Indi's Diary 2011

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wpe25.jpg (19762 bytes) 2008 


9th Jan

DSCF8446.JPG (160499 bytes) Morgan and Indi...will be 7 this year

 DSCF8452.JPG (128247 bytes) Looking good kids

 DSCF8454.JPG (137871 bytes) Mum's cooking we are busy!

 DSCF8455.JPG (139186 bytes) go on drop something!

 DSCF8456.JPG (97258 bytes) Rainy

 DSCF8458.JPG (104112 bytes) such a pretty girl

 DSCF8460.JPG (132646 bytes) we need more sofa's mum

 DSCF8461.JPG (125751 bytes) Puppies take over the big dogs sitting room!

 DSCF8463.JPG (149498 bytes) This is the life!

 DSCF8465.JPG (92057 bytes) Deezel and Measha

 DSCF8424.JPG (118361 bytes) Woody and Chance went shopping

 DSCF8425.JPG (202510 bytes) Magazines or biscuits hmmm hard to pick...NOT

 DSCF8426.JPG (170743 bytes) very well  behaved young men

 DSCF8427.JPG (136339 bytes) I tried to sell Bill!

 DSCF8429.JPG (121965 bytes) The Boys!

 DSCF8430.JPG (163361 bytes) Time to go home

 DSCF8431.JPG (121146 bytes) Charlie

 DSCF8432.JPG (136090 bytes) in her new collar

 DSCF8433.JPG (112219 bytes) She is a lovely cuddly girl

  DSCF8442.JPG (125277 bytes) and very pretty too


21 Dec 10

DSCF6936.JPG (112043 bytes) DSCF6939.JPG (88643 bytes) DSCF6960.JPG (127322 bytes)  DSCF6986.JPG (180388 bytes)  Pickle in the snow

DSCF6949.JPG (82127 bytes) DSCF6951.JPG (107355 bytes) DSCF6950.JPG (108451 bytes) DSCF6952.JPG (124499 bytes) Jack and Ebony

DSCF6964.JPG (92755 bytes) Here come the rest of the pack...we cant get the van out so 3 at a time in the Jeep.

DSCF6971.JPG (147208 bytes) DSCF6973.JPG (79782 bytes) DSCF6982.JPG (81285 bytes) DSCF6983.JPG (105214 bytes) DSCF6984.JPG (134487 bytes)

DSCF6995.JPG (142321 bytes) DSCF7002.JPG (75535 bytes) DSCF7003.JPG (102867 bytes) DSCF7006.JPG (128921 bytes) DSCF7007.JPG (194882 bytes)   

DSCF7009.JPG (92267 bytes)  DSCF7011.JPG (135486 bytes) DSCF7012.JPG (131910 bytes) Pickle has a sore paw full of snow...

DSCF7013.JPG (162300 bytes) Sorted!

DSCF7017.JPG (146893 bytes)DSCF7019.JPG (118116 bytes) DSCF7020.JPG (141227 bytes) DSCF7021.JPG (114785 bytes) DSCF7022.JPG (152991 bytes) DSCF7023.JPG (156026 bytes)

DSCF7024.JPG (126022 bytes) DSCF7025.JPG (137167 bytes) DSCF7037.JPG (204975 bytes) 

DSCF7041.JPG (77532 bytes) DSCF7042.JPG (83671 bytes) DSCF7043.JPG (146527 bytes) DSCF7044.JPG (149481 bytes) DSCF7045.JPG (107864 bytes) DSCF7048.JPG (123911 bytes)

DSCF7051.JPG (89154 bytes) DSCF7052.JPG (130338 bytes) DSCF7057.JPG (110023 bytes) DSCF7059.JPG (111907 bytes) DSCF7060.JPG (124244 bytes) DSCF7061.JPG (159561 bytes)

DSCF7062.JPG (82398 bytes) DSCF7063.JPG (123958 bytes) DSCF7064.JPG (92385 bytes) DSCF7065.JPG (140191 bytes) DSCF7066.JPG (92972 bytes) DSCF7072.JPG (131729 bytes)

DSCF7074.JPG (154072 bytes) DSCF7076.JPG (127988 bytes) DSCF7078.JPG (136400 bytes) DSCF7080.JPG (99330 bytes) DSCF7094.JPG (123873 bytes) DSCF7095.JPG (161620 bytes)

DSCF7096.JPG (127213 bytes) DSCF7111.JPG (145269 bytes) DSCF7114.JPG (153534 bytes) DSCF7115.JPG (124231 bytes) DSCF7120.JPG (142585 bytes) DSCF7122.JPG (138267 bytes)

DSCF7123.JPG (160341 bytes) DSCF7127.JPG (218896 bytes) DSCF7128.JPG (156146 bytes) DSCF7129.JPG (92124 bytes) DSCF7132.JPG (135959 bytes) DSCF7134.JPG (115921 bytes)

DSCF7136.JPG (125236 bytes) DSCF7138.JPG (135315 bytes) DSCF7139.JPG (168082 bytes) DSCF7141.JPG (110987 bytes) DSCF7144.JPG (176944 bytes) DSCF7149.JPG (127041 bytes)

DSCF7154.JPG (141840 bytes) DSCF7160.JPG (111319 bytes) DSCF7161.JPG (121837 bytes) DSCF7162.JPG (123017 bytes) DSCF7164.JPG (101419 bytes) DSCF7165.JPG (120578 bytes)

DSCF7166.JPG (131893 bytes) DSCF7168.JPG (134346 bytes) DSCF7170.JPG (129628 bytes) DSCF7172.JPG (130562 bytes) DSCF7174.JPG (135934 bytes) DSCF7175.JPG (136082 bytes)

DSCF7177.JPG (133967 bytes) DSCF7180.JPG (128352 bytes) DSCF7184.JPG (158488 bytes) DSCF7189.JPG (124272 bytes) DSCF7191.JPG (122184 bytes) DSCF7199.JPG (97539 bytes)

