Bribiba Puppies

Thank you to everyone who has given one of our babies such special homes. It is just great to see their pictures and hear how well they are doing. Please don't forget we love them as much as you do and would appreciate you keeping in touch. This is your page to show off your wonderful wolfhound.

Latest Pictures


May 28th


Jack and Ebony puppies 7 weeks old

puppies on the grass 017.JPG (168783 bytes) puppies on the grass 018.JPG (211674 bytes) puppies on the grass 019.JPG (168036 bytes) puppies on the grass 020.JPG (176870 bytes) puppies on the grass 021.JPG (192695 bytes) puppies on the grass 022.JPG (180249 bytes) puppies on the grass 024.JPG (189713 bytes) puppies on the grass 025.JPG (180504 bytes) puppies on the grass 026.JPG (182596 bytes) puppies on the grass 027.JPG (191093 bytes) puppies on the grass 028.JPG (176992 bytes) puppies on the grass 029.JPG (170881 bytes) puppies on the grass 030.JPG (173103 bytes) puppies on the grass 031.JPG (193404 bytes) puppies on the grass 032.JPG (174869 bytes) puppies on the grass 033.JPG (189614 bytes) puppies on the grass 034.JPG (179487 bytes) puppies on the grass 037.JPG (177074 bytes) puppies on the grass 038.JPG (175716 bytes) puppies on the grass 039.JPG (162676 bytes) puppies on the grass 040.JPG (175701 bytes) puppies on the grass 041.JPG (164407 bytes) puppies on the grass 042.JPG (157394 bytes) puppies on the grass 043.JPG (153146 bytes) puppies on the grass 044.JPG (169476 bytes) puppies on the grass 045.JPG (168063 bytes) puppies on the grass 047.JPG (156666 bytes) puppies on the grass 048.JPG (166845 bytes) puppies on the grass 006.JPG (167981 bytes) puppies on the grass 008.JPG (183077 bytes) puppies on the grass 014.JPG (185228 bytes) puppies on the grass 015.JPG (172586 bytes) puppies 010.JPG (179777 bytes) puppies 011.JPG (180333 bytes) puppies 012.JPG (155847 bytes) puppies 014.JPG (146159 bytes) puppies 016.JPG (196243 bytes) puppies 003.JPG (183183 bytes) puppies 004.JPG (190200 bytes) puppies 005.JPG (163919 bytes) puppies 007.JPG (182209 bytes) puppies 009.JPG (181340 bytes)



27th October


_DSC6655.jpg (200070 bytes) Bertie 

_DSC6657.jpg (241297 bytes) I was sleeping!

_DSC6659.jpg (188521 bytes) Spoiled boy

_DSC6660.jpg (230166 bytes) I am a mummy's boy


img044-1.jpg (116708 bytes) Wayne heads for Russia.. this is him in the hotel on the way

img045.jpg (131403 bytes) He took it all in his stride and was so good

img048.jpg (104232 bytes) He still sleeps with his tongue out!

img049-1.jpg (117339 bytes) Goodnight

img060.jpg (144253 bytes) on the coach heading for Moscow. He was accompanied all the way

img062-1.jpg (134396 bytes) still has the tongue out!! 

img037.jpg (130013 bytes) in another hotel he was just so chilled

img041-1.jpg (103107 bytes) chilling out 

img042-1.jpg (105535 bytes) he is a good wee boy

barry%202.jpg (49731 bytes) This is Ch Nutstown Barry he was the son of our Paddy and went to live in Russia in the 1990's

Eroshka.jpg (151966 bytes) Wayne in his new home with his friend Wolf....he is now called Eroshka

Eroshka 1.jpg (137550 bytes) the boys get on really well

Eroshka3.jpg (103949 bytes) Get off my bed Wolf ..

DSC_6149.jpg (141299 bytes) a very special thank you to Tamara who took great care of Eroshka/Wayne on his long trip

DSC_6119.jpg (83989 bytes) Tamara and her beautiful family of Goldens with our happy little Eroshka

DSC_6099.jpg (74205 bytes) Thank you so much Tamara xx


9th Sept

db_IMG_2541.jpg (40175 bytes) Woody and Finn.. Woody is staying here

NewArrival.jpg (105026 bytes) Devon. now Murphy in California DSCF2336.JPG (124947 bytes) Lynn his new owner

Wayne and Finn

DSCF2466.JPG (114353 bytes) DSCF2426.JPG (104384 bytes) DSCF2429.JPG (140436 bytes) DSCF2434.JPG (107765 bytes) DSCF2441.JPG (86631 bytes) DSCF2454.JPG (94902 bytes)

59942_436685019783_614319783_4826722_4117809_n.jpg (110163 bytes) Pixie my special little girl ....I miss her so much she loves her new family and is very happy

40791_490319078915_637578915_6992351_1837659_n.jpg (148802 bytes) Helen and Neil visit the puppies

