Toby's Tales  will now be taken over by Ebony

Trudy has gone of to live with Kat who mum has Finn and Maeve 

Kat lost her dog and she fell in love with Trudy who needed someone on a one to one.. they were just perfect for each other and both are so happy.

 DSCF8218 (Small).JPG (58171 bytes) Ebony our new newshound

100_9065_Small.jpg (40708 bytes) For last years on Toby's picture




 DSCF3051.JPG (189513 bytes) We are up early and out for a run in the fields

 DSCF3054.JPG (159224 bytes) Dad is taking us out today

 DSCF3055.JPG (114531 bytes) Where are we going to mum

 DSCF3056.JPG (191554 bytes) We are going to visit the Giants Causeway

 DSCF3057.JPG (147871 bytes) Never heard of it

 DSCF3058.JPG (94218 bytes) Those rabbits move fast when we get in the fields

 DSCF3061.JPG (146635 bytes) keep a lookout for more

 DSCF3062.JPG (130834 bytes) I am going to catch one

 DSCF3064.JPG (148064 bytes) no chance they are smarter than him

 DSCF3069.JPG (96972 bytes) Climb every mountain

 DSCF3071.JPG (91664 bytes) We love Ireland

 DSCF3601.JPG (63901 bytes)This is uphill beach 

 DSCF3602.JPG (126334 bytes) It's huge and we have it all to ourselves

 DSCF3603.JPG (119216 bytes) woohoo

 DSCF3604.JPG (99247 bytes) no wonder we are so fit

 DSCF3605.JPG (103991 bytes) we have lots of lovely walks

 DSCF3607.JPG (98037 bytes) look at the smile on Ebony's face....wouldn't swap that for all the money in the world

 DSCF3611.JPG (87731 bytes) Happy hounds

 DSCF3612.JPG (89082 bytes) who love everybody

 DSCF3613.JPG (103883 bytes) they are so freindly

 DSCF3615.JPG (158519 bytes) well some have better things to do!

 DSCF3616.JPG (121651 bytes) at least Jack has manners

 DSCF3617.JPG (166850 bytes) come on then girls time to move on

 DSCF3618.JPG (208393 bytes) ok here we come

 DSCF3620.JPG (142025 bytes) Ebony and Pickle on the bus

 DSCF3622.JPG (121934 bytes) we are at the Giants Causeway its brilliant lots of room to run

 DSCF3623.JPG (126599 bytes) everybody is taking our picture too

DSCF3624.JPG (128328 bytes) lots of nice thing to investigate here

 DSCF3625.JPG (122745 bytes) come on girls let climb the cliffs

 DSCF3626.JPG (140011 bytes) leads on girls we are getting quite high

 DSCF3627.JPG (151580 bytes) look how far we have come dad

 DSCF3630.JPG (107946 bytes) we have walked miles and miles today

 DSCF3631.JPG (158040 bytes) are we there yet?

 DSCF3632.JPG (161584 bytes) is this it?

 DSCF3633.JPG (156613 bytes) Look girls there is Scotland

 DSCF3634.JPG (103100 bytes) well I hope she doesn't expect us to swim home!

 DSCF3635.JPG (110018 bytes) Dad can we go now we are tired

 DSCF3636.JPG (126481 bytes) If she doesn't hurry up I will push her over the edge

 DSCF3637.JPG (123249 bytes) think I might help you Pickle my paws are killing me

 DSCF3638.JPG (116271 bytes) right after 3

 DSCF3639.JPG (129362 bytes) at last heading home

 DSCF3640.JPG (134564 bytes) it's still a long way down

 DSCF3641.JPG (128204 bytes) this way dad come on

 DSCF3642.JPG (125961 bytes) oh no it's miles yet

 DSCF3643.JPG (168801 bytes) more pictures

 DSCF3644.JPG (162639 bytes) it's only a pile of old rocks!

 DSCF3645.JPG (174284 bytes) leads off again its safe here

 DSCF3646.JPG (171117 bytes) better stay beside her Pickle she might fall

 DSCF3647.JPG (145714 bytes) look more old rocks mum

 DSCF3648.JPG (136162 bytes) can we climb them?

 DSCF3649.JPG (121304 bytes) we can't get up there

  DSCF3650.JPG (175392 bytes) poor dad has to sit down he is tired out

 DSCF3651.JPG (93674 bytes) hey look giants on the causeway

 DSCF3652.JPG (135970 bytes) Do I look like a Giant???

 DSCF3653.JPG (138923 bytes) the girls are rock climbing

 DSCF3654.JPG (100834 bytes) Look at these rocks Ebony

 DSCF3656.JPG (120582 bytes) They would be great in our garden

 DSCF3657.JPG (122774 bytes) Finn Mcool was here...

an Irish Giant lived on an Antrim headland and one day when going about his daily business a Scottish Giant named Fingal began to shout insults and hurl abuse from across the channel. In anger Finn lifted a clod of earth and threw it at the giant as a challenge, the earth landed in the sea.

Fingal retaliated with a rock thrown back at Finn and shouted that Finn was lucky that he wasn't a strong swimmer or he would have made sure he could never fight again.

Finn was enraged and began lifting huge clumps of earth from the shore, throwing them so as to make a pathway for the Scottish giant to come and face him. However by the time he finished making the crossing he had not slept for a week and so instead devised a cunning plan to fool the Scot.

Finn disguised himself as a baby in a cot and when his adversary came to face him Finn's wife told the Giant that Finn was away but showed him his son sleeping in the cradle. The Scottish giant became apprehensive, for if the son was so huge, what size would the father be?

