Indi's Diary 2007  100_9891 (Small).JPG (56377 bytes)

Indi's  Diary 2006

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7th Dec

IMG_0389.jpg (37175 bytes) Morgan is very happy with her babies

IMG_0382.jpg (40017 bytes) 



25th Nov

100_1778 (Small).JPG (75009 bytes) look out Toby you nearly knocked Marion over

100_1780 (Small).JPG (56120 bytes) Sorry Aunty Marion I am in a bit of a hurry

100_1783 (Small).JPG (48175 bytes) as usual, Toby has no manners!

100_1787 (Small).JPG (78376 bytes) Yes I have and here I come to help mum through the mud

100_1786 (Small).JPG (38840 bytes) Uncle Brian and Tara

100_1791 (Small).JPG (66404 bytes) Oops who ran into Aunty Marion?

100_1795 (Small).JPG (71897 bytes) It was the springbok puppy! ( He should play rugby)

100_1796 (Small).JPG (79835 bytes) Biscuits anybody?

100_1812 (Small).JPG (54509 bytes) My Toby...isn't he adorable?

100_1838 (Small).JPG (74361 bytes) We smell food!

100_1841 (Small).JPG (63466 bytes) Aunty Marion has a pocketful of biscuits.

100_1842 (Small).JPG (62289 bytes) What a happy boy

100_1849 (Small).JPG (64652 bytes) Lots of friends to play chase with

 100_1854 (Small).JPG (60043 bytes) and pretty girls to walk with

100_1850 (Small).JPG (55500 bytes) especially Ailidh, Toby loves her.

100_1862 (Small).JPG (59516 bytes) Wait for my mum!

100_1865 (Small).JPG (60304 bytes) bath time

100_1864 (Small).JPG (70633 bytes) The water is vvvvery cccccold

100_1866 (Small).JPG (64963 bytes) well I ain't going in then!

100_1868 (Small).JPG (80269 bytes) I don't do cold water dad, 

100_1869 (Small).JPG (69740 bytes) No I will not go in

100_1870 (Small).JPG (75907 bytes) Save me Toby

100_1871 (Small).JPG (68606 bytes) Thanks son....

100_1875 (Small).JPG (47253 bytes) so how come she is in the water then Bill?

22nd Nov

100_1700 (Small).JPG (62080 bytes) What is this in our kennel?

100_1701 (Small).JPG (72239 bytes) Look closely I can see her.

100_1702 (Small).JPG (80543 bytes) Hello boys.

100_1704 (Small).JPG (46341 bytes) It is one of our new cats

100_1714 (Small).JPG (77257 bytes) Snow spotted Bengal's...three of them.

100_1713 (Small).JPG (81351 bytes) Mum built them a big play house outside in the run.

100_1711 (Small).JPG (69173 bytes) and they can play inside our kennels (well we don't use them very much)

100_1712 (Small).JPG (44917 bytes) They have their own little kennel inside too.

100_1706 (Small).JPG (57471 bytes) We think they are beautiful and very friendly

10th Nov

100_1183 (Small).JPG (89009 bytes) People often ask us how mum manages to look after us all...does anybody know?

100_1185 (Small).JPG (48390 bytes) Well don't look at me I am too tired to bother.

100_1186 (Small).JPG (70449 bytes) and I don't care...when is tea time?

100_1187 (Small).JPG (60773 bytes) I miss Alfie!

100_1188 (Small).JPG (76070 bytes) Well that was a waste of time!

100_1189 (Small).JPG (61269 bytes) I know, I know!!

100_1191 (Small).JPG (55114 bytes) She has a help around the house, don't you mum!

100_1285 (Small).JPG (33807 bytes) Here she is making the bed!

100_1287 (Small).JPG (47565 bytes) Tuck in the corners Meesha

100_1291 (Small).JPG (63990 bytes) there that's better

100_1293 (Small).JPG (56220 bytes) Just the scatter pillows to sort and that's this job finished

100_1299 (Small).JPG (45218 bytes) Now I can relax on my play rope.

100_1194 (Small).JPG (34372 bytes) Do it quietly Meesha we are all asleep ...again!

31st Oct

100_0814 (Small).JPG (64567 bytes) Hey Rainbow this is Halloween

100_0813 (Small).JPG (54138 bytes) Who is that?

100_0817 (Small).JPG (72311 bytes) no silly it is the witches night

100_0820 (Small).JPG (86982 bytes) are we not bitches Morgan?

100_0818 (Small).JPG (70316 bytes) Oh those pups are thick!

100_0829 (Small).JPG (84420 bytes) anyway we better hurry on our walk the darkness is coming in fast now.

100_0833 (Small).JPG (60777 bytes) oh don't sing Morgan that sounds awful!

100_0832 (Small).JPG (61767 bytes) whoo! Scary face Rainbow

100_0836 (Small).JPG (57393 bytes) funny face Morgan!!

100_0838 (Small).JPG (53250 bytes) Mum it is really dark now I am frightened

100_0842 (Small).JPG (60109 bytes) what a woos!

100_0844 (Small).JPG (75842 bytes) I'll get her back for that.

100_0862 (Small).JPG (42168 bytes) Where has Rainy gone?

100_0864 (Small).JPG (50807 bytes) arghhh mum help!! What is that?

100_0867 (Small).JPG (38610 bytes) haha it was me!!

100_0851 (Small).JPG (53558 bytes) Morgan wants to show off her new designer collar

100_0852 (Small).JPG (75161 bytes) Rainbow has a new one as well but it is not finished yet.

100_0870 (Small).JPG (68394 bytes)  Don't tell her Morgan its a surprise.

100_0875 (Small).JPG (82538 bytes) Rainy home is this way...put your lights on!

100_0879 (Small).JPG (48169 bytes) Hurry Morgan.

100_0880 (Small).JPG (55318 bytes) Ok let's go


100_0583 (Small).JPG (50327 bytes) What is so funny Indi?

100_0575 (Small).JPG (60807 bytes) Dad's home and he has a big surprise for us.

100_0578 (Small).JPG (53942 bytes) We love you dad....what have you brought us?

100_0586 (Small).JPG (86814 bytes) It's our new bus!! We can go out again on our run.

100_0650 (Small).JPG (68266 bytes) We need more room though, we have to take out the seats

100_0657 (Small).JPG (77442 bytes) Leave this seat for me dad I like looking out the window.

100_0655 (Small).JPG (55169 bytes) It's our wolfhound size stretch limo!!

 100_0605 (Small).JPG (79826 bytes) This is better I can really stretch my legs up here.

100_0618 (Small).JPG (86419 bytes) Thanks dad we think you are the best in the world.

100_0589 (Small).JPG (59243 bytes) Here comes the rain...again!

100_0620 (Small) (2).JPG (69597 bytes) Toby look isn't that beautiful....quick

100_0600 (Small).JPG (31747 bytes) Let's catch the rainbow

100_0633 (Small).JPG (97027 bytes) Well we tried, but it was faster than us!

100_0636 (Small).JPG (92100 bytes) It even beat me and I am the fastest dog in the world!

100_0638 (Small).JPG (91440 bytes) No Toby you mean thickest!

100_0639 (Small).JPG (72564 bytes) I got my brains from you dad!

100_0641 (Small).JPG (95430 bytes) Well you must have dropped them Toby!

100_0652 (Small) (2).JPG (50548 bytes) He loves me really

5th Oct

 100_0249 (Small).JPG (74071 bytes)We are having a rest before a very important job.

 100_0250 (Small).JPG (63481 bytes) Harry is resting too but then he always does!

 100_0252 (Small).JPG (71502 bytes) Rainbow has her own sofa to sleep on

 100_0251 (Small).JPG (53700 bytes) She does love her comfort

100_0253 (Small).JPG (81994 bytes) Is it time yet mum?

100_0260 (Small).JPG (41214 bytes) Here I am at the hospital to give blood again

 100_0262 (Small).JPG (59163 bytes) Don't worry they won't hurt me

 100_0263 (Small).JPG (55955 bytes) Alistair is taking very good care of me

100_0264 (Small).JPG (54932 bytes) and my blood will save another dogs life tonight.

100_0265 (Small).JPG (37043 bytes) dad says I am a hero

100_0266 (Small).JPG (41013 bytes) Now it is your turn, call your vet and ask about donating your dog or cats blood.

100_0267 (Small).JPG (39134 bytes) Give blood save a life, tomorrow it might be you.

2nd Sept

000_0129 (Small).jpg (63561 bytes) Toby says hello to Uncle Brian at the SKC show

000_0131 (Small).jpg (62044 bytes) I get to hug Uncle Brian too

000_0130 (Small).jpg (55412 bytes) He wants to go back for another Toby hug

000_0134 (Small).jpg (59280 bytes) Dad gives in!

000_0137 (Small).jpg (68172 bytes) He loves hugging everybody

000_0139 (Small).jpg (56787 bytes) David is helping get us ready for the show

000_0141 (Small).jpg (45935 bytes) He loves wolfhounds...

000_0142 (Small).jpg (49372 bytes) Especially Toby

000_0143 (Small).jpg (35319 bytes) who could resist a Toby hug?

14th Aug

100_8705 (Small).JPG (63526 bytes)  Meet A Stor he is 3 years old and has come for a visit.

100_8715 (Small).JPG (91393 bytes)  A  Stor and owner Rosaleen 

100_8707 (Small).JPG (57646 bytes) Lorraine, John, Rosaleen and Toby

100_8710 (Small).JPG (78914 bytes) he brought along his friend Rosie for a run with us.

100_8711 (Small).JPG (84906 bytes) Now Toby its time for that run you promised me

100_8718 (Small).JPG (49387 bytes) Not while I am getting my picture taken Rosie

100_8717 (Small).JPG (66166 bytes) I will chase you Rosie

100_8716 (Small).JPG (48067 bytes) Go on Rainbow catch her

100_8713 (Small).JPG (56572 bytes) She is so fast I can't see her! Where is she?

100_8721 (Small).JPG (106252 bytes) Well what is a walk if you don't get mucky!

100_8723 (Small).JPG (100230 bytes) Come on Rainbow lets play a trick on Rosie

100_8725 (Small).JPG (72974 bytes) Run fast Rainbow, into the long grass so we can hide

100_8726 (Small).JPG (65085 bytes) Where have those wolfhounds gone?

100_8728 (Small).JPG (72789 bytes) Wow what a fright you gave me!

100_8734 (Small).JPG (86696 bytes) That was fun Rainbow, we fooled her.

100_8737 (Small).JPG (99124 bytes) Follow us Rosie we have a huge pond here.

100_8738 (Small).JPG (82119 bytes) Careful now it is very deep and you only have short legs

100_8743 (Small).JPG (70805 bytes) Rainbow will you look at this!!!

100_8744 (Small).JPG (87442 bytes) What are you doing A Stor?

100_8745 (Small).JPG (56430 bytes) I was swimming Toby!

100_8740 (Small).JPG (67927 bytes) Rosie can swim too Toby!

100_8741 (Small).JPG (70351 bytes) It is easy to swim Toby try it

100_8742 (Small).JPG (72414 bytes) No it's ok I am happy to walk thanks.

4th Aug

100_8460 (Small).JPG (70416 bytes) Move over Torin we can't stop!

100_8467 (Small).JPG (57738 bytes) 10 dogs 3 people....this will be fun! (Sky is back for a weeks holiday)

100_8472 (Small).JPG (116402 bytes) Torin and Toby skip up the hill together

100_8484 (Small).JPG (94479 bytes) and Morgan looks happy to be out with her friends

100_8487 (Small).JPG (58525 bytes) Janet ( the pied piper of Shieldhill)

100_8490 (Small).JPG (69703 bytes) Come on mum and dad I will wait for you

100_8492 (Small).JPG (64866 bytes) Will you two hurry up!

100_8493 (Small).JPG (72373 bytes) Where is Janet with our treats

100_8495 (Small).JPG (79542 bytes) Wait till we are all together Toby

100_8496 (Small).JPG (66506 bytes) Torin, Sky, Megan, Morgan and Toby (they just pose naturally)

100_8500 (Small).JPG (67883 bytes)Toby is just a huggable hound

100_8506 (Small).JPG (68654 bytes) treat time!!

100_8516 (Small).JPG (90250 bytes) Wrong way again Toby!

100_8520 (Small).JPG (95353 bytes) You won't find any mushrooms Briagh...Olga picked them all!

100_8529 (Small).JPG (97852 bytes) This way everybody...move along now.

100_8530 (Small).JPG (94157 bytes) Why what are we missing?