DSCF2652.JPG (124044 bytes) DSCF2481.JPG (131016 bytes) DSCF2482.JPG (126716 bytes) DSCF2483.JPG (138731 bytes) DSCF2485.JPG (128937 bytes) DSCF2486.JPG (130781 bytes) DSCF2488.JPG (133297 bytes) DSCF2489.JPG (128398 bytes) DSCF2490.JPG (127620 bytes) DSCF2491.JPG (156380 bytes)DSCF2492.JPG (155972 bytes) DSCF2493.JPG (138927 bytes) DSCF2494.JPG (102796 bytes) DSCF2495.JPG (138769 bytes) DSCF2496.JPG (130373 bytes) DSCF2497.JPG (134659 bytes) DSCF2498.JPG (130097 bytes) DSCF2499.JPG (128654 bytes) DSCF2500.JPG (140607 bytes) DSCF2501.JPG (146646 bytes)DSCF2502.JPG (123121 bytes) DSCF2503.JPG (130281 bytes) DSCF2504.JPG (138787 bytes) DSCF2505.JPG (148427 bytes) DSCF2506.JPG (136866 bytes) DSCF2507.JPG (139121 bytes) DSCF2508.JPG (133861 bytes) DSCF2509.JPG (145488 bytes) DSCF2510.JPG (128671 bytes) DSCF2511.JPG (130598 bytes)DSCF2512.JPG (133573 bytes) DSCF2513.JPG (192314 bytes) DSCF2514.JPG (128752 bytes) DSCF2515.JPG (126548 bytes) DSCF2516.JPG (125673 bytes) DSCF2517.JPG (142914 bytes) DSCF2518.JPG (129335 bytes) DSCF2519.JPG (110538 bytes) DSCF2520.JPG (120649 bytes) DSCF2521.JPG (128013 bytes)DSCF2522.JPG (143934 bytes) DSCF2523.JPG (129810 bytes) DSCF2524.JPG (153389 bytes) DSCF2525.JPG (135384 bytes) DSCF2526.JPG (127978 bytes) DSCF2527.JPG (137372 bytes) DSCF2528.JPG (126649 bytes) DSCF2529.JPG (125226 bytes) DSCF2530.JPG (122996 bytes) DSCF2531.JPG (123246 bytes)DSCF2532.JPG (136838 bytes) DSCF2533.JPG (114540 bytes) DSCF2534.JPG (135145 bytes) DSCF2537.JPG (127022 bytes) DSCF2538.JPG (122626 bytes) DSCF2539.JPG (139116 bytes) DSCF2540.JPG (129602 bytes) DSCF2541.JPG (103045 bytes) DSCF2542.JPG (119048 bytes) DSCF2544.JPG (135217 bytes)DSCF2545.JPG (122881 bytes) DSCF2545-1.JPG (122881 bytes) DSCF2546.JPG (142499 bytes) DSCF2547.JPG (142807 bytes) DSCF2548.JPG (129076 bytes) DSCF2549.JPG (128340 bytes) DSCF2550.JPG (138881 bytes) DSCF2551.JPG (138739 bytes)  DSCF2552.JPG (129150 bytes) DSCF2553.JPG (127528 bytes)DSCF2554.JPG (135654 bytes) DSCF2555.JPG (121126 bytes) DSCF2556.JPG (130162 bytes) DSCF2557.JPG (129894 bytes) DSCF2558.JPG (149667 bytes) DSCF2559.JPG (133447 bytes) DSCF2560.JPG (110787 bytes) DSCF2561.JPG (134795 bytes) DSCF2562.JPG (62086 bytes) DSCF2563.JPG (56932 bytes)DSCF2564.JPG (130467 bytes) DSCF2565.JPG (135387 bytes) DSCF2566.JPG (149250 bytes)  DSCF2567.JPG (89094 bytes) DSCF2568.JPG (88774 bytes) DSCF2569.JPG (137460 bytes) DSCF2570.JPG (136851 bytes) DSCF2571.JPG (139421 bytes) DSCF2572.JPG (116881 bytes) DSCF2573.JPG (111535 bytes)DSCF2574.JPG (126913 bytes) DSCF2575.JPG (132679 bytes) DSCF2576.JPG (143506 bytes) DSCF2577.JPG (146413 bytes) DSCF2578.JPG (141195 bytes) DSCF2579.JPG (147028 bytes) DSCF2580.JPG (126917 bytes) DSCF2581.JPG (137915 bytes)  DSCF2582.JPG (132461 bytes) DSCF2583.JPG (147896 bytes)DSCF2584.JPG (141016 bytes) DSCF2585.JPG (135564 bytes) DSCF2586.JPG (136683 bytes) DSCF2587.JPG (153508 bytes) DSCF2589.JPG (141398 bytes) DSCF2590.JPG (151334 bytes) DSCF2591.JPG (147604 bytes) DSCF2592.JPG (128364 bytes) DSCF2593.JPG (138855 bytes) DSCF2594.JPG (121759 bytes)DSCF2595.JPG (147120 bytes) DSCF2596.JPG (139368 bytes) DSCF2597.JPG (128616 bytes) DSCF2598.JPG (105949 bytes) DSCF2599.JPG (143542 bytes) DSCF2600.JPG (140329 bytes) DSCF2601.JPG (151950 bytes) DSCF2602.JPG (144636 bytes) DSCF2603.JPG (144258 bytes) DSCF2604.JPG (136186 bytes)DSCF2605.JPG (140611 bytes)DSCF2606.JPG (133987 bytes) DSCF2608.JPG (134729 bytes) DSCF2609.JPG (137717 bytes) DSCF2610.JPG (109743 bytes) DSCF2611.JPG (135377 bytes) DSCF2612.JPG (131680 bytes) DSCF2613.JPG (115408 bytes) DSCF2614.JPG (133183 bytes) DSCF2616.JPG (134770 bytes)DSCF2617.JPG (142098 bytes) DSCF2618.JPG (131712 bytes) DSCF2619.JPG (134506 bytes) DSCF2620.JPG (138157 bytes) DSCF2621.JPG (140281 bytes) DSCF2622.JPG (143198 bytes) DSCF2623.JPG (139733 bytes) DSCF2624.JPG (128465 bytes) DSCF2625.JPG (131693 bytes) DSCF2626.JPG (136257 bytes)DSCF2627.JPG (120981 bytes) DSCF2628.JPG (139910 bytes) DSCF2629.JPG (140708 bytes) DSCF2630.JPG (119203 bytes) DSCF2631.JPG (124669 bytes) DSCF2634.JPG (115815 bytes) DSCF2636.JPG (105678 bytes) DSCF2637.JPG (129440 bytes) DSCF2638.JPG (111110 bytes) DSCF2639.JPG (115439 bytes)DSCF2640.JPG (99237 bytes) DSCF2641.JPG (126335 bytes) DSCF2642.JPG (152574 bytes) DSCF2643.JPG (137678 bytes) DSCF2644.JPG (134292 bytes) DSCF2645.JPG (142965 bytes) DSCF2646.JPG (83023 bytes) DSCF2647.JPG (96463 bytes) DSCF2648.JPG (78938 bytes) DSCF2649.JPG (88065 bytes)DSCF2650.JPG (118877 bytes) DSCF2651.JPG (103521 bytes)


8th Sept

merlin.jpg (86403 bytes) Merlin settled in so well with Alan and Vanessa


2006_0401kaylan3rdbday0699.JPG (98065 bytes) Maeve (Niamh's Aunty) on Holiday

2006_0401kaylan3rdbday0702.JPG (97848 bytes) oh my head

2006_0401kaylan3rdbday0703.JPG (92515 bytes) wake me up next week

2006_0401kaylan3rdbday0706.JPG (85019 bytes) only kidding


Email0001.jpg (151297 bytes) Isaac out with  Beth in MS

 isaac0044.JPG (200887 bytes)  Yum those kids were great

isaac0033.JPG (319458 bytes) just kidding I am such a gentle boy

isaac0022.JPG (318310 bytes) cookies are great



 Aoife (EEFA) is a happy puppy

Image116 (Small).jpg (57176 bytes) she is an angel when she sleeps

Image127 (Small).jpg (55415 bytes) this teddy is soooo dead

Image144 (Small).jpg (48838 bytes) there must be food in here somewhere

Image146 (Small).jpg (45655 bytes) Like her mum Morgan she is a keen gardener

This is Rua he has a happy home too

IMG_4141.JPG (245592 bytes) Let me go

IMG_4145.JPG (208391 bytes) I had that kid there

IMG_4178.JPG (200312 bytes) come back till I get you

IMG_4408.JPG (283281 bytes) he ran away

IMG_4449.JPG (253182 bytes) 11 weeks old


Molly and Emma on holiday

IMG_6013.JPG (52944 bytes) With dad Steve

IMG_6098.JPG (42670 bytes) surfing

IMG_5981.JPG (43902 bytes) their holiday home

IMG_6109.JPG (34963 bytes) hey dad stop splashing us

IMG_6131.JPG (32551 bytes) which house is ours?