DSCF7200.JPG (95227 bytes) DSCF7211.JPG (88090 bytes) DSCF7214.JPG (195915 bytes) DSCF7217.JPG (131830 bytes) DSCF7220.JPG (123903 bytes) DSCF7221.JPG (199475 bytes)

DSCF7226.JPG (114119 bytes) DSCF7227.JPG (130645 bytes) DSCF7228.JPG (116077 bytes) DSCF7229.JPG (135357 bytes) DSCF7234.JPG (89989 bytes) DSCF7241.JPG (111375 bytes)

DSCF7242.JPG (97432 bytes) DSCF7242.JPG (97432 bytes) DSCF7243.JPG (104391 bytes) DSCF7244.JPG (110714 bytes) DSCF7245.JPG (125352 bytes) DSCF7247.JPG (150818 bytes)

DSCF7248.JPG (129870 bytes) DSCF7249.JPG (71797 bytes) DSCF7251.JPG (64909 bytes) DSCF7252.JPG (146936 bytes) DSCF7257.JPG (83924 bytes) DSCF7258.JPG (98059 bytes)

DSCF7265.JPG (117323 bytes) DSCF7278.JPG (132060 bytes) DSCF7283.JPG (142387 bytes)

DSCF7275.JPG (104498 bytes) Snow Paws stretched out for gripping













9th Sept

Pictures taken last week

DSCF2425.JPG (66801 bytes) DSCF2429.JPG (128333 bytes) DSCF2430.JPG (86766 bytes) DSCF2431.JPG (102866 bytes) DSCF2448.JPG (131637 bytes) DSCF2447.JPG (113768 bytes) DSCF2441.JPG (98677 bytes)

DSCF2433.JPG (126138 bytes) DSCF2455.JPG (125751 bytes) DSCF2506.JPG (101530 bytes) DSCF2456.JPG (138164 bytes) DSCF2501-1.JPG (101656 bytes)  DSCF2450.JPG (123662 bytes)

DSCF2459.JPG (102919 bytes) DSCF2459-1.JPG (108380 bytes) DSCF2460.JPG (104660 bytes) DSCF2461.JPG (104692 bytes) DSCF2502.JPG (146201 bytes) DSCF2503.JPG (99282 bytes)

DSCF2464.JPG (119246 bytes) DSCF2470.JPG (123012 bytes) DSCF2493.JPG (145089 bytes) DSCF2493-1.JPG (145089 bytes) DSCF2494.JPG (97171 bytes) DSCF2495.JPG (103571 bytes)

DSCF2471.JPG (117264 bytes) DSCF2472.JPG (107726 bytes) DSCF2473.JPG (117288 bytes) DSCF2474.JPG (109838 bytes) DSCF2475.JPG (106630 bytes) DSCF2483.JPG (98726 bytes) DSCF2485.JPG (122254 bytes) DSCF2496.JPG (142141 bytes)

 DSCF2571.JPG (74230 bytes) DSCF2573.JPG (114615 bytes) DSCF2575.JPG (115717 bytes) DSCF2578.JPG (130719 bytes) DSCF2580.JPG (145250 bytes) DSCF2500-1.JPG (86741 bytes) DSCF2583.JPG (109429 bytes)


DSCF2582.JPG (118344 bytes) DSCF2569.JPG (78552 bytes) DSCF2572.JPG (98052 bytes) DSCF2574.JPG (116331 bytes) DSCF2576.JPG (115110 bytes) DSCF2579.JPG (128866 bytes)   DSCF2501.JPG (101656 bytes) DSCF2500.JPG (86741 bytes)


DSCF2212.JPG (111677 bytes) DSCF2213.JPG (144602 bytes) DSCF2214.JPG (156363 bytes) DSCF2216.JPG (131757 bytes) DSCF2217.JPG (89063 bytes) DSCF2218.JPG (104306 bytes) DSCF2220.JPG (98997 bytes) DSCF2222.JPG (90609 bytes) DSCF2223.JPG (104219 bytes) DSCF2226.JPG (146354 bytes)DSCF2227.JPG (152341 bytes) DSCF2228.JPG (109244 bytes) DSCF2229.JPG (91846 bytes) DSCF2234.JPG (114661 bytes) DSCF2235.JPG (130704 bytes) DSCF2239.JPG (125788 bytes) DSCF2239-1.JPG (125788 bytes) DSCF2240.JPG (128856 bytes) DSCF2242.JPG (109551 bytes) DSCF2247.JPG (97364 bytes)DSCF2250.JPG (98847 bytes) DSCF2253.JPG (102660 bytes) DSCF2255.JPG (111918 bytes) DSCF2256.JPG (102265 bytes) DSCF2257.JPG (118893 bytes) DSCF2262.JPG (150062 bytes) DSCF2268.JPG (135163 bytes) DSCF2269.JPG (97615 bytes)