100_8531 (Small).JPG (100613 bytes) Nothing, just waiting on our people as usual

100_8532 (Small).JPG (109233 bytes) This grass gets in your ears!

100_8534 (Small).JPG (101999 bytes) come on you lot follow me

100_8537 (Small).JPG (93069 bytes) mum stayed behind to take more pictures

100_8538 (Small).JPG (106393 bytes) Megan went back for her..she won't go anywhere without her.

100_8540 (Small).JPG (95195 bytes) This is how a well exercised healthy hound looks, can you see the muscle on Briagh?

100_8544 (Small).JPG (104797 bytes) Load up you coats with lots of mud everybody

100_8548 (Small).JPG (104975 bytes) Splash in it, come on we need to be really muddy

100_8552 (Small).JPG (116362 bytes) That's it Briagh follow me now

100_8553 (Small).JPG (97122 bytes) shake it all over mum!!

100_8555 (Small).JPG (79073 bytes) That was funny.

100_8563 (Small).JPG (94704 bytes) Bath time... everybody get washed.

100_8564 (Small).JPG (83551 bytes) You too Max there is plenty of room

100_8565 (Small).JPG (81569 bytes) Leads on time to go

100_8573 (Small).JPG (56853 bytes) Nice to meet you Sky, come back soon

100_8580 (Small).JPG (98208 bytes) get back Toby I am top dog and I walk in front

100_8582 (Small).JPG (88683 bytes) Penny is our pack leader...for now.

100_8585 (Small).JPG (78114 bytes) Toby just does not listen...look at Megan's face!

2nd Aug

100_8322 (Small).JPG (57212 bytes) Mum and Olga take us out for our walk

 100_8327 (Small).JPG (24718 bytes) Well come on then hurry up

100_8330 (Small).JPG (37569 bytes) Olga is from Poland, she is helping to look after us 

100_8334 (Small).JPG (81974 bytes) Not that we need much help

100_8335 (Small).JPG (71352 bytes) Now where do we go?

100_8340 (Small).JPG (79730 bytes) Olga has biscuits for us

100_8343 (Small).JPG (54643 bytes) We always get our picture taken here

100_8342 (Small).JPG (66347 bytes) Come on then Olga we will show you the rest of our walk

 100_8344 (Small).JPG (47201 bytes) Olga loves the countryside and admires the view

100_8352 (Small).JPG (108906 bytes) Morgan leads Olga the wrong way

100_8353 (Small).JPG (77588 bytes) but we show her the path!

100_8358 (Small).JPG (102999 bytes) This way Olga

100_8359 (Small).JPG (79227 bytes) What is she doing Indi?

100_8361 (Small).JPG (67604 bytes) What are you picking mushrooms for?

100_8360 (Small).JPG (90706 bytes) Olga says the mushrooms are good....well we will take your word for that Olga!

100_8370 (Small).JPG (95133 bytes) I prefer my biscuits thanks

100_8379 (Small).JPG (104563 bytes) Lets see who can get the most mud on them

100_8380 (Small).JPG (103004 bytes) I win

100_8381 (Small).JPG (103452 bytes) No you don't

100_8382 (Small).JPG (103069 bytes) She is a champion mud collector

100_8384 (Small).JPG (81183 bytes) Did I get it all off Morgan?

100_8388 (Small).JPG (89284 bytes) Come on Toby we are going now

1st Aug

100_8181 (Small).JPG (80959 bytes) Look everybody we have visitors

100_8177 (Small).JPG (69028 bytes) Quick lets go and say hello

100_8179 (Small).JPG (64161 bytes) Yes on you go but your not getting my sun lounger

100_8180 (Small).JPG (71491 bytes) Its Vil and Jim

100_8184 (Small).JPG (76199 bytes) Move over Morgan it's my sub bed

100_8185 (Small).JPG (67948 bytes) Get off Indi you will break it.

100_8186 (Small).JPG (83506 bytes) Well you get down then it won't hold the two of us

100_8187 (Small).JPG (68833 bytes) No I am not getting off it. I had it first

100_8190 (Small).JPG (71818 bytes) Madam won....again!

100_8160 (Small).JPG (70852 bytes) She was soon back inside for a cuddle though

100_8161 (Small).JPG (67121 bytes) So was I ....well who cares about the sun lounger we have nice soft beds in here

100_8162 (Small).JPG (74010 bytes) and I love big hugs from our visitors

100_8165 (Small).JPG (48434 bytes) Toby would rather cuddle dad, he is a big softy

100_8168 (Small).JPG (83308 bytes) and he adores his mum too.

100_8169 (Small).JPG (78649 bytes) Vil and Jim have come to see the puppies

100_8136 (Small).JPG (65842 bytes) but we think there was a plot to kidnap one

100_8142 (Small).JPG (64296 bytes) So Morgan was put on watch

100_8158 (Small).JPG (53096 bytes) She made sure there was nobody hiding up jumpers.

100_8133 (Small).JPG (77431 bytes) The puppies are safe in their crate out in the sunshine

100_8134 (Small).JPG (71771 bytes) McD is tired out with all his running around

100_8135 (Small).JPG (77335 bytes) Maggie is just a typical female and has lots to do

100_8195 (Small).JPG (81267 bytes) We all go out for a run together

100_8196 (Small).JPG (60280 bytes) Mother and son...can you see the resemblance?

100_8197 (Small).JPG (81058 bytes) Wait for us you two

100_8202 (Small).JPG (70898 bytes) We have been up to the pond and back

100_8206 (Small).JPG (96731 bytes) Do they ever slow down?

100_8208 (Small).JPG (89434 bytes) Just as well this is a big pond

100_8220 (Small).JPG (79953 bytes) Come on then race you to the top

100_8221 (Small).JPG (99272 bytes) one two three go...

100_8223 (Small).JPG (81596 bytes) Nobody ran with him

100_8228 (Small).JPG (86724 bytes) Mum has the biscuits today

100_8236 (Small).JPG (81937 bytes) Ok back to the run

100_8237 (Small).JPG (79681 bytes) Morgan how did you get so dirty

100_8238 (Small).JPG (108945 bytes) If I lie down here nobody will see me and I can frighten them

100_8245 (Small).JPG (102657 bytes) Where has Indi gone?

100_8247 (Small).JPG (85626 bytes) Boo! Oh Indi you gave me a big scare.

100_8244 (Small).JPG (89802 bytes) Sorry Morgan but it was funny.

100_8253 (Small).JPG (111242 bytes) Time for a cool dip

100_8254 (Small).JPG (100576 bytes) Toby has used up all the water again

100_8255 (Small).JPG (74929 bytes) I didn't get much!

100_8267 (Small).JPG (67087 bytes) Now if the sun would just come out to dry us all

100_8281 (Small).JPG (96310 bytes) Thanks for our walk Vil and Jim see you both soon

28th July

100_7871 (Small).JPG (53741 bytes) Looks like Morgan is not going to get much peace on this walk

100_7873 (Small).JPG (53881 bytes) I don't want to play chase Indi leave me alone

100_7875 (Small).JPG (76753 bytes) Hey Morgan are you not coming in the water is lovely today

100_7877 (Small).JPG (73707 bytes) Did anybody bring me a towel?

100_7879 (Small).JPG (55245 bytes) Come on Morgan we are waiting for you

100_7882 (Small).JPG (53998 bytes) You can wait I am not playing with boys

100_7888 (Small).JPG (78769 bytes) Now where is she off too?

100_7892 (Small).JPG (47190 bytes) I love my daddy I am his special boy

100_7900 (Small).JPG (57188 bytes) we are all special 

100_7913 (Small).JPG (70548 bytes) Mummy's boys

100_7915 (Small).JPG (101799 bytes) Who's mummy's favourite boy?

100_7916 (Small).JPG (97210 bytes) Me isn't it mum!

100_7919 (Small).JPG (83755 bytes) Wait till I wipe this kiss off my nose dad

100_7920 (Small).JPG (90752 bytes) Toby get back a bit we can't see mum

100_7924 (Small).JPG (85512 bytes) Morgan you look like you forgot to put your teeth in

100_7925 (Small).JPG (84658 bytes) What do you mean mum?

100_7942 (Small).JPG (63851 bytes) Peace! those boys can be such a pain

100_7943 (Small).JPG (56697 bytes) Spoke to soon here they come!

100_7949 (Small).JPG (80814 bytes) Come on Morgan play with me

100_7951 (Small).JPG (83677 bytes) Ok just once then 

100_7957 (Small).JPG (75167 bytes) grrr grrr grrr

100_7961 (Small).JPG (81484 bytes) ok boys that's enough leave me alone or I will set dad on you

100_7963 (Small).JPG (96185 bytes) I will chase Toby instead then

100_7970 (Small).JPG (56535 bytes) Yeh, that will be right

100_7971 (Small).JPG (93202 bytes) This is where we hit mum and she fell against a tree!

100_7972 (Small).JPG (76939 bytes) That's her got another bruise then!

100_7973 (Small).JPG (79567 bytes) Hide Toby she will beat us up!

100_7974 (Small).JPG (80952 bytes) Pigs will fly first...

100_7975 (Small).JPG (74944 bytes) where are they then?

100_7977 (Small).JPG (87897 bytes) I am not that stupid mum!

100_7983 (Small).JPG (91571 bytes) Come on lets chase Morgan again

100_7984 (Small).JPG (84911 bytes) Don't bother yourselves boys.

100_7995 (Small).JPG (85016 bytes) I am going for a dip in the pool

100_7989 (Small).JPG (81833 bytes) Good idea Morgan

100_7998 (Small).JPG (58938 bytes) Leads on ! Time to go.

23rd July

 100_7625 (Small).JPG (45127 bytes)Saturday morning and we are going to Leeds show, let us out then mum

100_7626 (Small).JPG (48478 bytes) We only had 100 miles to go and then disaster the van broke down

100_7629 (Small).JPG (38341 bytes) They needed a big lorry to take us home 124 miles away!

100_7630 (Small).JPG (40231 bytes) But the breakdown service were excellent and took great care of us

100_7633 (Small).JPG (45667 bytes) Watch we don't fall out dad

100_7713 (Small).JPG (54708 bytes) We got home at 12.30 am , loaded the Range Rover and headed off again

100_7638 (Small).JPG (50425 bytes) Our judge was John Lewington from Australia here he is with Phil (Marlaw Hounds)

 100_7649 (Small).JPG (33660 bytes)Toby laughs at everything...and Torin wanted out of the rain.

100_7654 (Small) (2).JPG (53259 bytes) Toby was as good as gold for his daddy!

100_7656 (Small).JPG (42365 bytes) and so was Torin for his mum

100_7660 (Small) (2).JPG (64519 bytes) but it was Susan who beat us all today taking a second with Ralph

100_7661 (Small).JPG (48819 bytes) Well done Susan, you deserved it.

100_7668 (Small).JPG (69140 bytes) never mind Toby we still love you.

100_7669 (Small).JPG (71401 bytes) right now it's mum and Rainbow's turn

100_7671 (Small).JPG (60072 bytes) Rainbow is such a pretty girl we all adore her

100_7675 (Small).JPG (74920 bytes) there were 11 other girls in the ring so we had time to relax

100_7677 (Small).JPG (69212 bytes) Rainbow you don't have time to sleep.

100_7678 (Small).JPG (65947 bytes) We took 2nd to Anne's CC winner

100_7686 (Small).JPG (79638 bytes) Hazel and Anne took the CC's well done girls well deserved winners

100_7679 (Small).JPG (55738 bytes) Can we go home now I am tired

100_7683 (Small).JPG (49937 bytes) Dad take me home I hate the rain

100_7688 (Small).JPG (80171 bytes) The sun came out for our picnic and Toby is happy again

100_7689 (Small).JPG (62095 bytes) Torin and Briagh want to join in

100_7691 (Small).JPG (57446 bytes) Rainbow and me are happy to look on we know we will get something nice

100_7694 (Small).JPG (89870 bytes) but dad makes me stand first

100_7697 (Small).JPG (82914 bytes) right dad let me go get that picnic

100_7701 (Small).JPG (74363 bytes) Rainbow is on the mooch

100_7702 (Small).JPG (77905 bytes) she knows Susan is a soft touch

100_7705 (Small).JPG (71602 bytes) she's not the only one!

