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5th Dec

100_2066 (Small).JPG (37853 bytes) Megan has been donating blood for a Rough Collie pup with a Liver Shunt

100_2067 (Small).JPG (39073 bytes) Good luck Wizard we hope you get better soon.

100_2090 (Small).JPG (51893 bytes) Those girls are so spoiled

100_2092 (Small).JPG (48907 bytes) I have to lie on a cold slate floor

100_2093 (Small).JPG (45144 bytes) No you don't Harry you have a big soft bed too!

22nd Nov

100_1696 (Small).JPG (50503 bytes) I have a new bed it is so comfy I hope you won't mind if I don't get up.

100_1698 (Small).JPG (50852 bytes) It's an airbed and it save's my old bones from having to climb up on a bed.

100_1697 (Small).JPG (67726 bytes) If I go out in the van...it goes too!

10th Nov

100_1053 (Small).JPG (92182 bytes) Rainbow and Morgan are out running with me just now

100_1056 (Small).JPG (87937 bytes) they are both going to have puppies and need someone to slow them down a bit

100_1057 (Small).JPG (90328 bytes) but I can still keep up with them all...where did they go?

100_1059 (Small).JPG (64194 bytes) Hang on Rainbow we have to wait for Harry

100_1062 (Small).JPG (81026 bytes) Come on slow coach, you are so fat you can hardly walk!

100_1065 (Small).JPG (91089 bytes) I have lost weight mum put me on a diet.

100_1071 (Small).JPG (103990 bytes) I can still run fast

100_1072 (Small).JPG (111308 bytes) but ...puff....not for too long puff puff

100_1073 (Small).JPG (103777 bytes) anyway I have to walk slow for my dad!

100_1074 (Small).JPG (54318 bytes) and I am getting my figure back...slowly!

100_1077 (Small).JPG (52494 bytes) yes very, very slowly!

100_1067 (Small).JPG (58779 bytes) It's all those biscuits you beg Harry!

100_1064 (Small).JPG (74762 bytes) We don't do that...do we mum?

31st Oct 

100_0660 (Small).JPG (61054 bytes) Halloween tonight Megan, wonder what will happen?

100_0670 (Small).JPG (69160 bytes) Who knows Harry we have a house full of little devils!!

100_0673 (Small).JPG (104564 bytes) Yes and while we are out having a run they are all up to no good.

100_0682 (Small).JPG (47754 bytes) Hey, no chance we are coming out too!!

100_0689 (Small).JPG (33293 bytes) we best not be to long though it's getting dark

100_0691 (Small).JPG (37054 bytes) I am not scared in the dark are you Megan?

100_0692 (Small).JPG (47028 bytes) I am not scared of anything....except Megan!!

100_0694 (Small).JPG (38661 bytes) Aye well son she is our pack leader and you have to do what she says.

100_0695 (Small).JPG (51116 bytes) Ok dad I am always a good boy

100_0696 (Small).JPG (69802 bytes) Thick but happy that's our Toby!

100_0702 (Small).JPG (51988 bytes) My happy family

100_0704 (Small).JPG (74617 bytes) Indi and Toby watch Megan have a run

100_0708 (Small).JPG (90859 bytes) she is always running around

100_0724 (Small).JPG (73865 bytes) not always!

100_0716 (Small).JPG (87440 bytes) Where is everyone?

100_0721 (Small).JPG (71858 bytes) Hiding Toby!

100_0736 (Small).JPG (89378 bytes) Mum wants a picture of us

100_0739 (Small).JPG (79011 bytes) Look mum I can fly!!

100_0754 (Small).JPG (50326 bytes) Weeeeee

100_0752 (Small).JPG (78347 bytes) Wow!

100_0750 (Small).JPG (102168 bytes) I can't really , I was just kidding

100_0758 (Small).JPG (55071 bytes) come on then lets get on with our walk

100_0763 (Small).JPG (92815 bytes) its getting dark and the girls have to be walked

100_0768 (Small).JPG (93539 bytes) well I am all washed ready to go home

100_0769 (Small).JPG (59257 bytes) you missed a bit Toby!

100_0771 (Small).JPG (64513 bytes) ok hang on.

100_0773 (Small).JPG (62657 bytes) ok that's it now we can have a quick blow dry!

100_0783 (Small).JPG (60767 bytes) That was a great walk

100_0786 (Small).JPG (58028 bytes) and we have plenty of room in our new van to stretch out on the way home.

100_0787 (Small).JPG (64620 bytes) bye forest see you tomorrow!

21st Oct

100_0463 (Small).JPG (69123 bytes) Thanks dad see you at the pond

100_0466 (Small).JPG (83993 bytes) Come on slow coach we have been up the hill and back again

100_0468 (Small).JPG (107551 bytes) I am the fastest girl in the world

100_0470 (Small).JPG (102610 bytes) Right Rainbow lets get wet

100_0472 (Small).JPG (126758 bytes) The water is cold, but they love it.

100_0474 (Small).JPG (108696 bytes) Race you up the hill Rainbow

100_0489 (Small).JPG (70552 bytes) We will just take it nice and easy dad

100_0500 (Small).JPG (67828 bytes) Where do they get their energy from?

100_0504 (Small).JPG (92061 bytes) I refuse to run too much, it is not dignified

100_0511 (Small).JPG (86122 bytes) I may be slower but I made it to the top

100_0508 (Small).JPG (89945 bytes) If you didn't eat so much Harry you could beat the girls!

100_0514 (Small).JPG (78896 bytes) huh!  he couldn't beat our dad never mind us.

100_0516 (Small).JPG (80100 bytes) anybody could be up the hill before dad!

100_0515 (Small).JPG (83274 bytes) Not you Harry

100_0527 (Small).JPG (99983 bytes) well I am first down!

100_0529 (Small).JPG (103606 bytes) Yes Harry you can roll down!

100_0532 (Small).JPG (111680 bytes) Just kidding granddad we all love you

100_0535 (Small).JPG (81588 bytes) Love you all too

100_0539 (Small).JPG (91084 bytes) Best keep on his good side eh!

100_0544 (Small).JPG (104643 bytes) Oh she's off again!

100_0556 (Small).JPG (92458 bytes) Ah well time to head home

100_0557 (Small).JPG (93352 bytes) come on dad lets go

100_0562 (Small).JPG (71625 bytes) The girls are having a dip first!

100_0563 (Small).JPG (53723 bytes) A muddy Rainbow in the water!

100_0571 (Small).JPG (104067 bytes) I heard that Potter!

21st Sept

 isaac - eli 101307 (Small).jpg (46503 bytes) Isaac ( McD) With Howard

isaac 101307 (Small).jpg (49028 bytes) I am growing fast

100_9684 (Small).JPG (71597 bytes) This is me at 10 weeks

10th Sept

 100_9688 (Small).JPG (77406 bytes) Megan says goodbye to Howard and Beth and asks then to take good care of her baby

100_9689 (Small).JPG (89018 bytes) Morgan says' hurry up and take him he bites!!'