In his haste to escape Fingal sped back along the causeway Finn had built, tearing it up as he went. He is said to have fled to a cave on Staffa which is to this day named 'Fingal's Cave'.

 DSCF3658.JPG (145804 bytes) Oh Ebony LOOK... GIANT paw prints??

 DSCF3659.JPG (126516 bytes) Silly girl Pickle those are ours

 DSCF3660.JPG (164055 bytes) I knew that

 DSCF3661.JPG (156189 bytes) Quick here's our bus

 DSCF3662.JPG (102117 bytes) wait for us

 DSCF3663.JPG (136243 bytes) come on mum hurry

 DSCF3664.JPG (99145 bytes) Like the handbag dad..hahaha

 DSCF3665.JPG (119089 bytes) DSCF3666.JPG (81043 bytes) DSCF3668.JPG (67451 bytes) DSCF3670.JPG (120131 bytes) DSCF3672.JPG (116747 bytes) DSCF3674.JPG (162398 bytes) DSCF3675.JPG (148732 bytes) DSCF3678.JPG (106588 bytes) DSCF3679.JPG (108315 bytes) DSCF3681.JPG (99848 bytes) DSCF3682.JPG (79881 bytes) DSCF3683.JPG (100409 bytes) DSCF3688.JPG (111334 bytes) DSCF3689.JPG (150066 bytes) 

DSCF3694.JPG (157164 bytes)

31st May

IMGP0906.JPG (194843 bytes) Puppies are sleeping so I can relax

IMGP0905.JPG (213011 bytes) Do not disturb I need my rest

IMGP0909.JPG (193144 bytes) Morgan's puppies are getting big too

IMGP0910.JPG (146566 bytes) they are so pretty

IMGP0911.JPG (170993 bytes) she is teaching me to be as good at this as she is

IMGP0912.JPG (173675 bytes) Being a mum...not sleeping...we are all good at that!

IMGP0922.JPG (152438 bytes) shhh don't waken the babies

DSCF8034.JPG (120714 bytes) nor mum

DSCF8035.JPG (114689 bytes) she is such a special girl


5th April

DSCF7127 (Small).JPG (73460 bytes) Ahhh heaven

DSCF7130 (Small).JPG (69708 bytes) this is great Ebony just what we need after a long cold winter

DSCF7132 (Small).JPG (81276 bytes) wow don't shake over me

DSCF7135 (Small).JPG (119164 bytes) baby in the bull rushes it's me Ebony

DSCF7138 (Small).JPG (59130 bytes) I am a happy little Pickle

DSCF7143 (Small).JPG (59122 bytes) and a very spoiled young lady too!

DSCF7144 (Small).JPG (62843 bytes) thanks dad

DSCF7146 (Small).JPG (36748 bytes) Gabby...daddy's special girl

DSCF7159 (Small).JPG (76413 bytes) Pickle in the heather

DSCF7162 (Small).JPG (98631 bytes) Ebony takes a break

DSCF7166 (Small).JPG (74308 bytes) then off they go again

DSCF7168 (Small).JPG (83751 bytes) Mummy's special baby girl

DSCF7169 (Small).JPG (109530 bytes) what about me?

DSCF7177 (Small).JPG (67459 bytes) all you girls are special...we adore every one of you

DSCF7178 (Small).JPG (62323 bytes) haha yes we know

DSCF7181 (Small).JPG (65099 bytes) come on girls better head back down it's getting late

DSCF7193 (Small).JPG (82896 bytes) I love my daddy

DSCF7194 (Small).JPG (83918 bytes) and he loves me

DSCF7195 (Small).JPG (80343 bytes) spoiled baby or what

DSCF7196 (Small).JPG (74063 bytes) milk it Gabby

DSCF7198 (Small).JPG (93613 bytes) and she did

DSCF7203 (Small).JPG (85776 bytes) till Megan stepped in for a snuggle hug

DSCF7207 (Small).JPG (86155 bytes) but she was soon back on her own again

DSCF7209 (Small).JPG (59955 bytes) a happy couple

DSCF7210 (Small).JPG (77077 bytes) don't know which one I love the most...

DSCF7211 (Small).JPG (57720 bytes) MUM !

DSCF7214 (Small).JPG (72037 bytes) just kidding Bill x

DSCF7218 (Small).JPG (92272 bytes) heading for home

DSCF7231 (Small).JPG (85323 bytes) A little ray of sunshine

DSCF7233 (Small).JPG (103245 bytes) Pickle 

DSCF7252 (Small).JPG (57480 bytes) Ebony the aquatic wolfhound

DSCF7253 (Small).JPG (83587 bytes) did you bring a towel with you?

DSCF7254 (Small).JPG (41691 bytes) No...well I suppose I will have to drip dry

DSCF7257 (Small).JPG (56023 bytes) guess who I am cuddling again

DSCF7258 (Small).JPG (61682 bytes) he is MY daddy

DSCF7260 (Small).JPG (48184 bytes) don't go in to far Pickle

DSCF7261 (Small).JPG (47550 bytes) I think there is something in here with me

DSCF7263 (Small).JPG (57910 bytes) Time to go

8th Feb

Jan 30th 09 042 (Small).JPG (66142 bytes) The snow has gone!!

Jan 30th 09 044 (Small).JPG (103800 bytes) and the sun is trying to come out

Jan 30th 09 043 (Small).JPG (63359 bytes) Hi Artney hope you behave today

Jan 30th 09 046 (Small).JPG (63739 bytes) Hi Ailidh 

Jan 30th 09 047 (Small).JPG (76845 bytes) the ice has gone from the pond

Jan 30th 09 052 (Small).JPG (72163 bytes) and the ground is soaking wet

Jan 30th 09 053 (Small).JPG (69114 bytes) there is plenty of icy cold water to drink here

Jan 30th 09 054 (Small).JPG (53208 bytes) and ditches to jump Ebony

Jan 30th 09 055 (Small).JPG (68532 bytes) how does she do that?

