Toby's Tails   

100_9065_Small.jpg (40708 bytes) 'Bribiba's Chiefton of Scotland' Our news hound!

26th Dec

Santa's been

Ebony was first to open her presents

what have you got Ebony?

I got a new teddy bear

he wont last long!

I got a fluffy dog...but I like Ebbie's bear better

do you want to swap Ebbie?

no Niamh I love my bear

the bear looks pleased about that!

He has lost an eye already

I love my bear mum, I have pulled both his eyes off already!

Niamh can have him now.

The dog is next!

look Midge this is ours

can we open it now mum?

I got a teddy bear too

wait we can smell food

there look its in that tin

the ducks got a new pond and Meesha has a present too

mmm this looks good

Nearly there

a seed bar, my favourite

give me a taste Meesha

no chance!

what have we got here for the big dogs?

lots of nice goodies for everybody

this is for you Niamh

Pigs ear for Indi

tripe stick for Toby

and teddy's for the little pups

Then off we go for our Christmas day run

Indi has been looking forward to this

Toby is happy to have his dad back

its mild here today so the girls dive in the pond

and the boys too

that's better

right lets get back to running

did you bring biscuits dad?

no we are going home to Christmas dinner

mum cooked us all chicken

we got you a huge chicken Toby

Come on then hurry up I want my chicken

It's not going anywhere Toby

Come on Niamh we have to hurry

Why wants wrong now?

Hurry Ebony this way quick

We need to get home for our dinner

Ignore him girls, take your time

enjoy your walk

have a good run

you too Toby

because I am not going to hurry today

look out Ebony here comes Toby the tank engine!

Who wants to play at footie then?

what no takers!

lets chase Toby

oh no I am out of here

I will catch you

I need a cool drink after that chase

me too

they didn't catch me, I was too fast

Honest they didn't

Hurry up I want my chicken.

This way dad

we are coming Toby

hurry mum

make him wait

just a bit longer

right go

we cant go without mum

We love mum best

My girls are just so special

all our wolfhounds are.

everyone of them are so very precious

from my beautiful Niamh

to big soft Toby

who loves his Indi dad so very much

and Rainbows fabulous daughter Ebony, she is such a darling girl

We try to make their lives as special as they make ours

We know we are so lucky to have them

We hope you visit us as often as you can and share our wonderful wolfies with us

Because we want you to enjoy them as much as we do

you are always very welcome

so to all our friends all over the world

we want to wish you

from the bottom of our hearts

all the very Best for 2009 and thank you for your visits.

Love from all at Bribiba 

15th Dec

Here we are feeling much better and all eating well

Meet Midge Louie and Stuarts kitten

she is a little sweetheart

We went to visit Ben and Caitlin

Caitlin wanted a picture with Toby and 'Grumpy'

Ben has other ideas

but daddy Brian lets him see that Toby is a big softy

and of course Toby has to give him a big kiss!

which convinces Ben he is about to be eaten!

till Toby kisses daddy too

hmm still don't think Ben is convinced Toby

look Ben he is a nice doggie

he is as big as Caitlin

Ebony is just as scary to a little boy

but he is getting used to them

time for tea

but there is no room to get in!

everybody out please

you too Gabby

Ok I give up!

That's better

Indi thinks he is a lap dog!

7th Dec

 We know you are worried about us so we wanted to say hello

  Harry Potter, I am fine still coughing but still eating and well.

Megan. I am great had a cough but never got ill and still throwing my teddy around

  Niamh...I have a runny nose and cough but mum and dad are looking after us.

  Indi ...I  was bad yesterday, but today I am on my feet and eating again.

Toby. I want to sit in the dog sitting room with my mum and dad and cuddle, I feel miserable too

I am fine everybody...thank you for caring xx

  I am just 12 weeks old and mummy says I am her little angel.

  and Trudy is daddy's special little girl, We are well and happy.

 Ebony...coughing but always looking for trouble.

 so a very safe and Happy Christmas to everyone from us and thank you all for 'being in it together'

Love to all , you are very special people

from Fran, Bill and our wonderful hounds xxx


2nd Dec

Because we are all in bed ill here are some pictures we had sent to us from friends

Maddy in Florida is my half sister (the grey bitch)

she is very pretty

and just as spoiled as we are

Little Ann in Russia with Jack one of her labs

She wants to be a judge when she grows up

  here's Elvis....she decided to paint him.

9th Nov

That cheeky parrot has pinched my bone, it was on my bed.

she took it while I wasn't looking

Give it back Meesha

here take it Toby

too late!

mmm its a tasty bone Toby

Really chewy

I was kidding here catch

Thanks Meesha

28th Oct

Who is this on our walk?

It is Brian, Lynne, Chris and Susan

hello everybody

Rainbow heads straight for the pond

Nell is here too

the sun is going down it will be dark soon

we better run

come on everybody hurry up

I don't do hurry

but I am faster than Susan!

we head back before it is to dark

Niamh stays close to her mum

Nobody minds the dark

even Megan thinks its fun

the girls put their lights on and can see in the dark

It's not to dark yet we are under the trees

Rainbow can see the way out

and Chris is waiting on the path

I found a big puddle mum!

We have to wait for the others

here comes Megan

Stay together everybody

I can find the way home with my eyes shut says Ebony!

Into the swamp and have a last run

Best hurry now it is nearly dark

Here comes Rainbow

She had a great run in the swamp

and then she is back in her favourite pond to cool down

One last hill to climb

of course we have been to the top and back twice!

  Megan waits for the girls at the big pond

and they all jump in together

Rainbow doesn't want to come out

Nell is a pretty young girl

Time to go

28th Sept

We are just back from another great trip over to Ireland. Rainbow and me did well but Indi was limping at Belfast so we didn't show him ( he is fine now)

We all had a great time, the sun was shining and it is such a lovely friendly atmosphere at the shows. Roll on next year.

