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Your Wolfhound pictures from around the world

Harry.jpg (890960 bytes)

from England

Harry belongs to Alan & Sue Spence



Henry and Chiara

Chiara & Henry (Small).JPG (64280 bytes) Madamme Chiara (Small).JPG (98915 bytes) Sir Henry (Small).JPG (100310 bytes)


These two handsome beauties belong to Michele 

P1010602 (Small).JPG (67808 bytes)  DSC_6784 (Small).JPG (107689 bytes)


puppy.jpg (640x477).jpg (133987 bytes) 

Vivienne sent in this picture of Kerry her new puppy isn't she sweet

2006_0106ggcitmaeve0028.JPG (114345 bytes)

Rose sent this picture of Maeve after she won her gold Good citizen

well done girls a grrreat achievement


Two lovely boys, Thunder and Finn

The owner has asked for privacy so I quote,

"From an admirer in the U.S. who appreciates all the wonderful things you do for the breed." 


This lovely girl is Shendel from Campeche Mexico

Thanks to owners David and Paola


This is Bryn he is blind but it doesn't stop him finding food!


Cally sent us 'Dave' from England

Toni and Jim Schamadan

                                                         Scottsdale AZ sent us these pictures of their lovely hounds





harris 015 8x10 (Small).jpg (27340 bytes)

This beautiful girl is Freedom with her mum Eva

Freedom (Small).jpg (37255 bytes)

CH. Carroy's Let Freedom Ring

she belongs to Eva Harris USA

IMG_0443 (Small).jpg (63290 bytes)

IMG_0444 (Small).jpg (65625 bytes)

Little baby Floyd  a Hazianne puppy belongs to

Sharron and Alan from Scotland

Another Hazianne puppy this is Seamus and Lulu

arbroath 008 (Small).jpg (45356 bytes) seamus and lulu 004 (Small).jpg (46736 bytes)

They live with owner Mags in Scotland

scotland 07143 (Small).jpg (64088 bytes)

Karen from Tennessee

With Fergus, Fitzpatrick and Keegan

Maisie and Alan have two of Indi and Chloe's puppies in Australia here they are just out of quarantine.

Bridget& Sheena first day 006 (Small).jpg (90425 bytes)  Bridget 12.08.07 (Small) (2).jpg (114670 bytes) Bridget Front 12.08.07 (Small) (2).jpg (31576 bytes)


Bridget& Sheena first day 008 (Small).jpg (84099 bytes)


Bridget& Sheena first day 009 (Small).jpg (87354 bytes)

This is Dusty and Sheena

First Show 018 (Small).jpg (89707 bytes) Maisie with Bridget 

First Show 012 (Small).jpg (55306 bytes) Sheena who won  

Best of Breed and Junior in group both days

at her first show.Sheena 12.08.07 (Small).jpg (88259 bytes) Sheena Stack 12.08.07 (Small).jpg (104734 bytes) Sheena Front 12.08.07 (Small).jpg (43161 bytes)

Howard with Eli and Isaac

Isaac ( Bribiba Bruce of Scotland) with Howard, Beth and a friend.

Eli as a puppy


beth in megan tshirt (Small).jpg (48264 bytes) passolt & co (Small).jpg (44706 bytes)

Howard and Beth sent us these pictures with Eli & Teddy and the entire news crew from KMSP-TV at the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals. (Notice Beth is wearing a T-shirt with Megan on)

eli & delila 2 (Small).jpg (40686 bytes) 

Howard, Eli, Delilah (miniature horse) and Eleanor Mondale

Beth and Howard from Minnesota   

St. Patrick's day parade

Cork and Eli 3-17-06[1] (Small).JPG (65050 bytes)      Beth, Eli and Cork  eli&pony.jpg (125573 bytes) Howard and Eli in the Walk for Animals parade

7 IW's ready for parade 3-17-06[2] (Small).JPG (84936 bytes) All ready to join in

howard.JPG (177163 bytes) Howard and hounds  


handsome.JPG (133430 bytes)  

HPIM0030 (Small).JPG (79666 bytes)  HPIM0021a (Small).JPG (83759 bytes)

HPIM0006 (Small).JPG (81346 bytes)  HPIM0070 (Small).JPG (58991 bytes) HPIM0072 (Small).JPG (58122 bytes) HPIM0138 (Small).JPG (69590 bytes)

Meet Young Rosie and Timeless from England they belong to Jane Roe

Ralph (Small).jpg (81075 bytes) 

Here is Ralph, son of Harry Potter he is owned and adored by Chris and Susan in Scotland



kaz_mom.JPG (122230 bytes)  mybaby.jpg (136458 bytes) withdad.JPG (112885 bytes)