Jan 30th 09 056 (Small).JPG (55281 bytes) it's easy Niamh just jump over

Jan 30th 09 057 (Small).JPG (68245 bytes) Uncle Brian is throwing stones for her

Jan 30th 09 060 (Small).JPG (85440 bytes) hurry up Uncle Brian

Jan 30th 09 063 (Small).JPG (91088 bytes) you were talking so much on the walk up you forgot to take pictures didn't you?

Jan 30th 09 066 (Small).JPG (58513 bytes) biscuit time

Jan 30th 09 069 (Small).JPG (67895 bytes) do you have any Uncle Bill?

Jan 30th 09 071 (Small).JPG (67748 bytes) No Marion has them all today

Jan 30th 09 072 (Small).JPG (73259 bytes) PLAYTIME!

Jan 30th 09 075 (Small).JPG (66805 bytes) look out Artney here I come

Jan 30th 09 076 (Small).JPG (54811 bytes) hahaha this is fun

Jan 30th 09 077 (Small).JPG (59977 bytes) I can see you Tara

Jan 30th 09 079 (Small).JPG (74373 bytes) we love running with our friends

Jan 30th 09 084 (Small).JPG (74482 bytes) Ailidh is a lovely girl

Jan 30th 09 086 (Small).JPG (46256 bytes) Pickle never stops running she is so happy

Jan 30th 09 088 (Small).JPG (68018 bytes) come on then lets head back

Jan 30th 09 090 (Small).JPG (88617 bytes) my beautiful gentle Niamh...she is such a sweet Pickle

Jan 30th 09 089 (Small).JPG (91323 bytes) run Trudy

Jan 30th 09 096 (Small).JPG (58350 bytes) Morgan has been away following the fox scent

Jan 30th 09 097 (Small).JPG (74045 bytes) some of the trees and branches fell down with the weight of all that snow

Jan 30th 09 099 (Small).JPG (89476 bytes) 2 years old and looking good

Jan 30th 09 101 (Small).JPG (83914 bytes) She is a lovely gentle girl well behaved I can take her anywhere

Jan 30th 09 103 (Small).JPG (52198 bytes) and with Pickle those two always stay by my side no matter what

Jan 30th 09 104 (Small).JPG (77954 bytes) Morgan is still a bit of a tomboy but great company and everybody loves her happy gentle nature

Jan 30th 09 105 (Small).JPG (84368 bytes) Trudy and Gabby wonderful girls but still full of nonsense...we wouldn't change them for the world







Toby's final news.....He will never be forgotten...Toby died of an aneurysm


Mum took us all out together today for our walk...9 was great fun

The pond was frozen

but we know how to break the ice

Morgan the ice breaker

look this one has the sun on it

That means...yes its melted here

Jack let us in too

A slow leisurely walk mum said

no chance we are wolfies on a mission

so what can we get up to today?


there are no animals stupid enough to live around here

unless they live underground

or in the mud!!

no point in hunting then ...we can't find anything

we can play follow the Toby

no that is boring

We have to do something

even the terrible twins are bored

Let's see who can get the most mud in their coat

Pickle won't do that she is a good girl

so the pack just wander around sniffing and searching

paddling in muddy ditches

and just enjoying a wonderful wolfie walk

This is fun mum

a whole forest and you lot block the path!

sorry mum

well go on have a run

no we cant be bothered today

we are happy just to wander

besides we have been up here for hours

hurry up mum we are all waiting on you

look I can run

the view up here is stunning

my wonderful I adore this girl

Morgan what are you doing?

what has she found?

she is digging up something

but whatever it was she didn't find it

Pickle hides in the heather

we can see you Niamh

wait for us

we can all hide in here

can you see us mum?

we can all see Morgan she is so bright

you can't see me now!

now we have lost her where did she go?

there she is

here I am mum

ooops busted

99 100 here I come

hey where is everybody?

hiding from Toby

right I give up come out

hey we fooled you Toby

that's not hard to do

head for home dogs

wait for me

can we play in the trees mum...yes Gabby we are not in a hurry

I didn't want to do the ironing anyway!

mum wants to take our picture

that's better

mummy's girl

we found a wolfhound drinking well

lovely fresh peat water

we will all sleep well tonight mum

well I hope those two do...they never stop

the terrible twins ....Gabby and Trudy and their sidekick Jack the ripper!

the mighty Morgan

more ditch water for Gabby

and Ebony


Jack's time to go

29th Sept

Fran and Bill 238 (Small).jpg (33246 bytes) We arrive at Willies in Ireland and the sun is shining

Fran and Bill 239 (Small).jpg (39456 bytes) Come on let us out the van

Fran and Bill 240 (Small).jpg (74483 bytes) I want to stretch my legs

Fran and Bill 243 (Small).jpg (59682 bytes)  It's time for my breakfast Cat

Fran and Bill 247 (Small).jpg (52061 bytes) Come on you lot time for a run

Fran and Bill 250 (Small).jpg (48367 bytes) Willie and Joanne's dogs come too

Fran and Bill 252 (Small).jpg (83875 bytes) this way everybody

Fran and Bill 255 (Small).jpg (40050 bytes) last up the hill is a slow coach

Fran and Bill 257 (Small).jpg (43243 bytes) and down again!!