DSCF2424.JPG (135463 bytes) DSCF2271.JPG (153198 bytes) DSCF2274.JPG (118538 bytes) DSCF2275.JPG (74188 bytes) DSCF2276.JPG (112358 bytes) DSCF2278.JPG (102723 bytes) DSCF2280.JPG (106546 bytes) DSCF2282.JPG (108583 bytes) DSCF2287.JPG (97223 bytes) DSCF2288.JPG (98263 bytes)DSCF2289.JPG (100313 bytes) DSCF2290.JPG (88995 bytes) DSCF2294.JPG (108423 bytes) DSCF2297.JPG (97769 bytes) DSCF2304.JPG (138516 bytes) DSCF2311.JPG (115184 bytes) DSCF2312.JPG (98656 bytes) DSCF2312-1.JPG (110504 bytes) DSCF2314.JPG (77773 bytes) DSCF2316.JPG (129176 bytes)DSCF2318.JPG (136885 bytes) DSCF2319.JPG (68841 bytes) DSCF2320.JPG (108048 bytes) DSCF2321.JPG (110748 bytes) DSCF2322.JPG (147732 bytes) DSCF2325.JPG (120237 bytes) DSCF2326.JPG (101815 bytes) DSCF2327.JPG (92741 bytes) DSCF2329.JPG (96899 bytes) DSCF2329-1.JPG (92162 bytes)DSCF2338.JPG (131688 bytes) DSCF2339.JPG (91685 bytes) DSCF2340.JPG (96614 bytes) DSCF2342.JPG (89823 bytes) DSCF2344.JPG (113832 bytes) DSCF2348.JPG (121849 bytes) DSCF2349.JPG (102269 bytes) DSCF2351.JPG (95155 bytes) DSCF2354.JPG (123816 bytes)  DSCF2356.JPG (112056 bytes)DSCF2357.JPG (108582 bytes) DSCF2358.JPG (98302 bytes) DSCF2359.JPG (115369 bytes) DSCF2359-1.JPG (98936 bytes) DSCF2359-2.JPG (104810 bytes) DSCF2360.JPG (137331 bytes) DSCF2362.JPG (99847 bytes) DSCF2363.JPG (134499 bytes) DSCF2364.JPG (120011 bytes) DSCF2366.JPG (129079 bytes)DSCF2367.JPG (108569 bytes) DSCF2368.JPG (102364 bytes) DSCF2372.JPG (123540 bytes) DSCF2373.JPG (117664 bytes) DSCF2374.JPG (117685 bytes) DSCF2376.JPG (113329 bytes) DSCF2389.JPG (93869 bytes) DSCF2389-1.JPG (120739 bytes) DSCF2394.JPG (92288 bytes) DSCF2407.JPG (117709 bytes)DSCF2408.JPG (78245 bytes) DSCF2409.JPG (107474 bytes) DSCF2409-1.JPG (96228 bytes) DSCF2410.JPG (103269 bytes) DSCF2412.JPG (110942 bytes) DSCF2412-1.JPG (101503 bytes) DSCF2414.JPG (106231 bytes) DSCF2415.JPG (116061 bytes) DSCF2419.JPG (102643 bytes) DSCF2419-1.JPG (92510 bytes)DSCF2421.JPG (67837 bytes) DSCF2422.JPG (104503 bytes)

4th Aug


Puppies 8 weeks 2010 022.JPG (111132 bytes) My mum and I are waiting for the big dogs to come back

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 015.JPG (102325 bytes) Dad has them up the hill for a walk

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 009.JPG (102240 bytes) I wanted to stay with mum

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 011.JPG (101726 bytes) and play in the pond

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 027.JPG (117166 bytes) or run around

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 028.JPG (115696 bytes) I love my mum

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 033.JPG (112923 bytes) Good girl Gabby mum loves you too 

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 034.JPG (107757 bytes) we're back

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 035.JPG (120120 bytes) thirsty and hot after our gallop in the hills

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 037.JPG (120074 bytes) even Megan 7 years old loves running up there ...half a mile to catch up her dad and not even out of breath

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 039.JPG (118848 bytes) who splashed me?

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 040.JPG (105462 bytes) it wasn't us

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 041.JPG (105368 bytes) I love my pond

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 044.JPG (124974 bytes) it's lovely and cool in here today

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 046.JPG (106140 bytes) Fiz you look like a mop!

Puppies 8 weeks 2010 048.JPG (128099 bytes) Chance relaxing at home (Bill's new baby)

8th Feb

Jan 30th 09 013 (Small).JPG (49785 bytes) we are going to visit Jacks puppies

Jan 30th 09 016 (Small).JPG (46180 bytes) 3 boys 

Jan 30th 09 017 (Small).JPG (48445 bytes) at 4 weeks old

Jan 30th 09 027 (Small).JPG (38257 bytes) they are good little helpers

Jan 30th 09 025 (Small).JPG (39862 bytes) happy little boys

Jan 30th 09 030 (Small).JPG (39275 bytes) snuggly

Jan 30th 09 032 (Small).JPG (36791 bytes) Hello everybody

Jan 30th 09 035 (Small).JPG (60167 bytes) Play with me Bill

Jan 30th 09 036 (Small).JPG (54532 bytes) sleepy boy

Jan 30th 09 037 (Small).JPG (63767 bytes) goodnight 

Jan 30th 09 038 (Small).JPG (47118 bytes) Zzzzz


6th Jan 2010

Careful out here mum it's deeper than it looks

Let us out to play mum

Niamh to the rescue mum fell in the ditch

Oh it is sooo deep

We need to pull her up to her feet Ebony

Its ok on the path mum

Gabby next....she loves the snow too

Just a year old, but like her sister Rainbow she is beautiful

Gabby is such a sweet angel

It's me Jack, the biggest puppy in the world!

Why is no-one playing with me

yippee this is fun

let me out again mum

never mind ~I know the way!

now I can chase Trudy

Crazy dogs out in that snow this is the best place to be

no this is the best, in our cosy dog room


this is the life

2nd Dec

Meesha has breakfast

The fog is down today

Stay together so we don't get lost on the hill

This way wolfies

come on Trudy

Megan still loves the muddy ditches

Throw me a stone dad

come on then

Morgan and Niamh

Muddy Megan

Misty morning

Cat and Emma

Jack is loving his walk

Toby waits for everybody to catch up

Tell them to hurry up mum

Megan top of the pack

Morgan and Jack Frost

Lower pack members!!

