Indi's diary 2008

Indi and Morgan

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21st Dec

I am still not feeling great, so I am not allowed to go out.

The babies are safe asleep in their crates

I have the place to myself for an hour or two

so I can try out all the beds and pick the best one

You are not having my bed Indi

Have mine, I like this armchair (Ebony)

My bed is the best

  'Pickle' (Niamh) fast asleep on the sofa

he is not getting in our bed

the wind is almost blowing us of our feet today

but we don't mind we love to be out in the forest

come on Toby hurry up

Ok Harry lets go

he is too fast for me

sorry Harry I will wait for you

Thanks Toby

I am a good boy

Harry is the bestest grandpa too

  but I miss my Indi dad to run with

who wants a dip in the pond?

can I go in mum?

is that ice stuff away?

looks all clear to me

go on Niamh you go first

ok here goes

yes it is great in here today

no way am I going in there

look there's a squirrel

the pups can chase it

he got away...again!

Never mind Niamh we will catch one someday


what would we do if we caught one?

nothing silly we got one once and all stood looking at it

then he ran under our legs and away.

that's just like you lot, big softies

time to go home

24th Nov

Out on a Sunday walk

This is no walk mum, we are all running!

Artney is here with Ailidh, Tara and Brian

Tara is here she is my favourite Deerhound

Toby leave Tara alone

sorry dad forgot my manners

that's not like you Toby!

oh no he is off again!

get off her Toby you are a naughty boy.

boys will be boys

the chase is on and Toby has forgotten Tara...for now!

Niamh is having a great time.

Artney never stops....barking!


Oh no not again

a cold dip is what I need!

I am a good puppy I always behave

come on hurry dad is getting away

and Toby has found Tara again

poor Tara

Megan told him off, that's why she is pack leader

and his dad had a word....right son no more of your nonsense!

not that he would listen to me!

no wonder, you spoil that son of ours.

well he is my boy.

come on Rainbow lets go catch up Brian

Hey Ailidh do you want to run?

I take it that's a no then.

must be something I said.

no Toby... you have all the charm of a Hippopotamus!

come on lets go home.

Walk no 2

a gentle walk for the 'older generation'

Ebony, the pup who never stops running

and Morgan

First lets have a dip

then a fast run up the hill to catch up Harry who just wanders off on his own.

Hi grandpa

it's starting to get dark mum look

Take a break Dad

my old paws are sore walking up the hill

it's a long way up

us older people need to rest

it's easier going down

the girls have been to the top and back.... twice!

now its my turn to run

smile for the camera Morgan

Trust you!

she still has a bit of the tomboy in her!

mum come and get a picture with me.

smile girls

me too mum

right that's enough, I am out of here

just hold on both of you

  Take a break Harry

Nice hat Ebony

Don't even think about it mum!

yes she suits it best.

Thanks Harry

Time to go girls it's almost dark

Coming Harry

wait for mum


and dad

thanks Morgan

right lets go

9th Nov

Here we are at the Irish wolfhound Club Show

In the ring with dad

Stand dad

run dad

Rainbow next with mum

She stood beautifully

Our judge Alison Messenger goes over her carefully

and she won the class

Dad took us in for the brace

and we won that too

Thanks to Vil an Jim who went with us we had a great weekend

3rd Nov

our second walk and Brian and Marion are here waiting on us

Ailidh and Morgan are half sisters

They all head straight for the pond

A quick dip then back out on the run

Ailidh is silver and cream, Morgan red and cream

How did you get over there Morgan?

This way!

Ailidh and Megan

Artney the deerhound kangaroo cross!

He leaps around all the time

while the wolfhounds enjoy a quiet stroll

and their people too

where has that mad deerhound gone now?

there he goes

We all wait on the others catching up

are there any squirrels here?

look out here comes Artney again

Morgan poses in the leaves

race you up the hill Toby

Toby loves chasing everybody

Artney just loves to run

they make a great team

My beautiful happy Megan Rose

give me a big Toby hug Uncle Brian

got you

Aunty Marion has goodies in her pockets

Me first

Ailidh here's your biscuit

all done

We all love Uncle Brian he is the bestest

but Aunty Marion has the biscuits

no she doesn't we ate them all

well I will have a hug instead

trust you Morgan

no biscuits left look

who wants to run?

not me I am staying with my daddy

Morgan is such a wonderful gentle girl

this water is so cool and fresh

just perfect after a big run

heading home

whets going on over there?

It is Artney jumping through the grass

catch us Artney

No problem I am faster than you all

He is too fast for us

watch the water level go down!

Morgan hugs

Megan waits for everybody at the pond

here we come

Another drink

leads on dogs time to go

ok dad here we come

25th Aug

What is dad doing?

Making our breakfast...

can we help?

We love feeding time!

come on then its all ready

Follow me

Here we go again Killarney this time and its still raining!

Wendy holds her pack while Steve shows Raven.

Phil is here with his lovely girls Zippy and Venture

stand Zippy

Raven is a handful as boisterous as his sister Ebony!

