Harry Potters diary 2008

Harry is doing well he is looking a lot better

15th Dec

Hi Everybody...we are back!

come on dads hurry we have not had a run for weeks

here we go....

it's a cold foggy day but we don't care

we just love to run

lets go again gang

Ebony is so excited to be out again

Megan has been to the end of the road and back

Niamh had to break the ice to get in the pond

but it wont break for Ebony

Niamh can't work it out...what is that stuff?

Toby waits for us ...as usual

What is that. why is it on the water?

It is all the way up the ditch

Keep moving its to cold to stop

we are ok huddled together

you know Indi it doesn't matter how cold it gets.....

Megan always manages to find a ditch full of water to play in

Move over Meg let me in

Morgan you are as mad as she is.

better to jump it in this weather

Niamh is growing into a beautiful girl

so is Ebony but she doesn't stand still long enough to get a good picture

Morgan is having a great time playing chase

ok you caught me

come on you lot hurry up

coming dad

wait for me

I got water in my ears

we are all puffing like steam trains

Harry is still at home he had a little walk on his own

we didn't want to bring him out on a long walk just yet

Toby is a big happy boy to be out again

and Megan the 'water rat' is having a ball

we are nearly at the top of the hill

but Megan still hasn't slowed down

yes I have mum

but not for long

here she comes again

come on Niamh we beat you to the top

We better wait for her

you made it then

break time

Sarah helps Toby up the hill

a kiss for dad

Toby is a big old softy...so is his dad!

Here come the girls

Ebony Moon, as happy as can be

come on then turn around lets go home

ok mum

the fog is all around us

but we don't care

the girls are always together

this way...don't follow Morgan

she always goes the wrong way

always running around leading the pack

yes...into trouble!

but we love her

though Megan is our leader

now what is she chasing

Look out Ebony

Hurry up Morgan I want a drink

there is plenty for everyone here

it is all flooded

come on lets have one more chase

Wait for me

I smell a fox

come on girls hurry up

no you come down

ok what are we looking for

they have gone without us come on

hurry Niamh, we will be left behind

where are they?

this way Morgy

I was hiding down in the field

in you go girls, get washed

not me it's to cold

both of you go and wash your paws

Wait till I break the ice first Indi

thanks Morgan that's better

we won't go without mum

Are you coming mum?

lets go home wolfies

3rd Nov

Meet Anna, David and Pauline's dog

Hello everybody

Hi Ebony lets run

Hello Rainbow

so is this as fast as you go?

You are very short in the legs

but we like you

come on Anna keep up

Anna is clever she decided to follow me

  I am even slower than she is!

she is just perfect for me

we think she is a great little girl

stick with me kid I will look after you

Hey Anna we have been up the hill and back

Don't go in those puddles Anna they are deep

Isn't she just adorable

and game for a laugh

look at Harry he is in love!

I think Anna is too

Ebony is shaping up nicely

come on you lot hurry up

here we come

Niamh and the Rainbow

where has Anna gone?

She is behind you Harry

 don't I look handsome?

time to head home

Rainbow is always way ahead of everybody

and the pups have kept up with her this time

Chase me Anna

I can't move that fast Ebony

Can I walk with you Harry Potter

Nearly back

Ebony and Niamh

Daddy's girl

6th Oct

It's a lovely day for a walk

lots of nice new smells

and me with my dad

and all the girls (except Morgan who is in season)

Megan is here too, her puppies are growing fast

the girls cant wait to get wet, they love the water

especially Ebony our latest 'water baby' and the first wolfhound we have had, who likes swimming.

she is such a lively girl

  Niamh is a proper little lady she is far better behaved

when Ebony sees water there is no stopping her

Rainbow, her mum keeps a close eye on her

but Ebony is a great swimmer

  Niamh is always pleased to have her back on dry land

She just adores her big sister

now I enjoy my walk and if I wander on without you all it's not because I am senile!

I just didn't realise you had all stopped

I dont play in the water

so I just walked on

while the girls had a great time

I knew they would soon catch me up

if they stopped jumping

running around

and stopping in every bit of water we pass

but soon they get back to serious walking

and overtake the 'older one's'

is there someone missing?

Harry come on we are all waiting on you

We will get him on the way back

just kidding come on we will go back for him

Here he is

He does tend to wander a bit!

He is away on his own again

Harry that's the wrong way

I know I was just looking!

I know the way home

  the girls are back in the water again!

having a great time

so I wait with dad

then wander off again

but I wait to get my lead on

well I need to set the girls a good example

  we all know that we should be on our leads anywhere near a road

14th Sept

the puppies are just adorable

the little boy

isn't he sweet

do you really want a wolfhound puppy???

while our backs were turned

whoops busted!