Fran and Bill 261 (Small).jpg (48527 bytes) What a beautiful place for wolfhounds to run free

Fran and Bill 263 (Small).jpg (72682 bytes) happy dogs make happy people

Fran and Bill 264 (Small).jpg (22524 bytes) We had a great time chasing the rabbits

Fran and Bill 269 (Small).jpg (62297 bytes) now we are all out of breath

Fran and Bill 272 (Small).jpg (72964 bytes) mum we found a well

Fran and Bill 275 (Small).jpg (63530 bytes) it's over here

Fran and Bill 276 (Small).jpg (71577 bytes) eh...somewhere!

Fran and Bill 294 (Small).jpg (86235 bytes) We found it Niamh

Fran and Bill 295 (Small).jpg (87467 bytes) Toby and Jack are first in

Fran and Bill 296 (Small).jpg (85297 bytes) leave some for the girls you two

Fran and Bill 280 (Small).jpg (54067 bytes) here come Joanne and Luke

Fran and Bill 283 (Small).jpg (53801 bytes) look at the view we had

Fran and Bill 285 (Small).jpg (69704 bytes) Ebony walks gently with Luke

Fran and Bill 405 (Small).jpg (58451 bytes) look a wolfhound donkey

Fran and Bill 410 (Small).jpg (56462 bytes) hi Jack, where's Jill?

Fran and Bill 419 (Small).jpg (40767 bytes) very funny Toby

Fran and Bill 436 (Small).jpg (73335 bytes) come on Iffy run with the pack

Fran and Bill 446 (Small).jpg (62204 bytes) Rossi and Iffy are playing statues!

Fran and Bill 304 (Small).jpg (65739 bytes) I just love the girls

Fran and Bill 307 (Small).jpg (95555 bytes) and my dad too

Fran and Bill 309 (Small).jpg (78469 bytes) this is mum and dad's honeymoon

Fran and Bill 313 (Small).jpg (64469 bytes) and we made it special for them by being so very well behaved

Fran and Bill 315 (Small).jpg (81820 bytes) another daddy's girl!

Fran and Bill 316 (Small).jpg (72234 bytes) kisses dad

Fran and Bill 319 (Small).jpg (38798 bytes) wolfhound in flight

Fran and Bill 320 (Small).jpg (64304 bytes) and on the turn

Fran and Bill 321 (Small).jpg (79568 bytes) what are you waiting for?

Fran and Bill 322 (Small).jpg (81802 bytes) quiet Jack I am hunting

Fran and Bill 324 (Small).jpg (43492 bytes) who me?

Fran and Bill 325 (Small).jpg (82709 bytes) No Toby shhh go away

Fran and Bill 326 (Small).jpg (79699 bytes) well I can't see anything to hunt

Fran and Bill 327 (Small).jpg (74886 bytes) neither can Kaycee

Fran and Bill 328 (Small).jpg (53679 bytes) and Jack says he can't hear anything

Fran and Bill 329 (Small).jpg (55509 bytes) silly thing it was her sister she was stalking

Fran and Bill 330 (Small).jpg (45225 bytes) what will we do now?

Fran and Bill 331 (Small).jpg (46258 bytes) I have an idea!

Fran and Bill 332 (Small).jpg (76680 bytes) Jack you remember your manners!

Fran and Bill 335 (Small).jpg (41899 bytes) hi Luke

Fran and Bill 342 (Small).jpg (65110 bytes) kisses from Cat

Fran and Bill 349 (Small).jpg (51104 bytes) come to dad Ebony

Fran and Bill 354 (Small).jpg (66727 bytes) chase me Jack

Fran and Bill 362 (Small).jpg (62355 bytes) we had a great run thanks mum and dad

Fran and Bill 363 (Small).jpg (65654 bytes) Thank you everybody we had a great time and we will be back soon

8th Sept

DSCF3022 (Small).JPG (55135 bytes) Nothing better than a long cool drink in my pond

DSCF3025 (Small).JPG (52270 bytes) it's not just your pond Toby let me in

DSCF3028 (Small).JPG (89339 bytes) it's great for cooling hot paws too

DSCF3039 (Small).JPG (92381 bytes) Loragene is out with us now

DSCF3043 (Small).JPG (98337 bytes) this is our tree line isn't it pretty

DSCF3044 (Small).JPG (112244 bytes) and this is our wolfhound line, now that is prettier

DSCF3045 (Small).JPG (90082 bytes) right Toby clear off, I want my own picture

DSCF3046 (Small).JPG (96227 bytes) This is much better now

DSCF3050 (Small).JPG (83565 bytes) ok Toby you can be in this one

DSCF3051 (Small).JPG (95791 bytes) cookies yummy

DSCF3052 (Small).JPG (90767 bytes) come on Megan here is yours

DSCF3053 (Small).JPG (96848 bytes) I have plenty

DSCF3054 (Small).JPG (98313 bytes) Megan come and get your cookie

DSCF3056 (Small).JPG (105304 bytes) wait Toby

DSCF3059 (Small).JPG (96837 bytes) Here is another one for you

DSCF3060 (Small).JPG (100306 bytes) you are such a good boy Toby

DSCF3062 (Small).JPG (95636 bytes) Megan come on there won't be any left

DSCF3063 (Small).JPG (91667 bytes) good girl here you are

DSCF3065 (Small).JPG (92882 bytes) all done

DSCF3066 (Small).JPG (71239 bytes) those swallows are back

DSCF3076 (Small).JPG (93453 bytes) I am so handsome

DSCF3077 (Small).JPG (88802 bytes) So you are Indi, just stunning

DSCF3078 (Small).JPG (86294 bytes) was she being sarcastic?