Alfie took the dog Green Star and Best of Breed then third in the group

Hey look at the view up here you guys

we were heading for Dingle and stopped to admire the view

Oh look a tourist bus

we had lots of people taking our picture

dad poured us all a drink

more fuss and cuddles

hello there

everybody loved us

we were on our best behaviour

any chance of an ice cream?

this is your one Ebony

oooh its cold on my nose

Emma came with us on our tour

Tomorrow we have another show

11th Aug

 Maureen, Daisy Kim and Inca at the dog class

the girls were all well behaved

Ebony and Niamh were there too but don't know how to stand still

at home Megan helps with the kittens in the dog room

she is very gentle with the babies

we are practising for the dog Olympics

I don't want to run mum

is there a sniffer event?

 or a radar dog?

what about a longest tongue

 I could do that one as well Niamh!

I could be a show dog

Oh I already am!

I could maybe do the doggie paddle

 well we need it to be a lot deeper for that Niamh follow me

no thanks Ebony I don't like deep water

  I can do a pointer event, watch me

HELP! she pointed me into deep water!

Jump out this way Niamh

that was scary

silly pup I was with you, you were safe

look I have two tails!!

  Is there a big drinking event?

I think I would win that one Niamh

there must be a special thing I can do

there is Niamh I know what you do best

what Rainbow tell me tell me.

I would say talking!

no its sleeping

in the best room

goodnight pickle puppy x

1st Aug

Look we are at our forest, let us out dad

the best place to be on a hot day

wow I am sinking in the mud!

you are a silly boy Toby!

are you sure he is MY son?

hey where did dad go?

we can't see him

he must be here somewhere

lets go find him he is always getting lost

here he is mum he was hiding in the trees!

the chase is on!

you boys are too slow

that was fun

looks like its time to go

lead on Toby

come on Indi

they can't see me.

I don't need a lead on

None of us do really but it is safer

just in case

that was great fun

Take us home driver

14th July

Rainbow and Megan have a run out together

They love running and playing in the mud together

come on Rainy this way

This is the best

Look Meg there is an airplane

Its where they keep them!

I think it went in here

What are you doing Rainbow?

There is something in here!

I heard it make a big splash

it was mum she threw a big stone in the water!

I knew that!

sure you did Rainy

come on Rainbow

who wants a stick

come on fetch

well she's got dad well trained!

catch it Meg

Now what is he doing?

pretend you don't notice Rainbow

ok dad once more then I am going

hey Rainy wait for us

always wandering off by yourself!

she never stops that girl

slow down Rainy

she is having a great run

was that fun girls

have a biscuit each

Nice jump Rainbow

don't know why she doesn't just walk through it like me!

I need my bed after all this running

A quick wash then home

come on in Megan

No I am clean enough

come on

dad I don't want to go in

can she see me?

You don't have to go in again

good lets go home

Mum will take us

we are tired out

7th July

Niamh is out with the big dogs for a little walk

Morgan will lead her into trouble

no she is ok she managed the water

but she is NOT going in there!

don't fuss mum she is fine

dad keeps her on a lead while the big dogs run

ok we are back let her off again

what next?

a cold drink I think

you stay with me kid!

my turn for a run around

she is so funny

watch me I can fly

look out dad

its thirsty work being a puppy

hang on we need to wait for dad

he is hiding again just leave him

I will find him

There he is!


I found him

pretend we cant see him Indi

don't bother he has biscuits!

I have to wait here with mum

The big dogs are going to the top of the hill

is this the top here mum?

we are back


were is my daddy?

I found him

Careful Niamh

she is off again!

We will take good care of her we promise

Wait with me Niamh

where did she go?

she is here hiding behind me!

nearly home

8th June

We had a bath now lets get dirty again

we can't we all have a dog show next week

who cares come on

race you to the mud Indi!

Keep clean dogs,,,please

ok mum....not

I like the mud it is good for my complexion

Rainbow you are in trouble

no I am not

look still clean!

me too

it's dry here so we won't get dirty

I am not going to the show!

Just as well Megan!

Dad look at them!

oh girls!

I think we were seen Megan!

I dry quick!

I will wait for you mum

Megan is chasing a deer!

We saw it mum!

she went that way!

she's coming back

here she is

Toby stays close to mum

Too close sometimes!

who wants a biscuit

there's plenty for all of you

me next

here Rainbow

Will we head for home Morgan?

Megan, Cat doesn't have treats

mum does

come on Toby lets go

this way

Megan Rose!

Toby and Indi

The suns out and it is hot!

stay in the shade girls

this is better

follow the leader

you know where she is going don't you?

it's cool in here everybody

well move over and let us in

so much for keeping clean!

Toby didn't go in he is a good boy

so who is this then?

here boys have a drink on me!

trust Megan!

Leads on wolfies

good dogs

back to the van

everybody in


5th June

it is a lovely night and we are all out together

Megan heads for the nearest water hole

for a splash around

why do I bother trying to keep her clean!

no need mum I do can wash myself!