Niamh and Ebony tore up Toby's bed!

They are funny, just as well it was the dog room.


07 Sept

Here we go

Rainbow is pleased to see Brian is here with his pack

Niamh loves playing with them all

the ditches are deep be careful

Rainbow doesn't mind

its not deep on her!

Niamh stays back just in case

Ebony is to full of mischief to worry about getting wet!

Quick run she's going to shake!

Look there goes that crazy Deerhound Artney!

You better not chase me Artney or I will tell grandpa Harry on you

I love my grandpa he is my special favourite

now Artney you leave Niamh alone she is a good girl

Line dancing!

Jumping the ditch

I will just walk through if you don't mind

careful you nearly ran me down

come on girls let play chase

leave my sister alone Artney

Stay with me Niamh I will sort him out if he bothers you

I will stay with my Grandpa

where did he go?

I am on the top of the hill with Brian

I made it all the way up here

Uncle Brian looked after me

I helped to Grandpa

Ebony and Harry

Niamh ( Little Pickle) and Brian

Rainbow Artney and Ailidh with Marion

Time to move they don't have any biscuits left

Harry and daughter Ailidh

come on mum

Wait for us

Ebony won't go without her mum

I love my walk but can I rest a minute

Harry you are going the wrong way

follow us Harry

we will take you home

hang on I just want to get washed

that's me all clean now

Don't I look pretty

I have to wait for mum Niamh

I won't go without her

me neither

leads on everybody

come on little pickle, lead on

that's us ready to go

thanks for a lovely walk folks

28th Aug

Heading out to Banna beach in Southern Ireland

Nearly there

Niamh is not so sure of the sea....for now

but if its good enough for the pack leader

I thought that was dad!

Just kidding mum...we know who the boss is

this is fun

a huge stretch of beach with nobody on it but we stay close to mum

but not for long...surfs up

we had a great time playing in the sea for hours

chasing the waves

Toby discovered the sea is salty and doesn't taste good

ha ha silly boy

the sand was great to play on too

we kept a close eye on the youngsters but they were fine

traffic jam!

whoops sorry dad

Rainbow loves to chase sticks

the girls help

Niamh was bowled over by a wave ...and a little help from Ebony

Heading back to our holiday house

We had a great time on the beach

we're nearly there dad

a nice fresh drink of water

ah that's better

where is everybody....Niamh is always wandering off on her own

we will find her  mum

have you seen Niamh?

we have Ebony but can't find Niamh

here she comes

silly me I went the wrong way

is it dinner time yet?

trust Toby to go to bed...come on out and play

I am not playing I have my best coat on

Be good puppies and don't dig!

come on out and play Toby

I won't get peace till I do.

Dinner is almost ready

we can have a quick game of football while we wait

fetch the ball Niamh

catch it Ebony

it's mine

I'll get it

Venture and Phil

Bronja and her dogs

She stands her pointer

look out Bronja here comes trouble

then her Visla

but the monster pups move in


That was funny

the dogs crash out in the sunshine

come on Ebony dinners ready

yum this is good

and they cleaned all their dishes up

at the beach next day we met lots of nice people

Toby gets a special hug

me and my dad

I can see the sea from here

the view is stunning

What a lovely place to be on holiday

when it is not raining!

Here come the girls

it's time for us to go now.... bye

7th Aug

Kate came to visit us from the USA

we all behaved beautifully of course

Well of course Morgan had to say hello

She soon settled down though

Niamh told her off

and mum had a word

poor Morgan

baby Niamh hugs

all this way just for a hug from Toby

but it was worth it

7th July

I am coming just give me time.

Hi Grandpa we have been up the hill and back

Hurry up will you

one day you lot will be old too!

ok Harry we will wait for you

Now what was I doing again?

we are waiting on Ebony

Ok Grandpa lets go

The girls can charge around I will just take my time.

see they just run off and leave me!

We came back for you

well except Rainbow who is still in the pond!

Right girls that's enough now I want to go home

thanks girls

come on mum I need to rest now

but I did enjoy my walk

can we go to the pond Harry?

that's better

you missed a bit Grandma

look all clean again

one last quick run up the hill

home safe

22nd June

 My family have been off to Blackpool dog show, missing the devastation caused by the strong winds, we are thinking of  those who were caught in the mayhem and hope you are all home safe and sound

They met up with the Welsh team

First in puppy was Raven with Steve

Then in Junior with Ben

Our judge was Ellis Hulme

Ben is a lovely boy and took a well deserved first

Toby was in next with dad

he did his best

mum and Indi watched him

  he ran well

and was third in his class

next in was mum and Indi

he was first in his class and took the reserve cc

well done Indi

Ebony was up next and was 2nd in her class

Wendy and Mattie next they also took first

hold on tight Steve

Steve showed Rainbow again

and she stood beautifully for him

where's my mum?

she moved like a dream

We won Uncle Steve

they got the reserve CC as well ....thanks Steve

and not forgetting wonderful Alfie who won the dog CC and best of breed.