DSCF3079 (Small).JPG (89202 bytes) no of course not 

DSCF3080 (Small).JPG (79450 bytes) he is easily pleased

DSCF3085 (Small).JPG (73855 bytes) Toby and Loragene admire the view

DSCF3086 (Small).JPG (75520 bytes) you can see the mountains on a clear day

DSCF3089 (Small).JPG (39022 bytes) this is fun

DSCF3090 (Small).JPG (41270 bytes) we are all having a lovely walk

DSCF3094 (Small).JPG (63460 bytes) Indi poses again

DSCF3096 (Small).JPG (59903 bytes) is that someone coming?

DSCF3097 (Small).JPG (72971 bytes) no it's the wind

DSCF3099 (Small).JPG (60248 bytes) well we better get washed now

DSCF3103 (Small).JPG (64883 bytes) move over dad, let me in

DSCF3104 (Small).JPG (59504 bytes) I'm all washed and clean

DSCF3106 (Small).JPG (67348 bytes) leads on

DSCF3107 (Small).JPG (62758 bytes) time to go home

DSCF3108 (Small).JPG (64063 bytes) see you all soon

25th Aug

cat fran walk 119 (Small).jpg (59847 bytes) Poor Pickle had a nasty cut on her leg after Midge (our Siamese) knocked down a picture

cat fran walk 124 (Small).jpg (24518 bytes) This is the piece of glass removed from down inside her back leg.

cat fran walk 123 (Small).jpg (24734 bytes) 3" long, it cut into her muscle and opened a small artery spraying blood everywhere.

cat fran walk 120 (Small).jpg (48503 bytes) She is fine now and healing well but what an awful time she had...

we were in shock all day and it took that to clean up all the blood

cat fran walk 117 (Small).jpg (55731 bytes) this is just a little bit, it was on the beds, in the hall on carpets.....but we are so lucky to have our baby home safe.

Thanks to Vicky our vet and Cat who was a great help, she held onto the wound stopping the blood flow and kept Pickle calm on the 20 min mad rush to the vets.

28th July

July 28th 09 001 (Small).jpg (78600 bytes) Ben is with us on our walk today

July 28th 09 003 (Small).jpg (71335 bytes) now Toby I am in charge

July 28th 09 006 (Small).jpg (81511 bytes) you have all to be good

July 28th 09 007 (Small).jpg (67936 bytes) good dogs well done

July 28th 09 008 (Small).jpg (85064 bytes) I will look after Ben on the walk mum

July 28th 09 013 (Small).jpg (90443 bytes) Find me Ben

July 28th 09 014 (Small).jpg (69867 bytes) Ebony he is only a little boy come out and behave

July 28th 09 015 (Small).jpg (84937 bytes) follow me dogs

July 28th 09 017 (Small).jpg (82222 bytes) this is fun Gran

July 28th 09 018 (Small).jpg (78604 bytes) the wolfies were so careful not to knock into Ben

July 28th 09 019 (Small).jpg (65482 bytes) me  I was their shelter from the rain!

July 28th 09 026 (Small).jpg (92705 bytes) Morgan did take great care making sure Ben was not run over

July 28th 09 029 (Small).jpg (54214 bytes) keep back Ben 

July 28th 09 030 (Small).jpg (86415 bytes) where is he?

July 28th 09 035 (Small).jpg (78618 bytes) he is lost!

July 28th 09 033 (Small).jpg (75058 bytes) we cant see him anywhere

July 28th 09 037 (Small).jpg (81476 bytes) quick look for him he must be here somewhere

July 28th 09 034 (Small).jpg (66756 bytes) we found him, he was hiding in the trees 

July 28th 09 041 (Small).jpg (85924 bytes) that was great fun

May 13th  Lady In Waiting....

  Hi everybody mum says my puppies are coming soon

  They are not here yet

Is this them now?

  no it's just Dennis

have a sleep Morgan it wont be long now

  we have arrived

 A little boy

  and as usual Morgan is a perfect mother

  only her second (and last)  litter but she knows what to do

no problems with anything

puppy heaven

and of course we are all delighted with the new arrivals

but not as much as our proud mum

  we are all so amazed at our tomboy

her babies are all doing very well

happy and content

What a clever special girl you are Morgan

27th April

Wonder what's going on in the forest today?

Come on Toby hurry up

lots of new smells to investigate

ponds to play in

Hey Ebbie don't splash

you little monsters!

I will get you back

Thanks Toby

we are soaked!

Jack loves the water

He knows its not too deep

he is such a happy little boy

and he loves to play with the girls

Come on you lot lets get on with our walk

Jump Ebony

wait for Gabby

somebody has been here

I smell a fox

I think there is a few up here Niamh

well I haven't seen any

they know we are here and hide

because we will chase them

behave puppies

who wants a hug

hurry up mum

Gabby and dad are first up the hill

Jack is like a little bear

Our beautiful Indy

and Toby our lovely gentle giant

Jack loves his big brothers

Ebony stops for a photograph

so does Indi

and Gabby

Bill has camera out today

Can we go now?

come on dad hurry up

Jack leads the pack

well the girls anyway

smile Trudy

what's dad looking at?

me of course

come on Jack we are heading home now

wait for Ebony everybody

Morgan is due her puppies soon so she is not out with us

Trudy and Gabby have crashed into each other

they are ok

get washed before we go home

good boy Jack

we will wait for you

leads on

good boys

that was a great walk

is it time for tea now dad?

24th April

Janet joins us on a walk with Briagh and Torin

  Jack is here today

  Trudy and Gabby will look after him

Hey look I have my Grandpa Harry's ears!!

  we have to take it easy for Jack

no we don't here he comes

what's this tree doing here?

how will we get past it?