Indi enjoying the sun

Me getting dad settled to go in the ring... we got a third

Indi was next

he looked lovely

the judge was Dennis Gallant from the USA

run dad

then they were short listed

and came third too

Well done dad

Mum and Rainbow practise

Rainbow is just beautiful

Stacking a Rainbow

she stood perfectly still

and ran very well

then Linda and Rosie ran well

Rainbow spotted the dog food!

Roger with Hegarty

Rainbow was third

Roger and Linda... well done

Max Finney with a 'Brace' of Gulliagh hounds

Indi tells dad he has hurt his leg so no Belfast show for him..

.I will just watch.....he was fine when the show finished!!!

it's up to me and my sister then

stand dad

Maggie Holder was our judge, she gave me a first and I got my stud book number

run dad....I keep him right.

wow! I am a big handsome boy

Maggie gives us a final look

hey I did it...I won!!

mum and Rainbow are next

and took 2nd in open

and then won the bitch reserve ticket

beaten by Linda who took 2nd in the group with Rosie. well done girls

21st Sept

out for a run

with Liam and Andrew

4 little monsters!

marching with granddad

hey look at that huge dragonfly!

chase it quick

this way

it got away


hey wait for me

jump Liam

it looks dark in there



ha ha we scared mum

Niamh has found a ditch

keep together boys

its not really dark

its because we are in the trees

there that's it

you can see us better now

wow Rainbow you didn't see me!

sorry Andrew

watch the water here boys it is deep

we wont let you fall in


it didn't stop us though!

Ebony is so full of life

and Niamh loves to follow her

25th Aug

Here we are meeting up with the Rynchanon and Nightwing wolfies in Ireland for the Munster Dog Shows

come on you lot lets get our camp set up

get those beds made puppies

I have made my bed

I want to sleep in my van

Have you seen 'their' bed!

It wont take me long to sneak up there!

It is just as comfy on our mats

This is the life

Raven and Ebony meet up with more campers

then a game of chase

They had a great time

Niamh cant find anyone to play with

They have all gone in

Nigel braves the rain.....

It poured down all week

But we all kept a smile

especially when Sue dished up a plate of delicious rock buns

the first show was Clonmel

Rainbow was handled by Tony Rainy

she looked wonderful

and after winning the  Bitch CACIB and Green Star was up against Alfie(who won the dog Tickets) for Best of breed

it was lovely to see Mr and Mrs Alfie Moon in the ring together

  Rainbow took the Best of Breed

and despite the rain she won the group...

Thanks to Steve, Wendy, Tony, Rachael and our judges.

03 Aug

We went to the hound show

Maureen helps get Indy ready, thanks Maureen he looks great

Daisy and Nell went with us

here I am waiting to go in the ring with my dad

Mac gave me a hug and wished us good luck

now you be a good boy and don't run out the ring this week

Here I am being a good boy

I ran all the way around but it was not my turn to win today

Indi was next he stood beautifully and took a VHC

Baby Niamh, just 6 months old, mum showed her

come on pickle, stand

here she is with cousin Daisy

Nell was fourth

Daisy was second

Niamh was third

well done little pickle

I am a good puppy

the winners line up

next in was Rainbow she looked fantastic

a quick practice run

then in we went

doesn't she look stunning

Our judge Tim Finney goes over her

  then we ran around the ring

she moved like a dream

and took third in the open class

Thanks to Ian Sexton who sent us these pictures

  We met Niamh's handsome brother Vader

he showed us his 'other' baby sister

Niamh met a few other dogs and had a great time running with them all

hello you two

wait for us

all the dogs had a great time playing chase

especially little miss cheeky girl

come on Niamh time to go

Niamh sees the her daddy

Come on Niamh lets go

it's our turn now

come on Toby lets stretch our legs

its a long drive home

Well we better hurry then

01 Aug

Ebony finds a quiet cool spot in her van for a sleep

Stuart is smarter than the average cat!

Those pesky pups don't know where I am

  I have a comfy sunny spot and the pups can't chase me!

I can see you Stuart Little and I will catch you when you come down!

Here I am at Leeds show

Don't tell anybody what I did mum....ok I will tell them

Well I went in the ring and dad stood me up

but the deerhounds in the next ring were laughing at me so I walked out the ring dragging my dad with me!

then dad went in with Ebony

and Maureen with Daisy

Go sis.... mum showed Indi and Rainy but no-one bothered to take pics!

back home resting in the shade

Our turn now!

14th July

Megan, Ebony and Niamh having breakfast

What are you doing Indi?

We are watching the kittens

7 little Siamese

Pauline and David have come up to walk with us

Ebony is always in the mud...wonder were she got that habit from?

Not me!

Our favourite spot

soft ground, gentle on big paws

shady and cool too

The girls are back on their leads for now

We wont let them run around together

Niamh loves to run on the soft ground

Look out here I come

Crazy pups

David and Indi

Niamh hides!

oops dad has fallen down( or was he pushed mum)

let me help you dad

hang on this is a comfy seat!

he's ok mum pushed him over when he bent down to tie his lace!

you are bad mum!

Dad told me to say that! haha

Come on pups get in here and get washed

do we have too?

not if you don't want to pickle puppy

we will just wash our front paws

Look at this pups baby frogs lots of them

he is tiny

there are hundreds of them all over the place

come on puppies leads on

Time to go

I am staying with my mummy

Lead on Indi


The girls went to visit Uncle Brian and Aunty Marion

Hi Uncle Brian, let me tell you about Blackpool last weekend

So Uncle Steve took you in the ring?

Yes well he is better looking than you!

shh don't tell anybody but I love Uncle Steve he is my favourite

oh so you don't love me anymore?

No I don't

Here take my paw

of course I love you too

ha ha

Niamh come on out and play we are having a game of five a side

Deerhounds versus wolfhounds ok?

speed over size!

yeh right shorty!

