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Thanks to all our judges

DSCF0707 (Small).JPG (80720 bytes) Jack- Santir Spirit of The Glen Over Bribiba


1St in Limit Belfast 2010

2nd in Limit Irish wolfhound club NI 2010

1st and RDCC Border Union 2010

1st  and Best Puppy in Show. Irish Wolfhound Club of NI 09

1st and Best Puppy Belfast 09

1st and Best Puppy Border Union 09

scan0001 (Small).jpg (55289 bytes)Santir Spirit of The Glen Over Bribiba...3rd in special Junior at Cruft's 2010....Best Irish Wolfhound Puppy 2009....Our wonderful Jack....


7 months baby, well made for his age, good angulation, moved soundly & steadily. BP.

Fran's Critique.... Jack is something else...Meesha our parrot is always shouting 'Jack Bad!!!' He is always up  to something....but he is such a loveable rogue. He loves everybody and we all adore our sweet little troublemaker.

Gabby- Bribiba's Bonnie Lass 

DSCF6939 (Small).JPG (45977 bytes) Bribiba's Bonnie Lass 2nd Cruft's 2010 


1st Post grad  Irish wolfhound club of Northern Ireland

1st & Best Puppy  Leeds 09

2nd Puppy Border Union

2nd Puppy SKC 09

2nd Minor Puppy IWH Club Show 09

3rd Blackpool 09


Best Puppy Leeds .well grown for 8 months, correct conformation & it shows on the move, dead sound, good long head, nice outline with substance & bone, most promising baby.

SKC Puppy Bitch

Caroline Sheppard

Very shapely, well-balanced, quality puppy, well-grown for her 8 months.  I really liked her substance and curves.  Well-furnished head, long neck into good shoulders, good depth of body and strong bone.  Unfortunately, she was somewhat over-awed on the day and not showing herself to advantage on the move, or standing.  Conformationally, she shows a lot of promise and when she settles and learns to enjoy her showing, should have a bright future.

Fran's Critique...Gabby is an angel she is so gentle and loving and we adore her. A very special little lady with the sweetest face. She melts my heart with her smile. 


Niamh-Nightwing's Wanderin Star Over Bribiba


1st Post grad  Irish wolfhound club of Northern Ireland

2nd Post Grad Belfast

3rd Post Grad Irish Wolfhound Club of NI

4th Post Grad Belfast 09

3rd Junior Border Union

Res Puppy Belfast 08

3rd Puppy Clonmel Ch Show

3rd Puppy Hound show 08

3rd Blackpool 09

Fran's Critique...Niamh is one of those hounds who gets right under your skin, she has the most wonderful character, is just adorable, sweet and so very precious to me, I have to say she is my very special baby girl and my heart belongs to her.

Ebony-Bribiba Ebony Moon

1st Limit Irish Wolfhound club NI 10

1st Limit Belfast 2010

1st special Junior Cruft's 2009

2nd Post Grad Irish Wolfhound club NI 09

3rd Post Grad Belfast 09

4th Post Grad Leeds 09

3rd Post Grad Border Union

2nd Junior SKC 09

3rd Junior IWH Club Show 2009

3rd Junior bitch Belfast 08

2nd Puppy Tralee Ch Show

2nd Puppy Clonmel Ch Show

3rd Puppy Border Union 2008

2nd puppy Blackpool 08

4th Puppy Leeds

DSCF6945 (Small).JPG (43654 bytes) Bribiba's Ebony Moon..VHC Cruft's 2010

Caroline Sheppard

This tall elegant, young lady has just reached the gangly stage - which at her age indicates to me that she has the potential to mature into a very impressive and houndy adult.  Loved her overall proportions and long bones.  In excellent muscular condition and moved out very well.  She needs to let down behind for balance, but there is a lot of scope there and I think she will have a bright future.

IRMGARD de HANN (Holland)

dark brindle, very nice head & expression, good bone & feet, correct top & underline, correct angulated front & rear, moved with drive.

Ellis Hulme

Typy 7-months old, plenty of substance, learning the job well, not as far on as winner.