Wait for dad he will move the tree

we can chew it, mum says we are great at chewing things

  Go for it Jack

don't be silly we have to go around it

 look there is a monster tree cutter

it is sleeping

good lets go and play

Torin looks lovely and clean

but not for long!

bath time

leave some water for us

we love playing in the ponds

Toby is having a splashing time

Niamh is a gentle little soul

and Ebony's best friend

Toby loves his girls too

some of the trees are being cut down so be careful

ok Dad

throw me a stone mum

it went this way

I will get it

there it is

another one!

that was fun

hey Toby come on back here


the tree is still here

wonder what the boys will do

follow us

wait for me

the little boy in Bill is still there!

careful dad

I thought he would fall

relaxing back at home

Ebony wants the swing

but has to sleep on the mat Niamh wont get up

Gabby and Trudy are still playing

Gabby is a pretty girl

and Jack is looking good too

Indi is pleased to see Marion and jumps up for a cuddle

out on the next walk the girls are back in the pond

Jack gets out of his depth

but he is soon safe back on shore

look Jack it's not deep

I can stand up in the water here

I fell in

but I was not scared

Artney and Ebony have jumped the ditch

now we have to climb over the tree

I love my big dog walk

we are not going to far today

because I am just a little boy

you are the same size as the girls Jack

we will have a run here

Ebony waits for a stone

so does Niamh

little Jack come back here

stay with us

what does this sign say

keep out of here probably

chase time

pretty little Pickle

Come on mum throw me another stone

look out Niamh here we come

careful Jack

I will watch you in you come

Thanks Gabby you are a sweet girl

time to go you lot

coming mum

I will hide in the long grass

come on Niamh

made it

now she cant get back

so she runs back to the tree

jumps the narrow bit

and runs back to mum

while Indi jumps back the easy way

and Ebony can jump back too

Megan doesn't jump

Toby has a drink

right girls lets go home

do we have too

one last dip

6th April 

Gabby's first show

Megan has a chat with Gabby before her first show

and tells dad Indi to take good care of her

yes dear!

The other girls are all ready to go, they are so excited!

next morning we meet up with Raven and Shaun Hazianne Hounds

Daddy cuddle me

 This is not so bad, my daddy is helping me

I will lean against him and hold him up

 We are all minor puppies

Gabby was the youngest at just 6 months old

Peter Pask our judge was so gentle with her

She is such a sweet girl

Run Gabby

  well done little girl

 Gabby was second

Indi did well too

he took a VHC ( Thanks  for the pictures Sacha)

Ebony Moon was next she stood well

she loves to show off

  Can you just give my back a scratch while your there thanks

Who's that taking my picture?

Good girl Ebony well done

she was third

Niamh was next

Stand Pickle puppy

she loves everybody and kissed the judge

  She was very well behaved

She ran well and was short listed

but not placed this time

Sacha's boy Bobby (Charobie Charming Charlie) took a 2nd

  He is Indi's son bred by Sacha and Mike

After the show the girls relaxed and had fun

Gabby has a lovely smile

she had a great time and has qualified for Cruft's at her first show

27th March

Trudy loves the forest

we all do

we are going the wrong way Trudy

that's better

Niamh is on a diet this week she wont eat!

Gabby on the other hand is a great eater

they get plenty of exercise

come on everybody run

Where are you all going?

to the pond Gabby

Megan is always first in

then off she goes like a rocket through the mud

shaking all over everybody else, Thanks Megan

Of course us boys are far better behaved

we don't get muddy

yeh not much!

Ha ha don't tell anybody girls

Ebony loves to jump the ditch

Niamh is the only one that follows her

there she goes

they can chase each other in peace over there

till they get bored and come back to play with us

run puppies

This is a picture of me am I not the most handsomest wolfhound?

We need a wider path

That's better

New day new smells

come on you lot keep up

Dad and some of us...

Niamh has stopped running just enough to have her picture taken

Don't know about you Morgan but I am exhausted with all that running

Mum says she has no biscuits with her

but we can all have a hug

then it's back to running and playing in the mud

What does Trudy see

Ebony and Niamh running up the hill

Morgan look at the state of you!

The other side is cleaner mum look

time to go home

26th March

all the girls out together

The weather is perfect

and the water is cold

not that we care

We have Gillian and David with us

Ebony up to her elbows in the ditch!

wait for me Ebony

made it

and back again

that was fun

Look who we found

Uncle Brian and Aunty Marion with the hounds

Gabby and Trudy wait with mum

Come on Artney we were up the hill

We will help you up the hill

Hold on tight David

It's a long way up

Time for a break

we deserve a rest

a cuddle

and a treat from dad

Follow Uncle Brian

Artney shows off his high jump

11th March

It's been snowing again

Gabby loves the snow

wait for me

Wait for mum Trudy

I have a spring in my step

Trudy loves the forest

and her mum Megan loves the water

nothing stops her having her bath

must you take my picture while I am bathing mum?

you have an audience Megan

I give up!

My turn next

At last ....a nice cold drink from our pond.

This is the best....running in the forest

just us well our brakes work

look the ditch is filling up with melted snow

The girls love to chase each other

come on kids hurry up the snows on its way again

Megan waits on her girls

who are too busy playing to notice

Trudy realises we are all waiting on her!

Bill stands Gabby

Trudy tries to sneak away

but she gets caught ...stand Trudles

Let me show them how dad

quick Trudy lets get out of here

handsome boy

Come on Toby dad will get you next

Gabby is such a gentle girl

Trudy is always first to do anything

The judge at Cruft's says we all have great muscle

and this is a perfect place to run and play

the ground is soft peat and perfect for growing puppies to run on

and the girls make the most of it

look out dad

it's a cold wind but if I hide behind dad

he will keep the worst of it of me

I am such a clever old Toby!!