100_9695 (Small).JPG (65818 bytes) Goodbye little pickle we will all miss you very much

 100_9697 (Small).JPG (93665 bytes)I promise to be very brave and not cry....like mum did!


100_9234 (Small).JPG (61794 bytes) Lulu and Stuart Little have a bit of peace while we go out for our run

100_9236 (Small).JPG (87674 bytes) This is what we love best

100_9239 (Small).JPG (73591 bytes) Hey girls wait for me

100_9240 (Small).JPG (86195 bytes) They never do you know

100_9241 (Small).JPG (72942 bytes) Megan is on her way back from a dip already and I have just got here!

100_9242 (Small).JPG (89952 bytes) and of course Morgan is not far behind her

100_9248 (Small).JPG (69081 bytes) Rainbow is a water baby she just loves to stay in the pond as long as she can

100_9249 (Small).JPG (93432 bytes) Me I am happy to watch...do you like my new collar?

100_9254 (Small).JPG (78650 bytes) Look out dad I am going to run just a little bit

100_9256 (Small).JPG (72877 bytes) Puff, puff, here, puff, I come, puff, mum

100_9257 (Small).JPG (79103 bytes) That will do me for today I think

100_9269 (Small).JPG (80510 bytes) This way Megan

100_9270 (Small).JPG (94596 bytes) Look out mum can't stop I am in a hurry, getting chased by a Rainbow!

100_9278 (Small).JPG (69042 bytes) Where is she then?

100_9279 (Small).JPG (87807 bytes) Can you see her Morgan?

100_9282 (Small).JPG (84716 bytes) We are all here you two!

100_9281 (Small).JPG (100085 bytes) Oh Yeh so you are

100_9283 (Small).JPG (82926 bytes) I'll catch you soon Rainbow

100_9293 (Small).JPG (87106 bytes) You can't Morgan nobody has ever caught a Rainbow!

100_9294 (Small).JPG (88630 bytes) Run Rainbow Megan is behind you!

100_9296 (Small).JPG (111900 bytes) Nah! you can't chase me I don't do running!

100_9297 (Small).JPG (105443 bytes) We are all tired out now Harry so you are safe.

100_9300 (Small).JPG (107122 bytes) I am not Morgan here I come!

100_9304 (Small).JPG (102726 bytes) A Rainbow in the Heather!

100_9305 (Small).JPG (109063 bytes) Slow down everybody lets enjoy a walk.

100_9309 (Small).JPG (89108 bytes) Can we run now?

100_9314 (Small).JPG (95510 bytes) Hurry up mum and dad!

100_9319 (Small).JPG (122906 bytes) This is not me I don't know who that dog is in the water!

100_9322 (Small).JPG (98015 bytes) The happiest girl in the world

100_9332 (Small).JPG (110358 bytes) She is as happy as a wolfhound in MUD!

100_9333 (Small).JPG (112106 bytes) Spin drying!

100_9334 (Small).JPG (98424 bytes) This is the best place in the world to walk

100_9338 (Small).JPG (89460 bytes) Look at this mum!

100_9341 (Small).JPG (93151 bytes) My pretty girls

100_9350 (Small).JPG (74407 bytes) Who is that in the water then Harry?

100_9354 (Small).JPG (80078 bytes) Ok I was busted!

100_9347 (Small).JPG (95993 bytes) Morgan is all cleaned ready to go home for supper

100_9359 (Small).JPG (81117 bytes) Bye see you all soon

1st Sept

100_9158 (Small).JPG (95877 bytes) Megan heads straight for the water on our walks

100_9162 (Small).JPG (73071 bytes) We have our American friends with us today

100_9163 (Small).JPG (94204 bytes) This way Howard and Beth follow me

100_9166 (Small).JPG (78754 bytes) Careful here the path is very muddy

100_9167 (Small).JPG (112489 bytes) Not that Megan cares....look out here she comes

100_9170 (Small).JPG (85546 bytes) We all made it to the top! Eventually!!

100_9171 (Small).JPG (78671 bytes) It was worth the walk and the muddy path!

 100_9174 (Small).JPG (99347 bytes) Beth and Howard have come to pick up their new puppy boy. 

 100_9173 (Small).JPG (82586 bytes) They have Megan's approval

100_9176 (Small).JPG (81657 bytes) and everybody agrees

100_9178 (Small).JPG (74566 bytes) even Morgan

100_9180 (Small).JPG (88279 bytes) Come on then everybody lets get on with our walk

100_9182 (Small).JPG (114998 bytes) This way Beth 

100_9187 (Small).JPG (122870 bytes) You too mum hurry up I want my dinner

100_9192 (Small).JPG (75857 bytes) The girls have a good wash before we head home

100_9195 (Small).JPG (65086 bytes) and our visitors need a sleep after their long flight and our walk.

20th Aug

100_8908 (Small) (2).JPG (80564 bytes) Just me and the girls on a run

100_8912 (Small) (2).JPG (64356 bytes) Of course they head straight for the pond

100_8913 (Small).JPG (69714 bytes) get waterlogged

100_8923 (Small).JPG (78585 bytes) Run to the top of the hill and back

100_8924 (Small).JPG (86685 bytes) While me and dad amble slowly up the path

100_8907 (Small) (2).JPG (79677 bytes) I might have a bit of a trot with Megan

100_8929 (Small).JPG (46098 bytes) While rainbow and Morgan catch their breath

100_8932 (Small).JPG (41083 bytes) they don't hang about though!

100_8945 (Small).JPG (92894 bytes) Here they come again

100_8940 (Small).JPG (78935 bytes) Morgan is up to something!

100_8961 (Small).JPG (89561 bytes) Where can she have got too?

100_8947 (Small).JPG (102958 bytes) She has gone and hid herself in the trees

100_8949 (Small).JPG (65351 bytes) Megan has spotted her and gives chase

100_8956 (Small).JPG (77026 bytes) But the rustle of a bag brings them all back again

100_8966 (Small).JPG (82368 bytes) We all get a tasty biscuit

100_8967 (Small).JPG (87605 bytes) I hope yours was a low fat one Harry,

100_8969 (Small).JPG (78209 bytes) We can't all be skinny fat free models Morgan!

100_8971 (Small).JPG (60564 bytes) My dad is a wizard!

100_8972 (Small).JPG (84036 bytes) So is Morgan she has disappeared again!

100_8973 (Small).JPG (70321 bytes) Oh there you are we were looking for you!

100_8974 (Small).JPG (101404 bytes) She is funny always playing jokes on us.

100_8983 (Small).JPG (87701 bytes) Where are you lot going it's this way!

100_8988 (Small).JPG (86086 bytes) We have to come back for you older slower people!

