Harry Potter diary 2009

Harry's old diaries are here

Feb 11th

With a heart that is breaking in two I have to tell you all that Harry Potter is very ill and he is going off to the Rainbow bridge today. We are spending a few hours together first. Harry is loved by so many people, he has been on the website from his first day in this world and we feel it only fair that you should all share his last few hours.

The sun is shining here and it is a lovely winters day, I hope to be able to take Harry to  his beloved forest with my camera  so he can say goodbye. Thank you all for loving him too.

Our magical boy

  The one and only wonderful Harry Potter


We did have our walk together were we said our goodbyes....we will never forget him he was a true gentle giant.

Feb 9th

  Gabby out on her first big walk in the forest

with Trudy

Wait for me Gabby

this is fun

  don't go near the ponds puppies

Race you up the hill Trudy

which way is up?

Ailidh and Harry will show us

  they are a bit slow

hey I can still run pups

so can we

but I want to stay near mum

 Me too

I found paw prints in the snow

they went that way!

so I am going this way

This snow stuff tastes good

  we have to go now it's snowing again

Jan 27th

I went out for a walk with Megan and Morgan

Well I walked they ran

come on Harry hurry up

Morgan had to close her eyes in the tall grass

Hey this is the life

Ice water again!

I like a nice slow stroll

I am never in a hurry

but those two are away up the hills

and back again

Come on Morgan lets get a drink

break the ice for me


no problem Megan

right lets go again

Hey Harry has caught us up

He's gone up without us

We will catch him up don't worry

He's had enough.....and so have I

Time to go

Jan 19th

Brian meets Jack my grandson he is 8 weeks old

  Aunty Helen gives him a big hug

   Who has got him now?

  It's Uncle Neil

Now Aunty Janet has him

Here I am, Happy Birthday to me

You are not going on this walk Harry it's too far

  Here we go

Mia first in the pond

We all head off up the road

It's cold and windy

but nobody minds

Most of the dogs have never met but all get on very well

Helen shows off her diamante welly boots!

Ebony, Niamh and Artney chase Purdy

they are having a great time

  Sometimes dogs lost owners

where's my mum gone?

You are my old mum....(Morgan's daughter Purdy)

Arty finds his mum Helen

and stays close by her

but not for long, there is too much to do here

another chase is on

Ailidh, Artney and Niamh

Hey Niamh lets chase Artney

you won't catch him he is mad

Poppy the Great Dane is still not sure if she can run with the others

but Ebony reassures her she will have fun

We all made it to the top of the hill

Poppy with Emmy Brian and Ailidh Marion and Artney and Tara

Biscuit time

Caitlin and Purdy

Posing for pictures

everybody smile

Neil brought his camera too

Thanks for the pictures Neil

where have those girls gone?

to get our mum

here we come Poppy

Poppy is quite happy now

hurry up you lot

look out Poppy you can't walk on water

I can walk on water can't I mum

Look we can walk on it Arty try it

Go over there where its deeper Arty

I know I can do this

silly pup course you can't, now look at you! Ha-ha

Don't tell anybody mum

You should not listen to Artney

Here comes Uncle Douglas and Aunty Rae

They only had a short walk

here I am at my party

a birthday kiss from my Uncle Brian

and Caitlin

do you need a help eating Aunty Rae?

hey this is for me...a bag of goodies

and a birthday cake.....video on youtube of this

Ebony relaxes with dad after the party

while Niamh snuggles up with Uncle Neil

but she soon has a couch to herself

and mum has to share with Meesha and Stuart

thanks for coming everybody it was a lovely day

Jan 6th

It's cold up here today can we go home to bed?

  Look how thick the ice is Grandpa Harry

  It's really cold but we love it

I prefer my warm cosy bed

  Come on lets run and keep warm

  That's enough I am going home

Don't go yet Grandpa Harry,, we want to play


ok then, you two have a run, I will wait

Thanks Grandpa Harry

Right lets race up the hill

  They are good girls

I am too old to keep up with them, so they go off on their own

Leaving me to do my own thing

at my pace

They have a good run around

but never going too far away

Ebony keeps a close watch on us

while Niamh has a run around

  come on then girls lets head back

 coming mum

best place to be on a cold frosty day