Photographs by Matt Timbers  Rainbow 001 (Small).jpg (50616 bytes)


We are delighted to show you a very small selection of pictures taken by Matt. We will be adding more as Matt sends them.

He is a professional International and Royal photographer and we are delighted to have had him spend a weekend with our wolfhounds taking these amazing pictures.....enjoy

Latino Harry (Small).jpg (46162 bytes) Harry Potters birthday picture...he will be 6 years old on the 13th of January.

A (12) (Small).jpg (41303 bytes) Look what I did

A (6) (Small).jpg (26257 bytes) Just babies

A (7) (Small).jpg (22115 bytes) Where's my mum gone?

B (4) (Small).jpg (26520 bytes) Here I come

B (Small).jpg (47360 bytes) Thirsty work running

Bill and Harry Contemplating Life Together (Small).jpg (69761 bytes) Bill and Harry

C (16) (Small).jpg (78355 bytes) Beautiful Bribiba girls

C (28) (Small).jpg (75991 bytes) Us!

C (3) (Small).jpg (36269 bytes) What are you looking at?

Harry 003 (Small).jpg (31539 bytes) Those famous ears

Leading The Way (Small).jpg (47857 bytes) Leading the way

Last Light (Small).jpg (27950 bytes) Last light

Waters Edge (Small).jpg (75683 bytes) At the waters edge

Stalking the Waters (Small).jpg (75359 bytes) Stalking the waters

Neil, Helens Mia 01 (Small).jpg (33099 bytes) Artney and Mia

Ogri (Small).jpg (29101 bytes) Indi

C (27) (Small).jpg (80334 bytes) Once upon a time in the forest...........

 Indi 001 (Small).jpg (52082 bytes) King of the jungle

C (32) (Small).jpg (51307 bytes) Just the girls

C (Small).jpg (42984 bytes) The dark forest

Prelude To A Chase 02 (Small) (2).jpg (28368 bytes) Prelude to a chase.....


Matt is available to take pictures of your dogs too.....

email him here