IMG_6157.JPG (41921 bytes) Last in is a rotten egg

IMG_6191.JPG (52900 bytes) I won  I tell you

Morgan's new litter

14th July

The puppies have visitors

DSCF2406 (640x398).jpg (104766 bytes) Hello puppies

DSCF2407 (640x480).jpg (119789 bytes) Caitlin, Ben ,Liam and Andrew are here for a visit

DSCF2408 (640x480).jpg (115444 bytes)  Morgan checks Liam out for treats

DSCF2411 (640x480).jpg (110847 bytes) Come and play puppy

DSCF2412 (640x480).jpg (120185 bytes)  Morgan makes sure everybody is behaving

DSCF2413 (640x480).jpg (117328 bytes) she is such a gentle girl

DSCF2415 (640x480).jpg (113661 bytes) 

DSCF2416 (640x480).jpg (107665 bytes) 

DSCF2417 (640x480).jpg (116139 bytes)

DSCF2419 (640x480).jpg (117653 bytes)

DSCF2420 (640x480).jpg (121096 bytes)

DSCF2422 (640x480).jpg (127291 bytes)

DSCF2423 (640x480).jpg (114551 bytes) Ouch those puppies have sharp teeth

DSCF2424 (640x480).jpg (113220 bytes) Andrew doesn't mind he loves puppies

DSCF2429 (640x480).jpg (95364 bytes) we are very well behaved too

DSCF2427 (640x480).jpg (111740 bytes) Ben has found Stuart

DSCF2430 (640x480).jpg (107026 bytes) He prefers the cat

DSCF2435 (640x480).jpg (112680 bytes) Andrew loves the puppies chewing his feet

DSCF2439 (640x480).jpg (115743 bytes) Have a cuddle Andrew

DSCF2442 (640x480).jpg (116820 bytes) from all of us

DSCF2441 (640x480).jpg (121490 bytes) monster puppies

DSCF2443 (640x480).jpg (101915 bytes) Liam thinks they look better with a punk hairstyle

DSCF2445 (640x480).jpg (120022 bytes) poor Andrew 

DSCF2446 (640x480).jpg (108882 bytes) this way puppies

DSCF2455 (640x480).jpg (124667 bytes) the puppies think Andrew is great

DSCF2459 (640x480).jpg (107109 bytes) and the cats love cuddles too

29th June

DSCF1590 (640x460).jpg (117893 bytes) the suns shining here 

DSCF1591 (640x458).jpg (145706 bytes) every body's out enjoying the heat

DSCF1592 (640x480).jpg (97970 bytes) the ground is hot on my paws

DSCF1606 (640x480).jpg (186973 bytes) come into our pond Stuart its cool in there

]DSCF1593 (640x480).jpg (121654 bytes) come on out and play puppies

DSCF1596 (640x494).jpg (177867 bytes) I will keep an eye on you little puppies

DSCF1602 (640x538).jpg (140296 bytes) its great out here

DSCF1599 (640x480).jpg (125854 bytes) we have our own run and playhouse

DSCF1598 (640x464).jpg (102993 bytes) lots of soft toys and beds

DSCF1607 (640x480).jpg (147109 bytes) only Trudy stays out in the heat!

DSCF1610 (640x480).jpg (107798 bytes) the babies are in the shade

DSCF1611 (640x480).jpg (124287 bytes) hi everybody

DSCF1614 (640x450).jpg (130016 bytes) Bribiba puppies are so spoiled

DSCF1617 (640x374).jpg (90154 bytes) who woke me up?

DSCF1618 (640x480).jpg (98184 bytes) is it dinner time yet?

DSCF1620 (640x480).jpg (104135 bytes) shhh sleeping puppy

DSCF1621 (640x480).jpg (108865 bytes) I want my dinner

DSCF1626 (640x480).jpg (126071 bytes) we better hide from hungry puppies

DSCF1629 (640x480).jpg (130533 bytes) bedtime

DSCF1631 (640x480).jpg (95913 bytes) goodnight little one

DSCF1632 (640x480).jpg (130446 bytes) cuddly caterpillar

DSCF1634 (640x480).jpg (102403 bytes) come on get to sleep

DSCF1637 (640x480).jpg (99686 bytes) it's growing time

DSCF1643 (640x480).jpg (116430 bytes) puppies are just wonderful

14th June

DSCF0951 (640x480).jpg (112262 bytes) our first trip outside

DSCF0950 (640x480).jpg (129879 bytes) we need the big puppy run to play in mum

DSCF1005 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (121542 bytes) this is much better

DSCF0972 (640x480) (2).jpg (73569 bytes) and mum came out to feed us

DSCF0970 (640x455) (2).jpg (93590 bytes) Spoiled or what!

DSCF1012 (640x456) (2).jpg (95415 bytes) time to explore

DSCF0975 (640x480) (2).jpg (109108 bytes) wait for us

DSCF0973 (640x480) (2).jpg (135378 bytes) those puppies are great to watch

DSCF1011 (640x480) (3).jpg (115005 bytes) Aunty Beth is looking after us too

DSCF1099 (640x480).jpg (124299 bytes) Aunty Maureen is here too

DSCF1113 (640x480).jpg (119102 bytes) with Daisy, Ebony's sister

DSCF1115 (640x480).jpg (112332 bytes) and Willow, Jack's sister

DSCF1127 (640x480).jpg (113756 bytes) DSCF1125 (640x475).jpg (109404 bytes) DSCF1130 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (120317 bytes) Maureen stacks some of the puppies

DSCF1088 (640x473).jpg (100497 bytes) such a beautiful baby

DSCF1104 (640x480).jpg (91549 bytes) Tea time

DSCF1106 (640x480).jpg (102408 bytes) Aunty Beth will sort us out

DSCF1120 (640x480).jpg (117715 bytes) Jack keeps an eye on the food 

DSCF1123 (640x480).jpg (128011 bytes) Gabby loves her Aunty Maureen

morgan (640x480) (2).jpg (96938 bytes) I am so sleepy now

DSCF1032 (640x480).jpg (88320 bytes) back to bed

5 June

DSCF0396 (640x480).jpg (83624 bytes) The weanafeeda is a great way to feed puppies

DSCF0397 (640x480).jpg (91332 bytes) saves me a lot of cleaning up

DSCF0411 (640x480) (2).jpg (86805 bytes) and the puppies are all happy and content

DSCF0410 (640x463).jpg (69978 bytes) mmmm I am a sleepy boy

DSCF0408 (640x459).jpg (93281 bytes) they keep escaping and stealing our bed

DSCF0399 (624x640).jpg (117752 bytes) look at this little girl, she knows our bed is comfy

DSCF0409 (640x471).jpg (86202 bytes) just you cats wait till we are bigger


Morgan is the perfect mother

her puppies are so content

warm and well fed

  a proud mum

  is my lunch ready yet

  thanks dad

who's a clever girl then

that will be me then

can I have some goats milk mum please?

just perfect

the puppies will grow to be this size!