100_7712 (Small).JPG (64953 bytes) Ralph has had a lovely day out he is such a good boy

100_7715 (Small).JPG (60378 bytes) Time to head home

100_7729 (Small).JPG (43154 bytes) Bye Uncle David

100_7730 (Small).JPG (84747 bytes) Bye Uncle Chris

100_7732 (Small).JPG (51653 bytes) ok can we go now

16th July

100_7337 (Small).JPG (99817 bytes) On Saturday we went out for a run.... all 10 of us

100_7339 (Small).JPG (77070 bytes) at least there is plenty of room for us all to run together up here

100_7341 (Small).JPG (89021 bytes) but being the best of friends we stick together

100_7348 (Small).JPG (104366 bytes) Megan cannot resist the mud. she just does not change

100_7349 (Small).JPG (92550 bytes) We have to wait for the old one's!

100_7351 (Small).JPG (46814 bytes) Janet got mum a birthday cake with 'you're old' on it!

100_7352 (Small).JPG (30652 bytes) but Janet doesn't have a website....and she is older!

100_7353 (Small).JPG (32878 bytes) She will get you back though mum.

100_7354 (Small).JPG (47579 bytes) If she remembers!

100_7355 (Small).JPG (97285 bytes) She won't forget!

100_7357 (Small).JPG (78493 bytes) Here they come the 'over the hill'  gang.

100_7361 (Small).JPG (58508 bytes) I wonder if we will be as slow when we are that old.

100_7363 (Small).JPG (69937 bytes) Don't let Janet hear you she has the biscuits

100_7364 (Small).JPG (96202 bytes) They are in this pocket, I can smell them

100_7366 (Small).JPG (65225 bytes) Come on Indi my mum has biscuits

 100_7380 (Small).JPG (90624 bytes) Have you lost something Penny?

100_7381 (Small).JPG (73506 bytes) There are no biscuits left Morgan.

100_7391 (Small).JPG (97029 bytes) Sky is having a great holiday

100_7392 (Small).JPG (96023 bytes) Toby is besotted with her

100_7394 (Small).JPG (117519 bytes) and so is Max!

100_7407 (Small).JPG (72900 bytes) Here we come

100_7409 (Small).JPG (113185 bytes) Oh it's you Rainbow I thought it was Toby...again!

100_7417 (Small).JPG (98851 bytes) Rainbow is always going off on her own doing her own thing

100_7418 (Small).JPG (98192 bytes) While we are all sniffing around together

100_7424 (Small).JPG (85792 bytes) Come on Indi lets go down to the swamp

100_7426 (Small).JPG (101046 bytes) We were just walking along when

100_7428 (Small).JPG (96005 bytes) What's that hiding in the long grass?

100_7429 (Small).JPG (105805 bytes) Mum help....

100_7427 (Small).JPG (100446 bytes) It's ok it was only Megan!

100_7430 (Small).JPG (90503 bytes) Is it safe to come out now Torin?

100_7442 (Small).JPG (95413 bytes) Hey somebody is missing from the picture?

100_7441 (Small).JPG (119716 bytes) It's me here I come

100_7458 (Small).JPG (104798 bytes) What is dad doing?

100_7459 (Small).JPG (132282 bytes) He is sitting on a branch having a rest! ( it's that age thing again)

100_7463 (Small).JPG (104858 bytes) Come on then lets walk on

100_7464 (Small).JPG (73168 bytes) We have to wait for dad and mum

100_7469 (Small).JPG (89273 bytes) A whole forest and you lot have to walk so close together!

100_7479 (Small).JPG (89964 bytes) Who's coming in for a dip?

100_7482 (Small).JPG (98938 bytes) A big pond and they all go in at the same spot!

100_7484 (Small).JPG (82967 bytes) That's mum soaked then Briagh!

100_7494 (Small).JPG (60669 bytes) Toby come and get your lead on son!

100_7495 (Small).JPG (79649 bytes) Oops wrong pack!

100_7496 (Small).JPG (73651 bytes) Muddy, tired out and very happy....and that is just us!

100_7498 (Small).JPG (89760 bytes) The dogs are happy too!

100_7499 (Small).JPG (87667 bytes) Penny wanted to make sure she was in the picture!

100_7507 (Small).JPG (84140 bytes) Heading home

100_7502 (Small).JPG (71894 bytes) This way dad

13th July

100_7184 (Small).JPG (86528 bytes) Run Rainbow the boys are coming

100_7185 (Small).JPG (58049 bytes) Come on Toby lets catch the girls up

100_7187 (Small).JPG (84176 bytes) Race you all to the pond

100_7190 (Small).JPG (75756 bytes) Hurry Megan we are going for a dip

100_7195 (Small).JPG (98322 bytes) Toby was first

100_7198 (Small).JPG (74417 bytes) He is never far from Sky's side

100_7202 (Small).JPG (103335 bytes) Unless there is a nice cold ditch full of water

100_7199 (Small).JPG (100265 bytes) The girls love the water too

100_7205 (Small).JPG (67027 bytes) Morgan was first up the hill

100_7206 (Small).JPG (84951 bytes) So where is my biscuit?

100_7210 (Small).JPG (71821 bytes) sorry dogs dad forgot them

100_7218 (Small).JPG (66636 bytes) ok we are out off here then

100_7219 (Small).JPG (70709 bytes) come back you lot I am sorry 

100_7223 (Small).JPG (75781 bytes)we were just kidding dad.

100_7221 (Small).JPG (84831 bytes) let's go back up and get our pictures taken

100_7215 (Small).JPG (89552 bytes) Megan is running around so we are watching her

100_7217 (Small).JPG (76557 bytes) Toby and Sky are ready to join in

100_7225 (Small).JPG (69411 bytes) Come on mum time to go

100_7227 (Small).JPG (71942 bytes) Hurry up mum

100_7247 (Small).JPG (77496 bytes) Hey Toby want to chase me?

100_7263 (Small).JPG (73179 bytes) No thanks Rainy I have run enough today

100_7248 (Small).JPG (66482 bytes) Wait for us dad

100_7268 (Small).JPG (80716 bytes) Where did everyone go?

100_7279 (Small).JPG (84027 bytes) Go on Sky have a dip

100_7281 (Small).JPG (88143 bytes) I don't like getting wet!

100_7282 (Small).JPG (91730 bytes) Not like Megan then!

100_7289 (Small).JPG (91993 bytes) leads on 

100_7288 (Small).JPG (83714 bytes) Hide Morgan

100_7294 (Small).JPG (63454 bytes) He found us

100_7297 (Small).JPG (75793 bytes) Race you back to the van

100_7298 (Small).JPG (47010 bytes) Oops better not....

11 July

100_7145 (Small).JPG (54048 bytes) We are bored, what can we do?

100_7146 (Small).JPG (43491 bytes) psst puppies want an escape route?

100_7143 (Small).JPG (46861 bytes) What does that mean Toby?

100_7142 (Small).JPG (54480 bytes) Can we eat it?

100_7149 (Small).JPG (44837 bytes) no silly put you feet on the top off the box and roll out.

100_7154 (Small).JPG (58435 bytes) make sure no one is watching first

100_7150 (Small).JPG (58731 bytes) like this Toby?

100_7156 (Small).JPG (36772 bytes) Here I come

100_7151 (Small).JPG (37544 bytes) Freedom!!

100_7158 (Small).JPG (62180 bytes) this is great we can pee all over the room now!

100_7161 (Small).JPG (69955 bytes) whoops....mum says we have to use the papers.

100_7162 (Small).JPG (42538 bytes) Our very own soft toy play room. Thanks mum

9th July

100_6937 (Small).JPG (65005 bytes) Who can this be in our puppy box?

100_6938 (Small).JPG (49890 bytes) Here is another one!

100_6939 (Small).JPG (53948 bytes) Ha ha I know it is Shaun and Aimee

100_6955 (Small).JPG (56787 bytes) They have come to visit us

100_6954 (Small).JPG (56713 bytes) Pass me all my teddies Shaun please

100_6963 (Small).JPG (61658 bytes) Thank you for your visit it was lovely to see you

100_6969 (Small).JPG (55351 bytes) I think they liked the puppies

100_6972 (Small).JPG (66233 bytes) all of us are out together for a run

100_6979 (Small).JPG (63928 bytes) We are having a great time playing games

100_6982 (Small).JPG (75459 bytes) Follow the leader

100_6985 (Small).JPG (59068 bytes) Hide and seek...where did Sky go?

100_6986 (Small).JPG (60778 bytes) Here she is (Toby is in love)

100_6993 (Small).JPG (61013 bytes) Where did Toby go?

100_6988 (Small).JPG (81117 bytes) Sardines!

100_6989 (Small).JPG (85254 bytes) Leapfrog

100_6990 (Small).JPG (81484 bytes) Morgan is great at this game

 100_6994 (Small).JPG (96123 bytes) Charades

100_6995 (Small).JPG (89328 bytes) Megan was 'donkey' from Shrek

100_6998 (Small).JPG (60157 bytes) Morgan was 'Ghost

100_7010 (Small).JPG (85161 bytes) Sky and Toby did the Deerhunter!

100_6996 (Small).JPG (85871 bytes) Then we had a fun run

100_6997 (Small).JPG (74822 bytes) Run Rainbow 

100_7012 (Small).JPG (80729 bytes) A well deserved rest

100_7014 (Small).JPG (87329 bytes) Rainbow and me have run off again!

100_7015 (Small).JPG (81962 bytes) then there was two (and dad)

100_7020 (Small).JPG (72638 bytes) I love this place it is great to play in

100_7023 (Small).JPG (91119 bytes) we all have a good time together

100_7031 (Small).JPG (97908 bytes) the girls wait for us to catch up

100_7034 (Small).JPG (101360 bytes) Here we come

100_7036 (Small).JPG (91933 bytes) Just dad to catch up now

100_7037 (Small).JPG (99410 bytes) Ok we are all together lets go

100_7040 (Small).JPG (72701 bytes) What was the point of that?

100_7052 (Small).JPG (63589 bytes) Sky and Toby stay close together

100_7053 (Small).JPG (85301 bytes) he is always whispering in her ear

100_7062 (Small).JPG (89708 bytes) Who could resist that smile?

100_7066 (Small).JPG (91838 bytes) Me! get lost Toby!

100_7067 (Small).JPG (98419 bytes) This way everybody

100_7081 (Small).JPG (82542 bytes) Where is Morgan going?

100_7073 (Small).JPG (101163 bytes) Here she is, she lost her way in the long grass

100_7082 (Small).JPG (85628 bytes) Silly girl ha ha

100_7083 (Small).JPG (58235 bytes) Toby and Sky play in the ditch

100_7090 (Small).JPG (83418 bytes) a last game of chase

100_7098 (Small).JPG (71991 bytes) Double ended dogs?

100_7099 (Small).JPG (66530 bytes) no Megan and Rainbow fetching a stick!

100_7112 (Small).JPG (94459 bytes) Come on in the water is lovely

100_7117 (Small).JPG (84744 bytes) This is nice and cool after all that running

100_7121 (Small).JPG (102892 bytes) A quick spin dry

100_7128 (Small).JPG (84124 bytes) Leads on everybody

100_7129 (Small).JPG (93991 bytes) Lets go home

4th July

100_6695 (Small).JPG (75432 bytes) Meet Sky she is here on holiday

100_6698 (Small).JPG (52909 bytes) She is learning to do things the Bribiba way

100_6699 (Small).JPG (43800 bytes) First of all you get a free haircut

100_6705 (Small).JPG (53407 bytes) Are we next?

100_6706 (Small).JPG (74282 bytes) a soft bed with a teddy thrown in

100_6707 (Small).JPG (58801 bytes) Doesn't she have pretty ears now that we can see them

100_6712 (Small).JPG (69348 bytes) Sky is happy and settled already

100_6717 (Small).JPG (58757 bytes) Next we go out for a lovely walk just girls together

100_6719 (Small).JPG (115374 bytes) Megan is glad of the freedom away from the puppies

100_6729 (Small).JPG (62218 bytes) The girls are all getting on well with Sky

100_6731 (Small).JPG (77593 bytes) Especially Rainbow who thinks it's great to have someone her age to play with

100_6741 (Small).JPG (75517 bytes) Megan and Morgan just watch 

100_6742 (Small).JPG (74019 bytes) as the youngsters have a game of chase

100_6748 (Small).JPG (92737 bytes) They stop for a picture

100_6749 (Small).JPG (68044 bytes) Come on Sky lets run again

100_6762 (Small).JPG (95358 bytes) Wait girls we have lost mum

100_6763 (Small).JPG (87293 bytes) No we haven't she is hiding again!

100_6785 (Small).JPG (89680 bytes) Rainbow has been in the ditch!

100_6789 (Small).JPG (78042 bytes) Sky went in too!

100_6790 (Small).JPG (88921 bytes) and Megan will need a wash before she goes in with the puppies!

