Dictionary for wolfhounds

by Bribiba Harry Potter


 is for Abbie and Aimee

100_0376 (Small).JPG (23541 bytes) two beautiful girls.


This is a wolfhound pillow. To access it climb onto the couch and stretch out. Your head will fit snugly over the 'armrest!

Well you surely didn't expect Megan to get it right!

mr potters chair (Small).jpg (31847 bytes) Harry loved his chair so much he took it out in the van with him!


 is for Bath

Being immersed in water and cleaned with soap....yuk!!!

100_3070 (Small).JPG (111312 bytes) This is what  Megan had after she was taken home....it is also why she is known as smelly Nellie!

Abbie also had to have a bath after her latest mission to find a kangaroo by digging to Australia!

Don't laugh your next!

no way are you catching me!


A comfy soft warm place to sleep, especially a white bedspread, in the guest room, or the new couch in the lounge

  preferably beside the human you love most (Baby Morgan)

Liam and Abbie

Or sandwiched between two wolfies (Regan)

Or a favourite teddy bear

Or a shady spot in the garden on a hot summers day

Or in the lounge on the best couch...funny we have lots of pictures of sleeping hounds!


I am bored there is nothing to do

me too

when is our next feed?

when is our next run?


 is for Cats

Small furry creatures who sleep in our beds, eat our food and run (sometimes) when we chase them.

Cats are ok to make friends with but they must be kept in their place!

STA_1227 (Small).jpg (48402 bytes) No matter how silly they look

Hey that's my teddy Biba!

look there's another one!


Life is not worth living without lots of cuddles

Abbie and Megan share a cuddle.

Puppy Cuddles....Paul and Mum with Megan and Brannigan.

Abbie gets more cuddles from Megan


 is for Dads

The biggest softy in the house, easy to wind around your paw and they will feed you the most  goodies.

  Dads are great, they will, cuddle you

 let you sit on their knees

...feed you

.take you out for lunch (and pay)

Give you dog snogs

and big hugs

Play silly games with you

walk you in all weathers...no matter how many of us want to go!

Picture_0025 (Small).JPG (55711 bytes) and love you more than anything else in the world....except mum! and Megan Rose

If you're lucky, like me, you will have two dads who love you


A huge problem with wolfhounds especially when the owners want us to come in and we don't want to. Symptoms include staring blankly at the person then running  in the opposite direction or lying down.

 100_4308 (Small).JPG (127009 bytes)She wants us to what????

Look Aimee and Liam have it too!

We always hear the 'B' word....biscuit anyone?

we didn't hear you telling us to stop!


Digging is fun you can dig great big holes when you are as big as me.

Big enough to drop a puppy in and get peace

or better still get them to dig for you.

Stop is not a word Megan ever learned!


is for Ebony

Our dark princess

is for Ears

Ears are great to lick they smell nice and wolfies love to nibble on them,

100_0408 (Small).JPG (44027 bytes) so watch out Barry!

Sometimes our ears do what they want...like Morgan's rabbit impression!


 is for fetch

What does that mean?

Dogs fetch things, but we are wolfhounds so we don't do fetch! Right?

Picture 105.jpg (161462 bytes) This is fetching...Abbie showed us how.

100_4192 (Small) (2).JPG (90263 bytes) Now Megan can fetch

 100_6109 (Small).jpg (73585 bytes)Well I'm not fetching that stick dad!


100_0333 (Small).JPG (64822 bytes) twenty hot dogs please

100_0334 (Small).JPG (63347 bytes) Would you like mustard with them sir?

100_0335 (Small).JPG (59721 bytes) What a polite young dog....what a nice man

 This is why being a wolfhound beats being a small dog....we can reach the food.


Friends are people with biscuits and they make a big fuss of us.

friends will buy you an ice-cream even if they do own the shop!

friends will share their holiday with you

friends will laugh at your jokes.

they will remember to bring the biscuits on the walk!

They will walk with you in the sun, wind rain or snow.

They bring pretty girls to visit

Friends always include you in everything they do.

Friends share their warm blankets....thanks Marion!

  We love to make our friends welcome


 is for Gran and Grumpy

Gran looks after us when our mum and dad go away for the weekend

She has selective deafness too!!!

She loves me best of course

Our mums a Gran too here are some of her grandchildren!!!!

Grumpy is short for grandpa well that's what Liam thinks!


Margaret Greatwich from Wales

Margaret and Chas Greatwich look after us when our mum and dad are on holiday.


 is for Harry, hero, handsome

(need I say more?)

This is me.... with my mum Cesca

Me in my chair before I ate it!!!

I was a tartan  teenage terror!

Then I grew up into a handsome loveable boy

100_4330 (Small).JPG (68400 bytes) Here I am with Rosee and Ken


I am a big feartie gowk ( easily frightened and requiring assistance)

Help there's a snake in the pond!!!