28th Oct

Ebony has company today

Chris and Susan are here with Nell, her sister

and with Niamh they all have a great run together

Niamh has almost caught up with Ebony in height now

come on Nell we will show you our walk

the water tastes great here too

We should have warned her it was deep too

No worries girls I love the water too

Wait for us Niamh

The youngsters are having a chase around and loving it

The sun is shining and though it is cold our walk is perfect

and the girls love it

Ebony and Niamh just race around all day

  Nell joined in and really enjoyed the run

Lets catch our breath Ebony

Nell is still running!

come on then lets go

She is a happy girl

so are the cheeky girls

Nell with Chris and Susan

The girls ran and chased up and down the hill

come on Ebony catch me

Here we come

up and down they went...and they slept like logs when we got home


time to head back

this way Nell

where is Nell going?

to get a cuddle from her mum

then they have another run in the swamp( no snakes, crocs or nasty things here)

at last they have slowed down to a walking pace

who threw that stone?

Will Ebony fetch the stick?

No chance

Niamh loves Ebony but always waits for her mum

the girls are off again!

and head straight for the big pond

Niamh never goes in far

they almost knocked Susan in the water

and have another race around

before they get leads on to head for home

22nd Oct

Here we are waiting for lunch

isn't it ready yet?

 We should wait we have a guest joining us for dinner today

Not a chance

sorry Midge we couldn't wait

Midge didn't mind she loves her food too.

and she has dinner with us every day

we are not tired now can we play?

no puppies I want to make sure you are all clean and tidy for a photo shoot

Do you want us to smile?

Or look sweet?

No puppies stand like little show dogs

How about me don't I look gorgeous?

I am too sleepy to stand

waken up for a minute

come on puppy you have to stand

Now can we go to sleep?


Look Murphy has come to visit

and he can hear Ebony shouting to him

Vil keeps a hold of him, he wants to go and play

Please dad let me go play with my sister

Ok then go and play

6th Oct

Emma and Molly live together

they are best friends

  Emma & Niamh's sister Maeve has come to visit

   Maeve with Emma and Ebony's sister Molly

the girls are having a great time together

they are all so happy

it's what makes it all worth while

finding great homes for our puppies

so that they live out happy lives with wonderful people

doing the things wolfhounds love to do

thank you Sally and Steve ( and everyone else with our puppies) you are doing a fabulous job


Murphy is growing up into a handsome young man

he is a lovely boy, Vil and Jim adore him

21st Sept

Its Toby and Rainbows birthday walk

So we are all out for a walk except Harry and Megan who are puppy sitting

Ebony is having a great time and wants to learn to swim

Nobody seems to want to run today

but that doesn't last long

and the girls are soon in the water.

bad puppies get out of that water

and make room for .....

Morgan the battleship

Niamh waits for mum

Toby is having a Happy Birthday

come on Niamh lets run again

it's busy here today

no room to run

maybe if we went back the way we could run

wait for us

time to head back

wait a minute something's happening

RUN the devil is after us

no that's Rainbow and her big ears!

she frightened the bairns

I wasn't scared

nor me

Rainbow you frightened Niamh and Ebony

stay with Aunty Morgan girls I will watch over you

you have got no chance of those two doing what they are told Morgan

help I am being chased again

right then stay beside me

come on then hurry up

Morgan hasn't noticed Ebony

  Now what is she up too?


Ebony you are all wet

Hide me from Morgan

quick... in here Niamh

haha she cant see me

oh oh busted!

naughty puppies

out of there Ebony

ok mum

hey that's not fair

how do you expect the pups to behave Rainbow!

hey look I can swim

Mum, Ebony is swimming!

that was great

thought you were watching her Morgan!

lets go to the big pond for a dip

can I go in?

yes ok but be swimming

I think you are a bit late Morgan!

I give up

There she goes again

Ebony loves swimming

That was scary Ebony

Water fight!

ok you two, enough nonsense

sorry Morgan

you were just as bad when you were a pup Morgan

HELP! Niamh has fallen under the water

she pushed me in!

come on pups get to the van we are going home

I can't wait to get my paws up

Ebony and Rainbow are still running around

leads on everybody time to go

the girls did what they were told!!!

good girl Niamh

25th Aug

Our last day in Ireland and Rainbow wins The Green star and Best of Breed again

we keep her out of the rain in the Pro-Plan stand

Bill is showing her today and she is in the group

come on Rainbow

the group line up

and Rainbow wins

here she is in the Best in Show ring for the second time this week....well done Bill and Rainbow

if you are wondering were the pups are we left them in the van

the last time they were on the ferry they were a handful, so Toby is watching them

while Rainbow and I enjoy the see air

and the view

and I can relax in peace without them

after all us hounds are supposed to be lazy!

we love the ferry especially when it is sunny and warm outside

and the crew are lovely, this is Robin

he took great care of us all

and we were given biscuits

and a bucket of water

yum that was lovely

are we there yet?

its great to be going home though

and we net lots of nice people

look Rainbow there is Scotland

yes I see it

Are we there yet?

Two very well behaved dogs

and the pups were very good too

Toby kept a good eye on them

1st Aug

Breakfast at Bribiba!

The bowls are licked clean!

a nice long rest

who wants to go up the forest?

hurry up dad let us out!

here we come

Ebony doesn't run to far away

and Niamh stays with mum

we will walk with old Harry he is nice and slow

the girls wander around exploring

what are you looking at Megan?

those silly pups playing in the pond!

Well I better keep an eye on them

Thanks Harry

come on puppies follow us

ok that's enough running for now

come on Harry time to go

14th July

We had a trip out to Roslin near Edinburgh

Watch your beer Bill!

Niamh loves to get into everything

Ebony is watching the boys they are in the van

and the people at the next table who are all eating!

they soon settled down and behaved

24th June

Ebony is out on her first big run

with the pack

she doesn't go to far away from us

especially with Mr. no brains running around ready to steamroller anything in his way!

ha ha silly Toby!

The pack take it easy for Ebony

a nice gentle pace

it is seven in the evening so not to hot

is there any squirrels here?

Megan  + mud  = Happy girl!

Well I am NOT going in there

Ebony is having a great time

Rainbow out on her own as usual

she loves to wander off and explore

while Morgan looks after her daughter!

come up here Ebony the hounds are going to run

ok mum

what a well behaved lot you are

a pleasure to walk with

now go and get washed

do I have to mum?

come on in Ebony you will love this

oh this is good

look I am all clean again

leads on time to go home

see you all soon

17th June

Orla is 1 year old now

here she is in her new home

she is spoiled and loved by everyone

gets on well with all the other pets

and looks healthy

  and happy


Murphy awake for a change!!

8th June

Here I was quietly sunbathing

Yes we do get lovely sunshine in Scotland

so it was declared 'bath day'

thanks mum!

help I am shrinking!

there all done!

look out Ebony you're next!

well we both smell nice!

me too!

how did you two escape?

