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                                               Bribiba Irish Wolfhounds ( Scotland)

Picture 073 (Small).jpg (90781 bytes) Welcome Everyone

Please take your time on our site and get to know us. Our family grows bigger every day, if you have a wolfhound then please join in, send your wolfies details and pictures and we will post them here. 

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  Jack's Gossip  Hello there... today's news is......


Introducing our new pack members



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puppies 016.JPG (196243 bytes)  Ebony x Jack puppies 11 healthy babies. 8 boys 3 girls chilling out in the shade. Born 10/03/2012

pictures on our puppy page

DSCF2994-001.JPG (175072 bytes) Our mysterious forest walk 


Cloud 027.JPG (200238 bytes)Cloud our 3 legged puppy....see her story on the puppy page              

Check out this video of Jack and the puppies running in the hills 

every day keeps them fit healthy and happy.



Our pack were heart tested at the 'Dick vet Hospital' and we are so delighted to announce that not only are they all healthy but the vet said he had never seen such athletic healthy hearts in wolfhounds. Now that is better than any prize at a dog show.


Indi has some new pictures on his page (click on Indy's Diary on the left) DSCF2312-1.JPG (110504 bytes) DSCF2576.JPG (115110 bytes)

and the new puppies page  59942_436685019783_614319783_4826722_4117809_n.jpg (110163 bytes) Pixie


  blackpool2010 148.JPG (118004 bytes)Jack 19 months old winning his reserve cc... he now has his stud book number thanks to our judge Jerry Robertson 

35851_409070754783_614319783_4180450_5296664_n.jpg (109565 bytes) Ebony 1st in Limit Qualifying for her stud book number



Art of the Wolfhound by Kerry McGuire


A new Irish Wolfhound page for you to enjoy. Click on Toby's picture Chieftain of Scotland (Small).jpg (38818 bytes)


 Bribiba Laird of Scotland (Paddy)

 Just click on this picture to go to his website  



puppies page 28 may 2012

New puppies page 28th may

Clouds page 28th may

Jack's Journal 9th Jan

Links Page 8th Feb

Ebony's Tales 31st May

Indi's Book 9th Jan

Your wolfies updated 8th Feb

Show Results updated 29th Sept

Rainbow Bridge 1st May

Latino_Harry_Small.jpg (46162 bytes)  Harry's diary is updated for the last time


100_7510 (Small).JPG (69633 bytes)  About us  100_4973_Small.JPG (76776 bytes)  

  BRIBIBA Irish Wolfhounds have been around for thirty + years. We live in Scotland just outside Falkirk and our wolfies have to be the most loving, gentle and outgoing in the world. We breed  occasionally and are very particular where our babies go. 

Our dogs have wonderful temperament and we are proud to be able to take them anywhere

Our name (pronounced bri as in brick, bi as in bee and ba as in back) comes from mums three sons

my boys (Small).jpg (59098 bytes)Brian, Billy and Barry  Us_4 (Small).jpg (51575 bytes)

they have helped look after seven generations of us now. Time has moved on and the boys have all left home, but they still come back to visit us and help out.

 We have put our dogs on the site for you to enjoy them as much as we do.

Our site is full of useful information but if you require any help ( we are also dog obedience trainers) then we are ALWAYS available to answer your questions on the breed or dogs in general.  Remember our advice is free of charge...Just email us, click on the link below. Please type 'Wolfhounds' in the subject box so that your mail does not get deleted as junk.

to email us click here    

Our site has been on the web since 1998 and we are often copied but remember, all our work is genuine, and not taken from other sites.

We would like to thank everyone who has signed our guest book  and all our new friends  who have come over to meet the dogs. 


to arrange an appointment please call us on  07917644600

collage.jpg (871683 bytes) Click on these pictures collage.jpg (1205158 bytes)

Thirty + years of wolfhounds

what a wonderful life


Looking for a puppy? Then get in touch with your local Irish Wolfhound club. Let's try and stamp out puppy farmers for good. Please don't buy from those places because you want to get a dog away from them it does NOT help

There are scammers who pretend to sell puppies cheaply or far more expensive....don't be fooled they are just after your money. If in doubt email us we will pass you onto your local club or a genuine breeder with puppies. (Please put Irish Wolfhound in the subject box)


We have a few videos on youtube 

new videos of the dogs on the holy island and Ebony

New video on youtube. 27th May

Click this picture to see the dogs getting out of bed. 

Subscribe to Bribiba when you get there and you will be notified of new videos from us.


Our Family

 september b (Small).jpg (39906 bytes) BILL AND FRAN MY PEOPLE , JOINT OWNERS OF BRIBIBA Fran and Bill 127-1 (Small).jpg (99576 bytes)

and the Hounds all fed on 




  morgan and puppy.jpg (50389 bytes) Morgan -Santir Spirit Of Scotland At Bribiba 100_3025 (Small).jpg (53348 bytes) will be ten on her birthday May 2014


DSCF2424.JPG (135463 bytes) Ebony - Bribiba's Ebony Moon Picture 025 (Small)-3.jpg (46590 bytes)


 Cruft's 2012 317.JPG (180919 bytes) Jack-Santir Spirit of the Glen Over Bribiba  Cruft's 2012 322.JPG (169008 bytes)

DSCF2307.JPG (98150 bytes) Charlie-Bribiba's Madam Rosemerta  DSCF8442.JPG (125277 bytes)   Cruft's 2012 337.JPG (146809 bytes)

Brian's 60th 049.JPG (170937 bytes) Cloud our very special tripaws girl Feb29th 2012 019.JPG (205782 bytes)

August walk 010.jpg (115483 bytes) Tinka ( Bribiba's Cutty Sark)

our cats and macaw

 DSCF4405(1) (Small).JPG (38369 bytes)Stuart Little

 DSCF4406(1)-1 (Small).JPG (37275 bytes) Midge

 DSCF4387(1)-1 (Small).JPG (47444 bytes) Dusty

Mr Darcy 087.JPG (143338 bytes) Mr Darcy

DSCF7350.JPG (75869 bytes) Measha

Read our old guest book click on the picture, you can sign here too.



Please click on our map and show us where you're from you can leave us a message here



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