Fran's Critique....Ebony is a fabulous girl she learns quickly and is always desperate to please us, though she gets it wrong every day with her chewing! We have to laugh at her though, surrounded by a mound of foam or feathers from a pillow or a teddy bear she has ripped to shreds....well it cleans up. After all she is our wonderful baby girl. **********************************************

 Rainbow -Bribiba Destiny of Scotland 1RCC

1st  Open IWH Club Open Show Nov 08

+ Best Brace with Indi

2nd Open + Bitch, Reserve CC Belfast 08

1st Open Clonmel, Green Star Winner + CACIB, Best of Breed+ 1st in Hound Group

1st Open Tralee, Green Star Winner, Best of Breed+ 1st in Hound Group

1st  Blackpool 08 + reserve CC

3rd Cruft's 2007

2nd Open Limerick Ch Show

3rd Open Hound show 08

2nd Post Grad Leeds

 1st Post Grad Border Union 2008

2nd Mid limit Irish Wolfhound club show 2008

1st and best undergraduate IWC of NI 2007

2nd PG Belfast 2007

2nd post grad SKC 2007

2nd Post Grad Leeds 2007

1st Post Grad Blackpool 2007

3rd Three counties 2007

2nd Post Grad SKC May 2007

2nd to Indi at East of Scotland March 2007

2nd in puppy at Hound Association of Scotland 

2nd to Indi at East of Scotland open show.

3rd Junior. L.K.A. 2006


Ellis Hulme

PGB   Attractive sizes, type and quality. approaching maturity well, typical head, well set neck, nicely angulated front and rear, deep body, good legs and feet, used herself well moving with freedom and accuracy.

Stuart Milner

Rainbow on her 2nd birthday.

Nice type, pleasing head, good neck and outline, well turned stifle, sound both ways.

John Lewington ( Australia)

This was the strongest class. A wonderful class with some absolutely lovely bitches.

A bigger girl who pushed 1st very close. She had a bit more substance, lovely head, beautiful front and bone, good topline, strong hindquarters. Just a little bit shorter coupled than 1

Mrs. J Peak 

Another quality bitch of good type. Nice head, well balanced with a nice eye. Good neck and front angulation, good legs and feet. Strong body, good topline and quarters. Went well.

Cruft's 2007

Another typical strong hound with a lot to like about her, good head, good depth and spring of rib. A little flat in topline with good underline. Once she settles she moves well.


Pleasing head and length of neck. Nice shoulder. Good body and quarters. 

Moved quite steadily

Sheila McDonald ...East of Scotland

14 month feminine bitch following in her fathers footsteps with good quarters, bone and substance, lost to dad on maturity.

Fran's Critique....

Rainbow was everything you would want in a wolfhound, gentle, loving , happy and she had such a lovely smile. She was always playing with her brother Toby or looking for squirrels  to chase in the forest. I have to admit she was another special girl. Bill has no favorites he loves all his pack with a passion...including me!


 Picture 163 (Small).jpg (76982 bytes) Toby-Bribiba Chieftain of Scotland 

2nd Limit Irish Wolfhound Club of NI

1st Limit Belfast 09

2nd Limit Leeds 09

3rd Limit Blackpool 09

1st Limit Border Union

VHC Limit Cruft's 2009

1st Limit Belfast 08

1st Open Tralee Ch Show

3rd post grad Blackpool 08

2nd Post Grad Border Union 2008

2nd Post Grad Hound Assoc of Scotland show 2008

1st PG Belfast 2007

2nd PG IWC of NI 2007

2nd post grad SKC 2007

2nd in Post Grad Hound Association of Scotland 2007

3rd in puppy at Hound Association of Scotland 2006

2nd Junior Belfast Dog Show 2006

2nd in Junior  Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland Show

Stuart Milner

Nice masculine head, good eye, strong neck. Would like just a little more width in quarters. Nice coat, sound mover.

Jeff Horswell

Toby 18 months

Big dog.  Is a very true mover.  Fair head, long neck. Fair front, bit flat in topline. Well bent stifle. Well muscled. Coat a bit soft.

A 12 month grey brindle a bit to square in outline and not the size of the first placed dog, has good head proportions, a dark eye and the correct bite and coat texture. Good depth of brisket well ribbed back but short in loin. Reasonable quarters and moved a little close behind.