Looks like Rainbow is keeping this one!

come on Niamh I have another ball

I thought you deerhounds were faster than us?

Rainbow is a great footballer....maybe she could play for Scotland...they need help!

Half-time refreshments

Niamh pinches their ball! and she is off!

Artney has fallen in love!

Tara and the wolfhounds

Niamh is so happy she is having lots of fun

Mum do I look pretty?

I love my Uncle Brian

A beautiful Rainbow

and my darling Morgan

those adorable little monsters will sleep tonight

Meanwhile Ailidh is hiding inside

The puppies have not seen her

shh don't tell, Ailidh and I are playing a trick on the puppies

the puppies think I am Morgan

hey Ebony this is not Morgan!

ha ha we are half sisters and look alike.

Very funny!

Where have you two been?

Trust Brian! his arms around a couple of blondes!

here comes the tea!

it's not for little puppies Niamh!

were have the puppies gone?

we are down the garden

We can't see you

we are right down the bottom of the garden on the old railway platform

Come back up girls it is time to go

Bye Robert see you later

bye everyone

16th June

We spent the weekend at Kelso camping out in Steve and Wendy's caravan awning, it was very comfortable and cosy. However I have to say that though we had 11 Irish Wolfhounds between us, not one of them barked whined or made a noise the whole weekend. Except a small wuff from Ebony who was told to be quiet and she was. Some of the toy and small dogs on the site (and it sounded like thousands) never shut up and their ignorant owners left them to it ALL NIGHT LONG!  I am not surprised dog owners get a bad name when people like that allow those animals to disturb others the way they do. I never saw one of them being walked and most were locked in cages inside tents! Now tell me wolfhounds are only dogs.....I don't think so!

Here we are at Kelso for Border Union Show

Alfie is here with Steve and Wendy, he says hello to Ebony and  Niamh

Ben, Mattie and Zizi want to say hello.

Raven and Alfie

Alfie is happy around the puppies

Raven I don't think Niamh is so sure of you.

We soon had the 'Scottish wolfie camp' set up

Next to the 'Welsh Camp'

Get down Niamh you can't go in the Welsh camp

My dad Indi and me love camping

It is cool in the Gazebo for us.

Niamh makes it to the Welsh camp and goes in to say hello

She found a shady spot and settled down

but she is a curious puppy and wants to check the place out

you are going to share that with us we hope

no it's mine

get back now it's mine!

Ok we can share

Raven loves his daddy

get out the caravan Ben

and you Mattie

and Raven!

How did Ebony get out?

the same way she went in!

Ebony you are a little devil just now

Hi mum

Time to get me  ready for the show

first it's time for a 'Toby hug'.

is it my turn yet?

Steve adores Rainbow and wants to take her home to Wales.

Rainbow loves her Uncle Steve too.

Tummy tickles

again Steve.

and again!

Spoiled or what!

Stacking a Rainbow

Steve is going to show her

first in the ring is Raven

he gets off to a good start

but these puppies don't have brakes!

then he starts dancing!

but he soon settles down and runs beautifully

and gets his well deserved first

he is a lovely outgoing puppy

next it's Ben, he is a wonderful boy

he really strides out on the move and takes another well deserved first

Me next

Don't I look handsome

  The dog line up

Ben and Raven at the back

The girls are here now and on next so mum didn't get pictures of Indi who took a third.

First in is Ebony, Daisy and Nell

Daisy was 2nd Ebony 3rd and Nell 4th

Rainbow and Steve get ready to show

they took first in PG

the bitch line up Mattie got the reserve CC

Show over time to chill

Ben is all tired out

Alfie and Mattie are sleeping too

I think I will go in my van my beds in there

Is that our Rainbow in the Welsh van?

Yes I am going back to Wales to live with Uncle Steve

I don't like you anymore

No mum I don't want you

We were just kidding don't worry.

Raven was playing in the curtains and got tied up!

we got him out and he is fine

Time to go home everybody

yeah whatever

Thank you very much for having us Steve and Wendy we had a lovely weekend

see you all next week at Blackpool

1st June

Megan was in hospital on Friday to give blood

Like any girl she likes to shop

This is nice I love the colour

A little drink

she needed a sit down after all that

her health check was 100% she's a strong healthy girl

Her blood test was clear everything looks good

she wants to show you her bandage

just as well we brought Morgan, Megan got upset at having to be weighed so we took her back to the van

She is helping a Rottweiler today

Morgan is just so laid back and easy going

We stay with her so she doesn't get upset, but Morgan doesn't move she is so good

It does not bother her she is very relaxed, even when the fire alarms started blaring out she didn't flinch

  we were all sent outside and the puppies came out the van to say hello

the fire engine arrives

it was a switch that had gone on fire and it had burned itself out.

Morgan had managed to give enough blood and we set off for the hour long drive home. Please remember it could be your dog next, register them as blood donors too. Contact your local vet or your nearest animal hospital.

28th May

Rainbow we are over here

where is Indi?

I can't find him!

He's not in the pond.

So where is he?

Stupid boy! I 'm here

I can run faster than any of you.

Catch me then

we are going this way Toby!

whoops here I come.

I will wait for mum

a race in the swamp

Toby won

so he did a lap of honour!

and came straight back to his mum

Rainbow jumps over the ditch

Yeh I'm coming

Time to go home...

8th May

Harry come and get your hair done

I don't need a hair-cut!

Look I am perfect as I am!

So are we

look at us mum we are perfect too

You are both still getting done!

You missed a bit mum

will I do like this?

yes Indi you are a handsome boy

Thanks mum

can we go back to sleep now

It's our turn now isn't it!

I got brushed and I was a good girl

Right Niamh we believe you....not!

She never behaves!

what can we get up to now?

I know follow me.



I won!

Time for bed I think!

21st April

Where are we?

I know this place....and I think I know who that is!!

