get carried by my new mum Helen

IMG_4875 (Small).JPG (55564 bytes) Life is just wonderful.......

IMG_4786 (Small).JPG (60399 bytes) Bye for now....

helen.jpg (30380 bytes) Tilly loves Paddy and let him sleep on her bed

tilly.jpg (37857 bytes) read me a story Tilly!

paddy2.jpg (46594 bytes) mummy's boy!

IMG_5155 (Small)4.JPG (43806 bytes) singing for our supper!

13th Dec

IMG_5577 (Small)4.JPG (22150 bytes) Paddy and Helen

IMG_5579 (Small)5.JPG (37210 bytes) and with Neil

IMG_5603 (Small)2.JPG (76225 bytes) I am a mummy's boy!



jaye 21 (Small).JPG (28494 bytes) Jaye arrives in her new home.

jaye 65 (Small).JPG (41436 bytes) She quickly settles in ...but has already grown out of her bed!

jaye 54 (Small).JPG (47115 bytes) but our young lady soon gets daddy( Simon) to cuddle her in!

Dec 1st

jaye 71 (Small).JPG (42871 bytes) Here she is with Jordan and Aileen

jaye 92 (Small).JPG (34988 bytes) Where did everyone go?



5th Jan

DCP02781.JPG (127686 bytes) Who can this be hiding here?

DCP02780.JPG (122282 bytes) It's me Freya!

DCP02769.JPG (199956 bytes) Freya doesn't have a warm jacket for the snow

DCP02789.JPG (124422 bytes) but she doesn't care..she is happy outside playing 

DCP02777.JPG (124437 bytes) because she knows she has a cosy bed inside

17th Dec

11DEC05 005 (Small).jpg (72283 bytes) Right kid this is my toy, now let go!

11DEC05 008 (Small).jpg (73990 bytes) Give me back my toy or the toes get it!

11DEC05 027 (Small).jpg (79971 bytes) I am just a little angel really.


191105 085 (Small).jpg (83099 bytes) Freya has just arrived and wonders what is happening

191105 101 (Small).jpg (68659 bytes) The Leonbergers come to say hello.

191105 104 (Small).jpg (63993 bytes) and soon they are playing together

.241105 034.jpg (131117 bytes) Why do I have newspaper to lie on? Where is my soft bed?

241105 046.jpg (129582 bytes) Well at least I have a nice toy to play with

241105 027.jpg (128426 bytes) That's better, this is snuggly and a tasty bone to chew on too.

241105 005.jpg (142831 bytes) Hey who's tail is this?

241105 030.jpg (152900 bytes) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


BRIAGH pronounced    bree - a as in Ha

5th Jan

Christmas 2005 028 (Small).jpg (25593 bytes) Torin and Briagh the very best of friends

Christmas 2005 048 (Small).jpg (25007 bytes) He always tries to keep her amused

Christmas 2005 059 (Small).jpg (35479 bytes) and lets her get caught pinching the chocolates!!

Christmas 2005 064 (Small).jpg (48079 bytes) but he always takes good care of her

29th Nov

Briagh _ Torin 001 (Small).jpg (28813 bytes) Torin finds a safe place to sleep!

Briagh _ Torin 010 (Small).jpg (28878 bytes) Briagh gets a kiss from her best friend

Briagh _ Torin 020 (Small).jpg (37113 bytes)She is another spoiled little girl

more puppy pics 005.jpg (22187 bytes) Briagh is Torin's new sister and here she is with 'the gang'


AILIDH pronounced  A as in hay... lay

5th Jan

DSCN2024 (Small).JPG (67802 bytes) Ailidh with her lovely sister Mini who has gone of to live in Girvan on the Ayrshire coast

DSCN2021.JPG (60976 bytes) Her ears are all over the place

DSCN2019.JPG (74680 bytes) and as for that huge mouth!

DSCN2008.JPG (70436 bytes) But she is still the prettiest girl in Larbert!


100_1907 (Small).jpg (52725 bytes) This is Brian's new baby she is Harry Potters little girl

100_1904 (Small).jpg (70282 bytes) Here she is with some of the litter

DSCN0398 (Small).JPG (48755 bytes) Home Sweet Home

DSCN0402 (Small).JPG (47868 bytes) Brian's dream has come true...his little girl is just perfect

DSCN0421 (Small).JPG (53403 bytes) or is she???

DSCN0426 (Small).JPG (47755 bytes) look out Rainbow and Toby she is a little devil...but then she is Morgan's sister!!!

DSCN0375 (Small).JPG (61553 bytes) DSCN0380 (Small).JPG (65799 bytes) 

I want to share this with you all, thanks to Pat for sending it.newpuppy (Small).jpg (23598 bytes) Pat with her new baby.

Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year- old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family there were no miracles left for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.

As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for the four-year-old Shane
to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience.

The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion.

We sat together for a while after Belker's death, wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, "I know why."

Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never heard a more comforting

He said, "People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life -- like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?" The four-year-old continued, "Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long."

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply, Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.