Per Lundström

very good size and proportions, very good head and expression, a bit upright in pasterns, could have a better laid back shoulder, excellent body and bone, nicely angulated in rear but a bit cow hocked on the day. Moves easy but could carry himself better.

Fran's Critique....

Toby, is a wonderful boy full of life and fun. He is as daft as a brush and he makes us laugh so often with the silly things he does. His favourite is to lay his head on our shoulder and cuddle. He is my very special boy, as for showing he will not go in the ring with me and if I try, he rears up on his back legs and pulls me out, he shows beautifully for his daddy!


Santir Pride Of Scotland At Bribiba (Indi) 3RCC's

lochc_pos.jpg (20098 bytes) This is Indi's Tartan. The pride of Scotland.,


VHC Blackpool 09

3rd Open Border Union

VHC open Cruft's 2009

VHC IWH Club Show 09


3rd  Open IWH Club open show Nov 08

+ Best Brace with Rainbow

1st Open + res Green Star winner Killarney Ch Show

2nd Open Clonmel Ch Show

1st Limit + reserve cc Blackpool 08

VHC Hounds show 08

5th Limit Leeds

3rd limit Border Union 2008

2nd Limit Belfast 2007

3rd Limit SKC 2007

4th Limit Blackpool 2007

3rd Limit Three Counties 2007 

1st Limit SKC May 2007 & Reserve CC

1st Mid Limit IWH Club Ch Show 2007

1st in Limit Hound Association of Scotland 2007

1st and 1st in Group East of Scotland March 2007

1st in Junior Dog at SKC 2005 Champion Show 

3rd in special yearling Cruft's 2006

1st in Post Grad & reserve dog CC at Hound Association of Scotland

1st Post Grad Belfast Dog Show 2006

1st Post Grad & Best Post Grad. IWH Club Ch Show Ireland 2006

1st Irish Wolfhound open and 2nd in group at Lothian Open show

1st & Best AV Rutherglen and 3rd in group

1st Post Grad Stakes Rutherglen 2007

Ellis Hulme

LD   Typical outline, pleasing head pattern, clean lengthy neck giving good head carriage, nicely mature in chest, ribs and body, balanced angulation, true active gait, retaining a good outline.

Stuart Milner

Nice type, good head, very similar and close up. Good body shape free mover.

Jenny Dove

 Tall and masculine throughout. mature at nearly 3 years old.

Good head and expression, good length of neck and well made front and hindquarters. Well bodied and well ribbed back. Moves with style, soundly,  just preferred the side movement and drive over 2nd

Mrs. J Peak

3 year old male of very good type. Plenty of size and substance, nice head and expression and with a good eye. Nice neck and shoulders, good bone and feet and a strong body with nice balance. Strong quarters, moved well with drive. Good coat. Res CC

Frank Bothwell

Magnificently built dog with tremendous chest capacity. Moved really well around the ring showing himself off to best advantage to take BOB and later went on to win the hound group.

Jeff Horswell

Quite a nice type dog. Masculine head of good length, eyes a bit light, good neck, well laid shoulder & some forechest, just a bit flat over loin, strong rear, moves true if a little restricted in stride.

Jerry Robertson

Post Graduate Dog 

Good head, neck and topline. Nice shoulder. Deep chest, well muscled quarters, good mover. Res CC

Stuart Milner

A nice wolfhound that I liked a lot. Close up to the winner and I was splitting hairs here.

 Per Lundström

Post Graduate Dog  

 masculine handsome, grey brindle male, very good head with nice set ears, strong powerful neck well set on, very nice front, stands with his elbows well under, very good forechest, strong brisket, excellent croup, very good hindquarters, nice oval bone and strong feet, excellent muscle condition, moves very easy and active covering a lot of ground.  

Sheila McDonald East of Scotland

2 year old dog with good head, fully balance with good bone and substance, moved with style.

Maggie Holder Rutherglen 

class of 12

2 1/2 year old brindle male of good proportion with well furnished head, long strong neck into nicely angulated front assembly, well balanced with attractive outline, good bone and width all through, nice deep chest with excellent forechest. Curvy rear quarters with good width through stifles, moved soundly on a nice long stride. Best nsc hound and group 3.