June 8th

Uncle Brian came to check up on me

yes I am taking my meds and resting

Give me a big hug!

I love you too Uncle Brian

I love getting fussed over too!

Go away Artney I saw him first

spoiled or what!

Can we get Tara back Harry we need to go home now

ok see you all soon

June 6th

Harry saw the vet again today, he gave him 3 months at the most, we decided not to send him to hospital, we will be with him till the end. He seems to be fine though his heart rate is all over the place and he sleeps more, but otherwise he is ok.

Another wolfhound?....not Harry he is so special and wonderful, all we can do is make sure he has as happy an ending as he has had in his life. We will keep you informed.

June 5th

Here I am feeling much better, taking the pups for a gentle walk

still enjoying life to the full!

The girls can't believe that I can run so fast

see I told you there was nothing wrong with me

  I am still a handsome happy Harry

and I intend to be around for a long time yet.

besides I have the girls to look after

Niamh is happy having her little run around

I show them all the best places to sniff

That's enough walking for tonight!

Hey you two little monsters, stop tying me up!

June 2nd

Harry has not been keeping well lately, we are waiting to hear the results from the vet and will post here as soon as we can. He is happy and although he sleeps a lot, seems fairly well enough so maybe things are not too bad. He  has slowed down a lot after two strange episodes of high temperatures (107) and nothing to show for it, we are all very confused as to what maybe wrong.

When he visited the vets this morning he met lots of other dogs and cats and he spoke to them all in his usual gentle manner. He sat on a chair making everyone laugh and kissed everyone who ruffled his fur. He is a gentleman and a great boy, we will keep you all informed because we know everybody loves Harry as much as we do.....

Fran and Bill



Harry now has been diagnosed with DCM though he doesn't seem to be so bad, time will tell.
He started taking epileptic fits at around 4 years old, he was otherwise fit and healthy. His fits were grand mal and lasted around 2 minutes. He was given epiphen and bromide however he had no quality of life, living in a dream world and so we stopped his meds. In March he took the first episode of a high temperature, returning to normal the next day. (That was the day we decided no more meds)
On Friday his temp went back up and the vet did blood tests X-rays and today an ecg. The results showed an atrial fibrillation

Harry is a very quiet unassuming boy, he never gets stressed or agitated nor does he believe in over exercising so hopefully we can all cope and keep him going as long as we can and as long as he has a decent quality of life.

May 28th

Come on Harry we want to run

Run Morgan as fast as you can

Why what's the hurry

  I just love to run Harry you know me.

and playing in the mud Megan!

Who me?

ok I will trot a wee bit!

me too Megan you wear everybody out

I don't want to run

that's my girl

no chance Harry I love my run too

Well ok for a minute that's all

here we come

that was great fun

come on Harry you are so slow

He's old Megan

now what is he doing?

Resting OK!

well we won't

run all you like

I won't

woo hoo thiss is freeeeezing

so it is lovely and cold

tastes great too

hurry Morgan more running to do

chase me Harry

here I come


whoops sorry Harry.

it's ok I am fine.

I get tired just watching Megan she never stops!


Where is Harry?

  Where are you going?

Home come on.

May 26th

A swim that's' what we need

That was fun, come on in Harry

I can't, I have my new collar on!

Any excuse.

It is really cool in here Harry you don't know what you're missing

The cool breeze out here is fine thanks, I don't do wet!

We are nearly dry

Muddy but drying!

May 11th

We are having a barbecue

Nell has come to visit with Chris and Susan

Hi Ebony how are you?

Hey that's my daddy

Neil and Helen are here too with Paddy and Mia

The girls are pleased to see him

Niamh loves Chris....or is it his steak?

Nell will help you eat your steak Susan!

She is another lovely puppy from Rainbow and Alfie

She had a great time playing with Ebony and Niamh

Niamh got lots of cuddles from Helen

and she shared all her kisses

Put her down Helen she is staying here!

Louie came out to meet everyone

and thought she would be best to stay with her dad

Give us a bit dad

ok girls

Niamh is a very special little girl

Ralph was here too he had a great time and he got his hair done!

Do you think Ralph looks like me?

Come on pups follow great grandpa Harry

help the ducks will get me!