100_6794 (Small).JPG (74330 bytes) The girls have a dip in the clean water of the pond

100_6798 (Small).JPG (91635 bytes) Sky finds a nice clear spot all to herself

100_6801 (Small).JPG (96049 bytes) Our turn now

100_6808 (Small).JPG (67389 bytes) Hey dad the girls have been up here.

100_6812 (Small) (2).JPG (40960 bytes) I can't see them

100_6815 (Small) (Small).JPG (43202 bytes) I can't hear them

100_6821 (Small) (Small).JPG (43501 bytes) Can you ?

100_6832 (Small) (Small).JPG (62212 bytes) They must have gone home without us

100_6836 (Small).JPG (75246 bytes) It is much more peaceful without them

100_6820 (Small) (Small).JPG (77189 bytes) It won't be if they hear you saying that Toby!

100_6850 (Small) (Small).JPG (79255 bytes) It wasn't me I never said a word

100_6824 (Small) (Small).JPG (80304 bytes) If I keep my eyes shut they won't see me.

100_6822 (Small) (Small).JPG (83652 bytes) Hi mum I didn't see you there

100_6835 (Small) (2).JPG (96873 bytes) Follow me dad

100_6839 (Small) (Small).JPG (98250 bytes) Oh Toby you are going the wrong way

100_6846 (Small) (2).JPG (89304 bytes) Come on it's this way son

100_6848 (Small) (2).JPG (103587 bytes) are you sure dad?

100_6849 (Small) (2).JPG (101582 bytes) not really!

100_6854 (Small) (2).JPG (90454 bytes) I know, if we follow the girls scent we will get home

100_6855 (Small).JPG (100883 bytes) Good idea, just don't tell them or we will never live it down!

100_6856 (Small) (2).JPG (93196 bytes) I got something right!

100_6858 (Small) (2).JPG (69484 bytes) Look there is the van! I did it!

100_6800 (Small) (2).JPG (76525 bytes) I won't tell him if you don't!

29th June

100_6524 (Small).JPG (76738 bytes) No we are not flooded it's the pond

100_6525 (Small).JPG (71789 bytes) Sorry England but it's our turn for the sun

100_6526 (Small).JPG (69870 bytes) and we are making the most of it

100_6532 (Small).JPG (80654 bytes) after the rain there is always a beautiful Rainbow

100_6533 (Small).JPG (53836 bytes) Happy wolfhounds

100_6541 (Small).JPG (61054 bytes) We are a bit drier today

100_6542 (Small).JPG (64208 bytes) Yesterdays walk was wet but it kept the midges off us.

100_6545 (Small).JPG (95474 bytes) The won't get Morgan she is to fast!

100_6546 (Small).JPG (87266 bytes) So is Toby

100_6554 (Small).JPG (83002 bytes) daddy's boy!

100_6559 (Small).JPG (107812 bytes) Dad and boy!

100_6562 (Small).JPG (84342 bytes) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

100_6563 (Small).JPG (97414 bytes) I got a big kiss from my daddy

100_6569 (Small).JPG (99066 bytes) hey! I don't believe it look at this!

100_6576 (Small).JPG (96787 bytes) Mum is having her picture taken

100_6577 (Small).JPG (103968 bytes) Not often that happens

100_6578 (Small).JPG (100117 bytes) So we all stood nicely for her...except Morgan who is off again!

100_6609 (Small).JPG (77997 bytes) Come on lets go back for mum

100_6611 (Small).JPG (88528 bytes) It's ok she's coming

100_6618 (Small).JPG (55480 bytes) The grass is really long it almost hides Toby

100_6633 (Small).JPG (85080 bytes) Watch you don't fall in mum!

100_6634 (Small).JPG (87147 bytes) Rainbow is splashing me!

100_6637 (Small).JPG (77032 bytes) Leave some for tomorrow Toby!

100_6641 (Small).JPG (88638 bytes) Come on then leads on everybody

25th June

 100_6169 (Small).JPG (71225 bytes) Meet Karen and Brian in Scotland on holiday

100_6168 (Small).JPG (49526 bytes) They are from Kansas and have 3 wolfhounds

100_6170 (Small).JPG (63929 bytes) bet their dogs are not as fat as Harry!

100_6173 (Small).JPG (63485 bytes) He loves visitors

100_6176 (Small).JPG (49922 bytes) So do the girls

100_6177 (Small).JPG (54809 bytes) everyone wants a hug....sorry Karen

100_6181 (Small).JPG (41667 bytes) and Toby has to give a 'Toby hug'

100_6182 (Small).JPG (52346 bytes) Brian wanted to get a hug

100_6184 (Small).JPG (59392 bytes) he got more than he bargained for!

100_6185 (Small).JPG (51952 bytes) But we think he liked our group hug

100_6194 (Small).JPG (54635 bytes) Poor Karen got a 'Toby hug' too.

100_6197 (Small).JPG (34169 bytes) I was a good girl I have manners.

100_6201 (Small).JPG (63135 bytes) Toby just loves people

100_6209 (Small).JPG (71557 bytes) The puppies slept through it all 


100_6222 (Small).JPG (88372 bytes) The rain has stopped so we are out for a run

100_6228 (Small).JPG (55591 bytes) Hey Toby come up here and see the view

100_6231 (Small).JPG (59630 bytes) Oh yes I can see the mountains

100_6232 (Small).JPG (50767 bytes) right enough of that lets run

100_6233 (Small).JPG (49685 bytes) good idea wait for me

100_6243 (Small).JPG (90293 bytes) Rainbow is in the ditch!

100_6245 (Small).JPG (91859 bytes) Come on you lot, bet you can't catch me

100_6246 (Small).JPG (44806 bytes) This is what we love best

100_6247 (Small).JPG (83552 bytes) running in the hills

100_6248 (Small).JPG (81036 bytes) chasing Rainbow's

100_6249 (Small).JPG (81060 bytes) getting covered in mud!

100_6250 (Small).JPG (55985 bytes) and getting soaked

100_6251 (Small).JPG (91885 bytes) It makes us smile

100_6252 (Small).JPG (78466 bytes) Much better than a dog show

100_6253 (Small).JPG (89783 bytes) Last one down the hill is a rotten egg.

100_6256 (Small).JPG (87606 bytes) How are you all wet again Rainbow?

100_6267 (Small).JPG (110688 bytes) She was in the ditch again

100_6273 (Small).JPG (69596 bytes) I think there is a squirrel about dad

100_6293 (Small).JPG (102860 bytes) I can hear it

100_6294 (Small).JPG (93687 bytes) but I can't see it... can you?

100_6295 (Small).JPG (73691 bytes) Yes look he is up there.

100_6296 (Small).JPG (78349 bytes) Come on down squirrel

100_6298 (Small).JPG (97840 bytes) He won't come down lets go

100_6278 (Small).JPG (59441 bytes) Look out mum

100_6279 (Small).JPG (89180 bytes) Where is everyone

100_6280 (Small).JPG (99922 bytes) here dad we are playing chase

100_6282 (Small).JPG (106875 bytes) Well wait for me

100_6283 (Small).JPG (102450 bytes) Run Rainy

100_6284 (Small).JPG (87241 bytes) Here comes the mud monster!

100_6291 (Small).JPG (75607 bytes) That was not funny

100_6299 (Small).JPG (86369 bytes) Well blame mum she writes the captions!

100_6304 (Small).JPG (102923 bytes) We have to wait on the old one's!

100_6309 (Small).JPG (76140 bytes) Cheek we can outrun you two any day

100_6316 (Small).JPG (97163 bytes) Noses up everyone 

100_6315 (Small).JPG (102514 bytes) Scenting the wind

100_6318 (Small).JPG (106302 bytes) That blew the cobwebs away!!

100_6320 (Small).JPG (112676 bytes) Come on mum lets go up the hill again

100_6322 (Small).JPG (131254 bytes) Ok follow us then

100_6323 (Small).JPG (109829 bytes) Lots of nice scents here.

100_6327 (Small).JPG (106337 bytes) I think this was where a fox has been.

100_6328 (Small).JPG (101993 bytes) which way did he go then?

100_6329 (Small).JPG (111457 bytes) I can smell fox in here

100_6330 (Small).JPG (112673 bytes) No sorry it was Toby!

100_6331 (Small).JPG (116739 bytes) he was behind me.

100_6333 (Small).JPG (87199 bytes) Follow the leader.

100_6334 (Small).JPG (62554 bytes) Look what I have found.

100_6335 (Small).JPG (82632 bytes) What is it Rainbow?

100_6381 (Small).JPG (100715 bytes) It's a ...a....I don't know.

100_6337 (Small).JPG (58822 bytes) It was a moth Rainbow.

100_6338 (Small).JPG (78624 bytes) yuck.... well I am out of here.

100_6339 (Small).JPG (53927 bytes) She is being silly!

100_6340 (Small).JPG (88084 bytes) Well it might get me!

100_6341 (Small).JPG (72126 bytes) Run Rainbow it's coming!!!

100_6343 (Small).JPG (82001 bytes) It can't move dad sat on it!

100_6342 (Small).JPG (86598 bytes) Our dad is so brave.

100_6344 (Small).JPG (98326 bytes)  chase me Toby

100_6345 (Small).JPG (94705 bytes) ok  but I want to get the water out of my ears first

100_6346 (Small).JPG (64943 bytes) Now what is he doing?

100_6347 (Small).JPG (44456 bytes) Just leave him Rainbow he will catch up

100_6348 (Small).JPG (44146 bytes) Come up here Toby get your picture taken

100_6349 (Small).JPG (64222 bytes) Not like that you silly boy

100_6350 (Small).JPG (63451 bytes) Look this way Toby

100_6351 (Small).JPG (49824 bytes) Oh never mind just cut him out mum!

24th June

100_6097 (Small).JPG (77331 bytes) Tails up! I am out for a run with mum and...

100_6098 (Small).JPG (60714 bytes) Toby.....

100_6096 (Small).JPG (76400 bytes) Penny...

100_6101 (Small).JPG (72225 bytes) Max is here too so that means...

100_6102 (Small).JPG (72251 bytes) Briagh and Torin must be out with Janet

100_6103 (Small).JPG (89061 bytes) dad's not here he was at Blackpool show

100_6105 (Small).JPG (73249 bytes) and Rainbow was with him so I don't have anyone to play with

100_6108 (Small).JPG (82357 bytes) Morgan won't play with me.

100_6115 (Small).JPG (80452 bytes) Don't even think about it Toby!!?

100_6109 (Small).JPG (80860 bytes) Come and have a biscuit Toby

100_6112 (Small).JPG (91371 bytes) No you can't have them all!

100_6117 (Small).JPG (80199 bytes) Now where has he gone?

100_6120 (Small).JPG (73960 bytes) Torin doesn't want to play chase either

100_6124 (Small).JPG (79177 bytes) He says he is all grown up and doesn't play chase anymore

100_6126 (Small).JPG (85294 bytes) I will play at being grown up too

100_6130 (Small).JPG (58854 bytes) Look I didn't chase Penny

100_6131 (Small).JPG (90461 bytes) This is boring being grown up....

100_6136 (Small).JPG (59077 bytes) Just look at that stupid dog now!

100_6141 (Small).JPG (50806 bytes) Running in circles chasing himself!!

100_6142 (Small).JPG (87926 bytes) He's not with me I don't know him.

100_6151 (Small).JPG (70908 bytes) and he fell in the mud!

100_6152 (Small).JPG (65497 bytes) at least he goes for a wash

100_6153 (Small).JPG (68899 bytes) Leave some water for us Toby

100_6155 (Small).JPG (76435 bytes) We had a lovely walk 

100_6159 (Small).JPG (73622 bytes) and Morgan has forgotten about Toby being silly

21st June

100_6085 (Small).JPG (62700 bytes) Mum,  Morgan and Toby are jumping on their beds!

100_6088 (Small).JPG (68075 bytes) Morgan quick stop mum's here!

100_6084 (Small).JPG (63470 bytes) It wasn't me mum it was Toby

100_6086 (Small).JPG (45442 bytes) Yeh Yeh blame me...

100_6083 (Small).JPG (78946 bytes) at least my Rainbow is a good girl.

100_6081 (Small).JPG (65676 bytes) and my new babies are very well behaved

100_6080 (Small).JPG (56209 bytes) they are getting so big

100_6077 (Small).JPG (56240 bytes) Little Midge is doing well and now weighs over 2lbs

100_6079 (Small).JPG (49480 bytes) These two weigh over 4lbs

100_6057 (Small).JPG (40951 bytes) 12 days old

19th June

100_6002 (Small).JPG (63686 bytes) Barry came to visit and Toby was first to say usual

100_6007 (Small).JPG (60070 bytes) He heads of to the goodie cupboard

100_6008 (Small).JPG (74101 bytes) He brought some tripe sticks, yummy

100_6009 (Small).JPG (69385 bytes) Go get them boys

100_6010 (Small).JPG (56393 bytes) Go get it yourself!