Hurry up everybody lets get up the hill

We are waiting on you

where have the girls gone?

they are in the forest

that was fun

hi mum

we were chasing something

time for a break

Megan and Rainbow don't wait around

but the boys and Morgan like to pose.

then there was one!

here we are

what no biscuits!

come on then lets go

Hurry up you two

look out mum coming through

This way Morgan

daddy's boy!

dad is hiding , can you see him?

run we have lost dad again!

we found him

a late night drink

Rainbow blows bubbles

she spots something under the water

what have you got Rainy?

a big stick!

another scout around

Toby jumps the ditch

are you ready

I am

me too

ok lets go

the chase is on

it is hard to stand still when Toby comes running at you!

come on dad

Toby fetch dad back

got him

they head to the pond for a drink

and a clean up

make sure you wash your face Morgan

I did!

can we go for another run mum?

just kidding we are tired out

leads on

I don't need a lead on

but it's safer for us when we go near the road

  Dad said we are all very well behaved

Time to go

26th May

It takes courage to stand in front of charging wolfhounds!

but a commanding voice helps....sorry mum!

We can't wait to get in the pond

Rainbow was fetching a stick!

We just love to run

but never too far ahead

Rainbow goes straight into the next pond!

and wanders off on her own

we wait for mum

here she comes

Toby watches over mum he rarely  leaves her side

Just like Paddy Preshous with his mum!

 While we explore

he watches mum!

and when she moves away he charges after her

she didn't go far!

come on then lets catch her up

this way Toby

we're going to have to jump!

come on boys it's only a ditch

Made it!

Wait for me

What's she doing now?

I will walk beside you mum

just in case you fall

where did that come from?

Best place to be on a hot day

are you not coming in mum?

This is our favourite pond it is cleaner

well it was before we jumped in!

But who cares we love it

except when it gets in my ears!

Time to go home for a sleep Toby

Great that is my favourite!

We are waiting on Rainbow again!

ok lets go

13th May

  Toby learned how to pose from his Grandpa Harry

He has his own special style!

Me I have better things to do!

Come on Toby keep up

This is a great place, peaceful, quiet nobody for miles

except us dad!

and we don't have the girls out because some are in season!

so today we can hunt in peace

not that we catch anything of course

everything moved out when we moved in!

Well they didn't have too...we are big softies!

Especially Toby

At home wherever we take him

though we all prefer our peaceful hillside to walk and play on

Move over Indi I am coming in

My dad

  my bestest buddy

come on then son lets go home

He is a good lad my Toby

28th April

Rainbow is looking after the puppies

She has had enough though and wants out.

So she jumped the fence

dad is painting the garage!!!

  Niamh is fast asleep and doesn't need watching...but dad does he got paint on her

Ebony will look after her

and Meesha will watch her too it is a lovely day here so we are all outside

Morgan is busy as usual!


9th April

Brian and Marion join us on a walk

Toby loves all his friends

come on you lot hurry up

Ailidh and Morgan

Artney the crazy deerhound!

The wolfies are having a good run

Wait for us Artney

Can I have a sweet dad?

Marion has the biscuits come on

Morgan is always in first

Toby gets his lead on because he is bothering Tara he has no manners!

I am not like that at all, let me go dad

those biscuits wont last long

hurry up dad its almost dinner time

Morgan stalks a crow!

will she catch him?

course not he flew away

3rd April

Toby looks like he is wearing dad's jacket

Thanks dad

wait for me boys

I have had my coat stripped

back soon, dog on a mission

where have you been

We have been up the hills and back

Yep it was a great run

Mum and Dad are hiding from us

I found them

That was fun

see you mum we are off again

They are hiding again

I can see mum but not dad.

Dad where are you?

I think he's down there Toby go and look

We found him

Not this stand thing again!

23rd March

We are out in dads new van

Harry waits for Cat and dad to lock up

Rainbow and Morgan don't wait for anybody they are off on the run

They come back again to let us catch up

Harry is looking great after his mystery virus

and while the girls have a dip

He waits patiently with his dad

then he chases Rainbow

who thinks it's all great fun

Morgan and Rainbow are so close now after sharing their puppy duties

and they take their time for old Harry

Rainbow is having a great time running around as usual

While Harry paces himself for a long walk

Come on Grandpa we will wait for you

is he coming yet?

yes look there he is

We will let him rest for 5 minutes

Hey I am not that old or unfit!!

But maybe a short rest would do my old dad good!!

we always seem to be waiting on him!

Look we can go off road for a drink!

But it is a bit muddy

Still we can have a wash before we go home

There now all clean again

Then it's back to the van

Look Rainbow our pictures are not on this one!

I am on both the vans

Home sweet home

Feb 27th

Rosie is all packed ready to go off to her new home

I am not going without teddy!

Pirate says goodbye to his cousin

Or was it because he wanted the teddy bear?

Digger doesn't even notice his sister has gone!

meanwhile Louie is busy with her little family

she has a job keeping them together

They keep escaping

Dennis keeps well away

Rainbow finds one out in the hallway

she gently nudges her back to her mum