Somebody we know is here somewhere

This way hurry everybody

Look it's Paddy and Mia with Aunty Helen!!

Hi Paddy how are you doing?

Come on lets check out the beach

We have the whole beach to ourselves,

it's Lindisfarne ( The holy island) on the North east coast of England

Mia is always in the front!

We are having a great time

Morgan's tongue is getting longer with each run!!

10 minutes later ...see what I mean!!

The beach goes on for miles and we walked all morning....and ran a bit too!!

It was great for blowing away the cobwebs

I am such a happy boy

Rainbow was desperate to get Paddy to chase her

but Paddy ran back to his mummy!

Leaving Rainbow all on her own!

Uncle Neil wants us to chase him

for a big hug.

I won

pretty little Rainbow

we ran all morning it was just perfect

This face says it all

6 happy hounds

Indi and Rainbow

Mum stands Rainbow who was 2nd at the club show yesterday

then me, I missed my class and so did my dad because of a missing entry!

but I love my mum

I always wait for her

and she loves me so who cares

and we know somebody else like that!

hey dad watch them play a trick on Paddy.

hey Paddy where's your mum gone?

Morgan have you seen my mum?

Dad we have lost mum

where is she I am so worried.

there is no sign of her.

Here I am Paddy

I was really worried about you mum

  this time I am staying beside her.

leads on lets go home

19th March

Mum has taken us out and the sun is shining no rain today!!

that won't stop us getting wet.

We love the water

right enough of that lets go for a run

if there was a prize for the muddiest Rainbow would win!

This hills not big enough for all of us!

Must get my hair done its in my eyes now!

That's better a good shake works wonders

Chase me everybody

Oh no not you Toby

She won't see me in here

I can hide here all day

but nobody bothered looking for I am

you won't catch me

That boy is crazy!

come on Rainy lets get on with our walk

wait for me

The creature from the black loch!

  Come on mum

I will wait for you.

What's over there?

who's going to look?

we all went!

wait for me Rainbow

how did I get over this side?

here I come!

up to your armpits in water again

I love jumping the ditches

This water is freezing cold

Can we go home now we are tired out

  Where has Toby gone?

Here I am

Time to go home

12th March

The night before Cruft's and Rainbow gets her beauty sleep

not that she needs it of course

Dad and me practise our stand

I know how to do this dad!

Here we are in the ring

we were right at the far side.

and Rainbow all ready to go in and not get placed either!

she is a beautiful girl, but today was not our day...maybe next year.

hey mum look I steamed up your camera lens!

here we are at Guys, our favourite hotel. Mum's new van is brilliant she loves it.

Matt Timbers pictures of Indi are on the front and back

Come on dad give us a hug

This sink is just the right height to drink from

look Rainbow you have a nice clean tongue now.

Of course I don't have to stretch like Rainbow did

This is what a boy needs after a hard day

A good pint!

or in my case a sinkfull!

16th Jan

We went to visit the North Eden Home 

100_2682 (Small).JPG (35979 bytes) I met Jane she was lovely

100_2683 (Small).JPG (51478 bytes) She is looking after my gran.

100_2687 (Small).JPG (52183 bytes) I got lots of cuddles (and cookies)

100_2685 (Small).JPG (28696 bytes) Thank you for having me I will come back to see you all soon.


5th Dec

Our thanks go to Jim and Vil with all their hard work the puppy boxes are now built and the nursery is prepared.

Thank you so very much for your help, we really appreciate all you did.

100_2068 (Small).JPG (57595 bytes) Rainbow loves her box with its airbed and soft blankets

100_2069 (Small).JPG (49189 bytes) Morgan chose this one next to her favourite couch.

100_2072 (Small).JPG (35812 bytes) just incase she feels like a change.

100_2073 (Small).JPG (55113 bytes) The nursery!

100_2086 (Small).JPG (40784 bytes) It won't be long now.

100_2087 (Small).JPG (49428 bytes) I will take good care of you and the babies Morgan

100_2082 (Small).JPG (49473 bytes) This bed needs a good digging.

100_2078 (Small).JPG (65070 bytes) Mine's is just perfect

100_2076 (Small).JPG (68468 bytes) Move over Rainbow let me in too.

28th Nov

100_2050 (Small).JPG (67060 bytes) Toby don't you dare put my picture on the website I look huge!

100_2051 (Small).JPG (64511 bytes) Hang on mum left out some sausages.

100_2040 (Small).JPG (69242 bytes) come on Morgan lets get you a makeover it will make you feel better

100_2052 (Small).JPG (61468 bytes) Those puppies are wriggling about a lot now.

 100_2053 (Small).JPG (50397 bytes)There now isn't that better? 

100_2042 (Small).JPG (53181 bytes) 'Oh yes wonderful mum thanks.'

100_2038 (Small).JPG (43805 bytes) Hey look Indi it's one of the new cats

100_2039 (Small).JPG (36388 bytes) She wants a Toby hug....yes! somebody loves me!

24th Nov

100_1881 (Small).JPG (62970 bytes) Watch out for the puddles everybody

100_1883 (Small).JPG (56880 bytes) here comes Ailidh

100_1884 (Small).JPG (44004 bytes) and Artney (or the Springbok puppy)

100_1889 (Small).JPG (45636 bytes) He is so fast he gets into most of the pictures

100_1892 (Small).JPG (63778 bytes) The only time we got peace was in the pond

100_1893 (Small).JPG (84350 bytes) Ailidh walks calmly beside her daddy Brian

100_1902 (Small).JPG (41630 bytes) I will help her up the hill a little way

100_1906 (Small).JPG (54871 bytes) ' I don't need you kind of help Toby!'

100_1912 (Small).JPG (39314 bytes) Look out here come that flying Deerhound again!

100_1914 (Small).JPG (41374 bytes) He is the craziest thing on 4 legs!