100_6012 (Small).JPG (55348 bytes) What's he doing mum?

100_6017 (Small).JPG (63899 bytes) Don't throw  them Barry we don't do fetch.

100_6015 (Small).JPG (71720 bytes) Quick he has gone for more.

100_6018 (Small).JPG (30442 bytes) Monster pup or what

100_6034 (Small).JPG (64990 bytes) Miss Piggy almost 4lbs!

100_6036 (Small).JPG (66185 bytes) She is so sweet 

100_6038 (Small).JPG (49391 bytes) and fat!

100_6039 (Small).JPG (49757 bytes) see the difference!

100_6040 (Small).JPG (53944 bytes) She makes a good pillow though

100_6023 (Small).JPG (51971 bytes) 1st little boy

100_6031 (Small).JPG (41672 bytes) Camera shy!

100_6032 (Small).JPG (39941 bytes) Sleepy boy

 100_6046 (Small).JPG (53104 bytes) Night night puppies

14th June

100_5847 (Small).JPG (53504 bytes) We are at Three Counties show

100_5848 (Small).JPG (53033 bytes) Rainbow waits patiently while I am in the ring

100_5864 (Small).JPG (42742 bytes) Now I am waiting for her! I got a third today.

100_5869 (Small) (2).JPG (73004 bytes)There are lots of pretty girls in her class so it might take time

100_5870 (Small).JPG (71770 bytes) The class is spilt in two

100_5876 (Small).JPG (71400 bytes) so the girls all have to wait

100_5880 (Small).JPG (55765 bytes) And as usual they get bored waiting and do what wolfhounds do best

100_5883 (Small).JPG (57863 bytes) Then the heavens open and down comes the rain

100_5882 (Small).JPG (72914 bytes)  Rainbow stands perfectly she doesn't mind getting wet and she got third as well.

100_5891 (Small) (2).JPG (57782 bytes) Can we go shopping now mum?

100_5894 (Small) (2).JPG (97307 bytes) There are lots of nice things to buy here

100_5887 (Small) (2).JPG (53599 bytes) Look Rainbow lets take them to that stall

100_5895 (Small) (Small).JPG (58832 bytes) This is a great place

100_5896 (Small) (2).JPG (60320 bytes) We like fudge

100_5897 (Small) (2).JPG (64865 bytes) and fussing

100_5898 (Small) (Small).JPG (64039 bytes) Then it's back in the car for the seven hour trip home.

100_5900 (Small).JPG (62342 bytes) At least we don't have to drive

100_5899 (Small) (Small).JPG (61727 bytes) We had a great time here it is a lovely show

100_5844 (Small) (2).JPG (73673 bytes) and while we were away the puppies got bigger! Thanks to Janet for looking after them.

09 June

100_5653 (Small).JPG (71859 bytes) What is all the fuss about?

100_5657 (Small).JPG (68713 bytes) We have new brothers and a sister

100_5651 (Small) (2).JPG (83752 bytes) So while Morgan and I lounge around as usual

100_5656 (Small).JPG (74861 bytes) and Toby does his own usual

100_5680 (Small).JPG (53396 bytes) Megan is busy looking after the new arrivals.

100_5683 (Small).JPG (67767 bytes) The two males are at the back

100_5670 (Small).JPG (62951 bytes) Megan is a great mother and the pups are getting fat.

100_5684 (Small) (2).JPG (53657 bytes) and Rainbow keeps her company

100_5686 (Small).JPG (65964 bytes) Best leave now and let her rest......


100_5558 (Small).JPG (47084 bytes) Meet Digby, he is a show dog and attends our classes

100_5560 (Small).JPG (28342 bytes) Digby is a Dandy Dinmont..cute isn't he.

100_5568 (Small).JPG (42906 bytes) But not as cute as Rainbow

100_5569 (Small).JPG (43520 bytes) Dad runs the class and Rainy demonstrates for him

100_5573 (Small).JPG (62284 bytes) But she prefers to sit with Briagh and watch from under a chair.

100_5574 (Small).JPG (50526 bytes) They can laugh at the dogs having to do the training

100_5575 (Small).JPG (47280 bytes) Look Rainbow here come Digby again

100_5578 (Small).JPG (54974 bytes) He can smile too.

26th May

100_5415 (Small).JPG (70701 bytes) We are off to Stirling castle

100_5432 (Small).JPG (50671 bytes) Are we there yet?

100_5421 (Small).JPG (49703 bytes) Lewis went with us too.

100_5422 (Small).JPG (55292 bytes) He is from Liverpool

100_5423 (Small).JPG (57134 bytes) we just hope he is strong!!

100_5430 (Small).JPG (60502 bytes) But Uncle Pat waits close by just in case

100_5431 (Small).JPG (42136 bytes) Stirling Castle

100_5434 (Small).JPG (61900 bytes) This is Michael he is a friend of ours

100_5436 (Small).JPG (59406 bytes) We got lots of attention as usual

100_5440 (Small).JPG (64513 bytes) Uncle pat bought us an ice-cream

100_5442 (Small).JPG (58376 bytes) We liked them...but they are a bit cold.

100_5443 (Small).JPG (61611 bytes) Not easy biting into one

100_5444 (Small).JPG (58166 bytes) Toby managed to lick his

100_5445 (Small).JPG (58110 bytes) But I just didn't get the hang of it.

100_5449 (Small).JPG (37294 bytes) Nearly done

100_5450 (Small).JPG (62321 bytes) This is good dad...

100_5454 (Small).JPG (62679 bytes) There all finished

100_5456 (Small).JPG (63081 bytes) Mum and Uncle Pat with Toby sitting on the castle wall

100_5491 (Small).JPG (41425 bytes) Now we are off to the Falkirk Wheel

100_5467 (Small).JPG (48633 bytes) Can we have another Ice-cream?

100_5468 (Small).JPG (52722 bytes)  Mum where is this wheel thingy?

100_5473 (Small).JPG (56417 bytes) It's behind you Toby!

100_5474 (Small).JPG (47735 bytes) dad what is it for?

100_5472 (Small).JPG (65500 bytes) The canal boats sail in and get lifted up to the top of the hill Toby.

100_5471 (Small).JPG (93395 bytes) We said hello to the kids in the park and Toby told them about the wheel

100_5490 (Small).JPG (33320 bytes) We had a great day... come back soon Lewis your our pal.

21st May

100_5337 (Small).JPG (78458 bytes) We had a great run on Saturday

100_5344 (Small).JPG (75365 bytes) Toby loves the hills to play on

100_5359 (Small).JPG (90700 bytes) Nobody bothers him up here and he can run all day

100_5360 (Small).JPG (59393 bytes) We can all do the things wolfhounds love best

100_5362 (Small).JPG (82790 bytes) Jumping in muddy ditches!

100_5363 (Small).JPG (56098 bytes) Exploring every blade of grass

100_5364 (Small).JPG (77431 bytes) making sure we have every bit of mud on us we can, before we go home!

100_5367 (Small).JPG (82167 bytes) Then washing it off again.

100_5372 (Small).JPG (57551 bytes) and spin drying.

100_5374 (Small).JPG (66088 bytes) a nice leisurely stroll...not often that happens with those two! 

100_5351 (Small).JPG (68446 bytes) While dad practices standing me

100_5352 (Small).JPG (67301 bytes) Left leg back a bit Indi!

100_5357 (Small).JPG (70827 bytes) How do I look now Morgan?

100_5356 (Small).JPG (62114 bytes) Great! now come on.

100_5354 (Small).JPG (77209 bytes) Toby and Rainbow get ready to race

100_5346 (Small).JPG (57747 bytes) Rainbow wins!

100_5375 (Small).JPG (75950 bytes) Time to go

100_5376 (Small).JPG (76702 bytes) well maybe when Toby decides to stop drinking ALL the pond water

100_5377 (Small).JPG (96511 bytes) We are ready mum

100_5378 (Small).JPG (64270 bytes) here he comes...last as usual

Next Day....

100_5380 (Small).JPG (53808 bytes) Shona holds onto us at the SKC

100_5381 (Small).JPG (69902 bytes) We look a bit cleaner and tidier today!

 100_5382 (Small).JPG (52991 bytes)Torin, Ralph and Rainbow are here too and all were placed.

100_5384 (Small).JPG (44652 bytes) Both Rainbow...

100_5385 (Small).JPG (84665 bytes) and Morgan look worn out after their showing ( results on our show page)

13th May

100_5165 (Small).JPG (66068 bytes) Poor Meesha is lost without DD

100_5169 (Small).JPG (61038 bytes) at least the girls are keeping her company

100_5167 (Small).JPG (49299 bytes) and Harry too!

6th May

100_5096 (Small).JPG (82673 bytes) Rainbow and me are out together

100_5097 (Small).JPG (74318 bytes) and here come the Maltman gang!

100_5106 (Small).JPG (67638 bytes) Janet had a pocket full of biscuits but Penny pinched most of them in the car!

100_5108 (Small).JPG (72749 bytes) Rainbow and Briagh get one each

100_5110 (Small).JPG (72089 bytes) but the boys have to share the last one

100_5122 (Small).JPG (94552 bytes) Rainbow wants to play her favourite the stick

100_5125 (Small).JPG (61580 bytes) There she goes.

100_5140 (Small).JPG (64078 bytes) Indi loves running with her

100_5127 (Small).JPG (104509 bytes) Come on Janet throw it please please please!

100_5132 (Small).JPG (55357 bytes) Go on then fetch

100_5151 (Small).JPG (91430 bytes) Oh no! I Don't do 'fetch'

100_5143 (Small).JPG (72496 bytes) Everybody has a good run 

100_5095 (Small).JPG (68084 bytes) Torin and Indi head for the pond

100_5156 (Small).JPG (65286 bytes) Come on lets get washed before supper

30th April

100_4885 (Small).JPG (106937 bytes) Bye ducks we are going visiting today

100_4883 (Small).JPG (103707 bytes) we can't say we will miss you Morgan!

100_4890 (Small).JPG (48923 bytes) Rainbow and I have come to visit....

100_4889 (Small).JPG (51116 bytes) Brian and Marion

100_4898 (Small).JPG (95295 bytes) Tara is really pleased to see us.

100_4899 (Small).JPG (102948 bytes) She wants to show us Artnie her son

100_4944 (Small).JPG (86976 bytes) Rainbow pretends to be shy

100_4921 (Small).JPG (76042 bytes) Then Marion brought out tea and cakes

100_4925 (Small).JPG (58108 bytes) Can I have a biscuit please... (my daughter has manners)

100_4929 (Small).JPG (59127 bytes) Here you are Rainbow

100_4932 (Small).JPG (73399 bytes) Morgan licked all the sugar out of the bowl! (my sister doesn't )

100_4936 (Small).JPG (79569 bytes) and Ailidh tried to drink all the milk! (Neither does my other sister!)

100_4940 (Small).JPG (101267 bytes) Rainbow stands for dad

100_4955 (Small).JPG (87484 bytes) Ailidh stands for Brian

100_4919 (Small).JPG (72057 bytes) Morgan gets back in the shade...Scotland has fabulous weather!

100_4973 (Small).JPG (76776 bytes) Back home with the family( Rainbow is on the sofa)

100_4974 (Small).JPG (65369 bytes) Where did you go Morgan?

100_4975 (Small).JPG (62583 bytes) That's not fair we got left at home

100_4976 (Small).JPG (69463 bytes) You needed you beauty sleep Megan!

23rd April

100_4525 (Small).JPG (72368 bytes) The Torteval gang were waiting for us when we arrived at the IWH Club Show


100_4530 (Small).JPG (62682 bytes) Toby in the ring with dad...they didn't win this time

100_4538 (Small).JPG (57319 bytes) Indi says hello to Branigan

100_4545 (Small).JPG (50341 bytes) Me and my dad in the ring

100_4547 (Small).JPG (49503 bytes) I was as good as gold and won first place.

100_4552 (Small).JPG (46212 bytes) Dad lets me sit on his knee.

100_4560 (Small).JPG (52611 bytes) Then we are back in the ring for the line-up

100_4570 (Small).JPG (56471 bytes) Darcy rests before her class

100_4572 (Small).JPG (68778 bytes) She is a very pretty girl, but didn't win either.