Niamh can open the gates!


look out Niamh you will get wet again

wake up grandpa somebody's coming

Who is it?

it's Uncle Brian

He has come to see me.

Ebony look he's brought other dogs

You go first

It's only Artney and Tara, silly pups

This is Megan!

Help! Mum it's after us!!!

come on girls it is really safe

see he won't hurt you

Niamh hides behind Harry

go on speak to Artney he is friendly Niamh

ha ha even Ebony is not sure

Megan will look after you too.

so you are a Deerhound then?

Hello Artney I am Niamh

ok we are happy now

cuddles for everybody

mmmm is it tea-time yet?

bye Brian see you soon

bye wolfie pups

Time for tea!

27th May

Chris and Susan with Ralph, baby Nell, Sammy and Gus their retrievers and a couple of little dogs

Raven on holiday in Ireland see him on


A little walk for the cheeky girls

just to explore and stretch their legs

Lots of nice things to sniff here Niamh

Rabbit maybe? Or is it fox?

Oh if it's a fox let's stay beside mum!

Don't be silly girls it will be hiding from you two!

I know who was was Great grandpa Harry

Yep he went this way

Your right girls he was here ten minutes ago.

Ok girls I still have 3 more wolfies to walk time to go

ok mum

26th May

Kate and Brian's lovely Brenna....Ebony's sister

Brenna loves playing in the loch

with her new pack

At home helping in the garden

she needs a cuddle

and a rest


Janet and Morgan enjoy the Scottish sunshine...

Meesha loves the sun too

Bill and Billy are putting up a sunshade for the dogs...

Trust those two to get the best seat in the garden!

but it's my blanket on here mum

come and play Niamh

While dad is sleeping we can chew his shoes. H is tired out after helping Billy

We love it though... thanks Billy and dad

you know me though I like my comfort

ah that's better... thanks mum

I am such a lucky girl

Don't suppose you can fetch me a drink?

Didn't think so!

Where can I sit mum?

sit with me Granny Megan

Those girls never stop talking, can't you give an old man some peace?

Sorry Harry

23rd May

So if you throw it from here Andrew it will go in the net!

  Thanks Morgan you were right!

 Its Liam's bike Niamh, want a shot?

No thanks Liam I can't go on a bike.

Come and play over here boys

  Thanks to Morgan we won't hurt the puppies

We got sent to our puppy run

What are they doing now Ebony?

  Playing with a ball

do you want to go for a walk

Yes please Liam

come on then

Hi Niamh won't be long till you can run with us.

  Ebony can have a little play off her lead now.

ok Ebony lead on that's enough back to the van

Mr Happy Potter galloping!

That was a great run I better slow down again!

 No Rainbow I am not chasing you

  I have to watch the babies

  Good luck Harry!

These two are tying up dad!

come on boys take us home

It's getting dark

and we still have the ducks to put to bed

come on ducks

They found our eggs!

there's your supper ducks...goodnight.

21st May

Meesha came down to Morgan's dish and asked her for a 'bit bit', and Morgan let her take a biscuit

She is a very special girl

  while they are busy Stuart arrives home

I will just nip inside before they see me.

We just missed out on chasing that cat Niamh

Bill and Megan have been gardening

Well dad put the baskets up for mum and Megan watched.

They have brought us to puppy class

we met Uncle Torin

   a Deerhound, and lots of other dogs too...

Niamh is a great listener

she learns fast

well almost

Aunty Pauline will help her she is a great trainer

is this right dad?

Can we go home now?

Torin and Janet show us how to walk at heel

Ebony and Cat learn together

13th May

Morgan has the puppies out for a little walk

she is so good with them and walks rather than charges around them

Ebony loves her walk

Niamh is still restricted she is to young to run around

she is very strong though and is pulling me hard to catch Ebony up

Ebony doesn't go to far ahead

Morgan comes back for her

She is such a clever girl

They have a great time exploring

while Niamh waits patiently

  Ebony is NOT like her mother and stays out of the pond!

Time for a run in the field

Now Niamh can have a wander around with the girls

She is a great little puppy

and she adores her mum!!

she stays very close to me

Isn't she adorable

the girls play well together

with Morgan keeping an eye on them

lead on now little one

we don't want you charging into that pond

much as I know you would like too!

back in the van

Mind your paws girls

back home the girls play in the garden

as the rest of the gang look on

don't you two ever rest?

Megan thinks she hears a visitor

Meesha keeps a lookout

the welcoming committee!

Ebony practises her best smile

Nobody is here you lot!

 Those dogs are not as smart as me

Hello pup

It was Dennis the cat we heard!

Good morning ducks

Well they are not very sociable!

That's because you gave them a fright

Sorry ducks

10th May

Ebony's sister Daisy has come to visit

she looks wonderful

I look like this one!

Mum's shoes are great to chew on!

Can I help

Hey I can see a cat out there!

Hey you guys look it's a cat

tell her mum!

Daisy stands very well

I can do that!

Niamh next

Hey you are chewing your lead Niamh!

Now she is pulling Ebony.....Steve and Wendy you sold us a little monster pup!

Daisy's turn again.

I have had enough mum its time to sleep

The girls went to town to meet people

and we met Barney and Beattie's Aunt and Uncle

ok we were good girls, now where is our promised treats?

8th May

Beth and Isaac at the parade

Both the boys were very well behaved

Isaac is so very like his older brother Toby

Howard with his handsome boys

The family


  Murphy is always asleep when Vil takes a picture!!


Meanwhile back in our sunny garden

Niamh is out on the lawn

With our neighbour Jean, Ebony

and Rainbow

Where is my big sister?

behind you Niamh

This is a nice shady spot

Hi dad

A cuddle from mum

and I can steal her shoe!

Ebony got the other one

Here comes our Grandpa Indi

where has my dad gone?

There he is cutting the other lawn

He won't be to happy about you digging a hole there Ebony!

Dad the puppies are digging up the lawn!

better hide girls here he comes

Hide Ebony quick

Whoops I bent the daffodils!

3rd May

Niamh has found a plastic plant pot

She has more toys than 'Toys r us!

She will play with anything!

Now what is she doing?

Niamh drops it down the stair

so Ebony helps her bring it back up.

can I have it back please

Of course you can ( what a star she is) both girls are just wonderful

Niamh is just like her daddy, she is just the sweetest baby in the world

and Morgan takes very good care of her like she was her own.

Can I go out for a walk with the girls mum?

I wanted to show them the pond

No Niamh you can't come in yet you are too small

Come on Ebony lets pull Cat in the water

I guess we will have to try that when we are bigger!

Ebony, Cat wait for me

I want my mum!