100_8993 (Small).JPG (86028 bytes) Where has Megan got to now?

100_8994 (Small).JPG (104917 bytes) Here I am hiding in the long grass

100_9004 (Small).JPG (82058 bytes) Come on mum I will wait for you.

100_9012 (Small).JPG (82722 bytes) Morgan has had to have her lead on

100_9013 (Small).JPG (76690 bytes) aw... she hurt her paw, but was fine

100_9016 (Small).JPG (60771 bytes) Rainbow and Megan went for their usual beauty treatment

100_9021 (Small).JPG (97224 bytes) Mud baths again!

100_9019 (Small).JPG (94982 bytes) I decided to give it a go

100_9020 (Small).JPG (66840 bytes) well maybe not!

100_9022 (Small).JPG (94893 bytes) It works for me

100_9026 (Small).JPG (74443 bytes) and me

100_9031 (Small).JPG (80490 bytes) I am handsome enough thank you

100_9034 (Small).JPG (82713 bytes) Look mum I am in the water

100_9035 (Small).JPG (70319 bytes) ha ha just kidding!

100_9036 (Small).JPG (77969 bytes) See you all soon...in the meantime enjoy all the holiday snaps....love Harry xx

collage.jpg (1576089 bytes) August 2007 in Northumberland

We had a very unpleasant experience on the beach when Indi and Toby who had happily been playing with any dog they met ( thankfully Paddy was safe at home with his mum and dad) they trotted over to say hello to a dog who had just arrived and the owner started screaming and kicking at them, he was shouting about aggressive dogs! People like this should not be allowed to own animals, he obviously does not understand that dogs are sociable animals and like to meet and greet their kind, yes of course we know our dogs are intimidating but he was way over the top and Toby was kicked three or four times before we reached him. If our boys were in any way aggressive then we as responsible owners would never take them out in public without leads on. Our dogs if they are snapped at will jump back and walk away from aggressive dogs, they never fight back, we know that, so we don't worry about them out in public places, however we never thought we would meet such an ignorant vicious idiot on our holiday. 

2nd Aug

100_8392 (Small).JPG (63496 bytes) It is so quiet and peaceful in our garden today

100_8393 (Small).JPG (81566 bytes) The puppies are happy playing with Lesley and Emmy

100_8394 (Small).JPG (65979 bytes) They are getting more and more outgoing

100_8396 (Small).JPG (64256 bytes) Nothing frightens them

100_8398 (Small).JPG (64179 bytes) and those teddies are well thrown around

100_8399 (Small).JPG (46801 bytes) Teddy on the move!

100_8400 (Small).JPG (61975 bytes) McD is such a loveable little boy....how could mum let him go?

100_8409 (Small).JPG (80150 bytes) Megan doesn't want them to go she is a fabulous mother

100_8403 (Small).JPG (83562 bytes) (Emmy and Maggie) The puppies have super new homes to go to and they will be loved as much as we are

1st Aug

100_8283 (Small).JPG (74799 bytes) Ailidh comes for a visit..and a makeover

100_8285 (Small).JPG (82794 bytes) Uncle Brian is here he is my favourite person

100_8288 (Small).JPG (87212 bytes) Mind you I love anybody who will cuddle me

100_8286 (Small).JPG (86152 bytes) Left a bit Vil

100_8289 (Small).JPG (53352 bytes) All done Ailidh, she does look so  pretty 

100_8292 (Small).JPG (76901 bytes) Right dad can we go now?

28th July

100_8003 (Small).JPG (90287 bytes) here come the girls they think they are greyhounds!

100_8004 (Small).JPG (93292 bytes) how they can run and talk at the same time is beyond me

100_8005 (Small).JPG (96647 bytes) I am happy to just amble along

100_8008 (Small).JPG (97380 bytes) Look how fast I am going mum

100_8007 (Small).JPG (68542 bytes) Here come the girls they have been up the hill and back!

100_8018 (Small).JPG (121064 bytes) I have not been to well this week but I am much better now

100_8020 (Small).JPG (97587 bytes) Mum says I can have a walk if I take it easy

100_8024 (Small).JPG (114079 bytes) She couldn't believe it when I went in the pond

100_8023 (Small).JPG (113172 bytes) It was so nice and cool on my big paws

100_8028 (Small).JPG (84416 bytes) I just love to run but maybe a little slower this time

100_8029 (Small).JPG (110164 bytes) I can't keep up with Megan and Rainbow they are speed freaks!

100_8034 (Small).JPG (63615 bytes) dad and I go about the same speed

100_8053 (Small).JPG (69666 bytes) Mum is trying to get Rainbow to stop running long enough for a picture!

100_8054 (Small).JPG (63124 bytes) Hold on tight to those girls mum or they will be off again!

100_8056 (Small).JPG (61315 bytes) Yes I was right

100_8057 (Small).JPG (61763 bytes) Just us then mum

100_8068 (Small).JPG (118173 bytes) Rainbow is wondering where dad and I have gone.

100_8070 (Small).JPG (62933 bytes) we went back down the short road

100_8078 (Small).JPG (73411 bytes) but they went the long way with mum

100_8085 (Small).JPG (61478 bytes) and were still running around

100_8087 (Small).JPG (90691 bytes) in and out of the ditches they went

100_8088 (Small).JPG (45373 bytes) Till Megan spotted dad at the far end of the path

100_8089 (Small).JPG (65259 bytes) Off they went at top speed

100_8094 (Small).JPG (62379 bytes) Rainbow is fastest she has jet propelled ears!

100_8091 (Small).JPG (78037 bytes) and caught us up

100_8098 (Small).JPG (76168 bytes) then cooled her engines in the pond

100_8111 (Small).JPG (92200 bytes) Time to go 

13th July

100_7300 (Small).JPG (63056 bytes) Come on Grandpa hurry up

100_7304 (Small).JPG (71785 bytes) puff puff here I come Rainbow

100_7309 (Small).JPG (93483 bytes)  The day will be over by the time you catch up

100_7301 (Small).JPG (58708 bytes) Cheeky young pup!

100_7311 (Small).JPG (67521 bytes) If only I could fly!

100_7317 (Small).JPG (64675 bytes) Well I made it to the top of the hill once again

100_7319 (Small).JPG (95611 bytes) I have already been up twice today!

100_7320 (Small).JPG (72627 bytes) Well then we best go home for a sleep

10th July

100_6890 (Small).JPG (63717 bytes) Pauline and David's wedding at Culcreuch castle 

100_6899 (Small).JPG (27313 bytes) My dad was very handsome in his kilt

100_6870 (Small).JPG (42475 bytes) Mum and dad 

000_0065 (Small).jpg (87973 bytes) We didn't get to go but Aunty Susan looked after us

000_0066 (Small).jpg (84778 bytes) We got spoiled as usual

000_0071 (Small).jpg (67768 bytes) and the puppies just keep getting bigger!