Line dancing

Trudy, the loch Ness monster

Lets go home

29th Sept

Fran and Bill 240 (Small).jpg (55228 bytes) Mac and Linda with Rossi at Hillsborough fort for the club show of NI

Fran and Bill 241 (Small).jpg (59894 bytes) Willie and Cat are here too

Fran and Bill 242 (Small).jpg (56207 bytes) Jack and Bill are first in the ring in puppy class

Fran and Bill 243 (Small).jpg (66872 bytes) stand Jack

Fran and Bill 246 (Small).jpg (60294 bytes) the judge liked Jack

Fran and Bill 254 (Small).jpg (62102 bytes) Janet with Kaycee

Fran and Bill 255 (Small).jpg (61828 bytes) they won 

Fran and Bill 261 (Small).jpg (62374 bytes) first in puppy bitch

Fran and Bill 265 (Small).jpg (68032 bytes) Well done Janet and Kaycee  Fran and Bill 266 (Small).jpg (68877 bytes)

Fran and Bill 238 (Small).jpg (69419 bytes) The puppies wait for Best puppy

Fran and Bill 252 (Small).jpg (55050 bytes) Brian with his bitch 

Fran and Bill 253 (Small).jpg (69168 bytes) Cat with Niamh

Fran and Bill 259 (Small).jpg (56560 bytes) Cat and Niamh took a 3rd, qualifying Niamh for Cruft's well done Cat

Fran and Bill 274 (Small).jpg (68519 bytes) Cat and Brian

Fran and Bill 276 (Small).jpg (59525 bytes) run little Pickle...her leg is all healed up and she is looking lovely

Fran and Bill 282 (Small).jpg (51637 bytes) she looks nice Cat

Fran and Bill 269 (Small).jpg (63233 bytes) Willie and his beautiful girl

Fran and Bill 272 (Small).jpg (65132 bytes) He has a great B&B in Ireland and both him and his wife Joanne looked after all of us...we had a great time

Fran and Bill 289 (Small).jpg (66001 bytes) Ebony is in next

Fran and Bill 290 (Small).jpg (61138 bytes) we think she is so like her mum, Rainbow

Fran and Bill 291 (Small).jpg (64383 bytes) she took a 2nd next to Tim Finney

Fran and Bill 293 (Small).jpg (59230 bytes) Iffy is next with Linda

Fran and Bill 297 (Small).jpg (59828 bytes) she is a lovely bitch 

Fran and Bill 299 (Small).jpg (62386 bytes) and she moves beautifully

Fran and Bill 301 (Small).jpg (65075 bytes)Jack has burst the ring but keeps his paw on it to hide it!!!

Fran and Bill 302 (Small).jpg (53194 bytes) What have you done Jack?

Fran and Bill 304 (Small).jpg (72689 bytes) Mum our tent has blown over!!

Fran and Bill 305 (Small).jpg (73030 bytes) it went that way!

Fran and Bill 307 (Small).jpg (62689 bytes) We hope it doesn't rain

Fran and Bill 313 (Small).jpg (66387 bytes) Hey Kacee I got best puppy in show...

Fran and Bill 314 (Small).jpg (65726 bytes) Nest time I will eat the ring Jack then maybe I will win!

Fran and Bill 321 (Small).jpg (72882 bytes) The sun is out

Fran and Bill 322 (Small).jpg (29629 bytes) we all had a great time in Ireland

Fran and Bill 323 (Small).jpg (46311 bytes) next morning we were at Belfast show

Fran and Bill 326 (Small).jpg (68413 bytes) Jack is in first again and wins his class

Fran and Bill 332 (Small).jpg (44026 bytes) then Toby wins first in limit

Fran and Bill 333 (Small).jpg (53374 bytes) he is such a big dog

Fran and Bill 339 (Small).jpg (46028 bytes) Linda and Rossi in open dog

Fran and Bill 340 (Small).jpg (70684 bytes) Janet and Kaycee in puppy bitch

Fran and Bill 341 (Small).jpg (44876 bytes) she wins her class

Fran and Bill 351 (Small).jpg (63343 bytes) Rodger and Linda are in for BOB...Rodger wins...well done you two

Fran and Bill 355 (Small).jpg (54956 bytes) Jack and Kaycee in best puppy, Jack wins again!! Sorry Janet

Fran and Bill 362 (Small).jpg (62677 bytes) Outside, Toby has a fan club

Fran and Bill 364 (Small).jpg (49047 bytes) and he does his usual cuddle

Fran and Bill 365 (Small).jpg (51657 bytes) Cat was ready for him though

Fran and Bill 381 (Small).jpg (56809 bytes) Jack in the hound puppy group

Fran and Bill 398 (Small).jpg (49044 bytes) He didn't win today ...but Janet, Cat, Linda and me have  found a chocolate fountain so no more pictures here.

21st Sept

cats pics 121 (Small).jpg (52200 bytes) Inna and Polina our friends from Russia arrive

cats pics 120 (Small).jpg (44142 bytes) Polina meets Meesha

cats pics 131 (Small).jpg (57719 bytes) everybody helped set up the garden, bar and buffet....thanks guys you are the best

cats pics 132 (Small).jpg (57478 bytes) we have a well stocked bar and Jim was a brilliant barman...thanks Jim xx

cats pics 133 (Small).jpg (58180 bytes) Rose, Katherine and Loragene take a break

cats pics 134 (Small).jpg (54377 bytes) look the decorations are up in here

cats pics 139 (Small).jpg (44774 bytes) Maureen made the wolfie's for us we just love it....and special thanks to Helen and Neil for our cake

cats pics 143 (Small).jpg (61282 bytes) our day would not be complete without Brian....

cats pics 145 (Small).jpg (67062 bytes) my beautiful special Niamh, she was so good

cats pics 147 (Small).jpg (62578 bytes) daughters in law Stacey and Emma

cats pics 149 (Small).jpg (50659 bytes) our very special grandkids

cats pics 152 (Small).jpg (61427 bytes) Mr.& Mrs. Barnbrook

cats pics 154 (Small).jpg (61397 bytes) and Cat ...who is simply the best

cats pics 156 (Small).jpg (64217 bytes) Jim and Vil who ran the show....Vil served the food, Jim the drinks....thanks you two....we will do your for you.

cats pics 164 (Small).jpg (54898 bytes) Happy family's

cats pics 166 (Small).jpg (51573 bytes) Can we have a bit Uncle Jim?

 cats pics 169 (Small).jpg (64500 bytes) The bar is full

cats pics 176 (Small).jpg (31175 bytes) cutting the cake

cats pics 178 (Small).jpg (41487 bytes) sharing the cake!!

cats pics 180 (Small).jpg (53396 bytes) Carol and her dad Douglas

cats pics 182 (Small).jpg (46322 bytes) Les ,Douglas and Rae....more pics soon

08 Sept

DSCF2816 (Small).JPG (84338 bytes) Who is that out with us today?