Look mum I can climb a mountain

I don't want to be carried dad I want to run!

no Miss you are to small to go far you are going back to the van

Hi mum this is great fun

Cat be careful jumping the ditch

Ebony did!

come on then back to the van

24th April

Hagrid in Maryland with Linda Al and family

He is settled in well and very happy

Digger practises his stand with Stephanie

ok mum that's enough thanks

22nd April

Fallon an Indi pup in Florida

another spoiled baby

and it shows


15th April

Raven the hunter in Wales....he is a stunning puppy, Steve and Wendy adore him he has his own page on


Ebony and Niamh enjoy the sunshine

not that we have a choice!

hi Mum

Rainbow keeps an eye on them

and Uncle Toby over the gate from them


Molly at her holiday home in Cornwall

so very much loved

  and she loves everyone

life's a beach!

and it's huge

with lots of people to meet

no wonder she is happy my lovely girl. xx


and up in Canada

Fergus has some friends to play with

he is a very gentle boy but still watched carefully

he is another very handsome puppy


Kady in Florida is a daughter of Indi

A sister of Quinlin ( below)

a very pretty girl, she belongs to the Rohan wolfhounds in Florida

and her brother Phelan

Spend a fortune on a bed and where do you sleep?

9th April

Rosie in Alaska loves the snow.

she races around the garden

Chieftain ( Indi's son) adores her

even when she chews his legs!

This handsome boy is Quinlin  owned and loved by Theresa Guetzkow in Florida

He is another son of Indi

and it looks like he is just as spoiled!

Digger with his new family in France

Already a mummy's boy!

Ebony and Cat at dog class

That's enough for me.

Briagh and Rainbow agree

can we come out mum?

You will be going to classes soon  Niamh

What I am not doing that, I can't behave.

You think she is joking!

Look at this room, this was her!

I had nothing to do with it

who chewed my wellies?

it was Niamh mum

I think she believed me

my feet are nearly as big as daddy's

The 'dog free room' yeh right Bill

Mum, Ebony is eating your sock!

as if I would

I want this cushion

no you don't

Time for bed

3rd April


Baby Niamh sleeps peacefully at our neighbour Jean's while we were out at our dog class with Ebony

the neighbours come to see her

Aileen wants to keep her

Meanwhile Murphy has a snooze in the lounge up in the North of Scotland

and the other Murphy who lives with John Bosanquet in Liverpool is a very happy spoiled boy too

He is a Morgan puppy the other Murphy is a Rainbow pup

He is a very well behaved boy

'The Cheeky Girls

Ebony and Niamh play well together

Supervised of course

Ebony is huge next to Niamh

Niamh on her pink blankie!

She has quite a collection of toys

an Ebony smile.

'We are the cheeky girls'

my little princess

sleeping beauty

and Ebony Moon

Goodnight Zzzzzzzz


Karen and her wonderful boys

This was the puppy who pulled the others tails!


31st March

Just got back from sunny Wales where we dropped off Raven at Steve and Wendy's...................

Raven loves the hotel room and is very excited about meeting his new mum and dad

Rainbow is very proud of her puppies she did a wonderful job....with a little help from Morgan

Raven and Steve

Raven meets his dad Alfie

he checks out his new garden

and he loves his new wolfie friends

this is for me

the smaller puppies check him out

he doesn't mind at all

Alfie knows Rainbow is here!

Toby and Rainbow meet the puppies

A picture with dad

The table is not big enough to stretch Raven out

never mind he can have a hug instead

Raven and Bill, his dad Alfie with Steve, and grandad Bailey with Wendy

....and brought back a new puppy. We are proud to present the very first 'Nightwing' puppy, Steve and Wendy you breed a lovely puppy and we just could not resist this gorgeous young lady. Bill has names her Niamh (pronounced Neev)

she gets a first class seat on the 8 hour drive home.  She settled in so well you would think she always lived here.

Fergus arrived safe and well in Canada and has learned to 'stand'

He is a lovely boy

25th March

Rosie in Alaska loves her new family...Thanks Josie and Matt

Rosie with Chieftain ( Indi's son)

here she is with Seamus keeping cosy in bed

and in sunny Scotland Murphy is out in the cold. Let me in mum! Vil and Jim love this little man.

24th March

Ebony our beautiful baby girl

She is so precious we adore her...our new princess

She has a protector

Her grandpa Harry

Come on princess I will watch over you


19th March

Molly lives with Sally Steve Zac and Matthew

My mummy and daddy took me to the pub

but  I don't want to drink beer

  I love cuddles from daddy

I am a very spoiled young lady

but then so I should be

after all I was born under a 'Rainbow'!

12th March

Aiden has settled very well in Tennessee with Karen and Brian

He loves his new family and is a member of the boys club (he lives with 3 other dogs)

and here is Brenna helping out mum Kate and dad Brian on the farm, what a star!

She is a very happy little girl too

  Kate must be strong to hold onto her for so long

'Puppy Love'

and finally Murphy guards the back door !

28th Feb

Look funny white stuff

What is it

It's down in the garden too....lets go see

The ramp is slippery mum

here I come...catch me.

It tastes strange...Harley don't eat yellow snow!

Raven wants to play inside

So they all run back to their warm kitchen

Lewis (no longer pirate...I won) and Ebony love playtime Mouse over the picture

Does anyone want a biscuit?

Come on you lot time for a sleep

ok mum

I will keep watch on them all from up here

Look at Toby all bathed and getting ready for Cruft's on Sunday

and Rainbow. Cat and Bill bathed them all on Saturday

Hopefully I will have their coats looking perfect by this evening.

Rosie has made it safely all the way to Alaska

She made herself right at home

she is a royal princess....well she thinks she is!

Molly has a new house to play in

and the weather is much nicer in the south of England

and in the colder North of Scotland Murphy chills out

Meanwhile in Wales our cousins are getting bigger

they are very dark

beautiful Alfie puppies


27th Feb

Murphy in his new home with Vil and Jim

He has a nice new teddy to play with

and cuddle


Purdy who went off to live with Julie and Rodge

She has a new friend Indi the spaniel


Molly who has settled in and just chilled out with Sally and Steve.

23rd Feb

Rosie ( Bribiba's Scotia wild rose)

Leaving home soon

Digger the dog!!

He loves eating duck ( wonder were he got that habit from?)

My mum likes duck too!


Ebony (Bribiba's Ebony Moon) our new baby

stand for daddy

such a beautiful face

No not daddy's girl Bill she is mine!

Bills boy...Jack Sparrow or 'Pirate' ....maybe.

He is a huge puppy!

I had to hold him up here, he wanted to sleep.

Bill had him standing better.


Looks a lot like Indi

He is a lovely boy, his nature is wonderful

Can I go to sleep

Raven (Steve's pick of the litter)

He is a beautiful puppy

I love his dark eyes

I am not staying here I am going to live with my daddy Alfie!

18th Feb

It's getting a bit crowded in here

We are getting so big, we need a bigger play area

I don't have a bed, there's no room for me.....

What about this then

We love our playhouse...

we can watch the ducks in the pond

or watch our mums over the gate

We can stay out all day and play in the spring sunshine

Thanks mum...but can I get out now?

6th Feb

Boy are these pups had work, but it is puppy heaven here I love it.