Fran's Critique....

What can we say about Indi...He is just one of the best things in our lives, he brightens our day with his big happy grin.  He loves his family around him except on a Saturday morning, Indi is usually glued to the back gate waiting to go to town with us, he thinks it is his right to be the one who gets to go and we have a job moving him, if it is not his turn. He is just so precious to me and again he is my favourite boy


100_3024 (Small).jpg (56799 bytes) Morgan -Santir Spirit Of Scotland At Bribiba 

spirit_of_scotland.jpg (70440 bytes) Morgan's Tartan is the Spirit of Scotland

3rd Post Grad SKC 2007 

1st In Junior Bitch at SKC 2005 Champion Show

4th in special yearling Cruft's 2006

Ist Grad Bitch Leeds July 2006

2nd to Megan in Post Grad at Hound Association of Scotland 2006

Jerry Robertson

Pleasing head neck and topline. Still to drop in chest. Fair quarters, moved ok.

Stuart Milner

Very nice and typy, totally different to the winner-not only in colour but style. Very sound and I liked her a lot.

 Per Lundström

a nice wheaten bitch which didn’t show with confidence. Think she was a bit unhappy with the church bells. Very good head and expression with excellent pigmentation, very good angulations.

Fran's Critique....

Morgan was trouble from day one, but not in a nasty way...she is our tomboy and will never make it in the 'lady' stakes. Morgan loves to get dirty, chase squirrels, play-fight with anyone who gets in her way. She loves to run and loves to cuddle with us. 

Her strawberry and cream colour coat is just beautiful when she is about to go into the show ring but any other time ...well she is our tomboy! I cannot tell you how this girl got under my skin and into my heart but she is there to stay. 


Santir Thistle of Scotland at Bribiba (Megan)  

     hedga_emblem_thistle_navy.jpg (23134 bytes)     Megan's tartan is the Thistle of Scotland.

VHC post grad Crufts 2006cf

1st Post Grad at Hound Association of Scotland

Jerry Robertson

Post grad bitch

Nice head, neck and shoulder. Deep chest, would like a little more length of body. Nice quarters  Moved steady.

Megan is not to keen on showing after she got a fright when a tent blew over in front of her. We took her to Belfast and she was not happy in the ring so we won't show her again.

Fran's Critique....

Megan Rose pretty as a picture, lives life in the fast lane, (or a muddy ditch) a great pack leader, kindness itself yet she keeps those boys in place and protects her girls with such love. We are so privileged to have her in our family. 

My Megan Rose I adore you and love you with all my heart.


wpe4A.jpg (32287 bytes) Bribiba Harry Potter

1st Junior SKC 2003

Dagmar Kenis Pordham

Tall and imposing light brindle dog. Strong head level bite. Neck strong but could be longer Nice muscular front excellent bone and feet. Nice firm topline wide well muscled hindquarters moved powerfully and well.

Fran's Critique..                        

Harry was just wonderful, he loved his home and family, he loved to be out pottering about on the hills, yes he did Potter!  Running was not a word you would associate with Harry, he ambled along at his own pace and may break into a trot to keep up with non-stop Megan. He adored all our visitors and was always first at the gate to say hello, yet he did not like crowds and his show career was over before it started, he was happier at home and we respected his wishes.  My big special Mr. Potter who's favourite spot was on our bed!

Mr. Harry Potter

rua.jpg (39970 bytes)Rua does it again...First in Junior then Best Junior in Show The Combined Canine International Show in Dublin. (Rua is owned by Willie and Joanne Mullen and not Verble's as stated in the catalogue) his affix is ...

  Ir Wfh Junior Stks - 3962 lr jpg (Small).jpg (38483 bytes)   Bribiba's Drummer Boy at Broughadowey 

Ir Wfh - 4016 lr three feet off the ground (Small).jpg (53772 bytes) 

(Bribiba's Drummer boy at Broughadowey) 

first in puppy at the Irish Kennel Club Celtic Winners show well done Willie and Joanne