DSCF2820 (Small).JPG (78533 bytes) it's Loragene from Canada

DSCF2822 (Small).JPG (53542 bytes) Come on Jack hurry up lets go.

DSCF2828 (Small).JPG (84842 bytes) we have to take Loragene to the top of the hill

DSCF2831 (Small).JPG (101405 bytes) she wants some heather for her hat

DSCF2844 (Small).JPG (92106 bytes) wait while Jack has a rest

DSCF2847 (Small).JPG (93845 bytes) I don't need a rest

DSCF2848 (Small).JPG (89230 bytes) I am sitting nice for a cookie

DSCF2849 (Small).JPG (84849 bytes) the rain is pouring down

DSCF2854 (Small).JPG (62448 bytes) Ebony is being swooped on by a pair of swallows, so  now she is chasing them

DSCF2858 (Small).JPG (81890 bytes) look out birdies here I come

DSCF2872 (Small).JPG (74206 bytes) If I could fly... then you would be sorry

DSCF2873 (Small).JPG (81682 bytes) come on everybody lets help Ebony

DSCF2875 (Small).JPG (83287 bytes) come back bird

DSCF2877 (Small).JPG (81909 bytes) hey look cookies

DSCF2879 (Small).JPG (82795 bytes) mmm there for me

DSCF2882 (Small).JPG (80566 bytes) Ebony is still chasing the birds

DSCF2883 (Small).JPG (91014 bytes) stand Jack

DSCF2888 (Small).JPG (88202 bytes) like this Jack

DSCF2889 (Small).JPG (112909 bytes) I am on the top of the world

DSCF2890 (Small).JPG (102758 bytes) we were here first

DSCF2892 (Small).JPG (80175 bytes) Thanks Loragene

DSCF2893 (Small).JPG (73964 bytes) this is great fun

DSCF2894 (Small).JPG (76543 bytes) here Gabby one for you

DSCF2895 (Small).JPG (71674 bytes) look at Ebony still chasing those silly birds

DSCF2898 (Small).JPG (71510 bytes) I give up this is hopeless

DSCF2896 (Small).JPG (75324 bytes) Come and get a cookie Ebony

DSCF2901 (Small).JPG (72610 bytes) ok here I come

DSCF2903 (Small).JPG (82138 bytes) can I have some more?

DSCF2904 (Small).JPG (78876 bytes) please?

DSCF2901 (Small).JPG (72610 bytes) Jack you are so greedy

DSCF2918 (Small).JPG (80959 bytes) those birds are back

DSCF2921 (Small).JPG (50811 bytes) here she comes

DSCF2922 (Small).JPG (85690 bytes) Gabby come see what I have found

DSCF2923 (Small).JPG (93545 bytes) is it a space ship?

DSCF2927 (Small).JPG (80261 bytes) no it's giant mushrooms Trudy

DSCF2931 (Small).JPG (79301 bytes) who cares lets have more cookies

DSCF2932 (Small).JPG (78270 bytes)  did you get one Niamh?

DSCF2933 (Small).JPG (84437 bytes) Jack you have had lots

DSCF2934 (Small).JPG (83880 bytes) this is for Trudy

DSCF2941 (Small).JPG (86787 bytes) can I have another one?

DSCF2943 (Small).JPG (96451 bytes) Jack you are so greedy

DSCF2955 (Small).JPG (75545 bytes) ok one more each

DSCF2959 (Small).JPG (76772 bytes) Here you are Niamh

DSCF2964 (Small).JPG (81706 bytes) have a rest mum

DSCF2966 (Small).JPG (83438 bytes) a Bribiba show dog

DSCF2968 (Small).JPG (93934 bytes) get out the mud Jack

DSCF2970 (Small).JPG (84288 bytes) Hey you two behave

DSCF2973 (Small).JPG (85248 bytes) nobody threw me a stone

DSCF2981 (Small).JPG (82228 bytes) Trudy has lost Gabby

DSCF2998 (Small).JPG (70719 bytes) she found her in the swamp

DSCF2999 (Small).JPG (79227 bytes) watch Gabby it is deep there

DSCF3005 (Small).JPG (65602 bytes) time to wash the mud off

DSCF3008 (Small).JPG (60065 bytes) and a quick spin dry

DSCF3010 (Small).JPG (67060 bytes) Jack has a swim

DSCF3011 (Small).JPG (56854 bytes) he loves the pond

DSCF3012 (Small).JPG (62658 bytes) they all jump in again

DSCF3013 (Small).JPG (61105 bytes) Happy dogs

DSCF3014 (Small).JPG (60344 bytes)  A soggy wet Jack

DSCF3015 (Small).JPG (48745 bytes) he is such a happy boy

DSCF3016 (Small).JPG (52837 bytes) living life to the full

Aug 25th

cat fran walk 016 (Small).jpg (69206 bytes) Hurry up we are getting left behind

cat fran walk 017 (Small).jpg (70208 bytes) It was all your fault Trudy

cat fran walk 018 (Small).jpg (80626 bytes) Cat and Mum took us out for our walk as usual

cat fran walk 019 (Small).jpg (62581 bytes) but when we got there we realised Trudy was not with us???