We don't care Toby it's not that cold

the snow is starting to melt

but there is more on the way

at least the ditch is not frozen anymore

jump dad

Trudy has lost Gabby

she is behind Megan

Megan cant wait to get home to her cosy bed

nearly there Meg

I am looking forward to stretching out on my bed too

come on then Gabby hurry up

the van is just over the hill

time to go home


The snow has started again

not that we care

It is much better than rain

Niamh doesn't mind getting wet

Morgan decides to keep away from the water

but not for long

In they go

Hurry up Morgie its cold standing around

Are you still there mum?

Come on Ebony they are fine


he went this way

and stopped here

then he went up this way

Morgan is the best fox finder, she is really clever

how does she do it?

his foot prints are in the snow Ebony!

thanks mum!

So she's not so smart after all.

the snow is getting worse

it's very pretty up here today

but we are wrapped up cosy

and although the camera is soaking

Mum managed to get some nice pictures

We love walking in the snow

wait for us Morgan

No chance

Its going in my ears!

Think we should head back now

come on dad hurry up

I will wait for you dad

He looks like a snowman

so do you Ebony

you too Niamh

even Morgan is white

don't stand still too long Niamh we wont see you

lets get home where its warm

good idea Ebony

That's better warm, dry and cosy

Gabby loves her chair

Indi managed to get Megan off the couch

See you all again soon

2nd March

 Mum and Dad have just got back from judging down south. so no weekend pictures.

Nothing happening here today,

Do Not Disturb


Mmmm cosy and snuggly bed

even Morgan is fast asleep

and little Jack too

Gabby and Trudy don't do sleep! (Gabby is nearest)

22nd Feb

We have to get our bath today

I am not going to Cruft's do I need to be bathed?

what's a bath does it taste good?

I was totally oblivious to it all till.....

Come on Toby bath time.

Oh no! its me next.

Which one of you two is next?

just Niamh to do now, come on miss Pickle

Trudy was a good girl and stood perfectly still

so was Gabby, really good girls

We are all clean puppies now

even Morgan isn't she pretty

Now we are all being brushed and combed

Ebony and Trudy wait on the dog deck

Ebony is so well behaved

so is Niamh as she gets her neck combed

Trudy you smell strange

am I finished now mum?

my turn now my beard

There don't I look handsome

Morgan next

Pretty girls

then the puppies

Wait Trudy, Gabby is first

ok I will wait

they look so alike

Ebony is all finished and looking great

just a year old and so like her mum

Our precious Ebony

Niamh (Pickle) is just beautiful and so good...Steve and Wendy breed lovely dogs

Our beds are not made up yet

Jack had a bath too. He found a soft bed..........

and fell asleep

so did Niamh

18th Feb

  Indi stacked and getting ready for Cruft's

Ebony Moon is looking forward to her first trip to the show

and Niamh, she is a darling of a girl so sweet and cuddly (Toby is going too).

she loves her forest run especially when Aunty Marion and Uncle Brian bring along their dogs to play

as usual we have to wait on the humans...I wish they could run as fast as me.

but we will take our time for them

they still haven't caught us up

no they are to busy doing grown up stuff

like thumping a stick in the ice

he's going to fall in

I suppose I will have to jump in and pull him out

we will have to watch this

they gave us a row for that yesterday

look at him he is doing it again, humans never learn

leave him dad it will be funny if he gets wet

hey Toby he's my dad

it will still be funny Ailidh

here they come lets run ahead

Hurry up Morgan

move over Ailidh let me past you

when will this snow melt away mum it's cold on my paws

Can I have a cuddle

if you are giving out hugs mum I would like one as well

come on then troops up we go

hey I am first up the hill today

No Toby I was here before you son

and Megan went the wrong way

'biscuit time'

the reason we all love Uncle Brian...

But only till the biscuits run out

sorry Uncle Brian I was kidding

well dad we better get on

do you want me to help you down the hill

we have to keep an eye on them you know they are getting old

look at them they are so slow

Tara and Artney are having great fun

Hope they don't want us to play, they go so fast

Ailidh  keeps and eye on the humans

while we run in the swamp

look at them they never grow up

oh no now that is embarrassing

look at them...big kids really

dads paddling in the burn and Marion is breaking the ice

careful dad

brrr that water is cold

now they are both smashing up the ice....

I will wait on you mum ...till you stop paddling in the water!

lets go then

leads on troops

19th Jan

Gabby just being a wolfhound

here she is learning to stand

Trudy says...Can I try dad

and she did

clever girl

This is our new baby 'Jack'

He is Harry Potters Grandson

we picked him out of a litter of 13 puppies

There are three puppies left

One boy and two girls

From John Bosanquet's Santir kennel

Bill would have brought them all home

but we have enough to feed thanks

I will watch him send him out

he's no bother mum

  let me in it's cold

11 Feb

It's been snowing again lets go and explore the forest

Hurry up mum we want to go on a fox hunt

You have done it again Niamh!