The Bengals come out to see the puppies

Here we come

I wonder where I got these ears from...maybe great aunty Darcy in Guernsey!!

Where is everyone?

Careful it is still icy here.

Is our breakfast ready yet?

Mum I really need to go can I get out please puppies

Come on puppies I really need to go NOW!

Come on you lot leave poor Toby and follow me.

Be good puppies now I am going back inside

Lots to drink here puppies

Lots to investigate

Games to's my ball!

Are you being a good boy?

Morgan the best mother in the world

Rainbow keeps a watch but doesn't help with face washing!

Morgan checks out the rest to make sure they are all ok.

Game on

I'm not playing and it's my ball

Nobody is getting it

don't move ball

got it!

The big dogs keep watch

a very responsible job for Toby!

Our new puppy 'Ebony'

2nd Feb

100_2930 (Small).JPG (84347 bytes) Hey you lot stop pushing

100_2934 (Small).JPG (53702 bytes) Is our tea ready yet?

100_2935 (Small).JPG (66153 bytes) what's this then?

100_2938 (Small).JPG (47727 bytes) I don't want to go outside it's cold

100_2955 (Small).JPG (70406 bytes) Morgan's lot don't mind

100_2956 (Small).JPG (97548 bytes) They love the snow

100_2957 (Small).JPG (72317 bytes) They eat it!

100_2959 (Small).JPG (68326 bytes) all changed, fed and cosy

100_2963 (Small).JPG (62713 bytes) Night night mum

100_2964 (Small).JPG (76792 bytes) Do I get a goodnight kiss

100_2965 (Small).JPG (58732 bytes) Next morning and the demolishing squad are back at work...

100_2966 (Small).JPG (69347 bytes) We have a lovely surprise....more babies

100_2951 (Small) (2).JPG (41316 bytes) Louie has a litter of 6 kittens....

100_2950 (Small) (Small).JPG (41121 bytes) shhhhhhh

22nd January

100_2732 (Small).JPG (52331 bytes) Caitlin comes to visit the puppies with mum Julie

100_2738 (Small).JPG (28337 bytes) Julie picks out a pretty Rainbow puppy girl....mine!

100_2740 (Small).JPG (57536 bytes) Morgan and Rainbow share out the puppies at feeding time, they don't mind who feeds who.

100_2742 (Small).JPG (64394 bytes) How come you have 15 and I only have 2?

100_2747 (Small).JPG (71822 bytes) That's it half and half is fair

100_2750 (Small).JPG (67826 bytes) a Morgan dog

100_2752 (Small).JPG (58843 bytes) Baby Bear

100_2753 (Small).JPG (75272 bytes) Morgan dog

100_2754 (Small).JPG (64556 bytes) Rainy girl

100_2755 (Small).JPG (70575 bytes) Rainy boy

100_2756 (Small).JPG (54445 bytes) Rainy girl (Slinky)

100_2758 (Small).JPG (56737 bytes) Rainy girl

100_2761 (Small).JPG (54320 bytes) Pound puppy (Rainy dog)

100_2762 (Small).JPG (47102 bytes) Rainy girl

100_2764 (Small).JPG (50441 bytes) Rainy girl

100_2767 (Small).JPG (59053 bytes) Another feed.....these girls are so amazing together

100_2768 (Small).JPG (56871 bytes) They help each other and never have a bad moment

100_2771 (Small).JPG (54118 bytes) They don't mind which puppies they are feeding...amazing.

100_2778 (Small).JPG (58268 bytes) Rainbow leaves the room and Morgan carry's on feeding both litters.

100_2781 (Small).JPG (53284 bytes) I have to take her away, she is a perfect mother

100_2788 (Small).JPG (59772 bytes) Chris and Susan are here too they are having a girl puppy.

18th Jan 

17 puppies ...lots of pictures...enjoy....

100_2696 (Small).JPG (59184 bytes)

100_2698 (Small).JPG (57699 bytes)

100_2700 (Small).JPG (48762 bytes)

100_2702 (Small).JPG (52993 bytes)

100_2704 (Small).JPG (60068 bytes)

100_2705 (Small).JPG (52300 bytes)

100_2708 (Small).JPG (52074 bytes)

100_2710 (Small).JPG (53537 bytes)

100_2712 (Small).JPG (52761 bytes)

100_2715 (Small).JPG (37457 bytes)

100_2716 (Small).JPG (59481 bytes)

100_2718 (Small).JPG (66611 bytes)

100_2720 (Small).JPG (56998 bytes)

100_2722 (Small).JPG (42568 bytes)

100_2724 (Small).JPG (48718 bytes)

100_2726 (Small).JPG (39439 bytes)

P1010006 (Small).JPG (57351 bytes)

P1010010 (Small).JPG (48450 bytes) 

P1010012 (Small).JPG (53508 bytes)

P1010013 (Small).JPG (66018 bytes) 

and  a little more....

100_2690 (Small).JPG (29764 bytes) tea-time

100_2692 (Small).JPG (49049 bytes) pandemonium!

100_2694 (Small).JPG (63016 bytes) more more...

100_2693 (Small).JPG (41514 bytes) 17 heads Don't fit into one dish

100_2695 (Small).JPG (48739 bytes)  100_2699 (Small).JPG (35216 bytes) 100_2701 (Small).JPG (58234 bytes) 

100_2703 (Small).JPG (53621 bytes)  100_2707 (Small).JPG (41644 bytes) 100_2709 (Small).JPG (58408 bytes) 

100_2711 (Small).JPG (29210 bytes)  100_2713 (Small).JPG (49076 bytes) 100_2717 (Small).JPG (31355 bytes) 

100_2719 (Small).JPG (32671 bytes)  100_2721 (Small).JPG (29825 bytes) 100_2723 (Small).JPG (29651 bytes) 

100_2725 (Small).JPG (39196 bytes) P1010001 (Small).JPG (62590 bytes) P1010009 (Small).JPG (49981 bytes) 

P1010011 (Small).JPG (44154 bytes)  P1010014 (Small).JPG (36183 bytes) 


7th Jan

The puppies at 4 weeks

100_2591 (Small).JPG (50695 bytes) A Morgan puppy 

100_2595 (Small).JPG (45920 bytes) do I have to do this!

100_2597 (Small).JPG (40172 bytes) isn't she lovely   100_2598 (Small).JPG (59247 bytes) and very pretty too

100_2602 (Small).JPG (38603 bytes) This is the same puppy

100_2612 (Small).JPG (46303 bytes) and a Rainbow drop dog

100_2614 (Small).JPG (56671 bytes) I am not going to stand!

100_2615 (Small).JPG (50736 bytes) maybe tomorrow then.....

100_2596 (Small).JPG (43639 bytes) we are all to sleepy come back later

Pictures by Matt Timbers

A (4) (Small).jpg (26785 bytes) Mum is late with dinner today!

A (7) (Small).jpg (22115 bytes) Where is my mum?

A (6) (Small).jpg (26257 bytes) Little Angels

A (8) (Small).jpg (35339 bytes) I am not a piglet!