Kazuki is one of Indi pups 

he lives in Laramie Wyoming  with Ann and Dean and he is one happy spoiled boy


DSCF0397 (Small)2.JPG (64951 bytes)

Paddy from England 

Belongs to Neil and Helen

he is one of our boys and has his own site 

IMG_2753 (Small)1.JPG (52247 bytes) Paddy Mia and Keilen

well worth a visit... click here  

DSCF2003 copy (Small)1.jpg (42717 bytes) Paddy and Tilly

DSCF2216 copy (Small)1.jpg (46036 bytes)

Paddy and Neil


group (Small).JPG (46275 bytes)

Gereldina and her wonderful pack of dogs (all rescues)

From Canada


Freya  (Ballyblarney Feorling)

Freya_017[1] (2) (Small).jpg (75904 bytes)

We want to pay tribute to this very brave girl. 

Her owner Rebekah sent us this

( she is not one of our puppies)

I have shown her in the past and she has a certificate of excellence but her show career was cut short because somebody shot her with a shot gun in all four legs in October 2006. It’s been a long road for her, for both of us! But as you can see from her pictures, she’s fully recovered and to look at her today you’d never know. The tendons in her left fore paw were severely damaged so her stride was not what it was but as time goes by it’s getting better and better so we might go back to the ring  next year.

She is still a beautiful girl and though no-one was ever caught she won't let it get her down.

Freya three and a half years old was very ill but carefully nursed back to health by her loving owner.

  Freya_004[1] (2) (Small).jpg (41784 bytes)

Freya today


Rebekah van Kan

Kerry in Ireland

Good luck Freya we send our warmest wishes to you and Rebekah

100_0035_edited1 (Medium).JPG (84846 bytes)

Titch with mum Belle in the Orkneys

Titch is a Harry Potter son and brother of Ailidh

mj2 (Small).JPG (48661 bytes)

Karen Robertson-Riley's 'Murphy'

who live in England

DSCF0074.JPG (76828 bytes)

This is Dahl Vauch when he was busted for digging! 

and his new sister Vivianne

DSCF0510.JPG (64727 bytes)

They belong to Gigi in Texas

IMGP0807 (Small).JPG (28952 bytes)      sept 2006 003 (Small).jpg (32425 bytes)

Seamus with Mum Frances in the UK

aug 06 033 (Small).jpg (66394 bytes)  aug 06 039 (Small).jpg (53998 bytes)

Siofra from Guernsey with Jo

angus3 037 (Small).jpg (42308 bytes)  angus3 019 (Small).jpg (45902 bytes) angus3 027 (Small).jpg (57354 bytes) 10-11 wks (Small).JPG (48167 bytes)

Karen Wiltshire's boy

'Angus' from St. Albans


014_12A1.jpg (286677 bytes)  022_4A2.jpg (220188 bytes) 010_16A4.jpg (274197 bytes)

Pat with James Connolly's puppies in the USA

Claire photos weeks 2 016.jpg (233353 bytes)  103_0376.JPG (124258 bytes) Claire photos weeks 2 018.jpg (162642 bytes) 

and this is one of the pups, Claire with Grady (3) now owned by 

Joan and Edie Madison, Wisconsin


Conall & Thorin Dec '06-06 (Small).JPG (95713 bytes)

These two handsome boys are Conall  2 and baby "Thorin" 10 months

Thorin is  from the Rohan Wolfhounds in Florida ( Jon and Helen Cullum)

They belong to Chris and Larissa in Virginia

PumaCubTiger_054 (Small).jpg (46821 bytes)

I love this picture of Molly (6) from the Gentleshaw wildlife centre

with 12 week old Puma Tige

thanks to Jenny Smith ( Director)

P1010233 (Small).JPG (94252 bytes) Max from Ireland with some young friends

P1010228 (Small).JPG (80288 bytes) 

                                        Thanks Grainne and Neil



Otto Indi' son with his new big brother Marty

Otto lives with his sister Maya in California

Our new Mom loves kisses! Otto is always first!.jpg (47730 bytes) With mum Terry


image0021 (Small).jpg (50787 bytes) Seamus (4.5)  image0032 (Small).jpg (49641 bytes) Sue(4.5) image0053 (Small).jpg (47622 bytes) Sarah(7)

This beautiful family 

image0021 (Small).jpg (59115 bytes)  

and now joined by an Indi son Chieftain

image0011.jpg (54260 bytes) You can see the resemblance to Toby here !

all belong to Josie and Matt Morrow in Alaska


Tug of war copy (Small).jpg (44567 bytes)

Paddy and Caitlin start a game of tug!

Soccer Star (Small).jpg (81147 bytes)

I won in the end!

Soccer Star two (Small).jpg (78832 bytes)

Don't want the ball now!