100_4386 (Small).JPG (49975 bytes) Help, I can't remember how to use the computer

100_4375 (Small).jpg (55648 bytes) help mum tidy up DD


The rainbow bridge is on the way to heaven.

A little bit of heaven for me is, sitting quietly by the pond listening to the birds sing, and I did enjoy watching the fish till Morgan ate them all!


My favourite I just love hugging everyone

We love getting hugs they are the best

Go on give me a hug Helen

Toby hugs are the best


 is for Indi

My son Indiana who is a quiet gentle lad

My handsome well behaved boy.

Indi is almost the same height as I am here

100_3684 (Small).jpg (68444 bytes) Now he is all grown up and a Cruft's winner


a device to let people know which way you are turning

Look out everyone we are turning right.


Someone who incites trouble.

  Our instigators are Morgan and Megan, always up to no good always looking out for trouble.


 is for Jenny

Jenny was our best friend and she loved to come out with us on our walks.

Jenny as a baby with Marion.

She taught us how to check the depth in the loch so we didn't have to swim


Every pack has a joker and here is ours!

100_0129_small.JPG (52803 bytes) This is me as a scarecrow!!

and this is me as a blonde.

 elvis2.jpg (18368 bytes)This is me singing with Elvis!

Honest Abbie, this is how you slide down the hill!

Yeh this is fun....whoops I broke my sledge!

I keep my girls on their toes!

I will just get my head down for five minutes!


is for Kill

Not a word we should ever use, but invented by mother nature for WILD animals to survive. Abused by humans who kill for pleasure and greed!

 100_5009 (Small).JPG (89043 bytes)All creatures can live together in harmony...but maybe not Morgan and fish!!

Cesca_06 (Small).jpg (29944 bytes)This is how to share...we can all do it.

 100_2041 (Small).jpg (52631 bytes)Some of us don't get a choice!


Have a kiss Aimee!

 100_3749 (Small).JPG (75816 bytes)Megan loves to give away all her kisses.

Morgan does too.

Here is a very handsome young lad kissing his mum!


is for Lead

A lead is a strap attached to you collar so that you can take your owner wherever you want.

Mum taking us home from our walk

 100_2886 (Small).JPG (88870 bytes) Or maybe it is us taking her!


We love to lean on people it is part of being a wolfhound

100_2944 (Small).JPG (78078 bytes) Mum could you come here a minute please!


Everybody needs someone to love. Me I love everyone, specially those with goodies in their pocket!

Love is... someone warm and soft to cuddle into

Love is... letting me sit in your favourite chair

Love is.... protecting me from harm

Love is... forever no matter what I get up to.

 megans 032 (Small).jpg (52163 bytes)Love is...Megan she is so sweet and kind, we all love her

Love is Indi...he is just adorable...he is my little boy and I love him too.

Love is...... Morgan, the monster pup who is always in trouble but loved more than anyone.

love is .......Abbie, patient, kind, never gets on to any of us no matter what we do.

Love is...saying thanks to everyone who cares about me and my family.... Thanks everyone


is for Megan

The sweetest, most gentle and prettiest girl in the world....yeh right!

Sweet and innocent...but not for long!

Nothing is safe from her

 Picture 020 (Small).jpg (49064 bytes)She stole Liam's dummy

No toy is safe

No wellie either..it was mum's own fault she left them out!

How can anyone not fail to adore her


This is my Mother when she was a puppy with her dad Paddy, her mum Babie and her Aunty Rose.

and Mum

Mum loves her wolfhounds more than anything in the world..etc maybe dad and her sons and grandkids and chocolate....maybe....

She takes us out to nice places

I didn't get to go!!!

She takes lots of pictures of us.

We love mum she is the best.


Mud is great to roll in jump in and bathe in...see for yourself.

Mud bath

 It's great wallowing in it.

 100_1162 (Small).JPG (63701 bytes)Cool!!!

100_1222 (Small).JPG (87656 bytes) Megan could find mud in a desert!!!

Then we have to wash it off again before we go home!


 is for noise

 Megan will shout if she wants something

I want out !

 100_1690 (Small).JPG (41467 bytes) I want in !

She learned to do this at a very early age

but we soon found out how to pacify her!

O is

for our Ollie

Ollie was my best pal, we had a great time together and he may be gone but he will never be forgotten

Mr. Oliver Barnbrook...Bribiba Oliver Wood


is for pack

In a pack everyone has a job to do.

 Bed warmer!

Picture 385 (Small).jpg (79265 bytes)  I get all the good jobs!

Weather forecaster

It's spring time!


Morgan and Indi inspect the garden

This plant has to go!

so will those fish!!!!


 Picture 399 (Small).jpg (69524 bytes)What was that?

Who cares!!!


No that's Megan's job

No Way!

face washer

Morgan spots a dirty mark on dads face!  There, she got it!

Pack Leader

Princess Abigail!

Honorary pack members have jobs too

Brian the Biscuit Carrier!!!