A (10) (Small).jpg (28794 bytes) Mm lunchtime

A (11) (Small).jpg (16553 bytes) I am soooo tired.

2nd Jan

 100_2479 (Small).JPG (61789 bytes)The Rainbow drops

 100_2486 (Small).JPG (56334 bytes) They are getting big

100_2482 (Small).JPG (51648 bytes) Mum they are stealing the puppy food!]

100_2483 (Small).JPG (54437 bytes) Let me help!

100_2485 (Small).JPG (68347 bytes) Morgan's neat and tidy puppies

100_2481 (Small).JPG (58806 bytes) Rainbow's puppies after a meal!

100_2488 (Small).JPG (56582 bytes) Wonder what happens if I put my paw in it!

100_2490 (Small).JPG (33695 bytes) I found a duck in my toy box

100_2491 (Small).JPG (30041 bytes) Ok duck you are history!

 No I won't put him down.

 100_2493 (Small).JPG (54769 bytes)Grrrr say your prayers duck

100_2495 (Small).JPG (38122 bytes) I didn't really hurt him

100_2494 (Small).JPG (79704 bytes) Night night

100_2496 (Small).JPG (65613 bytes) Rainbow's puppies all clean and tidy and sleeping again

1st Jan

100_2453 (Small).JPG (65868 bytes) 17 puppies ( the dark one's are Rainbows)

 100_2455 (Small).JPG (45624 bytes) Dinner time

100_2456 (Small).JPG (43146 bytes) is this all we are getting!

100_2457 (Small).JPG (50000 bytes) it tastes not too bad 

100_2463 (Small).JPG (52096 bytes) mmm yes it is nice

100_2464 (Small).JPG (53508 bytes) ok dad put me in

100_2465 (Small).JPG (40432 bytes) funny guy I didn't mean that far

100_2467 (Small).JPG (77577 bytes) when's tea time then?

100_2469 (Small).JPG (53057 bytes) Morgan's puppies love eating

100_2473 (Small).JPG (41935 bytes) and sleeping

100_2474 (Small).JPG (57617 bytes) Emmy comes to visit the puppies

100_2476 (Small).JPG (51790 bytes) with her mum Lesley

19th Dec

100_2250 (Small).JPG (83961 bytes) Rainbow's litter are getting big

100_2257 (Small).JPG (51878 bytes) Morgan's have started to open their eyes.

100_2254 (Small).JPG (50843 bytes) Cuddles from mum

100_2256 (Small).JPG (68086 bytes) Rainbow is looking after 7 

100_2277 (Small).JPG (55149 bytes) Morgan has 2 of Rainbow's and she is doing a super job.

100_2275 (Small).JPG (62125 bytes) Morgan puppy

100_2274 (Small).JPG (72882 bytes) Morgan puppy

100_2270 (Small).JPG (66915 bytes) Rainbow puppy


100_2224 (Small).JPG (81777 bytes) Rainbows litter of 9  ( we lost a 14 oz little boy)

100_2226 (Small).JPG (66298 bytes) Morgan's litter, always neat and tidy, she is an excellent mother

100_2228 (Small).JPG (41541 bytes) I love my mummy

Arwen's/Indi's  litter in Florida

Arwen puppies 5dec-1.JPG (105412 bytes) Arwen and her 6 puppies

Arwen puppies 5dec-2.JPG (124491 bytes) the 3 boys

10dec07-4JPG.jpg (75299 bytes) A contented baby

10dec07-8.jpg (45301 bytes) Just beautiful

Rainbow's litter

Thanks to Janet and Brian who have been such a great help through this long hard night. Rainbow of course was a star.......

100_2195 (Small).JPG (76061 bytes) This is not so easy!

100_2162 (Small).JPG (65745 bytes) Rainbow's first puppy 1lb 9oz ( girl) 100_2163 (Small).JPG (53333 bytes)

100_2164 (Small).JPG (51513 bytes) 2nd is a little boy 1lb 7oz 100_2167 (Small).JPG (63425 bytes)

100_2170 (Small).JPG (49491 bytes)  3 another boy 1lb 4oz  100_2171 (Small).JPG (38867 bytes) 

100_2173 (Small).JPG (47220 bytes) no 4 a girl 1lb 9oz  100_2172 (Small).JPG (70025 bytes)

  100_2176 (Small).JPG (43294 bytes) no 5 boy 14 oz 100_2177 (Small).JPG (47764 bytes) 

100_2180 (Small).JPG (68614 bytes) no 6 1lb boy ( 10 hours later!!)

100_2202 (Small).JPG (64091 bytes) All done.

Thanks to all our friends who have offered to come and puppy sit....Neil, Helen, Vil, Jim, Marion, Brian, Jean, Mary, Hazel and a special thanks to Janet who happily got out of bed in the middle of the night to help me with the new arrivals. 

100_2104 (Small).JPG (44514 bytes)Morgan is  three years and 4 months old this is her first litter. She is a wonderful girl with a lovely temperament and everybody loves her. She was always a tomboy as a puppy but has grown into a loving gentle girl. 

  100_2042 (Small).JPG (53181 bytes)Give us a smile Morgan ( She was getting her hair done)

Meet her new family. 5 boys and 3 girls

Santir Spirit of Scotland at Bribiba x Hazianne Shaun Thornton

100_2198 (Small).JPG (47239 bytes) Its great when the kids are fed, bathed and  asleep and I can relax.

100_2197 (Small).JPG (44438 bytes) Its easy being a mum....I love it

100_2129 (Small).JPG (62176 bytes) Morgan's 8 beautiful babies born 7th Dec.

 100_2109 (Small).JPG (64348 bytes) First puppy to arrive

 100_2112 (Small).JPG (58171 bytes) Come on puppy get some milk

100_2113 (Small).JPG (45259 bytes) Morgan is quite relaxed and trusts Janet and I to help her out

IMG_0403 (Small).jpg (46367 bytes) Helen and Neil arrive later to give us a break and let us get some sleep

IMG_0361 (Small).jpg (50624 bytes) what about me?

IMG_0378 (Small).jpg (45763 bytes)  Doesn't she look like a princess with her babies

IMG_0381 (Small).jpg (49255 bytes) A natural mother she is just the best   

IMG_0402 (Small).jpg (52216 bytes) Little fat puppies all cleaned and fed

IMG_0397 (Small).jpg (37169 bytes) This one is to be called Dorothy especially for Paddy's best friend Tilly (The Pink Princess)

100_2133 (Small).JPG (47646 bytes) these are MY puppies and I am keeping them all

 100_2134 (Small).JPG (63681 bytes)Time for a rest I think

100_2136 (Small).JPG (56276 bytes) The puppies are under a red heat lamp, they are not all red.

 100_2135 (Small).JPG (49328 bytes)Feeding time...again

100_2138 (Small).JPG (56469 bytes) Big strong healthy puppies

IMG_0382 (Small).jpg (50154 bytes) Bedtime