100_1916 (Small).JPG (48981 bytes) There he goes again

100_1917 (Small).JPG (68810 bytes) Biscuit time for me!

100_1919 (Small).JPG (69928 bytes) My mum loves us

100_1927 (Small).JPG (79086 bytes) here's that mad dog again!

100_1932 (Small).JPG (77884 bytes) He makes us tired just watching him!

100_1941 (Small).JPG (54625 bytes) time to head downhill again

100_1944 (Small).JPG (53152 bytes) one last run up here first though

100_1964 (Small).JPG (93761 bytes) Wait for dad and Indi they are doing stand practice.

100_1971 (Small).JPG (73259 bytes) Hurry up you lot!

100_1975 (Small).JPG (79684 bytes) Whoa! What a handsome boy I am

100_1977 (Small).JPG (77962 bytes) you take your looks from your mum Toby

100_2002 (Small).JPG (74367 bytes) Tara the Deerhound and Toby the Wolfhound

100_2006 (Small).JPG (69648 bytes) Brian and his hounds

100_2010 (Small).JPG (71353 bytes) My lovely mum Megan Rose

100_2012 (Small).JPG (85441 bytes) and this is me with my Dad Indi

100_2013 (Small).JPG (58636 bytes) Bestest buddies

100_2014 (Small).JPG (67611 bytes) What you have to be kidding, I only put up with you because I have too!

100_2029 (Small).JPG (89246 bytes) I love him really but don't tell him

100_2030 (Small).JPG (60908 bytes) Biscuits again!!

100_2036 (Small).JPG (64399 bytes) Home time


22nd Nov

 100_1662 (Small).JPG (54022 bytes) Mum has been back down to Wales with Rainbow

100_1625 (Small).JPG (56899 bytes) Mattie was pleased to see us again.

100_1624 (Small).JPG (48409 bytes) She is a great little character.

100_1663 (Small).JPG (82864 bytes) We brought Briagh down to meet Alfie

100_1679 (Small).JPG (65228 bytes) He was my boyfriend first!

100_1682 (Small).JPG (71195 bytes) but now he is Briagh's

100_1683 (Small).JPG (80355 bytes) I don't mind really

100_1690 (Small).JPG (49303 bytes) Neither do I!

100_1659 (Small).JPG (61485 bytes) I am such a happy spoiled boy!

100_1651 (Small).JPG (50545 bytes) My mum and dad love me to bits

100_1652 (Small).JPG (30605 bytes) and you too baby Ben

100_1656 (Small).JPG (41825 bytes) and us !

100_1638 (Small).JPG (56609 bytes) Boy do I need a break after all those visitors!

100_1649 (Small).JPG (50729 bytes) Remember and bring more biscuits next time you visit us!

100_1669 (Small).JPG (73948 bytes) Rainbow had a lovely peaceful break

100_1670 (Small).JPG (117966 bytes) Briagh had a great time too!

100_1623 (Small).JPG (54576 bytes) We all loved Ben he is a great boy.

100_1626 (Small).JPG (65476 bytes) Bye Mattie see you soon.

100_1668 (Small).JPG (68098 bytes)Thanks for having us Wendy and Steve we really had a lovely time.

11th Nov

100_1506 (Small).JPG (99543 bytes) Look out mum can't stop...

100_1509 (Small).JPG (63758 bytes) I am in a hurry too!

100_1511 (Small).JPG (58034 bytes) Watch mum Artney doesn't have brakes either!

100_1517 (Small).JPG (52269 bytes) at least the girls are not running around today.

100_1519 (Small).JPG (47821 bytes) We have slowed down too now.

100_1521 (Small).JPG (44339 bytes) But Artney is still on the move.

100_1522 (Small).JPG (85281 bytes) Here he comes again...he is a happy dog.

100_1525 (Small).JPG (78793 bytes) he was first in line for biscuits too!

100_1528 (Small).JPG (82699 bytes) and he kept running past as mum was taking our pictures.

100_1531 (Small).JPG (92309 bytes) He was to slow for this one though.

100_1538 (Small).JPG (47369 bytes) Hurry up! hurry up I want to run again...

100_1542 (Small).JPG (73783 bytes) I am a spring chicken!!

100_1544 (Small).JPG (60259 bytes) Come on Toby keep up!

100_1545 (Small).JPG (55668 bytes) Mum do we have to walk with him? He is crazy!

100_1546 (Small).JPG (49042 bytes) He is calling Artney mad...pot ? Kettle!!

100_1549 (Small).JPG (57673 bytes) I am a happy, hoppy Deerhound.

100_1553 (Small).JPG (59280 bytes) This is like a game of chess...waiting for someone to move!

100_1555 (Small).JPG (70414 bytes) so Brian started them running again!

100_1558 (Small).JPG (80921 bytes) Hoi Indi you stood on my toes!

100_1559 (Small).JPG (60737 bytes) Uncle Brian would you like a cuddle?

100_1565 (Small).JPG (70179 bytes) Dad says I am just a growing laddie!

100_1570 (Small).JPG (66095 bytes) No wonder Toby, you never stop eating!

100_1571 (Small).JPG (75608 bytes) or drinking...look out Uncle Brian

100_1572 (Small).JPG (67528 bytes) Well we are all dry but here comes Toby!!

100_1575 (Small).JPG (88077 bytes) Big wet cuddles for you Brian!

100_1582 (Small).JPG (61249 bytes) Leads on lets go!

10th Nov

100_1198 (Small).JPG (79617 bytes) The sun is shining but it's cold today

100_1201 (Small).JPG (65041 bytes)  so we have to run to keep warm

100_1203 (Small).JPG (75941 bytes) I am not going in there!

100_1200 (Small).JPG (98284 bytes) That was not part of the plan!

100_1205 (Small).JPG (85546 bytes) What do you two look like!

100_1206 (Small).JPG (88794 bytes) 'spin dryers'

100_1207 (Small).JPG (111651 bytes) Chase me Toby!