100_2604 (Small).jpg (59756 bytes) Back scratcher!

Puppy sitters


D.D. who is always in trouble

Here he is just after he bounced off Indi's head!

100_3416 (Small).jpg (78821 bytes) and Meesha our little clown


Puddles and puppies go together..where there is one there is usually the other!!!

Am I in trouble again??? Ours are usually housetrained by twelve weeks.

These two are just about house trained now!!! ( nine months old!!!) and the puddles are now floods!!!

It's all the drink they give us.

Indi is a good boy he never wets the floor

That will be me then!!!


This is Morgan. She looks so sweet and innocent.

we should have known when she started beating up her brothers

Even Aunty Susan was fooled

We didn't realise that she was not really sleeping in the food dish but making sure it was still there when she woke up!

So we took her and her brother....the red devils then took over our quiet peaceful lives!!!

They looked like butter wouldn't melt in their little mouths

but their story is only just beginning!...read it here Click this picture.


 is for all the questions people ask when we are out in the town.

What do they eat?

Is he a real dog?

Are they for sale?

 Picture 412 (Small).jpg (43210 bytes)Are they Afghan Hounds...Great Danes...Irish Setters???

Are they always this lazy?

Why is that one a different colour?

Picture 055 (Small).jpg (95768 bytes) No I am not a horse, a donkey nor am I a Shetland pony so I DO NOT NEED A SADDLE!!!


Rainbow our pretty girl

she loves everyone

and she is as pretty as a picture

 is for Regan

The only wolfhound pup with any sense!

We all loved her

Visit her page here



This is the life...me and my teddy bear!

or a lovely sunny day in the garden



This is our favourite field we love to play chase in here.


 is for Sitting

The only time to sit on the floor is at the table, when there is food on it.

Otherwise find a human to sit on

Notice who gets to sit on Auntie Susan's knee...her own wolfhound is on the floor...he'll learn!


 Snow falls from the sky it is cold and wet...but great fun to play in ( unless you are Abbie she hates it!)

 Picture 335 (Small).jpg (71430 bytes) here it comes!!!

I nearly got lost in the garden!

but I was rescued by the red devils!

Play time!!!

I really want to go home to bed.


A day bed for us wolfhounds

This is the life!

Wake me at  tea-time please!


Puppy sitter

Game Keeper....  What will we play at next Liam and Aimee?

Personal Trainer...throw us a stick then Marion.

Hair dryer   Me next dad

Swimming Instructor... I think I will just watch you Jenny!

Chauffeur  Take us home Please.

Nursemaid  Get him Indi!!! did you want a face wash Brian?

Referee...your offside Charlie!

 tonight 049 (Small).jpg (50599 bytes)Butler  Dinner is served sir! Me first!!  No me!!!

Bed warmer   ok dad you can get up now!

International rescue!!! the pups where about to dive in the pond!

Doorman...will someone let us in please ( we are always looking for new doormen ours get fed up letting us in and out)!!


100_3025 (Small).jpg (53348 bytes) What they make us do in the show ring

They make us stand nice, keep us clean and well groomed...

100_3992 (Small).jpg (52834 bytes) But that never lasts long!

 100_4152 (Small).jpg (59427 bytes)You don't want to put me in a show do you?


Sun worshippers!

Relaxing under the trees

Chilling out

Taking a break


 is for Tara

Tara is one of our best friends

.Tara the Deerhound she is clever, fast and fun.

Picture 060 (Small) (2).jpg (106566 bytes) and pretty


 Cesca the greatest thief known to wolfhounds

Abbie comes a close second!


That's you Morgan!!!

Here she is little miss trouble....Like a coiled snake about to spring

Going out to cause havoc in the town

Jumping all over mum to get a kiss.

This is a good place to sit!

She is always leading Indi into trouble

This is her seeing how far dads sock will stretch..it didn't get much further before it split in two!

But look at her..she knows she is dads favourite

You are so spoiled Morgan!

She makes DD look like an angel...and he is another trouble maker!

How not to climb on a chair!!!


is for ugly

Don't you dare Harry!!!


We love running up the hill

It is hard work for some of us!!!


is for vanity

Who is that pretty girl in there?

Where are all the pictures of you gazing in the mirror Harry?

Hey that's not me!


is for water

But dad I don't do showers!

I don't do puddles either!

I was just getting a drink


No matter how big or small we love every single one of you.

Wolfhounds are wonderful, proud, gentle and fun.


is for kisses lots of them!

 from puppy kisses

 to mummy kisses

and big dog snog kisses


is for youngsters

The trouble those two caused!

Human youngsters are much better behaved. they don't chew the furniture!

Does the gate keep the dog in or the baby out?


is for zoo

This house is a zoo!


    100_2526 (Small).jpg (64532 bytes) pups

parrots ..Meesha and DD 


and of course Dennis!

then there's our local fox who comes down for tea every night!

and not forgetting

All of us!

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