25th June 

Harry and The Rainbow

100_6352 (Small).JPG (59984 bytes) Rainbow is out for a walk with her old Grandpa

100_6355 (Small).JPG (76676 bytes) I will wait here while she has yet another bath...teenagers honestly!

100_6356 (Small).JPG (102170 bytes) A girl has to look her best Grandpa Harry

100_6357 (Small).JPG (78466 bytes) Well I think you are the prettiest girl in the world Rainy

100_6358 (Small).JPG (56766 bytes) Thanks Grandpa Harry

100_6360 (Small).JPG (67391 bytes) Come on then stop posing and get up the hill

100_6362 (Small).JPG (88570 bytes) Me pose...have you seen him?

100_6365 (Small).JPG (56105 bytes) Can you get all of me in the shot mum?

100_6366 (Small).JPG (72864 bytes) Look at my red beard!

100_6367 (Small).JPG (43188 bytes) Rainbow has spotted something

100_6368 (Small).JPG (98220 bytes) She is after a hawk!

100_6370 (Small).JPG (82979 bytes) It flew away!

100_6371 (Small).JPG (63887 bytes) It wasn't going to wait around for you to get it.

100_6372 (Small).JPG (61311 bytes) ha ha silly girl

100_6377 (Small).JPG (64596 bytes) Come on then lass we better head home before it rains

100_6376 (Small).JPG (59934 bytes) It is still wet from all the rain we had yesterday

100_6379 (Small).JPG (72425 bytes)  no running I am not so steady on my paws.

100_6380 (Small).JPG (74329 bytes) Ok Grandpa Harry wait for me.

100_6383 (Small).JPG (49558 bytes) This is a nice gentle walk

100_6387 (Small).JPG (76755 bytes) I have already had a big run out with the others so I am happy to stroll along

100_6393 (Small).JPG (78489 bytes) Mustn't get my paws wet!

100_6395 (Small).JPG (102396 bytes) Not another bath Rainbow?

100_6396 (Small).JPG (98778 bytes) No just a drink this time

100_6398 (Small).JPG (81621 bytes) Time to go

18th June

Dear Daddy.....Mum has had a lazy day today....

100_5957 (Small).JPG (58506 bytes) She couldn't make the bed because...

100_5959 (Small).JPG (51058 bytes) Well would you move me?

100_5961 (Small).JPG (88498 bytes) She couldn't clean the dog room, not because Rainbow was still in bed

100_5963 (Small).JPG (82972 bytes) and Indi who is the laziest dog on planet earth apart from me of course

100_5964 (Small).JPG (64426 bytes) and not because Toby insisted on a half hour cuddle me session.

100_5973 (Small).JPG (52130 bytes) Look mum there is a big dirty paw-print on the window

100_5971 (Small).JPG (57757 bytes) There look!

100_5969 (Small).JPG (35757 bytes) What do you mean I did it, I should clean it.

100_5968 (Small).JPG (66226 bytes) I don't do housework

100_5976 (Small).JPG (76533 bytes) The ducks won't help

100_5960 (Small).JPG (53543 bytes) Megan has enough to do...so

100_5967 (Small).JPG (51708 bytes) It is up to Morgan to help out today

100_5983 (Small).JPG (35766 bytes) Wait and I will get my duster mum

100_5986 (Small).JPG (60695 bytes) Toby this is your fault...wait till I get you!

100_5989 (Small).JPG (66162 bytes) Best start with those windows

100_5987 (Small).JPG (69847 bytes) Come on Harry you are in the way again!

100_5988 (Small).JPG (62990 bytes) Now for the washing

100_5990 (Small).JPG (56808 bytes) Beds to change...it is all go here.

000_0026 (Small).jpg (46722 bytes) Thank goodness it was all just a bad dream

000_0020 (Small).jpg (65401 bytes) She wouldn't have a clue how to clean!

000_0025 (Small).jpg (45777 bytes) I would if I could mum

000_0016 (Small).jpg (41483 bytes) and as for Rainbow....

000_0015 (Small).jpg (50493 bytes) no don't go there....

100_5999 (Small).JPG (77434 bytes) Mum is too busy looking after the new Bribiba bunch to worry about housework

100_5998 (Small).JPG (50532 bytes) Aren't they so sweet.

100_5996 (Small).JPG (61826 bytes) Miss Piggy in the front weighs over three pounds and is only10 days old!

10th June

100_5688 (Small).JPG (63922 bytes) I got a visitor to 'Toby hug'!

100_5692 (Small).JPG (59836 bytes) It's Uncle Brian....

100_5695 (Small).JPG (61486 bytes) We will all hug him

100_5696 (Small).JPG (55384 bytes) I won't; I know why he is here!

100_5802 (Small).JPG (77019 bytes) Is he not up to visit the puppies?

100_5727 (Small).JPG (73823 bytes) Thanks for the warning Rainbow!

100_5730 (Small).JPG (74736 bytes) Ooh that tickles....

100_5741 (Small).JPG (70977 bytes) My turn now...

100_5782 (Small).JPG (64007 bytes) Don't take a picture mum my hair is a mess

100_5783 (Small).JPG (43302 bytes) That's better, who's turn is it now?

100_5749 (Small).JPG (64319 bytes) That will be Morgan then!

100_5753 (Small).JPG (55503 bytes) Don't laugh it might be you next!

100_5755 (Small).JPG (58904 bytes) This is so humiliating!

100_5767 (Small).JPG (58862 bytes) Can I be next mum?

100_5775 (Small).JPG (57971 bytes) Don't forget to do my tail now.

100_5785 (Small).JPG (75116 bytes) How did my dad get all wet?

100_5804 (Small).JPG (71875 bytes) Now we are going to brush you all!

100_5805 (Small).JPG (76942 bytes) I am handsome enough...you don't need to bother

100_5808 (Small).JPG (62139 bytes) See what did I tell you!

100_5815 (Small).JPG (55155 bytes) I won't brush you Morgan I promise

100_5817 (Small).JPG (55965 bytes) Thanks Uncle Brian

100_5826 (Small).JPG (67872 bytes) Double cuddles

100_5832 (Small).JPG (56765 bytes) Good he's gone!

100_5833 (Small).JPG (46855 bytes) Toby that is not nice

100_5835 (Small).JPG (48308 bytes) Sorry mum...


P6020191 (Small).JPG (44811 bytes) Hello

P6020030 (Small).JPG (48382 bytes)Thanks to Sabine who sent the latest puppy pictures from Mary and Phil

P6020036 (Small).JPG (50032 bytes) Dinner is served!

