Dog Obedience Classes (Sorry we no longer run the classes)

Our class is a six week basic training class that benefits both you and your dog. We take 10 dogs at a time and teach them to work together as a team, socialising them and helping them to mix with both dogs and people.

We make the classes fun and though it is hard work it is also very rewarding.

100_3459 (Small).JPG (51950 bytes) Our gentle wolfhounds help to let the little guys know that all big dogs are not bad

100_3472 (Small).JPG (31669 bytes) Though they might laugh at their mistakes sometimes!

100_3474 (Small).JPG (39121 bytes) We take dogs of all ages

100_3453 (Small).JPG (39689 bytes) Big or small

and help you both get the best from each other.

Email us here       to book your course, held on Tuesday nights Redding Church Hall Main Street Falkirk FK2 9YD

or call 01324 851691

I wanted to let you and Bill know how much Loki and I enjoyed the
classes. I can't believe how much we've achieved in such a few weeks -
I'm so proud of my little pup! I want to carry on doing some training
with him - do you know of any heelwork to music or agility classes in
the area? I think he would really enjoy that.
Thanks again,
  From Loki (and Ruth)
PS Loki says "where's my sausages??!"


Just wanted to write and say thank you for the help and support that you gave Diesel and myself throught the time I was at the classes, I enjoyed myself and found them really helpful, Diesel is now taking a telling from me when my husband is away.
Thank you once again
Dawn and Diesel