cat fran walk 020 (Small).jpg (32864 bytes) Cat walked on with 4 of us and mum went back to find Trudy

cat fran walk 021 (Small).jpg (38246 bytes) she was shut in the garage!!! and quite happily eating the duck food!

 cat fran walk 025 (Small).jpg (73154 bytes)and after a quick bath she was none the worse

cat fran walk 023 (Small).jpg (62954 bytes) everybody was relieved to find her safe

cat fran walk 024 (Small).jpg (65606 bytes) and Toby thought it was funny (he would)

cat fran walk 022 (Small).jpg (96002 bytes) She loves her run, but seemed happier locked up with all that food

cat fran walk 026 (Small).jpg (71039 bytes) Ebony swims in small circles and never leaves the edge

cat fran walk 027 (Small).jpg (71279 bytes) her and Jack are the only ones who have attempted swimming

cat fran walk 032 (Small).jpg (65778 bytes) Jack loves the water

cat fran walk 030 (Small).jpg (68347 bytes) Us boys are happy just to wade in

cat fran walk 031 (Small).jpg (84412 bytes) Pickle before her accident

cat fran walk 038 (Small).jpg (75832 bytes) she loves running with Ebony, but now she is on strict rest

cat fran walk 044 (Small).jpg (92342 bytes) Ebony chasing a stone

cat fran walk 050 (Small).jpg (83293 bytes) Gabby climbing out a ditch....this is a great place for us to play in

cat fran walk 051 (Small).jpg (105426 bytes) Mud, water, hills, trees just perfect we all love it

cat fran walk 054 (Small).jpg (90979 bytes) Pickle is a wonderful girl we all adore her

cat fran walk 058 (Small).jpg (83813 bytes) Lets jump the ditch

cat fran walk 079 (Small).jpg (59457 bytes) Megan waits for us all to catch up

cat fran walk 085 (Small).jpg (89124 bytes) follow Cat

cat fran walk 087 (Small).jpg (68392 bytes) I will wait for you mum

cat fran walk 089 (Small).jpg (76973 bytes) Toby (mums shadow) always walks behind her on the way back

cat fran walk 095 (Small).jpg (78974 bytes) Well behaved and obedient... always 

cat fran walk 096 (Small).jpg (83936 bytes) well usually

cat fran walk 097 (Small).jpg (44753 bytes) but then a treat now and again helps

cat fran walk 107 (Small).jpg (75116 bytes) Gabby says time to go home

June 23rd

DSCF1588 (640x480).jpg (109962 bytes) we are all chilling out after a busy weekend

DSCF1587 (640x470).jpg (127928 bytes) Meesha is keeping an eye on us all

DSCF1586 (640x426).jpg (87528 bytes) the babies are out in the puppy run for the day

DSCF1584 (640x464).jpg (119748 bytes) it is lovely and sunny and they are all fast asleep

DSCF1456 (640x480).jpg (143155 bytes) Last week David and dad got us ready for the  Border Union Show

DSCF1457 (640x480).jpg (142224 bytes) nearly finished

DSCF1536 (640x465).jpg (121344 bytes) Niamh and Gabby love the caravan and make themselves at home

DSCF1530 (640x461).jpg (83330 bytes) They are having a lovely time

DSCF1523 (640x462).jpg (90495 bytes) Gabby thinks this is just the best 

DSCF1517 (640x444).jpg (84390 bytes) they can sit in the awning and watch the other dogs go by

DSCF1515 (640x480).jpg (126551 bytes) mum we have a visitor

DSCF1505 (640x471).jpg (136010 bytes) it's Steve with Ebony's brother Raven and she is so pleased to see them

DSCF1503 (640x375).jpg (109797 bytes) playtime

DSCF1482 (640x480).jpg (103999 bytes) we are tired mum is it bedtime yet?

DSCF1479 (640x480).jpg (95934 bytes) goodnight

June 14th

DSCF0931 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (91572 bytes) Aunty Beth is here from America so we are taking her for a walk

DSCF0804 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (116837 bytes) Here she comes

DSCF0928 (640x480) (2).jpg (103620 bytes) the youngsters are out too

DSCF0925 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (100549 bytes) in fact we are all here

DSCF0923 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (134710 bytes) Gabby is spin drying

DSCF0919 (640x480).jpg (107708 bytes) it's hot today so a short walk to the pond is enough for us

DSCF0918 (640x480).jpg (124889 bytes) we still have a good run round

DSCF0915 (640x480) (2).jpg (107109 bytes) its great fun 

DSCF0914 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (118590 bytes) run around then jump in the water

DSCF0911 (640x480).jpg (136452 bytes) It looks so inviting in there

DSCF0908 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (129376 bytes) I couldn't resist a paddle

DSCF0906 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (118615 bytes) I will be the lifeguard

DSCF0905 (640x480) (2).jpg (117206 bytes) be careful girls

DSCF0903 (640x480).jpg (110097 bytes) here I go again

DSCF0899 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (97068 bytes) Jack and Trudy love to play together

DSCF0898 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (139947 bytes) sweet little Niamh

DSCF0893 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (125360 bytes) Morgan enjoys a break from her babies

DSCF0889 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (107533 bytes) the pond is full of happy wolfies now

DSCF0888 (640x480) (2).jpg (126347 bytes) even Toby gets room for a paddle

DSCF0886 (640x480).jpg (140763 bytes) this way, time to dry off

DSCF0828 (640x480).jpg (138507 bytes) hurry up then

DSCF0882 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (96116 bytes) Niamh chases Ebony

DSCF0875 (640x480) (2).jpg (123316 bytes) Gabby waits for trouble...