Tom & Christa Moyle

Warrenton, Virginia, USA

books 16C 003 (Small).jpg (70574 bytes)

Skally  8 and Bailey who sadly died at 4 years old

belong to Heather and Michael Long

genna (Small).jpg (57642 bytes)

This is our late Genevieve "Genna" celebrating Christmas with us!

Sent by

The Gallaher-Smith Clan


1 (Small).jpg (62661 bytes)  RIMG0152 (Small).JPG (41730 bytes) 2 (Small).jpg (44698 bytes)

This is our friend Willow we sometimes met her in the park with her family

Jayne and Davie from Grangemouth


Pat weavers new baby Macky

and now at 2 years old

Macky.JPG (95724 bytes)

VASCON DEBOUT 0091 (Small).JPG (41708 bytes) 

Hello of France, I am happy to make known to you my Dog Irish Wolfhound VASCON OF the VALLEY Of OUZOUM born on August 28, 2004

Bonjour de France,

Je suis heureux de vous faire connaitre mon Chien Irish Wolfhound

VASCON DU VAL D'OUZOUM né le 28 Août 2004          


Gruppe-31.jpg (56359 bytes) 

Eileen( 9.5 years old), Scott(3.5 years old), Christiana (Galgo espagnol, 8 years old), Connor(2 years), Collin (1.5 years), Iceman ( 8 years), Finn ( 1 year) and Jameson (2 years old),

Karin Hahn Germany/ Bavaria


This is Murphy the 2nd now 2 years old but still our baby.

He is now our one and only Wolfhound now but we're hoping

To find him a new Wolfie playmate very soon

                                                   Karen Robertson Riley

Murf & Indie (Small).jpg (54506 bytes) 

Murphy with his new brother Indi a spaniel.

Murphy is Abbie's brother and lived in Scotland with mum Julie

Lanzarote 2005 011 (Small).jpg (51738 bytes)

Bazyl pup 1 (Small).jpg (59236 bytes) Bazyl pup 2 (Small).jpg (51240 bytes) Bazyl asleep (Small).jpg (63476 bytes) Bazyl the Wolfshark (Small).jpg (61360 bytes) Bazyl at show (Small).jpg (33058 bytes) Bazyl portrait (Small).jpg (78301 bytes) 

Outlook3.jpg (77472 bytes)

Tomasz and Tania sent us these pictures of  Bazyl. He  lives in Poznan, Poland.  (See our guest map, click on the link can add your own link by clicking 'post' when you open the map) 



Feegle from Kent belongs to Deb Brown

This is Holly she is not a wolfhound but may have wolfhound in her...

her story is on the guestbook. she lives in Michigan with her mum Kim.

DAAN (Small).jpg (36227 bytes) Daan was a beautiful dog, very much missed by his owners

ivar 2005 (Small).jpg (67949 bytes) Ivar who looks great at seven years old

hondenleven (Small).jpg (59773 bytes)  

and Lucca who made himself at home

 schattig (Small).jpg (37936 bytes) Lucca (don't you just want to hug him.)

lucca en ivar mei 2006 (Small).jpg (83631 bytes) Ivar aged 8 and Lucca now 16 months

lucca en harrie mei 2006.jpg (168455 bytes) Lucca age 16 months

thanks to  Nellie and Harrie from the Netherlands for these lovely pictures and for taking the time to visit us, it was lovely to meet you both.


SULLY 2 (Small).JPG (76297 bytes)  SULLY (Small).JPG (47083 bytes)

Meet Sullivan who lives with Barbara and John in Pennsylvania

Aoife ( pronounced eefa)

From Nigel Hunt U.K.

This handsome boy is Mac From Glen and Tammy in Canada


We are pleased to present our Paddy's (Bribiba Doodle Dooley)  Great Grandchildren in Russia

from Irina


Harry Potter Hermione


   Tara and Ygraine in live with Dave and Kathy in Belfast Ireland

This handsome young man is Bear and he lives with mum Jill Harbord in South Africa

gazing (Small) (2).JPG (71241 bytes) Bear is all grown up now isn't he lovely.

I just adore this beautiful girl she looks so like Regan She belongs to Rachel Kentish in England.


                  Celso Mollo from Brazil sends this group picture from Europe

Congratulations to Roxana who's beautiful dog Merlin is now a champion.

Merlin became CAC, CACIB, BOB and res. Best of Group in the show. It means, that with this result, he is Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Show Champion and Interchampion as well!    



  Merlin and Jaqui 

        and my favourite picture of them both

Merlin at 3 years Philip at six

Szlnok CAC Show.

First is Geraldine who won Veteran Best in Show at the age of 8, and second is Jaqui who won BOB and Best of Group titles. From Roxana in Hungary



 Gera9years2 (Small).jpg (52178 bytes) Geraldine at nine years old

Eva and Roxana with Merlin, Aisha and Jaqui

Csilla.( Roxana's friend) sends this picture of Arwen the TV addict!