100_4576 (Small).JPG (61924 bytes) The wheaten bitch is our sister, Shannon, A Harry Potter girl, she took a vhc.

100_4585 (Small).JPG (37334 bytes) Sacha wins a vhc with Wendy

fran (Small).jpg (68472 bytes) and mum was happy to see all the Torteval gang again....

100_4594 (Small).JPG (55816 bytes) Here we are at Guys...chilling out before the drive home in the morning

100_4596 (Small).JPG (39890 bytes) It's Toby's first time here and he can't believe the size of his bed.

100_4601 (Small).JPG (58035 bytes) You are not getting to sleep on the bed Toby, it's all mine!

100_4600 (Small).JPG (61154 bytes) Come on Indi up you get.....

100_4606 (Small).JPG (73232 bytes) Mum says none of us are sleeping on the bed....

100_4619 (Small).JPG (58255 bytes) Toby loves the canal.

100_4620 (Small).JPG (52273 bytes) He stops to admire the scenery

100_4632 (Small).JPG (51096 bytes) sniff the daffodils

100_4633 (Small).JPG (58567 bytes) and water them!

100_4636 (Small).JPG (74058 bytes) Come on mum hurry up we want to go and play in the river

100_4639 (Small).JPG (68694 bytes) Indi has found a Great Dane

100_4640 (Small).JPG (72426 bytes) Toby is desperate to say hello

100_4641 (Small).JPG (91909 bytes) Hello gorgeous

100_4642 (Small).JPG (89393 bytes) Say hello nicely Toby

100_4643 (Small).JPG (89783 bytes) You have no manners boy.

100_4644 (Small).JPG (90205 bytes) Didn't like her that much anyway

100_4648 (Small).JPG (45532 bytes) Hey , they let me off my lead....and I didn't fall in the canal.

100_4678 (Small).JPG (70938 bytes) Come on Toby run... there is the river!

100_4685 (Small).JPG (76279 bytes) OOOh it's cold dad

100_4686 (Small).JPG (68877 bytes) but it tastes great

100_4707 (Small).JPG (70533 bytes) and it will cool you down after our run

100_4711 (Small).JPG (71950 bytes) come on Toby leave some for later

100_4712 (Small).JPG (70344 bytes) This is fun

100_4715 (Small).JPG (67211 bytes) Why don't you help me drink it all

100_4720 (Small).JPG (65433 bytes) Ok Toby move over a bit.

100_4721 (Small).JPG (73842 bytes) There is still lots left

100_4725 (Small).JPG (77453 bytes) You won't be able to drink all that son.

100_4687 (Small).JPG (46543 bytes) We are drip-drying now!

100_4688 (Small).JPG (56934 bytes) But how will you get back over the water?

100_4689 (Small).JPG (76830 bytes) Like this!

100_4690 (Small).JPG (82493 bytes) so much for drying off!

100_4693 (Small).JPG (44611 bytes) I have to dry all over again!

100_4699 (Small).JPG (46916 bytes) Leads on then boys

100_4701 (Small).JPG (50124 bytes) no way.... I am off again

100_4727 (Small).JPG (78310 bytes) Oh oh busted!

100_4729 (Small).JPG (61444 bytes) Time to go boys

100_4741 (Small).JPG (60289 bytes) Yes looks like rain!

100_4751 (Small).JPG (69524 bytes) Look Toby those poor ducks are getting wet.

100_4754 (Small).JPG (51601 bytes) dad help them they have fallen in the water!

100_4757 (Small).JPG (70145 bytes) Now we are all wet again.

100_4764 (Small).JPG (57191 bytes) but at least the ducks don't mind the rain

100_4768 (Small).JPG (58452 bytes) and we are back at the hotel

100_4773 (Small).JPG (72510 bytes)  heading for the van

100_4774 (Small).JPG (35924 bytes) bye boys....

18th April

100_4377 (Small).JPG (59605 bytes) Here I am with my Aunty Susan at the show

100_4378 (Small).JPG (58818 bytes) It is a lovely morning....

100_4379 (Small).JPG (91551 bytes) Torin and Briagh were in plenty of time, 

100_4380 (Small).JPG (98164 bytes) so was Ralph and Chris.

100_4381 (Small).JPG (48284 bytes) They took a fourth in Post Grad

100_4385 (Small).JPG (48130 bytes) Here they are in the ring

100_4386 (Small).JPG (59856 bytes) Toby was a star....he is such a good boy he took 2nd in post grad

100_4389 (Small).JPG (58659 bytes) Mum and me in the line up....we won the Limit, but the best bit..

100_4390 (Small).JPG (40838 bytes) Our annual pig-out...I mean picnic...if Chris leaves us anything!

100_4391 (Small).JPG (55850 bytes) Come on Chris let us in

100_4392 (Small).JPG (75071 bytes) David can't wait to get in the queue!

100_4393 (Small).JPG (91084 bytes) and don't be fooled by Briagh...she is a great thief!

100_4394 (Small).JPG (54040 bytes) Chris struggles to carry his third plateful back to his seat!

100_4396 (Small).JPG (64600 bytes) You have got no chance Briagh!

100_4401 (Small).JPG (79421 bytes) No it's not a spring lamb...just Toby acting the goat!

100_4400 (Small).JPG (63356 bytes) Look out dad he will run you over!

100_4411 (Small).JPG (87488 bytes) He maybe a show dog but he's as thick as mustard

100_4412 (Small).JPG (77273 bytes) Unlike Briagh who managed to persuade Chris to feed her chicken.

100_4414 (Small).JPG (87910 bytes) How does she manage it Toby?

100_4416 (Small).JPG (80770 bytes) Stick with me Toby lets go get Chris to feed us....

100_4421 (Small).JPG (75266 bytes) Take us back dad

100_4436 (Small).JPG (37737 bytes) He is a pushover for a pretty girl.

100_4437 (Small).JPG (59920 bytes) Here you are Briagh more chicken

100_4438 (Small).JPG (54957 bytes) Hello! I am here too!

100_4440 (Small).JPG (57992 bytes) My mum will feed me.

100_4443 (Small).JPG (73833 bytes) Later

100_4423 (Small).JPG (65023 bytes) Hoi! What about me?

100_4422 (Small).JPG (61482 bytes) Toby wants Chicken!

100_4461 (Small).JPG (54954 bytes) but Aunty Susan wants a hug first

100_4468 (Small).JPG (68940 bytes) Ok Chicken now....

100_4425 (Small).JPG (72276 bytes) Ralph practices his stand for next time....

100_4426 (Small).JPG (62910 bytes) Chris and Susan their sits!

14th March

100_2502 (Small).JPG (69672 bytes) My dad is taking me to dog classes

100_2503 (Small).JPG (60030 bytes) When are these lights going to change?

100_2443 (Small).JPG (58731 bytes) This is Lilly she liked me.

 100_2446 (Small).JPG (66660 bytes)Look mum this is what happens when you bath a wolfhound...they shrink!

100_2452 (Small).JPG (70618 bytes) I am not a wolfhound I am a West Highland x Yorkshire Terrier.

100_2455 (Small).JPG (67169 bytes) Ha ha ha 

100_2456 (Small).JPG (56533 bytes) So you think that was funny do you?

100_2457 (Small).JPG (49461 bytes) Lets kiss and make up!

100_2466 (Small).JPG (51371 bytes) Harley and me are best buddies now

100_2439 (Small).JPG (54481 bytes) Hey she's pretty who's that ?

100_2444 (Small).JPG (41753 bytes) That is Poppy Toby, now come on lets get the class started

100_2473 (Small).JPG (51549 bytes) Harley and Casey are keen to learn 

100_2477 (Small).JPG (46907 bytes) Sit Poppy

100_2463 (Small).JPG (51262 bytes) Hey Harley...where are you going?

100_2459 (Small).JPG (55965 bytes) Home Toby.... see you next week

11th March

100_2238 (Small).JPG (44022 bytes) Bye Toby we are off to Cruft's

100_2263 (Small).JPG (48753 bytes) Morgan gets her head down in the hotel

100_2289 (Small).JPG (55343 bytes) Next day at Cruft's we just chilled out and looked good!

100_2266 (Small).JPG (61185 bytes) Here I am in the ring with my dad

100_2284 (Small).JPG (30184 bytes) and Morgan, who doesn't have a care in the world

100_2286 (Small).JPG (51723 bytes) She was as good as gold, but didn't get placed this time

100_2281 (Small).JPG (40458 bytes) Rainbow gets a third in a class of 11

100_2293 (Small).JPG (36627 bytes) and later relaxes at our favourite hotel

100_2319 (Small).JPG (74997 bytes) Next morning she has a great run with Briagh

100_2330 (Small).JPG (94992 bytes) They had a great time chasing each other

100_2332 (Small).JPG (81900 bytes) Investigating puddles

100_2339 (Small).JPG (79885 bytes) Briagh followed Rainbow

100_2315 (Small).JPG (69399 bytes) Then they swapped!

100_2335 (Small).JPG (75556 bytes) Torin and the others joined them

100_2341 (Small).JPG (58905 bytes) Posing for pictures outside 'Guys'.

100_2343 (Small).JPG (81410 bytes) Me with Uncle David and Aunty Janet

100_2347 (Small).JPG (74199 bytes) then we went for a walk along the towpath

100_2354 (Small).JPG (79646 bytes) Watch you don't fall in Torin

100_2364 (Small).JPG (53326 bytes) Hey Indi this water taste's nice.

100_2365 (Small).JPG (59574 bytes) So it does Torin, but boy is it hard to reach!

100_2351 (Small).JPG (61524 bytes) Briagh and David under the bridge

100_2367 (Small).JPG (52952 bytes) We have to wait for them, they stopped to talk to someone

100_2369 (Small).JPG (42161 bytes) Come on you two.

100_2376 (Small).JPG (76926 bytes) Torin you should try the water in the river it is lovely and cool.

100_2377 (Small).JPG (76328 bytes) Rainbow and Morgan have a dip

100_2380 (Small).JPG (78466 bytes) Briagh and Rainbow are water babies!

100_2381 (Small).JPG (66239 bytes) Just like their mother!

100_2393 (Small).JPG (74358 bytes) Come on Morgan this is fun!

100_2399 (Small).JPG (86695 bytes) We had a super time in the river

100_2400 (Small).JPG (78517 bytes) Splashing around like puppies

100_2401 (Small).JPG (85455 bytes) The water was quite deep here

100_2404 (Small).JPG (79036 bytes) But I kept my tail dry!

100_2402 (Small).JPG (89075 bytes) Look out here comes Briagh!

100_2406 (Small).JPG (88255 bytes) 'Playtime'

100_2411 (Small).JPG (91763 bytes) The girls wait for us to catch up

100_2422 (Small).JPG (77186 bytes) We were looking at the boats

100_2424 (Small).JPG (83541 bytes) That was a super walk

100_2425 (Small).JPG (51099 bytes) Time to head for home

100_2239 (Small).JPG (41837 bytes) Nice to get back to our own beds!

6th March

100_1678 (Small).JPG (65023 bytes)  Toby and me don't know which way to run

100_1681 (Small).JPG (109515 bytes) but Morgan being a female knows exactly what she wants.

100_1688 (Small).JPG (109562 bytes) I am practicing my show stand, what do you think?

100_1692 (Small).JPG (81045 bytes) This is why Toby is not going to Cruft's! ( He did qualify)

100_1697 (Small).JPG (102745 bytes) He is so full of silly nonsense, but we all love him to bits.

100_1699 (Small).JPG (96550 bytes) He doesn't give us any me chase me!]

100_1703 (Small).JPG (89084 bytes) and we do...most of the time

100_1705 (Small).JPG (108627 bytes) well who could resist that face

100_1716 (Small).JPG (64263 bytes) here I come Toby

100_1718 (Small).JPG (87168 bytes) we have such a great time together

100_1721 (Small).JPG (89687 bytes) and we keep mum fit.

100_1723 (Small).JPG (91742 bytes) though we need a bit of a break now and again

100_1727 (Small).JPG (92403 bytes) Hang on we've got to chase Toby again!

100_1730 (Small).JPG (80538 bytes) That should keep him happy for a few minutes

100_1732 (Small).JPG (67345 bytes) have you had enough yet?

100_1736 (Small).JPG (110326 bytes) No chance come on lets go

100_1739 (Small).JPG (108123 bytes) Ok Toby lead the way son.