Look at all the tracks we have made

how will we find the fox in this lot

use our noses like we always do silly

I cant see mum doing that!

he went this way

right I will get him

me too

whoops, we lost the trail

huh calls herself the big hunter!

best not let her hear you

Hmm yes maybe you are right

hey look here are his footprints

he went over the ice

wait for us

let me see

Toby don't walk on the ice the fox is a lot lighter than you

what are you saying here mum?

there she goes 'Miss no fear'

followed closely by 'Mr no brains'

I am closing in fox be afraid

ha ha nobody is scared of you Morgan

  especially a fox who will be miles away by now

I don't even know what a fox looks like

neither do we!

ha ha we don't care its fun to track the fox

even if we don't know what he is

well we all know what he smells like

it's a strong yucky smell

He's been here I can smell him

where? let me see

which way did he go?

here, this way

well I cant see him anywhere

wait what was that?

Dogs barking miles away Indi

I think he went this way Morgan

She's off again

I can't find any silly fox

Maybe tomorrow Morgan

Great, now can we go home for tea

hey look what's this

maybe it says fox

thanks Ebony!

me next

we didn't know it was mums name, run everybody

it's ok she's laughing at us

I wonder if  a fox can climb trees

he must be out there somewhere

come on Morgan it's nearly tea time

ok here I come

hurry up then my feet are frozen

I will get you tomorrow Mr Fox

what was that? I heard something

he's laughing at me

so he is

come on hurry up the suns going down

what does that mean?

it means it will soon be very cold, now come on

Hurry up you lot

we're coming Toby


it's is lovely up here today

we had a lovely walk

even if we didn't find the fox

9th Feb

We love the snow

its great to run on

7 wolfhounds and 2 Deerhounds out to play

Come on hurry up lets go

Ebony and Niamh are always in a hurry

Yes they are trying to keep away from Artney he keeps pestering them to chase him

He doesn't bother me

mum my nose is cold

Ailidh you need to get your brakes fixed

It's very cold today

Mum Toby said he was going on the ice


silly boy

This is great weather, we love it

where is she going now

wait for us Morgan

oh no here he comes again

get lost Artney

mum tell him

woof woof woof woof

mum my nose is cold again!

and my paws

come here pickle we will clean your paws

thanks mum we can run again now

that's better

we will all sleep well tonight

All this running around makes me hungry

you are always hungry Morgan

yes and I saw you stealing biscuits out the feed tub

they were yours Toby!

wait till I catch her

he's a big soft lump!

Megan had to have her feet cleared of snow

so did Miss Pickle

they were always in the deeper snow

Ebony ( isn't she gorgeous) just melts my heart

so does Niamh they are just wonderful girls

  They love each other and always play well together

Toby loves his daddy Bill.....

.... biscuits....

... his girls...

but especially Indi his dad

did somebody mention biscuits?

wait for me

last in the queue

move over Artney

please can I have a biscuit

thanks Uncle Brian

He must have shares in a dog biscuit factory!

we are waiting for the rest to catch up

here they come

hurry up we are getting cold

mum my nose is all cold again

run about and keep warm girls

at last here they are

hurry up mum it's nearly tea-time

this way troops

back in a minute mum

this way girls

keep off the ice Morgan

ok mum


were has she gone?

we have lost Morgan

no we haven't here I am

silly me!

Niamh is waiting on you Ebony

we have all got our leads on

come on Pickle

  time to go Ebony

come on girls lets go home

27th Jan

The weather is just perfect today sunny dry and cold

come on girls

lets get up the hill

Its just great up here today we can see for miles

the snow is on the mountains I can see them away in the distance

makes you feel like singing

well that's our walk ruined then!

Oh Toby you can't sing that is awful.

come on lets get going

look out Ebony you just splashed mum!

sorry mum I didn't see the puddle

Talk about my singing!!


Indi you are worse than Toby

You have frightened all the animals for miles around

ha ha that told him

Join in son

Big mistake!!

we should be on the stage Toby

hey what are you doing?

watching the girls running

her they come

run Niamh the boys are coming

ha-ha that was fun

hey look mum a long dog!!

it was just me

Miss Ebony Moon

hey boys we are going back down the hill

wait for us

Let me catch my breath

I love running up here

so much to do and new things to smell

There goes Ebony

a rare picture of Ebony standing still

look she's off again

Ha-ha poor mum cant get a decent picture of her

right Ebony stand still a minute

like this dad

yes that's fine

oops sorry I forgot I wasn't watching

did you get her picture mum?

Just one

Then she was away again

she is such a busy girl

wait she has seen something and stopped

she is so funny

Mum the pond's frozen again

how will we get a drink

got it Ebony

here I come

Thanks Niamh

That was fun but its time to go

19th Jan

Gabby just being a wolfhound

here she is learning to stand

Trudy says...Can I try dad

and she did

clever girl

This is our new baby 'Jack'

He is Harry Potters Grandson

we picked him out of a litter of 13 puppies

There are three puppies left

One boy and two girls

From John Bosanquet's Santir kennel

Bill would have brought them all home

but we have enough to feed thanks

I will watch him send him out

he's no bother mum

  let me in it's cold


6th Jan

What are the girls waiting for?

Not me I am here

It was Indi.... chase him

ha ha to slow

my pond is frozen solid

I wont get a dip today!

I need to find a way to break the ice

huh that's easy watch me

  Ha ha she is crazy!!

Not so easy to break today, is it Morgan?

I will get us a drink just wait

well lets have a run first

where have they gone?

I can't see them

Here they are

they were up the hill

my turn to run

Jump the ditch Morgan

no problem Indi

you wont catch me

shhh I am hiding

It's a lovely frosty day for walking

we love the cold

Not me

I love my dinner

I love my mum

me too

just kidding mum

wait for me

thanks mum

look its still frozen here

no water down there its frozen too

lets try the top pond

its in the sun now, maybe we can break the ice

bang it hard Morgan

Click on the picture  to watch the video of Morgan 'breaking the ice' . search 'Bribiba' for lots more on you tube