100_1211 (Small).JPG (69266 bytes) Come on then lets race up to the top of the hill

100_1215 (Small).JPG (55750 bytes) time to catch our breath

100_1216 (Small).JPG (56594 bytes) and dry my ears out!

100_1220 (Small).JPG (65961 bytes) well that's enough for me I am out of here!

100_1221 (Small).JPG (67588 bytes) He never stops that boy!

100_1222 (Small).JPG (92490 bytes) This way Toby!

100_1227 (Small).JPG (108804 bytes) Come on boys hurry up!

100_1238 (Small).JPG (104286 bytes) Playtime!!

100_1239 (Small).JPG (101209 bytes) Time to go Toby

100_1240 (Small).JPG (107676 bytes) see you soon

5th Nov

100_1085 (Small).JPG (40189 bytes) Look who's here everybody

100_1098 (Small).JPG (57388 bytes) It's Uncle Brian and Aunty Marion

100_1110 (Small).JPG (47221 bytes) and here come crazy Artney their deerhound

100_1123 (Small).JPG (52125 bytes) Tara his mum is here too.

100_1147 (Small).JPG (64210 bytes) and of course Ailidh bug

100_1146 (Small).JPG (48830 bytes) We are having a great game of chase with the Deerhounds they are so fast

100_1175 (Small).JPG (91862 bytes) We played Deerhounds versus Wolfhounds...they won!

100_1172 (Small) (2).JPG (74193 bytes) Get lost you lot Halloween is past now!

100_1134 (Small).JPG (71524 bytes) Tara and Megan had lots to chat about they are old pals.

100_1138 (Small).JPG (70519 bytes) We walked miles and still didn't tire out Artney!

100_1139 (Small).JPG (76590 bytes) He sure can leap!

100_1145 (Small).JPG (68164 bytes) We've never seen a dog run like he does.

100_1157 (Small).JPG (88737 bytes) Ok Artney we all give up you are the fastest dog on earth!

 100_1179 (Small).JPG (69669 bytes) we need to cool our big paws down before we head home.

15th Oct

 100_0289 (Small).JPG (76766 bytes) Who is this coming to visit us in Wales?

100_0306 (Small).JPG (61230 bytes)  It's me Rainbow from Scotland

100_0297 (Small).JPG (71882 bytes) Hi Rainbow come on in and say hello

 100_0292 (Small).JPG (57884 bytes)No I am quite happy to wait in the car

 100_0300 (Small).JPG (74341 bytes) (Till she saw Alfie!!)

100_0303 (Small).JPG (75830 bytes) Alfie meets Rainbow!

100_0305 (Small).JPG (79848 bytes) It was love at first sight! Did it all work out?

 100_0334 (Small).JPG (56395 bytes)This face says it all!

100_0329 (Small).JPG (48185 bytes) Homeward bound with a glint in her eye!!

 100_0339 (Small).JPG (48940 bytes)On the way home we stopped in to visit Molly ( Harry's sister) and Envis

1st Oct

 100_9818 (Small).JPG (47625 bytes)We went off to the Belfast show this weekend with Janet and David

100_9825 (Small).JPG (59533 bytes) Rainbow loved the ferry 

100_9828 (Small).JPG (65847 bytes) Come and see the water mum

100_9829 (Small).JPG (56808 bytes) Look mum it is very pretty

100_9831 (Small).JPG (72317 bytes) No thanks Rainbow I don't like it very much

100_9832 (Small).JPG (71399 bytes) This is great fun I like the ferry

100_9848 (Small).JPG (61352 bytes) Poor Megan didn't though.

100_9850 (Small).JPG (59036 bytes) Torin is an old sea dog and he pranced up and down the deck

100_9861 (Small).JPG (47921 bytes)  along with Briagh who was happy on deck too

 100_9857 (Small).JPG (54860 bytes)Look Megan this will keep you safe.

100_9876 (Small).JPG (56765 bytes) She's not scared Torin she just prefers inside....well maybe a little

100_9866 (Small).JPG (54056 bytes) Well she is missing the sunshine it is lovely out here

100_9872 (Small).JPG (42629 bytes) The sea breeze is great for blowing away the cobwebs too.

 100_9869 (Small).JPG (46543 bytes) This is the life

 100_9875 (Small).JPG (54471 bytes)Princess of the sea!

100_9867 (Small).JPG (50055 bytes) Are we nearly there yet?

100_9880 (Small).JPG (63556 bytes) This is where I like the sea to be...on a beach

100_9883 (Small).JPG (62110 bytes) With lots of room to just run and run

100_9896 (Small).JPG (40647 bytes) Come on then lets get wet

100_9898 (Small).JPG (38006 bytes) What about the dog show?

 100_9904 (Small).JPG (57350 bytes) Who cares we will be dry by then. 

100_9930 (Small).JPG (47344 bytes) I hope!!

100_9956 (Small).JPG (56906 bytes) Briagh loves the beach 

100_9962 (Small).JPG (40305 bytes) We all do

 100_9964 (Small).JPG (51210 bytes) Megan likes to stay close to mum

 100_9965 (Small).JPG (41023 bytes) So do I! Here I come mum

100_9966 (Small).JPG (44513 bytes) Why is it we walk through the water....

100_9967 (Small).JPG (45875 bytes) and they jump in it!!

100_9979 (Small).JPG (28297 bytes) Follow the leader

101_0002 (Small).JPG (55170 bytes) Right! time to behave and get serious now you lot.

101_0003 (Small).JPG (61985 bytes) Well everybody except Phil!!