DSCF0879 (640x480).jpg (100243 bytes) Trudy goes to find it

DSCF0867 (640x480).jpg (99744 bytes)    Throw me a stone please just one more

DSCF0861 (640x480) (2).jpg (80821 bytes) ok lets run again

DSCF0860 (640x480) (2).jpg (103866 bytes) I am not running I have run enough today

DSCF0854 (640x480).jpg (109174 bytes) in fact I give up you lot can run all you like

DSCF0853 (640x480).jpg (123964 bytes) ok lets go

DSCF0850 (640x480).jpg (114405 bytes) get out of the mud you two

DSCF0851 (640x480).jpg (129720 bytes) oh Jack look at the state of you!

DSCF0866 (640x480).jpg (131911 bytes) Gabby you are nearly as bad

DSCF0847 (640x480) (2).jpg (128893 bytes) Trudy and Morgan are all clean and dry 

DSCF0844 (640x480) (2).jpg (115480 bytes) Niamh waits for a stone

DSCF0842 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (120284 bytes) come on then dad throw us one

DSCF0874 (640x480).jpg (100311 bytes) come on lets head for home

DSCF0870 (640x480).jpg (133848 bytes) can I get carried please?

DSCF0863 (640x480).jpg (128708 bytes) head for the pond everybody one last wash

DSCF0830 (640x480).jpg (155804 bytes) Indi is still spotless

 DSCF0822 (640x480) (2).jpg (145260 bytes) come on girls lets go

DSCF0819 (640x480).jpg (107395 bytes) that will get them all nice and clean

DSCF0817 (640x480) (640x480).jpg (130172 bytes) come on you lot Aunty Beth needs a cup of tea after that walk

DSCF0815 (640x480) (2).jpg (126621 bytes) here we come

DSCF0813 (640x480) (2).jpg (116205 bytes) get back in and wash your paws Gabby

DSCF0811 (640x480).jpg (110109 bytes) that's better... good girl..

DSCF1278 (640x480).jpg (161603 bytes) Little Trudy


DSCF1274 (640x480).jpg (131499 bytes) who wants a treat?

DSCF1171 (640x480).jpg (150856 bytes) just Toby

DSCF1255 (640x480).jpg (118623 bytes) Mum and me

DSCF1314 (640x479).jpg (129442 bytes) Aunty Beth walks the pack

DSCF1053 (640x480).jpg (85911 bytes) Back home again

DSCF1021 (640x480).jpg (85521 bytes) Beth loves the puppies

DSCF1035 (480x640).jpg (88785 bytes) a sleepy boy

DSCF1029 (640x480).jpg (90403 bytes) Stuart sits with the puppies too

DSCF1026 (640x480).jpg (75385 bytes) Hello Uncle Brian

DSCF1016 (640x480).jpg (97879 bytes) we all want kisses

DSCF1027 (640x480).jpg (95168 bytes) It's our dinnertime now

DSCF1273 (640x480) (2).jpg (127650 bytes) Thanks Beth for coming all this way to help with the puppies xxx

June 2nd

summer 163 (800x600).jpg (112017 bytes) the sun is shining

summer 045 (640x480).jpg (131319 bytes) so we head straight for the pond

summer 046 (640x480).jpg (142376 bytes) girls only

summer 047 (640x480).jpg (139034 bytes)  Ebony has had a swim    

summer 049 (640x480).jpg (131079 bytes) The girls all enjoyed their dip in the pond

summer 050 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (188846 bytes) and are cool enough for a run

summer 053 (640x480).jpg (188935 bytes) Niamh found some wild poppies

summer 054 (640x480).jpg (181096 bytes) Trudy and Gabby are almost dry

summer 055 (640x480).jpg (191152 bytes) and as usual Trudy is busy looking for something to chase

summer 058 (640x480).jpg (134426 bytes) Morgan is having a break from her babies

summer 061 (640x480).jpg (128441 bytes) We wont stay out long as it is getting hot now

summer 063 (640x480).jpg (162290 bytes)  the girls want another dip in the pond first

summer 064 (640x480).jpg (146026 bytes) come on Ebony lets go swimming

summer 065 (640x480).jpg (155129 bytes) In a minute Gabby, I am busy

summer 066 (640x480).jpg (158667 bytes) Come Ebony lets go

summer 067 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (128533 bytes) ok hurry up Niamh

summer 068 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (112607 bytes) wait for me

summer 069 (640x480).jpg (155288 bytes) Ebony will be first in

summer 070 (640x480).jpg (154650 bytes) that's better we are cooler already

summer 071 (640x480).jpg (144455 bytes) Chase me Gabby

summer 072 (640x480).jpg (149878 bytes) no I want a drink first Trudy

summer 074 (640x480).jpg (162473 bytes) Go on get in the water

summer 077 (640x480).jpg (147916 bytes) that was great fun

summer 079 (640x480).jpg (185385 bytes) now we are all wet again

summer 082 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (145681 bytes) Run about Gabby and dry off

summer 085 (640x480).jpg (191725 bytes) Come on girls this way

summer 086 (640x480).jpg (195807 bytes) I have to follow Niamh

summer 087 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (120551 bytes) Morgan is enjoying her run

summer 088 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (164518 bytes)  the girls take it easy in the heat

summer 089 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (187536 bytes)  Ebony still want to chase stones

summer 092 (640x480).jpg (115849 bytes) it's her favourite game

summer 095 (640x480).jpg (164671 bytes) throw another one dad

summer 097 (640x480).jpg (129922 bytes) off she goes again

summer 103 (640x480).jpg (168528 bytes) Niamh wants to play too

summer 106 (640x480).jpg (141322 bytes) she wont beat Ebony

summer 108 (640x480).jpg (145367 bytes) Now Trudy has joined in

summer 111 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (121433 bytes) This is fun Niamh

summer 117 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (141987 bytes) time to go

summer 118 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (174306 bytes) it's too hot to run 

summer 126 (640x480).jpg (165655 bytes) I know where I am going

summer 132 (640x480).jpg (112820 bytes) back to my pond for a swim

summer 133 (640x480).jpg (135382 bytes) then home for a sleep

summer 135 (640x480).jpg (104873 bytes) come on in Niamh

summer 136 (640x480).jpg (106054 bytes) Where is Morgan

summer 138 (640x480).jpg (120780 bytes) hey pups behave your splashing us

summer 139 (640x480).jpg (158220 bytes) kids honestly!