P6020203 (Small).JPG (43575 bytes) Kisses for Sabine


100_5585 (Small).JPG (59018 bytes) Come out you lot we have visitors

100_5586 (Small).JPG (49191 bytes) Here comes Rainbow

100_5587 (Small).JPG (58921 bytes) Morgan

100_5588 (Small).JPG (71306 bytes) and the boys all to say hello

100_5595 (Small).JPG (70007 bytes) Vil and Jim come to stay for a night out with mum and dad, Janet and David

100_5590 (Small).JPG (65950 bytes) They had a great night and we got spoiled as usual

100_5594 (Small).JPG (62848 bytes) Thanks for all the help Vil and Jim.... the puppy box is built up and the room is all ready

100_5582 (Small).JPG (67594 bytes) and Megan gets lots of fussing...won't be long now

27th May

100_5539 (Small).JPG (69040 bytes) Look out here come the puppies!

100_5497 (Small).JPG (64795 bytes) Say hello to me!!

100_5498 (Small).JPG (44596 bytes) and me

100_5506 (Small).JPG (46534 bytes) Hello I love visitors

100_5524 (Small).JPG (49347 bytes) What is that camera thing in your hand?

100_5507 (Small).JPG (43832 bytes) we are not so sure of the camera!

 100_5537 (Small).JPG (46348 bytes) It smells of wolfhounds

100_5513 (Small).JPG (43690 bytes) but it looks safe enough

100_5514 (Small).JPG (39663 bytes) That's ok then lets say hello

100_5519 (Small).JPG (60876 bytes) We found a leaf to play with

100_5536 (Small).JPG (51549 bytes) Bill move your foot my leaf is under here

100_5532 (Small).JPG (57491 bytes) Take my picture please.

 100_5543 (Small).JPG (49448 bytes) what can I say...they are just beautiful

100_5546 (Small).JPG (56957 bytes) back to bed puppies

100_5554 (Small).JPG (85317 bytes) where have you been mum????

21st May

100_5309 (Small).JPG (69753 bytes) Hi everybody I am out on my run 

100_5308 (Small).JPG (75212 bytes) Megan is here to she is due her puppies on the 7th of June

100_5310 (Small).JPG (75843 bytes) Not that it will slow HER down much!

100_5306 (Small).JPG (86854 bytes) I still have trouble keeping up with her!

100_5313 (Small).JPG (70186 bytes) She loves the water and I am not going in there to get her.

100_5314 (Small).JPG (61200 bytes) Come on Megan lets go for our run

100_5316 (Small).JPG (80366 bytes) In a minute Harry I am not finished my bath!

100_5317 (Small).JPG (89373 bytes) There... that is me nice and clean.

100_5321 (Small).JPG (102321 bytes) Ok Potter lets go!

100_5323 (Small).JPG (71342 bytes) Chase me!

100_5324 (Small).JPG (60186 bytes) here I come!

100_5325 (Small).JPG (38131 bytes) Where did she go?

100_5330 (Small).JPG (101755 bytes) Found her!

100_5332 (Small).JPG (89688 bytes) Oh no not again!

100_5334 (Small).JPG (102080 bytes) It's ok Harry she is just having a drink

100_5335 (Small).JPG (104126 bytes) ...and washing her face!

100_5336 (Small).JPG (49918 bytes) Take me home mum I need to lie down!

6th May

100_4994 (Small).JPG (61895 bytes) Rainbow and Toby are out helping look for DD who has gone missing

100_4995 (Small).JPG (85467 bytes) Kaos the Rottie has come along to help

100_4996 (Small).JPG (71192 bytes) Look wolfies, this is how you track a missing person

100_4997 (Small).JPG (104696 bytes) See I found Shona, my mum!

100_4999 (Small).JPG (81832 bytes) But we have to look up for DD.... he is not on the ground

100_5009 (Small).JPG (78726 bytes) Here comes Janet to help us

100_5012 (Small).JPG (73837 bytes) We stop for a goodie break

100_5010 (Small).JPG (84347 bytes) Here's yours Rainbow

100_5008 (Small).JPG (67785 bytes) Thanks for the help everyone.....but we still didn't find DD.

24th April

100_4866 (Small).JPG (75416 bytes) I'm back out on my run with Megan now that she is out of season.

100_4862 (Small).JPG (82172 bytes) Best to walk though Harry you are getting old.........

100_4863 (Small).JPG (73653 bytes) I can still outrun you.....

100_4864 (Small).JPG (74609 bytes) In his dreams!!!

100_4865 (Small).JPG (77409 bytes) I just raced her and I won!!!

100_4788 (Small).JPG (95159 bytes) Morgan is out with Rainbow...mum does three walks at a time just now.

100_4822 (Small).JPG (91903 bytes) They miss the boys but they should all be back together again next week

100_4798 (Small).JPG (79772 bytes)  they are almost out of season

 100_4818 (Small).JPG (79845 bytes)The girls had a great time running together though

14th March

100_2652 (Small).JPG (57883 bytes) Morgan and I are out  for a run together

100_2653 (Small).JPG (72185 bytes) Mum says I will be a good influence on her.

100_2660 (Small).JPG (106385 bytes) Teach her to be a lady....now where is she going?

100_2655 (Small).JPG (70588 bytes) Oh no it's a ditch full of water!

100_2657 (Small).JPG (76864 bytes) It tastes nice but my paws are wet!

100_2658 (Small).JPG (89051 bytes) and my beard....who is teaching who here?

100_2661 (Small).JPG (42783 bytes) This is not part of the plan Morgan!

100_2664 (Small).JPG (78741 bytes) You should be a quiet gentle soul like me.

100_2665 (Small).JPG (68012 bytes) Yeh...right Harry!

100_2670 (Small).JPG (62248 bytes) Ok here I come start running!

100_2671 (Small).JPG (74273 bytes) Wait I have had enough!

100_2673 (Small).JPG (64461 bytes) That was fun Morgan

100_2674 (Small).JPG (63356 bytes) Lets go back in the ditch I need a drink

100_2678 (Small).JPG (113044 bytes) It's not often we see you with paws in the water Harry!

100_2686 (Small).JPG (50843 bytes) Wow! What happened ? You are all wet.

100_2687 (Small).JPG (49200 bytes) Well there is a surprise!!!

100_2688 (Small).JPG (45667 bytes) How could you possibly make a silk purse out of a sows ear?

100_2690 (Small).JPG (58639 bytes) Look at her, she is no Lady.

100_2698 (Small).JPG (52644 bytes) You can't help love her

100_2701 (Small).JPG (87554 bytes) Just be thankful you can't smell her!

100_2705 (Small).JPG (61315 bytes) Where is she now?

100_2707 (Small).JPG (72769 bytes) Getting a badly needed wash Harry!

100_2708 (Small).JPG (90818 bytes) Well she smells a bit better now.

100_2709 (Small).JPG (82112 bytes) Once last drink then home

100_2711 (Small).JPG (53392 bytes) Watch out Harry

100_2712 (Small).JPG (65741 bytes) How did that happen?