100_1749 (Small).JPG (56761 bytes) he is such a happy boy

100_1760 (Small).JPG (134671 bytes) never a bit of bother from him

100_1761 (Small).JPG (95059 bytes) yes he is Indi, he is always pinching things

100_1762 (Small).JPG (80499 bytes) He pinched mums gloves and chewed them

100_1768 (Small).JPG (87481 bytes) then there was a loaf of bread last night.

100_1770 (Small).JPG (66124 bytes) well they left it out in the kitchen I thought it was mine.

100_1771 (Small).JPG (94825 bytes) The worktops are not there for you to help yourself Toby

100_1774 (Small).JPG (65976 bytes) Says Morgan the biggest thief of all!

100_1776 (Small).JPG (70307 bytes) Now what is she up to?

100_1777 (Small).JPG (88552 bytes) Waiting for you two to chase me now come on

100_1779 (Small).JPG (90526 bytes) 'The stand off'

100_1778 (Small).JPG (99942 bytes) Morgan looks away at Toby

100_1783 (Small).JPG (94061 bytes) so I hide

100_1784 (Small).JPG (103299 bytes) Oh no Toby has seen me!

100_1785 (Small).JPG (93122 bytes) but Morgan hasn't

100_1786 (Small).JPG (86711 bytes) Toby told her where I was!

100_1787 (Small).JPG (84344 bytes) spoilsport!

100_1791 (Small).JPG (117262 bytes) well I didn't know why you were hiding!

100_1792 (Small).JPG (76611 bytes) they have both gone...wonder were they are

100_1795 (Small).JPG (109166 bytes) Boo!

100_1799 (Small).JPG (109061 bytes) Dad were are you?

100_1801 (Small).JPG (118919 bytes) Ha ha I was hiding behind you son

100_1802 (Small).JPG (112258 bytes) That was funny

100_1806 (Small).JPG (99610 bytes) Toby quick come over here,  Morgan has spotted a deer.

100_1808 (Small).JPG (103118 bytes) what's a deer dad?

100_1815 (Small).JPG (91824 bytes) its something to chase but it has gone now.

100_1818 (Small).JPG (106524 bytes) ok then I will chase Morgan instead.

100_1821 (Small).JPG (102300 bytes) hi mum do you want a cuddle ?

100_1822 (Small).JPG (106853 bytes) and a big wet kiss?

100_1824 (Small).JPG (105401 bytes) Hugs from everybody

100_1829 (Small).JPG (76517 bytes) Morgan ...isn't she so pretty

100_1836 (Small).JPG (103773 bytes)'s a dogs life!

100_1845 (Small).JPG (77366 bytes) see you all at Cruft's

5th March


100_2107 (Small).JPG (68616 bytes) Here we are at the show in Edinburgh on Sunday

100_2108 (Small).JPG (70324 bytes) Rainbow gets a practice outside

100_2109 (Small).JPG (74444 bytes) She took a second to me

100_2110 (Small).JPG (79392 bytes) Briagh pretty as a picture, took a third

100_2112 (Small).JPG (79622 bytes) Janet works hard with her 

100_2116 (Small).JPG (74185 bytes) and she stands perfectly, but is still shy with the judge

100_2117 (Small).JPG (77500 bytes) My turn

100_2118 (Small).JPG (70930 bytes) Making my dad run!

100_2119 (Small).JPG (63748 bytes) Right mum lets get in there.

100_2122 (Small).JPG (51303 bytes) This is me, first and best in group

100_2120 (Small).JPG (84892 bytes) Look out Cruft's here I come

22nd Feb

101_0408 (Small).JPG (43500 bytes) 'Rain who cares'!  look out forest here I come

101_0411 (Small).JPG (72451 bytes) We are just so excited we love to run

101_0413 (Small).JPG (105120 bytes) That is enough of that running lark!

101_0414 (Small).JPG (86826 bytes) Look out mum here I come

101_0415 (Small).JPG (91253 bytes) What was the point of jumping the stream them walking in it Toby?

101_0419 (Small).JPG (67194 bytes) Is this a 'Rain dance'

101_0420 (Small).JPG (47219 bytes) No just Toby annoying Morgan...again!

101_0421 (Small).JPG (84345 bytes) Here mum you look all wet!

101_0423 (Small).JPG (80762 bytes) Where are they going?

101_0425 (Small).JPG (71805 bytes) Wait for me

101_0427 (Small).JPG (41811 bytes) Here I come Morgan... slow down a bit!

101_0438 (Small).JPG (92035 bytes) She didn't wait on me.

101_0439 (Small).JPG (74716 bytes) Here Toby I am waiting on you

101_0441 (Small).JPG (44106 bytes) Thanks Dad

101_0468 (Small).JPG (99542 bytes) Mum! I want to ask you something

101_0447 (Small).JPG (86638 bytes) I am all wet now, can you make the rain stop mum?

101_0483 (Small).JPG (94322 bytes) Toby you got wet standing in the ditch!

101_0489 (Small).JPG (71126 bytes) Look at him he is mad!

101_0490 (Small).JPG (67730 bytes) Ouch Morgan that hurt!

101_0510 (Small).JPG (65526 bytes) Look mum she stood on my paw!

101_0514 (Small).JPG (69399 bytes) Right that's it boy I am gonna get you!

101_0517 (Small).JPG (91343 bytes) You told on me and I got a row.

101_0518 (Small).JPG (87467 bytes) I am not playing with you go away.

101_0515 (Small).JPG (63400 bytes) She is a grumpy young lady today.

101_0560 (Small).JPG (65841 bytes) no I am not...I have a piece of grass stuck in my teeth..look!

101_0561 (Small).JPG (88989 bytes) ha ha ha

101_0564 (Small).JPG (75038 bytes) That's better

101_0567 (Small).JPG (55470 bytes) I am soaked through can we go to the pond for a swim now?

101_0569 (Small).JPG (71663 bytes) The water is lovely and clear, I can see the bottom.

101_0570 (Small).JPG (81227 bytes) Not after Toby jumped in it wasn't!

101_0571 (Small).JPG (55720 bytes) ha ha ha

101_0614 (Small).JPG (87471 bytes) Where did Morgan go?

101_0615 (Small).JPG (88078 bytes) She is up the hill here Toby

101_0620 (Small).JPG (91709 bytes) Look up there!

101_0623 (Small).JPG (65285 bytes) Don't tell him Indi I am hiding!

101_0629 (Small).JPG (58155 bytes) He won't see me if I stand very still behind this twig!

101_0626 (Small).JPG (55790 bytes) Oh no here he comes

101_0627 (Small).JPG (71986 bytes) Where is she dad I can't see her!

101_0588 (Small).JPG (85365 bytes) I will hide in here he won't catch me

101_0633 (Small).JPG (73236 bytes) Morgan is going to miss her swim

101_0634 (Small).JPG (77613 bytes) Where is she now?

101_0635 (Small).JPG (63961 bytes) I don't know son, we will just have to wait on her

101_0636 (Small).JPG (71939 bytes) Here she comes now Toby

101_0637 (Small).JPG (54583 bytes) Thanks for waiting on me boys

101_0641 (Small).JPG (68148 bytes) Drip drying!

101_0647 (Small).JPG (56719 bytes) Come on then Toby lets get you home and dried

101_0649 (Small).JPG (78462 bytes) I hope you are not going to bath me again mum!

101_0650 (Small).JPG (64958 bytes) I don't need a bath I am suppose to smell!

101_0652 (Small).JPG (66649 bytes) Leads on then

101_0653 (Small).JPG (84623 bytes) Time to go.

17th Feb

100_1160 (Small).JPG (52236 bytes)It's playtime

100_1161 (Small).JPG (46819 bytes) Morgan tries to sneak up on me

100_1178 (Small).JPG (54085 bytes) Boo!

100_1179 (Small).JPG (47394 bytes) What a fright Indi I didn't know you where there!

100_1162 (Small).JPG (54491 bytes) Toby and Rainbow charge around the garden

100_1170 (Small).JPG (55153 bytes) Then all the nonsense starts

100_1171 (Small).JPG (48856 bytes) It is all good fun

100_1175 (Small).JPG (58190 bytes) At least Rainbow thinks it is.

100_1177 (Small).JPG (46240 bytes) and I just love silly games, I am still a big puppy really.

100_1186 (Small).JPG (57437 bytes) a break for lunch

100_1187 (Small).JPG (41298 bytes) a bit of a snooze

100_1188 (Small).JPG (45147 bytes) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

100_1189 (Small).JPG (38894 bytes) Time to get up again everybody

100_1198 (Small).JPG (48255 bytes) a sing-song

100_1168 (Small).JPG (67604 bytes) Then off we go again....

100_1293 (Small).JPG (44362 bytes) any chance of a cuddle mum?

16 Feb

DSCN3747 (Small).JPG (49558 bytes) Rory and Beth's daddy  sent us these pictures from the show....they make us look like giants.

DSCN3746 (Small).JPG (39890 bytes) You are giants,  silly dogs!!


100_1055 (Small).JPG (35252 bytes) Here we are at Rutherglen show, dad bought us treats

100_1074 (Small).JPG (35328 bytes) Wonder if there is a wolfhound pen?

100_1076 (Small).JPG (35750 bytes) No we will just have to sit in a drafty hallway.

100_1052 (Small).JPG (37030 bytes) Still we had a laugh and we were all dressed for the cold

100_1060 (Small).JPG (37785 bytes) So are we going to get one of those treats then Bill?

100_1057 (Small).JPG (39134 bytes) Look what happens to greyhounds when you wash them Briagh.

100_1058 (Small).JPG (40095 bytes) Don't listen to him lass it was a whippet!

100_1063 (Small).JPG (44090 bytes) I knew that!

100_1062 (Small).JPG (43118 bytes) You are funny Bill.

100_1056 (Small).JPG (43719 bytes) Now I want you to stand nicely in the ring Indi

100_1059 (Small).JPG (43806 bytes) For a sea biscuit I will jump through hoops!

100_1066 (Small).JPG (48608 bytes) How much longer do we have to wait?

100_1067 (Small).JPG (45943 bytes) Well I may as well sit down for now

100_1068 (Small).JPG (52320 bytes) Oops I don't think Pauline wanted me to sit on her knee!

100_1069 (Small).JPG (46162 bytes) Sorry Pauline I didn't mean to hurt you

100_1070 (Small).JPG (50161 bytes) Lynne has a girlie chat with Morgan

100_1073 (Small).JPG (41807 bytes) So now Morgan is wearing pink, it is nearly valentines day and she is looking for a dogfriend

100_1075 (Small).JPG (60641 bytes) Rainbow can't wait to go into the show

100_1065 (Small).JPG (45915 bytes) Come on then... that is us being called.

 100_1081 (Small).JPG (64907 bytes)  it's show time and we all line up

100_1088 (Small).JPG (62732 bytes) First the Borzoi's have to run there are 18 dogs in this ring.

100_1083 (Small).JPG (44536 bytes)  Morgan gets a helping hand from Pauline

100_1084 (Small).JPG (51686 bytes) Mum stands Rainbow, who stands better facing me.

100_1095 (Small).JPG (52030 bytes) Morgan stands quietly for the judge

100_1097 (Small).JPG (46518 bytes) and runs beautifully for mum.

100_1091 (Small).JPG (47329 bytes) Briagh and Janet

100_1082 (Small).JPG (62376 bytes) Briagh stand.

100_1087 (Small).JPG (61652 bytes) This way Rainbow

100_1094 (Small).JPG (51428 bytes) Stand dad!

100_1093 (Small).JPG (50031 bytes) What a handsome boy I am!

100_1089 (Small).JPG (55390 bytes) This is not how to stack a dog!

Indi was first and reserve in the camera no longer works so no more pictures for now.

We must apologize to everybody who got a hug from Toby. He walks up behind people sitting in chairs and puts his head on their shoulder and hugs them.....he just loves people.100_1045 (Small).JPG (33530 bytes) My Toby....isn't he adorable.


100_0874 (Small).JPG (56300 bytes) Janet has brought the pack out for a walk

100_0876 (Small).JPG (88583 bytes) First stop is the pond

100_0877 (Small).JPG (72638 bytes) Then the ditch...Morgan just loves the smell of fox!

100_0882 (Small).JPG (66602 bytes) She is always on the look out for him

100_0886 (Small).JPG (84181 bytes) Toby that is not a fox, it is Penny!

100_0891 (Small).JPG (75270 bytes) Quick run it's biscuit time!

100_0892 (Small).JPG (77387 bytes) How come Toby is always first in the queue?

100_0893 (Small).JPG (80313 bytes) Briagh waits patiently

100_0895 (Small).JPG (76586 bytes) No she doesn't, she almost knocked Janet down.