Don't be silly Nell they wont touch you

hey what's dad doing?

a bit for me dad!

Have you left anything for me?

Quick it's our turn

Careful girls its still hot

What do you mean its all finished!

Maybe we should check Harry

Can somebody help me get up on the bed please?

Sorry Niamh we are busy

At least I don't need help to get a drink

Where is dad going?

Susan thinks I am the best boy in the world....after Ralph

We all had a great time see you all soon

28th April

 Six + years with Harry

22nd April

I am just going out in the van Harry do you want to come?

You stay close to mum for now Ebony

I am off for a run

wait for me

not yet young lady just slow down

not with the two water babies free

we can't have you falling in there

look at that Ebony it is water and it's deep

Keep a tight hold of her mum

I don't want to go in there anyway!

This is close enough for me

Can we have a run mum?

Look Rainbow I can fly

ok you won

come on Megan hurry up

hang on be there in a tick

Where are we going now?

this way silly

hope mum can jump this

if I can, anybody can!

come on young lady I will wait for you

it's ok great grandpa I am fine

Why does everyone fuss me?

because we all adore you little one

you are a very special girl

we 'all' are very special

me too!

why is that grandma?

those youngsters always ask so many questions!

ok we will wait while you have a good itch!

and they never stop, always on the go.

slow down Ebony

sorry grandma

I love all my girls

I might be old but I won't let them come to any harm

  now where have they gone?

we are behind you great grandpa Harry

can I have a pair of glasses mum!

best get her lead back on mum

or she will be over there in a flash!

time to head home girls

Megan and mud go well together!

you are teaching your daughter bad habits Rainbow

and who taught me then mum?

it wasn't Harry anyway he hates water.

well I love it

especially blowing bubbles in it that is fun

I think  Harry has lost us again

where are those girls now?

going for a drink Harry

good idea

that's better

come on then leads on

Hurry up Harry we are all in the van!

now mum will have to come and get me

where have you been?

bye bye see you all soon

3rd April

Hi Everybody I am much better now and thanks for all the lovely emails

Come on Harry chase us

Not yet wait till I get Ebony on the path

are you ready now?

See told you I was better

There's no stopping me now

This is fun

Slow down Harry you are getting to old

drop in for a drink with me

Rainbow the water feature!

Oh no not you too Ebony

3 generations of wolfhound girls

and Harry makes 4

12th March

While we were at Cruft's, Harry was very ill, his temperature was at 107 thanks to an alert Cat (the dog sitter) Jean our neighbour who called Ian our vet out and Brian who rushed up here to be with him, he was soon back to normal

That will teach them to leave me behind!  (we don't know what it was but he was back to normal next day.)

4th March

Raven and the famous 5 are out in the garden

Hi Lewis, why are you sitting there?

I dropped my biscuit and I am waiting on it jumping into my mouth

oh we will help you with that!

Hoi that's not fair get lost you greedy lot.

Hey Digger look what I found

It wasn't lost Harley.

Donald and co are used to the puppies now.

Harley and  Raven

Harley in front then Lewis, Digger and Raven

This is our blanket it smells fresh and clean

with 4 boys here that won't last long

Hey look Great grandpa Harry has come out to play

Here pup chase my tail

I love you great grandpa Harry

One two thee four five!

Is that not enough little monsters running around?

My puppies are not little monsters Harry Potter

well maybe a little....play-time!

I like this little house out you go Ebony I will have this for my afternoon nap.

How did I get a Rainbow on my head?

Mum the man's here to put lights in the dogbus

Harley and Digger sometimes behave!!

but not for long...where are you going Harley?

To play with my cousin Lewis

8th Feb

It's all quiet in the house this morning

We have all had breakfast and most of us are asleep again

The fastest gets the best bed

The slowest has to find a space on the floor

We are not big enough to get on the bed yet

Some of us can sleep through anything

Even a noisy game of tug doesn't disturb the sleeping beauty

He loves his new bed

Little miss trouble ( Rosie) will give up eventually and fall asleep too

amidst the torn papers and shredded toys they eventually collapse into a peaceful sleep

No matter how often we wash down the room it is impossible to stop the mess

Even the walls are dirty it is not easy looking after a litter of puppies and we are constantly on our feet

  While they sleep there is lots more work to be done

and don't expect any help from anybody

Especially a male...while Stuart relaxes with Harry

Louie feeds the kittens

she is a perfect little mother

meanwhile the ducks need to be let out

They love swimming in their pond

Even in a gale force wind!

Just the Bengals to feed then its time to clean the house

You can't make our bed yet mum go away

I would help but I have things to do too!

That wont last long.....

Time to go.....

Harry's diary from 2007