100_2713 (Small).JPG (66699 bytes) She pushed me in mum!

5th march

100_1852 (Small).JPG (78622 bytes) Rainbow, you have a show this week remember

100_1853 (Small).JPG (75756 bytes) Megan don't get dirty please

100_1861 (Small).JPG (101617 bytes) oh well another bath day soon!

100_1863 (Small).JPG (85473 bytes) Spin dry you two and lets get on with our run

100_1875 (Small).JPG (65367 bytes) You won't see me wet and muddy.

100_1878 (Small).JPG (108567 bytes) Rainbow, now she just loves to be mucky

100_1880 (Small).JPG (100044 bytes) We have no idea why...maybe it is her mother Megan who started it all!

100_1882 (Small).JPG (104278 bytes) the muckier the better...

100_1884 (Small).JPG (100462 bytes) but me, I know how to get a drink without getting as much as a whisker wet.

100_1892 (Small).JPG (89297 bytes) and while the girls run about playing

100_1908 (Small).JPG (49948 bytes) I can pose on the hills in my best suit.

100_1909 (Small).JPG (53824 bytes) You only have one Harry!

100_1910 (Small).JPG (54486 bytes) And it is size xxxx large!

100_1893 (Small).JPG (70113 bytes) Wait till I catch you.. cheeky young pup!

100_1906 (Small).JPG (67365 bytes) That was fun, but I am a bit puffed out running

100_1914 (Small).JPG (102817 bytes) Who's who?

100_1919 (Small).JPG (86069 bytes) You can tell Rainbow she is always way out in front of us.

100_1924 (Small).JPG (90648 bytes) always waiting for us to catch up

100_1928 (Small).JPG (104420 bytes) She makes me run!!!

100_1939 (Small).JPG (99391 bytes) what are those girls up to now?

100_1940 (Small).JPG (108804 bytes) What are they waiting on?

100_1941 (Small).JPG (91445 bytes) This is an ambush!

100_1948 (Small).JPG (99653 bytes) Arghhh mum help

100_1959 (Small).JPG (100627 bytes) Caught!

100_1961 (Small).JPG (100445 bytes) Come on girls this way.

100_1962 (Small).JPG (93305 bytes) Hey Harry you lost a few pounds running like that !

100_1970 (Small).JPG (82545 bytes) Well help me find them then!

100_1974 (Small).JPG (102764 bytes) You have more than enough just leave them.

100_2011 (Small).JPG (105989 bytes) The most beautiful girl in the world....Megan Rose

100_2017 (Small).JPG (85562 bytes) Megan and Rainbow covered in mud but still the prettiest girls I know

100_2018 (Small).JPG (90318 bytes) Nice of you to say Harry

100_2031 (Small).JPG (78714 bytes) Look I am not fat, am I?

100_2033 (Small).JPG (61093 bytes) No Harry just BIG!

22nd Feb

101_0659 (Small).JPG (97548 bytes) Spring is in the air

101_0658 (Small).JPG (85367 bytes) No Harry that is the rain!

101_0664 (Small).JPG (118798 bytes) so it is!

101_0668 (Small).JPG (68210 bytes) Chase me chase me chase me!

101_0654 (Small).JPG (63827 bytes) ok here I come

101_0660 (Small).JPG (62817 bytes) Slow coach!

101_0661 (Small).JPG (74734 bytes) Run Harry!

101_0671 (Small).JPG (93083 bytes) No I will get my paws wet!

101_0672 (Small).JPG (82244 bytes) The path is a river!

101_0673 (Small).JPG (34674 bytes) so spin dry!

101_0676 (Small).JPG (91631 bytes) poor Rainbow she is so wet!...Want to know how?

101_0683 (Small).JPG (63940 bytes)  She followed Megan!

101_0685 (Small).JPG (83507 bytes) right through the ditch!

101_0677 (Small).JPG (64885 bytes) well I am bad enough struggling in the puddle!

101_0689 (Small).JPG (95894 bytes) and you all know how she loves to make the most of it!

101_0710 (Small).JPG (103183 bytes) while I would not DREAM of getting in there!

101_0712 (Small).JPG (70082 bytes) Well Rainbow is just as bad...she loves water too!

101_0732 (Small).JPG (100853 bytes) Come on Rainbow lets get you dried!

101_0737 (Small).JPG (41138 bytes) Charge!

101_0738 (Small).JPG (51105 bytes) Hey this is fun!

101_0739 (Small).JPG (72265 bytes) Puff Puff wait for me Megan

101_0740 (Small).JPG (75609 bytes) How did I get all wet?

101_0742 (Small).JPG (72182 bytes) Heavy rain Harry!

101_0766 (Small).JPG (60188 bytes) I knew that!

101_0749 (Small).JPG (65034 bytes) Yeh sure you did.

101_0754 (Small).JPG (87431 bytes) Rainbow is way ahead of us...as usual

101_0770 (Small).JPG (64487 bytes) Look outs!

101_0774 (Small).JPG (74803 bytes) Race you to the swamp Harry!

101_0790 (Small).JPG (98257 bytes) Where have those girls gone?

 101_0840 (Small).JPG (65595 bytes) Rainbow's found the glove you dropped mum!

101_0841 (Small).JPG (62274 bytes) Here it is.

101_0862 (Small).JPG (81674 bytes) Rainbow in the stream....that could be a song!

101_0901 (Small).JPG (39332 bytes) Or Megan in the rain!

101_0902 (Small).JPG (68730 bytes) How about Harry in the heather?

101_0914 (Small).JPG (78995 bytes) What about... pack it in mum!

101_0922 (Small).JPG (69764 bytes) I think the rain has stopped.

101_0923 (Small).JPG (76742 bytes) But not the Rainbow I am off.

101_0929 (Small).JPG (90794 bytes) We are going to the pond rainbow

101_0950 (Small).JPG (62684 bytes) are you not going in Megan?

101_0951 (Small).JPG (66764 bytes) No Harry I am wet enough thanks.

101_0954 (Small).JPG (94617 bytes) so is your daughter!

 101_0964 (Small).JPG (36972 bytes)What have you found Rainbow?

101_0961 (Small).JPG (59126 bytes) A branch mum.

101_0966 (Small).JPG (75799 bytes) Hoi you three! 

101_0967 (Small).JPG (74058 bytes) What? ....... 'leads on!'

101_0968 (Small).JPG (76453 bytes) oh ok

16 Feb

100_1137 (Small).JPG (35053 bytes)It is decorating time again and our dog room gets a makeover....

100_1129 (Small).JPG (41052 bytes) Who cares as long as the beds are comfy!

100_1154 (Small).JPG (42053 bytes) The cuddles are 24/7.

100_1146 (Small).JPG (55019 bytes) and the food is the best you can buy!