 101_0004 (Small).JPG (76018 bytes)Torin and me are in first

101_0005 (Small).JPG (51954 bytes) We get 2nd and 4th

 101_0008 (Small).JPG (59119 bytes) Then it's my dads turn

101_0016 (Small).JPG (60065 bytes) He looked beautiful

101_0019 (Small).JPG (67250 bytes) Stood well for the judge

101_0021 (Small).JPG (69103 bytes) Ran like a dream

101_0022 (Small).JPG (64365 bytes) really striding out

101_0023 (Small).JPG (72616 bytes) but today was not his day

101_0028 (Small).JPG (64911 bytes) Then Megan and mum went in

101_0029 (Small).JPG (68944 bytes) Megan does not like showing so this was our last chance for her

101_0032 (Small).JPG (65443 bytes) She looked beautiful and ran well, the judge said she was very pretty but she would not settle.

101_0036 (Small).JPG (69588 bytes) I watched the show with dad.

 101_0037 (Small).JPG (71847 bytes) I laughed when Rainbow went in the ring

101_0035 (Small).JPG (64426 bytes) She looks so pretty!! (she got first) and best undergraduate.

 101_0040 (Small).JPG (73434 bytes) Next day was Belfast show and here we are getting ready

 101_0041 (Small).JPG (46178 bytes) Torin and me are first in the ring

101_0042 (Small).JPG (62434 bytes)  Briagh waits in the jeep for now

 101_0043 (Small).JPG (53507 bytes) Here we are in the ring

101_0044 (Small).JPG (47660 bytes) I was first and Torin was second

101_0045 (Small).JPG (53177 bytes) Phil got third

101_0050 (Small).JPG (50352 bytes) My dad Indi got a second

 101_0051 (Small).JPG (54249 bytes) He is a handsome boy

101_0059 (Small).JPG (47747 bytes) This is me with mum and dad waiting to go into the winners line up

 101_0055 (Small).JPG (49700 bytes) I got a big hug from Uncle David

101_0062 (Small).JPG (44237 bytes) Don't I look handsome

101_0064 (Small).JPG (63169 bytes)  Now it's the girls turn, Rainbow took a second here but poor Briagh wouldn't stand.

101_0072 (Small).JPG (63767 bytes) Hey Torin what are you stealing!!

101_0079 (Small).JPG (63374 bytes) Come on run with us the show is finished

101_0081 (Small).JPG (47486 bytes) That's us finished for this year

101_0093 (Small).JPG (61850 bytes) so it's back to the beach for a five mile walk

101_0100 (Small).JPG (78683 bytes) My mum will take a week to get over this weekend!!

101_0106 (Small).JPG (92220 bytes) we had a great time though, Ireland is a beautiful place to visit

101_0127 (Small).JPG (59674 bytes) The people are very friendly 

101_0128 (Small).JPG (83936 bytes) and they love dogs.. especially Irish one's!!

101_0129 (Small).JPG (73117 bytes) but no prizes for guessing who the favourite boy is!!

101_0145 (Small).JPG (75024 bytes)  Come on Toby lets explore the dunes

101_0150 (Small).JPG (86722 bytes) this way everybody

101_0184 (Small).JPG (85719 bytes) This is what us wolfies love

101_0185 (Small).JPG (86033 bytes) and this

 101_0183 (Small).JPG (85420 bytes) lots of hugs and love

 101_0187 (Small).JPG (65678 bytes) we love our mums best

101_0186 (Small).JPG (93547 bytes) well maybe not Indi he is a daddy's boy

101_0188 (Small).JPG (88245 bytes) and Briagh she loves her mum the best

101_0192 (Small).JPG (66657 bytes) But me I am a mummy's boy

101_0189 (Small).JPG (88112 bytes) A guard of honor

101_0190 (Small).JPG (115510 bytes) My beautiful, handsome Indi dad

101_0197 (Small).JPG (59357 bytes) I love you mum

 101_0203 (Small).JPG (57558 bytes)we are all getting tired now

101_0210 (Small).JPG (47074 bytes) Just kidding!!

101_0216 (Small).JPG (39488 bytes) Race you all back to Scotland

101_0224 (Small).JPG (39543 bytes) Hey what's this in the water?

101_0225 (Small).JPG (38164 bytes) It's only a post don't panic it won't hurt us

101_0227 (Small).JPG (44566 bytes) Trust you Toby scared of nothing

101_0230 (Small).JPG (56392 bytes) Come on then you lot we have a ferry to catch

 101_0233 (Small).JPG (65435 bytes) See you next year Ireland

101_0238 (Small).JPG (55630 bytes) Bye bye everybody

21st Sept



db_new_064_Small.jpg (19879 bytes)     Beautiful Bribiba Babies


100_3722 (Small).JPG (57494 bytes) AND DAD INDI xxx

7th Sept

100_9470 (Small).JPG (38932 bytes) Howard enjoyed our dog classes ...but he was really tired!

100_9471 (Small).JPG (81981 bytes) next day we took the puppy to our dog walk

100_9473 (Small).JPG (70899 bytes) he didn't get far he is not allowed to walk any distance yet

100_9476 (Small).JPG (93331 bytes) but he wanted to run around a little.

100_9478 (Small).JPG (117167 bytes) He got to do that all on his own, just for a minute. 

100_9482 (Small).JPG (72348 bytes) and while his mum pretended to be a least that is what she looked like

100_9483 (Small).JPG (67047 bytes) oh I got water in my ears!

100_9486 (Small).JPG (81013 bytes) and Grandpa Harry showed him how to jump

100_9491 (Small).JPG (92980 bytes) The baby was back on his lead, sitting watching all the fun

100_9492 (Small).JPG (89927 bytes) next he did a bit of traffic watching....after 10 minutes only 2 cars passed him (our road is not busy)

100_9582 (Small).JPG (92883 bytes) We all got lots of hugs and kisses...again!

100_9584 (Small).JPG (100519 bytes) My dad Indi stood over Beth and  Howard  so he could get them all to himself

100_9585 (Small).JPG (101553 bytes) Look it worked!

100_9594 (Small).JPG (58775 bytes) and I thought it was me they came for!