100_0900 (Small).JPG (66015 bytes) Right then lets move on

100_0904 (Small).JPG (75409 bytes) Yes Morgan I am following you

100_0911 (Small).JPG (81886 bytes) Toby hides from Penny.....he thinks!

100_0913 (Small).JPG (84768 bytes) Running together

100_0924 (Small).JPG (61958 bytes) Then a bath before bedtime.

29th Jan

100_0402 (Small).JPG (47629 bytes) Me and Torin with the pack on our run

100_0412 (Small).JPG (47247 bytes) Penny thinks she is a wolfhound 

100_0416 (Small).JPG (38417 bytes) Follow the leader..whoever that is!

100_0417 (Small).JPG (53389 bytes) Toby is in front nobody wants to follow him!

100_0418 (Small).JPG (68697 bytes) He went into the ditch and it is full of water!

100_0422 (Small).JPG (38742 bytes) Here comes Torin

100_0423 (Small).JPG (31027 bytes) Followed by Toby

100_0424 (Small).JPG (40601 bytes) Lets stop for a breather Morgan

100_0426 (Small).JPG (41656 bytes) Can I have one as well Indi?

100_0427 (Small).JPG (48697 bytes) Yes Toby wait there!

100_0428 (Small).JPG (44453 bytes) Where is this breather then?

100_0429 (Small).JPG (36576 bytes) Never got one so I am off again

100_0431 (Small).JPG (70009 bytes) Careful Penny I nearly fell over you.

100_0432 (Small).JPG (66789 bytes) Did anyone remember the biscuits?

100_0434 (Small).JPG (55980 bytes) I will wait here for mine

100_0435 (Small).JPG (57303 bytes) Look! Janet had them in her pocket.

100_0436 (Small).JPG (50833 bytes) Me first.. me first!!

100_0437 (Small).JPG (56650 bytes) Here's yours Penny

100_0439 (Small).JPG (40638 bytes) Toby have you had enough?

100_0440 (Small).JPG (55166 bytes) I didn't know there was more!

100_0449 (Small).JPG (50782 bytes) Well time to move on I suppose

100_0451 (Small).JPG (56787 bytes) Wait Indi we want a picture with Vilma she has come to visit us

100_0452 (Small).JPG (52766 bytes) Vilma would like a wolfhound...or two!

100_0453 (Small).JPG (68826 bytes) Lakeland terriers are nice too!

100_0454 (Small).JPG (48157 bytes) No they are not they trip you up!

100_0455 (Small).JPG (39828 bytes) Especially you shorty!

100_0483 (Small).JPG (71650 bytes) At least I have a brain!

100_0471 (Small).JPG (73819 bytes) Ok you two that's enough

100_0462 (Small).JPG (67520 bytes) Who wants a chase?

100_0478 (Small).JPG (68004 bytes) I have to wait on everybody catching up

100_0479 (Small).JPG (65889 bytes) Come on Morgan hurry up

100_0494 (Small).JPG (77579 bytes) Briagh and Max are already down in the swamp

100_0499 (Small).JPG (62303 bytes) Here I am

100_0501 (Small).JPG (78992 bytes) I'm here too dad

100_0506 (Small).JPG (67217 bytes) The pond is iced over

100_0514 (Small).JPG (50572 bytes) We can't get a drink

100_0516 (Small).JPG (62909 bytes) How do we get water?

100_0512 (Small).JPG (49179 bytes) Morgan will jump on it

100_0508 (Small).JPG (56321 bytes) Break the ice Morgan

100_0510 (Small).JPG (56767 bytes) That's better thanks

100_0517 (Small).JPG (51486 bytes) She is the only one that will do it!

100_0521 (Small).JPG (79732 bytes) Leads on

100_0532 (Small).JPG (49787 bytes) Don't sit next to Rainbow Janet...feet off

100_0541 (Small).JPG (51615 bytes) You won't get peace...that hurt

100_0533 (Small).JPG (54436 bytes)  Now she's done it! You are a naughty girl!

100_0534 (Small).JPG (58891 bytes) Megan is much better behaved...and Rainbow

100_0550 (Small).JPG (64095 bytes) She wants to spill Jim's coffee

100_0551 (Small).JPG (62385 bytes) Don't be fooled Jim she is a little monkey

100_0552 (Small).JPG (61668 bytes) Rainbow get down....that was a Morgan special!

100_0553 (Small).JPG (51806 bytes) All is forgiven.

100_0546 (Small).JPG (53172 bytes) Harry likes you Jim.

100_0548 (Small).JPG (46848 bytes) Megan knows how to behave and sits quietly with Vilma

26th Jan

100_0344 (Small).JPG (44114 bytes) Toby and Indi are in the vet hospital giving blood. Toby was not needed today but he will be back.

100_0343 (Small).JPG (42558 bytes) Hey dad we can start a new trend with our wristbands

100_0347 (Small).JPG (53323 bytes) Indi still finds time to pose! 

 100_0346 (Small).JPG (54142 bytes)See what you are missing Toby! This is the life.

100_0345 (Small).JPG (52890 bytes) He is a very happy boy surrounded by pretty girls

100_0350 (Small).JPG (54666 bytes) This is what he donated to save another dogs life. He is just so laid back about it all.

100_0348 (Small).JPG (48192 bytes) Hey did you leave any for me?

100_0351 (Small).JPG (55027 bytes) We are so proud of our beautiful boy. Now Dennis our cat has also registered as a donor.

News update ....The dog is doing very well and was able to be operated on after receiving blood from Indi.

Please get in touch with your hospital or vet and you too can help save a life

18th Jan

100_9802 (Small).JPG (82932 bytes) Morgan and Toby are out with me on a run

100_9805 (Small).JPG (91294 bytes) Look out Morgan here I come

100_9806 (Small).JPG (61554 bytes) Toby loves the water

100_9808 (Small).JPG (72614 bytes) none of us mind getting wet!

100_9810 (Small).JPG (71576 bytes) Toby jumps the stream

100_9811 (Small).JPG (101832 bytes) Hi Toby here we are.

100_9812 (Small).JPG (79222 bytes) We were hiding from you in the stream!

100_9820 (Small).JPG (103615 bytes) Come on you lot hurry up

100_9824 (Small).JPG (49936 bytes) Toby don't knock mum over!

100_9826 (Small).JPG (48575 bytes) You need to teach that boy some manners!

100_9827 (Small).JPG (42032 bytes) Toby is a mummy's boy!

100_9829 (Small).JPG (53418 bytes) He is still growing!

100_9828 (Small).JPG (47689 bytes) He has to duck down to be the size of his brother Paddy!! ( Sorry Helen just kidding)!

100_9834 (Small).JPG (72991 bytes) This smells good!

100_9835 (Small).JPG (65224 bytes) Hi mum!

100_9836 (Small).JPG (72665 bytes) Toby can hear dogs barking miles away!

100_9837 (Small).JPG (79543 bytes) Off he goes!

100_9838 (Small).JPG (80613 bytes) but not far he realises no one else bothered!

100_9840 (Small).JPG (76528 bytes) Toby don't knock mum down!

100_9842 (Small).JPG (75240 bytes) This is me hiding from Morgan!

100_9843 (Small).JPG (44928 bytes) Then I am off like the wind

100_9850 (Small).JPG (66592 bytes) Nearly caught her

100_9852 (Small).JPG (72587 bytes) That is close enough Indi!

100_9854 (Small).JPG (54517 bytes) Toby is flying through the heather

100_9853 (Small).JPG (46271 bytes) That was great fun!

100_9862 (Small).JPG (43779 bytes) Slow down Toby look out!

100_9861 (Small).JPG (54325 bytes) Sorry mum!

100_9863 (Small).JPG (62802 bytes) Toby and me have another chase

100_9865 (Small).JPG (67443 bytes) Then he runs into mum again!

100_9866 (Small).JPG (86153 bytes) Are you all right mum?

100_9873 (Small).JPG (53085 bytes) Slurp!

100_9875 (Small).JPG (26612 bytes) There all better now.

100_9877 (Small).JPG (50544 bytes) What was that?

100_9878 (Small).JPG (66607 bytes) Here he comes again!

100_9883 (Small).JPG (63496 bytes) I will have to have a word with that boy!

100_9888 (Small).JPG (67139 bytes) He is a good lad really

100_9891 (Small).JPG (56377 bytes) He is off again

100_9899 (Small).JPG (70103 bytes) So is his dad!

100_9901 (Small).JPG (59115 bytes) Catch me then dad!

100_9903 (Small).JPG (77610 bytes) He's not fast enough!

100_9896 (Small).JPG (73519 bytes) Now what is he doing?

100_9893 (Small).JPG (54271 bytes) I don't see him Morgan

100_9906 (Small).JPG (77271 bytes) Here he is I found him!

100_9948 (Small).JPG (88373 bytes) Toby stay with Morgan and don't get lost

100_9955 (Small).JPG (73926 bytes) but while her back was turned he wandered off!

100_9957 (Small).JPG (67877 bytes) Where is he now?

100_9960 (Small).JPG (69166 bytes) He went past here

100_9961 (Small).JPG (87836 bytes) He was in the long grass

100_9972 (Small).JPG (69462 bytes) I am hiding from them!

100_9971 (Small).JPG (84286 bytes) Toby saw me!

100_9981 (Small).JPG (82655 bytes) He is happy now

100_9982 (Small).JPG (94792 bytes) He loves his daddy

100_9994 (Small).JPG (67377 bytes) Wonder what's over there?

101_0005 (Small).JPG (79549 bytes) Toby and Morgan are very well behaved....not!

 101_0018 (Small).JPG (42930 bytes) One last run before we go

101_0021 (Small).JPG (76511 bytes) everybody follow me

101_0022 (Small).JPG (94451 bytes) we're right behind you Morgan

101_0023 (Small).JPG (97067 bytes) not that close Toby!

101_0026 (Small).JPG (75385 bytes) Come on then lets get washed

101_0043 (Small).JPG (53493 bytes) This is the life!

101_0049 (Small).JPG (52591 bytes) Come on Morgan hurry up, it's time to go.

14th Jan

db_db_P10100042.jpg (19833 bytes) Happy birthday Aunty Molly in Wales xx

Molly%20and%20Enfys%20Jan%202007%200095.jpg (61423 bytes) Molly and Enfys out for a stroll

Molly%20and%20Enfys%20Jan%202007%200081.jpg (55033 bytes) Enfys    

Molly%20and%20Enfys%20Jan%202007%200012.jpg (71649 bytes) Molly

6th Jan 2007

100_9239 (Small).JPG (76335 bytes) Toby is happy he is out walking with all his friends

100_9232 (Small).JPG (67741 bytes) Up the hill everybody

100_9244 (Small).JPG (62853 bytes) They are all keeping together, they have a lot to catch up on

100_9245 (Small).JPG (44640 bytes) What did you get for Christmas Briagh?

100_9248 (Small).JPG (64766 bytes) Did you have a nice New Year Torin?

100_9250 (Small).JPG (67406 bytes) Hey Toby wait for me

100_9254 (Small).JPG (57054 bytes) Did anybody bring the biscuits today?

100_9258 (Small).JPG (85501 bytes) Yes Janet has some

100_9261 (Small).JPG (73353 bytes) Here's yours Indi

100_9262 (Small).JPG (76149 bytes) and yours Toby

100_9266 (Small).JPG (61417 bytes) Where's mine mum? Penny asks

100_9278 (Small).JPG (54734 bytes) and mine woofs Tara

100_9272 (Small).JPG (56267 bytes) Everybody got one

100_9283 (Small).JPG (53835 bytes) Indi and Torin ....still best buddies

100_9295 (Small).JPG (85354 bytes) Torin is my pal

100_9305 (Small).JPG (58358 bytes) He is a gentleman

100_9297 (Small).JPG (88267 bytes) So is Toby he is a good boy too, a bit thick but a good lad.

100_9314 (Small).JPG (66189 bytes) Briagh is so pretty she is silver and black

100_9315 (Small).JPG (89600 bytes) and fit as can be

100_9317 (Small).JPG (77478 bytes) Ailidh has not changed much in colour she is silver and cream

100_9316 (Small).JPG (78688 bytes) You can just see the silver down her back

100_9320 (Small).JPG (75290 bytes) Rainbow is muddy usual!

100_9351 (Small).JPG (72040 bytes) a dip in the pond soon cleans her up

100_9359 (Small).JPG (84716 bytes) Toby, Briagh and Rainbow with Janet...

100_9360 (Small).JPG (87024 bytes) Briagh says....Rainbow is still a muddy brown colour

100_9370 (Small).JPG (68471 bytes) Time for tea!!