100_1141 (Small).JPG (49971 bytes) as long as you don't have to share it!

100_1150 (Small).JPG (36669 bytes) This is heaven

100_1130 (Small).JPG (45057 bytes) Do we have to get up now mum?

100_1132 (Small).JPG (40289 bytes) We are not sleeping...just watching and waiting.

100_1153 (Small).JPG (31866 bytes) I like the colours mum

100_1147 (Small).JPG (39000 bytes) I am the gorgeous blonde bombshell that Keilen loves! http://www.paddyspages.co.uk/html/valentine_s_day_0.html

100_1148 (Small).JPG (45263 bytes) Does anybody out there love me?

100_1157 (Small).JPG (42056 bytes) Can we come out now you got us out of bed?

04th Feb

100_0820 (Small).JPG (80320 bytes) Hi everybody come and join me on my walk

100_0824 (Small).JPG (102230 bytes) The heather smells wonderful at this time of year

100_0834 (Small).JPG (80778 bytes) You can see for miles from the top of the hill

100_0843 (Small).JPG (90664 bytes) and I can still beat the girls to the top

100_0839 (Small).JPG (93396 bytes) Harry here we are at the top waiting for you ....again!

100_0830 (Small).JPG (113977 bytes) Here he comes Rainbow

100_0828 (Small).JPG (54974 bytes) It's my tail it gets heavy after a while

100_0829 (Small).JPG (89700 bytes) It's his big fat body...he means.

100_0832 (Small).JPG (103593 bytes) He steals my dinner when I am not looking

100_0861 (Small).JPG (85045 bytes) and Megan's....

100_0865 (Small).JPG (95171 bytes) Well you two should eat faster

100_0857 (Small).JPG (68884 bytes) I am so thin I can hide behind a blade of grass

100_0847 (Small).JPG (91514 bytes) Don't be silly Rainbow

100_0848 (Small).JPG (77236 bytes) Where did I get that girl!

100_0855 (Small).JPG (88548 bytes) Look Megan I am not much fatter than you!

100_0867 (Small).JPG (123652 bytes) I am off for my bath

100_0872 (Small).JPG (59912 bytes) This is so cool!

100_0873 (Small).JPG (63389 bytes) See you all soon

29th Jan

100_0364 (Small).JPG (67530 bytes) Good Morning everybody

100_0365 (Small).JPG (74362 bytes) I have had a busy weekend, lots of visitors and walks.

100_0566 (Small).JPG (52904 bytes) Aimee and Shaun came to visit...Hi Aimee

100_0575 (Small).JPG (52540 bytes) She brought Bud the frog from nursery and she is suppose to look after him...not us Aimee!

100_0578 (Small).JPG (64300 bytes) Oh no not you as well Barry!

100_0371 (Small).JPG (63136 bytes) Wake me up next week!

100_0372 (Small).JPG (68343 bytes) We are waiting for breakfast

100_0383 (Small).JPG (74525 bytes) It's not ready yet Morgan

100_0397 (Small).JPG (54575 bytes) I'll wait!

100_0374 (Small).JPG (61718 bytes) Put the camera down and feed us mum!

24th Jan

100_0303 (Small).JPG (55285 bytes) Briagh and Rainbow ( right) at the dog training class

100_0330 (Small).JPG (57345 bytes) They don't' work just watch.

100_0334 (Small).JPG (49100 bytes) While Bill teaches the class

100_0331 (Small).JPG (67598 bytes) The girls think it is all a big joke..till

100_0312 (Small).JPG (58101 bytes) You two are next!

100_0319 (Small).JPG (67125 bytes) We are NOT doing that!

100_0328 (Small).JPG (45112 bytes) Ok then just stand Briagh

100_0329 (Small).JPG (50087 bytes) Do we have too?

100_0304 (Small).JPG (58157 bytes) Come on Rainbow stand

100_0305 (Small).JPG (59014 bytes) No I don't want to

100_0335 (Small).JPG (44006 bytes) Is it time to go yet?

100_0340 (Small).JPG (66788 bytes) Dad's buying fish suppers

100_0341 (Small).JPG (54088 bytes) I love fish and chips

100_0342 (Small).JPG (56656 bytes) Hurry dad I can't wait

100_0261 (Small).JPG (71545 bytes) Callender woods

100_0262 (Small).JPG (77103 bytes) Here we come

100_0267 (Small).JPG (61765 bytes) Come on boys this way

100_0275 (Small).JPG (61788 bytes) Morgan squished again!!

100_0282 (Small).JPG (75300 bytes) Toby wins the silly face contest again!

100_0287 (Small).JPG (100985 bytes) Indi takes a break

100_0289 (Small).JPG (88003 bytes) He is such a handsome boy

100_0291 (Small).JPG (84879 bytes) Do you think he knows it?

100_0292 (Small).JPG (79852 bytes) and while he poses the other two are still running around

100_0293 (Small).JPG (83546 bytes) Sorry dad!

100_0294 (Small).JPG (87844 bytes) Do we have to bring them?

100_0295 (Small).JPG (61866 bytes) Let me go dad squirrels to chase...

100_0299 (Small).JPG (66720 bytes) Ok Morgan off you go then

100_0297 (Small).JPG (91690 bytes) There must be some around here somewhere

100_0301 (Small).JPG (79316 bytes) Leads on time for a walk in the park

18th Jan

100_9684 (Small).JPG (79568 bytes) Megan, Rainbow and me out in the sunshine

100_9686 (Small).JPG (77603 bytes) It is a lovely day, cold but sunny

100_9688 (Small).JPG (90701 bytes) Megan is running around as usual

100_9689 (Small).JPG (63093 bytes) and we almost collided when I had a little run

 100_9692 (Small).JPG (52480 bytes) but all Megan got was a bent tail!

100_9694 (Small).JPG (52053 bytes) The girls love a game of chase

100_9707 (Small).JPG (66513 bytes) these days I prefer to watch

100_9710 (Small).JPG (73268 bytes) Though I do a little bit of a run now and again

100_9701 (Small).JPG (84711 bytes) Megan stops only for a minute 

100_9706 (Small).JPG (66099 bytes) We love having our pictures taken

100_9703 (Small).JPG (68078 bytes) but as Rainbow runs past

100_9695 (Small).JPG (55423 bytes) they are off again!

 100_9722 (Small).JPG (55553 bytes) Rainbow has taken it upon herself to make sure all the frozen puddles are broken!

100_9723 (Small).JPG (75543 bytes) That's usually Megan's job so she supervises

100_9728 (Small).JPG (98656 bytes) Rainbow( at the front) is so like her mother not only in looks

100_9733 (Small).JPG (73235 bytes) but in all she does...especially if it involves hunting squirrels

100_9753 (Small).JPG (107274 bytes) I am just happy plodding along.

100_9757 (Small).JPG (97001 bytes) Avoiding puddles

100_9762 (Small).JPG (106228 bytes) Those two are soaked!