100_9595 (Small).JPG (93462 bytes) They won't leave without you pup!

100_9599 (Small).JPG (87051 bytes) Our family portrait!

100_9603 (Small).JPG (63841 bytes) Look out America here I come!

2nd Sept

100_9361 (Small).JPG (103750 bytes) Our turn Indi

100_9363 (Small).JPG (103882 bytes) Careful dad don't get to close

100_9375 (Small).JPG (55395 bytes) I'm a good boy dad aren't I

100_9381 (Small).JPG (75764 bytes) Can you see me

100_9388 (Small).JPG (83121 bytes) I love my mum best

100_9397 (Small).JPG (108463 bytes) em I would not sit there if I was you dad

100_9396 (Small).JPG (92520 bytes) Oops sorry dad didn't see you there

100_9399 (Small).JPG (90113 bytes) are you ok dad?

100_9406 (Small).JPG (80366 bytes) Yeh he's fine

100_9409 (Small).JPG (81516 bytes) Mummy's boys!

100_9411 (Small).JPG (88015 bytes) We are all posers!

100_9414 (Small).JPG (79488 bytes) and I can do tongue twisters!

100_9429 (Small).JPG (89378 bytes) wow who is that handsome boy?

100_9430 (Small).JPG (102359 bytes) oh silly me it was my picture!

100_9446 (Small).JPG (108668 bytes) I got lost in the long grass

100_9451 (Small).JPG (59154 bytes) where's my mum gone?

100_9454 (Small).JPG (105439 bytes) I'm a right wee Scottish laddie

100_9456 (Small).JPG (86658 bytes) not even lying down are you wee Toby!

100_9459 (Small).JPG (67020 bytes) This is the best way to cool down after a long run

100_9463 (Small).JPG (91032 bytes) Time to go

100_9467 (Small).JPG (98918 bytes) bye everybody... back soon

1st Sept

100_9197 (Small).JPG (103574 bytes) We have visitors from America.. check out Potters Diary

100_9201 (Small).JPG (71023 bytes) They are resting after a walk up our hill

100_9206 (Small).JPG (100012 bytes) So it is just mum and her boys out for a run

100_9213 (Small).JPG (91633 bytes) Peace and quiet without the girls 

100_9215 (Small).JPG (94895 bytes) but I love to chase the girls

100_9223 (Small).JPG (102681 bytes) They don't love me chasing them though! Mum says I have no manners

100_9224 (Small).JPG (78331 bytes) You don't Toby!!

100_9225 (Small).JPG (101331 bytes) I love my mum she says I am her special boy

100_9220 (Small).JPG (58263 bytes) I am just a big irresistible handsome Toby boy

 100_9231 (Small).JPG (60311 bytes) The water tastes better way out here.

100_9233 (Small).JPG (65200 bytes) Come on dad we better get home to the girls

20th August

We are just back from a long weekend break in Northumberland where we met up with Helen, Neil, Paddy, Keilan and Mia who showed us around there beautiful countryside.

100_8746 (Small).JPG (109024 bytes) This is me and  Indi with Bill and Neil

100_8816 (Small).JPG (43123 bytes)  Indi went up to check out our room....I did not want to go upstairs so slept in my van!

 100_8758 (Small).JPG (56950 bytes)Then it was off to check out the beach

100_8760 (Small).JPG (55279 bytes) We love your beach Mia

100_8815 (Small).JPG (52377 bytes) I had a great time running around

 100_8851 (Small).JPG (44117 bytes) we liked the seaside lots of room to run free.

100_8764 (Small).JPG (59134 bytes) Three very well behaved happy boys

100_8772 (Small).JPG (45836 bytes) Me and my brother (our dads are always trying to see who is taller!)

 100_8799 (Small).JPG (57788 bytes)We headed for a lovely hotel for a drink

 100_8784 (Small).JPG (67546 bytes) and I invited my new mates to join us.

 100_8785 (Small).JPG (58245 bytes) Can we have some milk for our tea please? (They are boys Toby)

 100_8789 (Small).JPG (68668 bytes) Can we have more sugar lumps please?

 100_8799 (Small).JPG (57788 bytes)This is the life

100_8840 (Small).JPG (50951 bytes) On Lindisfarne Island next day, we had the beach to ourselves

100_8832 (Small).JPG (38058 bytes) Miles of beach and Mia finds a puddle to lie in!

100_8849 (Small).JPG (59366 bytes) and it was great to see my brother Paddy again

100_8832 (Small).JPG (38058 bytes) It's a huge beach but where are the trees?

100_8835 (Small).JPG (44653 bytes) I need to go!

100_8845 (Small).JPG (57705 bytes) Great idea Neil...thanks

 100_8847 (Small).JPG (59434 bytes) That's better.

100_8850 (Small).JPG (42295 bytes) Even dad is enjoying the break

100_8851 (Small).JPG (44117 bytes) We are getting peace to cuddle dad girls to push us away

100_8853 (Small).JPG (49352 bytes) and Paddy gets all the hugs he needs from his mum

100_8861 (Small).JPG (62197 bytes) Helen and Paddy are a pleasure to watch, they just adore each other

100_8864 (Small).JPG (67984 bytes) Paddy is so gentle he loves everybody and everything

100_8866 (Small).JPG (73242 bytes) Especially his mum

100_8882 (Small).JPG (67303 bytes) I will have a strawberry now mum thanks.

100_8868 (Small).JPG (74183 bytes) Indi with his dad another big softy (both of them)

100_8874 (Small).JPG (69909 bytes) as usual we got plenty of attention and loved it all.

100_8875 (Small).JPG (73524 bytes) We would never dream of hurting anyone

100_8880 (Small).JPG (72688 bytes) We met a court jester and posed for a picture

100_8892 (Small).JPG (40360 bytes) Thank you Helen and Neil we had a wonderful time