Roxy with 'Brooklyn' one of Jacqui's puppies.

MerlinTullnEuro (Small).jpg (22863 bytes) JaquiCaseyOpenclass (Small).jpg (34458 bytes) JaquiTullnEuro (Small).jpg (44066 bytes) 

latest show pictures

New baby!!!!!

DivaRoxielõlnézet (Small).jpg (64712 bytes)Divanéz (Small).jpg (64062 bytes)

Roxy with her new baby 'Diva'

Monty.solo.jpg (62659 bytes) Monty  Mario & Hounds.jpg (103548 bytes) Angel and puppies

 Thanks to Mario Pennisi. Australia.

Angel has now gone on to the rainbow bridge aged 9 years and 9 months but leaves behind her handsome son Buddy, Mario is trying to find a new girl so if anyone in Australia has puppies please let me know.

Bud.Angel (Small).jpg (80117 bytes) Angel is in the front.

Iona  lure coursing with her club the Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club from Mountain View CA.

Finni, a very special 7 year old wolfhound belonging to Richard and Karen Boulanger  from Mountain View CA.

Camilla-Easter-03.jpg (57902 bytes) Camilla Camilla-31.jpg (64590 bytes)          


Grumbles-Easter-03.jpg (50843 bytes) Grumbles           Oliver-_Maggie-21.jpg (40282 bytes)Oliver and Maggie

  Tasia-Easter--03.jpg (78623 bytes)Tasia 

from Huguette Rainforth (Canada)

Sue Lewington( Australia) With Kaos



SEAMUS    Kathleen & Keith Cable  

Guinness From Ann Hibbert                

wpe1F.jpg (17593 bytes)  



                                Murphy and Brogan

                                        BROGAN AND MILO

Molly and Lorcan with Bill, Peter and Rikki.

Gelgeis 50%1.jpg (75292 bytes) this is Gelgeis


Tuck 50%2.jpg (126596 bytes) and this is Tuck

DCP_00141.JPG (45695 bytes) Two handsome boys. Wally the Wolfie  and Cole


newnemo.jpg.jpg (271671 bytes) NEMO

Untitled011.jpg (12034 bytes) Mummy's Girl Untitled055.jpg (12460 bytes) Anna

conner1.jpg (142313 bytes) Conner ..from Owen Pearce


First Day Home.jpg




  pool.JPG (61276 bytes) This is cool!

 How Sweet crop.JPG (138233 bytes) Balin and Kili  k&b5feb03.JPG (146052 bytes)   Arwen Arwen is a happy little girl

Helen Cullum from Florida

ctfci 044_std1.jpg (208844 bytes) Heather Gould South Africa

Photo taken at FCI show on 23rd February.

St.Annes CuGrey of Darzet


P1010019.jpg (229298 bytes)  P1010037.jpg (206384 bytes)

Cefni Nimrod 

Nimrod to her friends 

Mathew Knight. England

stakeout.jpg (29441 bytes)   Seamus from Tara Sawchuk in Canada

This handsome boy was Odin best friend of

Adam, Gail &Courtney Leathley

Christa and Paddy


Padraig O'Toole from Warrenton, VA

From Tom and Christa Moyle

This handsome chap is Cormac from Patricia Teel in Texas

Carl Nolan with Artemis

These two beauties Aislinn and Aidenn belong to Gayner they live in Greece

This very handsome lady is Dragon from Barbara and Gary Hoffman I just love her colour.

This happy lad is Wolfgang, from  Bill in Mesa Arizona U.S.A

This is Barney from Scotland he belongs to Anne and Ian Morrow and is Indi and Morgan's brother.

index1 (Small).jpg (41291 bytes)

Barney and a small friend!

Beattie A last drink before the journey to my new home1 (Small).JPG (55311 bytes)Barneys new playmate Beattie Beautiful Beattie2 (Small).JPG (34679 bytes)Take me home please

Smells like a Wolfie-but must have shrunk!3 (Small).JPG (47591 bytes)                       Blase & Ann31 (Small).JPG (45721 bytes)

Meeting Barney                           Pretty girl

Barney & Beattie 21 (Small).JPG (50289 bytes)

Barney and Beattie

Beattie Blue ear2 (Small).JPG (42114 bytes) Beattie Barney and Jenna 21 (Small).JPG (32505 bytes) Barney and Jenna

Socrates and Finbar

These two handsome boys belong to

Lynel and Michael Hayes, from Lincolnshire, England.

Me and Paddy (Small).JPG (55516 bytes)

Katherine with her new baby 'Paddy' live in Blackburn Lancashire


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