summer 140 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (145499 bytes) we didn't behave like that when we were pups

summer 141 (640x480).jpg (143526 bytes) no of course not Niamh we were angels

summer 142 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (183098 bytes) we are just happy puppies

summer 143 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (124806 bytes) look out girls here I come

summer 144 (640x480).jpg (133332 bytes) I guess none of us ever grow up

summer 145 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (161685 bytes) don't dry your ears on Niamh Morgan

summer 148 (640x480).jpg (140418 bytes) come on Trudy it's time to go home

summer 149 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (139702 bytes) coming dad

summer 150 (800x600) (640x480).jpg (166424 bytes) Come on girls leads on

summer 157 (640x480).jpg (219901 bytes) wait for me

summer 158 (640x480).jpg (180942 bytes) bye for now

6th April

9 Wolfies and 1 Deerhound

everybody follows Megan she's our pack leader

but mums the boss and we all obey her command

wait for me

We are just back from the club show and all desperate for a run

Uncle Brian Aunty Marion David and Gillian took us out yesterday but forgot the camera

Megan washes her face

Toby's favourite drinking spot

Ebony has a bath!

then jumps the ditch

She loves to run

Niamh as usual is right behind her

Artney tries to follow

but nobody else does

We are happy on this side thanks

Artney makes it across at a narrow spot

come on then lets go

The wolfies love their run in the hills

after a long drive it's heaven for Ebony

and it's great to be home again

David and Gillian took great care of us

Follow Uncle Brian

Toby poses as usual

cookie time


run Gabby

run Trudy

Toby and Megan

nice topline Morgan!

that's better

hurry up you lot

Careful puppies

get out the mud girls

oh Trudy look at you!

The chase is on

Happy hounds

this is the best part of the day for us all

who would want to miss this, we love seeing the hounds play together

Pickle is a wonderful girl

Indi our top dog

jump Artney

I can't I am scared

you don't know what you are missing

Feartie gowk

look it's safe

Ebony and Niamh adore each other

here comes the crazy Deerhound


Trudy waits for mum

leads on you lot

good babies

that was fun

Thanks for looking after us David

you too Gillian

we had a great time

Next weekend we are off to Kelso

30th March

I love being a lap dog

Briagh and Torin are here today with Janet

Brian and Marion have brought Ailidh and Artney

Come on Niamh race you over the ditch

Come on you can do it

Wait for me

made it

Torin shares a drink with Megan

David and Gillian have brought Callum with them today

Look here comes trouble

Artney makes the leap over the ditch

and the girls run

jump Ebony

here I come mum

Artney is stuck

he thinks he can walk on the water

The girls go to the rescue

and show him the way out

Thanks Wolfies

up the long road to the top of the hill

or should I say up and down the long road

chase me Trudy

treat time

spoiled or what!

the spice girls are full of nonsense

Torin loves the attention...and the treats

Niamh plays chase

Ebony Moon waits for someone to chase

where is Niamh and Artney?

Here we come

lets go over the ditch again

here he comes again

run Niamh

come on Ebony swim

That was fun

Ailidh and Briagh had a lovely walk together

we all did

6th March....Cruft's 09

We woke up to 5 inches of snow...but we made it out safely down to Birmingham

Except Maureen who slipped in the mud ...pulled by Niamh (Sorry Maureen)

Charobie Charming Charlie (Indi's son) takes a second in Special puppy

Sacha and Bobbie

Click this picture for their website

Come on mum I want to do it again

Hi son, you did well today

Next the handsome and spirited Raven (Bribiba's Celtic Mix for Nightwing)

Raven stood well and quietly let the judge go over him

good boy Raven

and he ran well but Steve had a job holding him back.... they took a third

Ebony and Raven

you are a huge boy now Raven

Maureen looks after us while we wait for our turn

Toby next in a big class

Hey Toby mum says you look great

they get a VHC (5th Place)

then it's my turn

Stand dad

its another big class with some very handsome competition

Alfie was in the class with me

he was looking good

but it was not his day

we were short listed to 6...then Alfie had to go

I got a VHC as well

Next in was Cat and Niamh...this is only Cats 2nd show

she did very well

come on Pickle

short listed to 6

but then she had to go

Next in was Ebony

she was perfect

she moved like a dream

she has a powerful drive

and we were so thrilled when she took a first

and there was quite a cheer when she got her rosette. Thanks everyone

Time for a quick nap

before she goes back in the line-up

Niamh loved all the attention she got

don't speak to her, speak to me

we all did

Toby is such a show off

We all missed Rainbow today....but she was with us

Ebony is a wonderful gentle girl a beautiful gift from her.

We adore our girls they are so sweet (Niamh)

I will win next time!

Toby is having a great time, he loves all the fuss

scratch my ear Maureen please

Spoiled boy

The bitch line-up

Next day we headed home and stopped off for a run

come on dad hurry up

I can still keep up with you Toby

Stand Toby

  Isn't he lovely

come on Toby lets go home

22nd Feb

Jack and Cat at dog training

Jack wants to join in

he goes off to investigate

but he is not to sure

Somebody barked at me

those dogs cant see me now!

he got a bit braver and went out again

good boy Jack

I can do that!

Clever puppy

18th Feb

Here are some pictures recently sent to us.

Bob is Gabby and Trudy's brother he is growing into a lovely boy

Bob takes care of the baby, he is so gentle.

he is a happy spoiled boy

this lovely boy  Falcor on the right is my son in Florida  with Rowyn his friend

  Titch is Jack's brother and Harry's can tell by those ears!!