100_9771 (Small).JPG (76500 bytes) Yes Harry but we are happy!

100_9774 (Small).JPG (85736 bytes) Megan even your head is all wet! How do you do it?

100_9784 (Small).JPG (56518 bytes) This is how to take a drink and keep dry

100_9787 (Small).JPG (100754 bytes) Those girls don't care

100_9790 (Small).JPG (48262 bytes) See how dry I am

100_9793 (Small).JPG (34380 bytes) and Megan is still dripping wet!

100_9794 (Small).JPG (69274 bytes) she is still a beautiful girl though

17th Jan

100_9666 (Small).JPG (68485 bytes) this is the funny face competition, Toby first

100_9665 (Small).JPG (69088 bytes) Now Morgan, who is fed up getting squished!

100_9667 (Small).JPG (67209 bytes) and Indi

100_9678 (Small).JPG (40966 bytes) My turn

100_9679 (Small).JPG (53062 bytes) Megan you are to pretty to pull a silly face.

100_9671 (Small).JPG (54809 bytes) Toby wins

100_9677 (Small).JPG (38390 bytes) Ask me why I am not surprised!

SP_A0017 (Small).jpg (29739 bytes) Briagh is a lovely girl, but as mad as Morgan was as a youngster

SP_A0020 (Small).jpg (28581 bytes) She adores Indi her dad

14th Jan

100_9430 (Small).JPG (40879 bytes) What do you get a Siamese cat for Christmas...a tree of course! Dennis is so fat he has bent it!

100_9431 (Small).JPG (66685 bytes) Quick while the rain has stopped lets have a run

100_9448 (Small).JPG (60415 bytes) Here I am 5 years old already!

100_9449 (Small).JPG (47588 bytes) Still bright eyed and bushy tailed though!

100_9450 (Small).JPG (47712 bytes) and I have all my own teeth look!

100_9472 (Small).JPG (32590 bytes) I can still hear a pin drop a mile away!

100_9474 (Small).JPG (49773 bytes)  I heard that! Who said I was fat?

100_9505 (Small).JPG (47911 bytes) I am just a big happy Harry

100_9515 (Small).JPG (46299 bytes) Harry and his harem!

100_9570 (Small).JPG (76971 bytes) No wonder he is a happy boy!

100_9563 (Small).JPG (71607 bytes) The rain is pouring down and the winds are gale force but mum makes us pose for pictures!

100_9565 (Small).JPG (50780 bytes) Megan says... Hurry up mum I am soaked through.

100_9568 (Small).JPG (65115 bytes) But we always have a Rainbow in our storms...she is so like her mum

100_9574 (Small).JPG (85528 bytes) Me and Megan are going home now mum and poor dad looks cold

100_9579 (Small).JPG (75125 bytes) Right everybody that's it lets go

100_9589 (Small).JPG (40520 bytes) Well maybe one more with mum this time!

100_9592 (Small).JPG (81485 bytes) You don't want us to go out there in that rain do you?

100_9593 (Small).JPG (74069 bytes) I don't want to get wet

100_9594 (Small).JPG (77345 bytes)Come on Toby it is not that bad

100_9597 (Small).JPG (68494 bytes) Nobody told me Torin was here

100_9607 (Small).JPG (56154 bytes) and Max Briagh and Penny

100_9610 (Small).JPG (31762 bytes) The weather got worse from here so not many pictures

100_9621 (Small).JPG (46276 bytes) You can see how wet we were

100_9623 (Small).JPG (45079 bytes) We still stopped for our biscuits though

100_9624 (Small).JPG (23831 bytes) So Toby was happy he came

5th Jan

100_9213 (Small).JPG (41154 bytes) Torin and Morgan are at the hospital to donate blood

 100_9215 (Small).JPG (40461 bytes)Torin has positive blood needed to save a flat coat retriever who was very ill

100_9214 (Small).JPG (46827 bytes) He was such a good boy and lay very still while the vets took his blood

100_9221 (Small).JPG (42469 bytes) He trusted his mum and knew he would be safe

100_9224 (Small).JPG (51174 bytes) Come on Morgan your turn

100_9212 (Small).JPG (39991 bytes) Morgan's blood is negative Torin not green!

100_9219 (Small).JPG (40526 bytes) All over and Morgan is very pleased with herself

100_9222 (Small).JPG (40069 bytes) Torin is a hero and such a laidback boy

100_9216 (Small).JPG (50469 bytes) The wolfies were so good and this is such a wonderful and easy thing to do

contact your vet and get your dog on the list to donate blood, one day it may be yours who needs help.

2nd January 07

100_9134 (Small).JPG (57674 bytes) Happy New Year 

Our New Year Party

100_9066 (Small).JPG (56214 bytes) Sumi finds a comfy spot to sleep

100_9067 (Small).JPG (57017 bytes) Dennis finds a soft touch and begs.

100_9084 (Small).JPG (50618 bytes) Colin finds a novel way to get rid of the leftover sprouts!

100_9075 (Small).JPG (51665 bytes) Catch Indi

100_9077 (Small).JPG (53873 bytes) Your one Toby

100_9079 (Small).JPG (54269 bytes) Great catch Morgan

100_9092 (Small).JPG (44005 bytes) Claire do you want to play a game?

100_9093 (Small).JPG (55265 bytes) Smile for the camera Harry

100_9094 (Small).JPG (69970 bytes) Owen put the football off and come and play a game with us at the table

100_9095 (Small).JPG (67961 bytes) Come on John you too.

100_9096 (Small).JPG (69079 bytes) I will have to wait till the match is finished I suppose!

100_9101 (Small).JPG (66015 bytes) Wake me up when it is over Chris

100_9087 (Small).JPG (54729 bytes) Come on Sumi you can be my partner 

100_9102 (Small).JPG (64414 bytes) You throw the dice Sumi 

100_9130 (Small).JPG (53055 bytes) I will answer the questions

100_9109 (Small).JPG (57539 bytes) Right Harry your turn

100_9123 (Small).JPG (44822 bytes) We could win this Sumi the questions are easy

100_9126 (Small).JPG (48562 bytes) Do you need a help John?

100_9127 (Small).JPG (43278 bytes) Whisper Whisper

100_9129 (Small).JPG (48429 bytes) Ha ha I told him the wrong answer

100_9116 (Small).JPG (57144 bytes) One more and we have won Harry

100_9119 (Small).JPG (63903 bytes) I hope the chocolates are first prize

100_9131 (Small).JPG (56443 bytes) We won the chocolates hurray!!!

100_9133 (Small).JPG (64396 bytes) Sorry Harry everybody ate the first prize!

100_9140 (Small).JPG (52139 bytes) Happy New year from DD and Meesha too

100_9142 (Small).JPG (64076 bytes) See you all soon..............

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